tagLoving WivesUnleashing The Older Woman Ch. 02

Unleashing The Older Woman Ch. 02


After my experience at the movie house with the young man, I came home and had trouble sleeping because my body was still on fire and I was torn between amazement at what I allowed the young man to do to me and more amazed that I was so turned on by it all. I kept thinking that if Paul, my husband, only knew that I was molested by a high school student of no more than 19 years old and I also allowed this young man to cum all over my face after which I cleaned my face by swallowing his sperm, Paul would not believe it. I seemed set in my mind that it was okay because I did not allow anything further such as intercourse. I also did not expect to give this young man oral but I had to admit that his sperm tasted good and he exploded much more than my husband did in the past. It made me think that the younger men had stronger and better tasting sperm.

I finally fell asleep and woke up bright and early the next morning. It was another sunny day and I felt refreshed at the fact that yesterday was over and I enjoyed myself and the fact that I would not be seeing this young man again. As the day wore on I decided to have a glass of wine after finishing my house work. I brought the wine over to my laptop and turned on the internet. I pulled up some email and after 30 minutes or so decided to shop for an online movie. The movie I chose was r rated and very good, however, there was a love scene in the movie that brought back some memories of yesterday ad once again my mind was wandering in many directions.

The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping, organizing my plans for when I start my grandma baby sitting chores and talking on the phone with my husband who advised that he would be home from his business trip on Friday instead of Thursday. I spent the night in bed alone and wondering if Paul ever cheated on me? My answer was yes and the more I think of him asking me to have a threesome with his best friend or another woman, the more positive I was that Paul had cheated on me probably more than once in the past few years.

My mind immediately went to tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day my young friend told me he would be waiting if I wanted to have more fun at the movie house. I had mixed emotions about meeting him because I felt that this might lead to further sexual advances that I did not want and before I fell asleep I was convinced it was just a groping thing for the young man with an added bonus of a blow job. I decided to see how I felt when I woke up the next morning and make my decision then.

I awakened the next morning and felt odd. I felt odd because even though my sub- conscious was telling me to stay home today, my mind was telling me to go and have some more harmless fun. Every time I thought of stopping the game with this young man, my thoughts went back to the fact that my husband once was willing to share me with his best friend and also to share another woman and me at the same time. It may have been the devil inside of me but I decided to go to the movie and see how I still felt when I pulled up into the parking lot.

I purposely donned a pair of loosely fitting powder blue walking shorts, sandals and a white pullover top that showed no cleavage at all. I parked the car in the lot behind the movie house and sat there for a moment before deciding to get out. There were butterflies all throughout my stomach as I could strongly feel my sexual juices stirring and it was unlike any feeling I have ever had. It must have been the fact that I was groped and molested by a stranger no older than a college kid and it was all secretive and in private for no one to ever know about.

Getting out of the car, I felt a hand on my arm and turned quickly to see Jerry, the young man from the movie house. I gasped in surprise and said, "Jerry! what are you doing here in the lot? I am not certain I want to play your games anymore and certainly not going on any dates with you!" Jerry said, "I'm sorry but the cinema was crowded today with senior citizens and young kids who all came in a bus and there is no privacy anywhere. So, I wanted to let you know." I smiled and without thinking, I surprisingly said, "That was very nice of you Jerry to stay out here and let me know." Jerry uttered back, "Angela, I hope you don't think this rude of me but you really turned me on the other day and I think you are one of the hottest women I ever met!" I blushed and before I could utter another word he said, "Angela, would you mind if we just sat in my car? I made certain to park it all the way back there where no one could see us and maybe we could talk and get to know each other better."

My stomach started tingling again as I contemplated being groped in his car and before I could say yes or no he pushed me against the car and kissed me. I fought him at first but when I opened my mouth to protest, his tongue slipped inside my mouth and he gave me the sexiest tongue kiss I ever had. No more words were spoken as he took my hand and we headed to his car. We reached his car and I noticed the black tinted windows as the young man opened the back door for me to get in and as I slid across the seat Jerry also got in and sat next to me. I was shocked to find another young man sitting in the back seat and when Jerry entered, I was placed in the middle of both of them.

Before I could say anything, Jerry told me the young man was named Steve and he and Steve are best friends. I fought to get out of the car but Jerry held me down by my shoulder and said, "You can go Angela, but if you do, we will put some porn of you on the internet and someone who knows you will eventually find out the type of person you really are. Will your husband approve of your extra curricular activities? " I told him he was bluffing and there are no pictures of me and then Steve showed me his phone and the picture he took of Jerry and I tongue kissing against my car with my car license plate in full view. Jerry saw I was still upset and said, "If you don't mind that picture being on the Internet, how about this one?" Jerry continued to pull up a few shots from inside the movie house two days ago. One shot had me sucking his cock and the other shot showed my face filled with cum as Jerry shot his load all over me. I was at a loss for words.

I felt like crying as I defiantly said, "I will not allow anyone to blackmail me and I don't know what you boys are thinking but I will report this to the police immediately unless you let me go and we never see each other again!" I was so upset but I knew I could never report this and make a legal matter out of it while being totally embarrassed in front of my friends and family. I could never be the same person again and this would haunt me the rest of my life if anyone ever found out what I did to lead up to today's blackmail attempt. Lost in all of my nervousness was the fact that Jerry had his hand on my shoulder but when his fingers rubbed the back of my neck, I felt those same tingling feelings in the pit of my stomach and I quickly snapped back to reality.

"Listen Angela", Jerry said, "we aren't sex craved animals and are here to do you any harm. We are here because you are a beautiful older woman and you turned me on so much the other day. If you were to go to the police, we might be found and we might get into some trouble but the fact remains that these porn photos will be on the Internet for weeks before any legal issue can remove them. By that time all of your friends and family will see you or have heard from someone who did. Is this what you want? "

All the while Jerry was speaking, he was touching the back of my neck and sadly I was getting turned on as much as I tried to fight these feelings. "I am not going to sit here and let you two have your way with me!" Jerry replied. "We don't want anything like that. We only want you to teach us some things and learn from a beautiful mature and experienced woman." I replied, "What exactly are you talking about?" We are talking about foreplay, nothing more than foreplay Angela. Think about it, do you want yourself featured in porn for all to see or would it be easier for you to just show u your beautiful breasts and maybe teach us how to kiss. If you did that for us, we would be satisfied and you could walk away without ever having to see us again! Remember what we did the other day and also remember that you are here again and that tells me you wanted more."

"Just some kissing and I show you my breasts? "She said. "Yes, that is all we want, just a little foreplay fun but mainly learning how to kiss properly" Jerry replied. The still shocked woman thought that if there was only kissing and a flashing of her breasts, it was far less than what she had done with the young man the other day. She wasn't happy about the second young man but realized she had no choice in the matter and this would be better then having the pictures up for all to see.

Angela replied "Okay, but on one condition. You delete the phone pictures immediately and I leave when I want to leave. After I fulfill your blackmail request, it's over and I leave this car, understand!" Both young men quickly agreed to her terms and told her that as soon as lived up to her part of the agreement they would delete the pictures on their phones because if they were to delete the pictures before they start, she would just walk away and they would have no pictures to make her cooperate. They also agreed that when the foreplay was done, she could leave whenever she wanted to.

"Okay Angela, let's start now!" Jerry said as he pulled me to him and planted his lips onto mine. His hand was on the back of my neck and when I opened my mouth to complain his tongue slid into my mouth and sent shivers down my spine. I have never been tongue kissed like this before and I was completely turned on almost forgetting about his friend on the other side of me until I felt Steve's hand start to pull up my top. I broke away from Jerry and turned to Steve who pulled me to him and kissed me hard while forcing his tongue inside my mouth. I was mesmerized for a moment as I felt Jerry sitting on the other side of me and pulling my top up and over my breasts. Steve stopped kissing me and I calmly said, "Jerry, what do you think doing?" He said, "We're removing your top so we can get a better look at your beautiful breasts and make your nipples hard just like the other day." My stomach was in knots and I was upset to feel how damp I was becoming between my legs from their kisses and sensuous talking and I did not stop Jerry from pulling my top off altogether.

Steve kissed me once again and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. His hands reached behind me to unhook my bra and tossed it on the side, and both young men started talking dirty, saying stuff like, "Holy crap Angela, your titties are fucking great! And "I can't wait to suck on those hot nipples and make then extra hard!" and "You are one hot slut bitch!" My 34B breasts had tumbled out and although my breasts are neither too small nor too large, my nipples are extremely sensitive to the touch and were becoming harder by the second. Both boys automatically took a breast in each mouth and started sucking on my nipple. I was overcome with lust and closed my eyes while lifting my head back and while having each breast and nipple mauled from each side of me.

I have never felt two mouths sucking my titties at the same exact time and my pussy was becoming damper by the second. I felt lips mash against mine and to be honest, I had no idea who was kissing me. While being kissed I felt a hand groping one of my breasts and a mouth sucking the other. I was being tongue kissed and my tongue was automatically pushing back hard against the young man's tongue. I let out moans from time to time and heard both boys ask me if I wanted to stop and I wasn't able to reply because knew I was getting too aroused and kept convincing myself that this will be over soon. I knew I should tell them to stop and when I tired, I was quickly reminded of the pictures that would be online if I did not allow the young men to do what they asked and what we agreed upon a few minutes earlier.

Sitting back in a slight sitting and laying position I suddenly felt Jerry's hand on my stomach and felt his fingers moving down but not stopping. His fingers moved inside my open and unzipped shorts. I had no idea my shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped but before I could say anything the young man's fingers were probing inside my panties and I gasped when two of his fingers slipped inside my vagina. "No, no I weakly cried" but Jerry said to Steve, "This bitch is practically cumming all over my fingers Steve, keep her busy will you!" Steve got up on his knees and dropped his shorts when his cock popped out because he was obviously not wearing underwear. Steve placed his cock on the older woman's lips and she opened her mouth and allowed his cock to slip inside. Angela couldn't move as she was sitting down in the back seat between the two young men and was being finger fucked by Jerry while sucking Steve's cock. Angela thought to herself that Steve's cock was very hard and very thick while she tasted his precum as he fucked her mouth. She was also lost in lust as she was being finger fucked by Jerry at the same time.

Jerry stopped finger fucking the older woman and started to remove her shorts while his friend was busy getting his cock sucked by the older woman. It took less than a minute to remove Angela's blue walking shorts and when the young man tried to tug on her panties, Angela cried, "No! I never said it would go any further than what we did at the movie and it already has. This has to stop now!" Jerry, replied, "Okay, fine but now it's my turn and I want you to suck my cock and give me a fantastic blow job. I want to cum down your throat and make you swallow every drop, just like we did the other day." Jerry told Angela to lie on her stomach as he removed his shorts and underwear to expose his long hard cock which was staring the older woman in her face. Steve sat down on the opposite side and the older woman's hips were positioned on his lap while her mouth was filled with Jerry's long cock. Jerry stroked the older woman's hair and pushed his long cock in and out of her mouth. Meanwhile Steve had the older woman's ass positioned on his lap and groped her ass cheeks from outside her panties and moving his hand under the elastic band of the older woman's panties to grope some naked flesh and sending shivers down her spine.

The older woman, known to the young men as Angela (her real name is Sandra) sucked Jerry's long cock and was determined to make him cum before things got any further than they already were. Jerry held the back of the older woman's head while she sucked him passionately. He screamed that he was ready to cum and Angela felt his sperm hit the back of her mouth and she swallowed every last drop this time and did not pull his cock out of her mouth as he she did the other day when he came all over her face.

Steve immediately puller her to his lap and told her to give him the same blow job he just gave his best friend, Jerry or there would be a penalty to pay. The older woman had more trouble taking Steve's cock into her mouth as his was thick while Jerry's was long and thin. After a few seconds the young boy's cock was inside the older woman's mouth and she went to work sucking him off. Steve was ready to cum in a matter of a minute and said, "I am ready to cum you old bitch but this time you need to pay a penalty for having trouble taking my entire cock into your mouth at the start. He pulled her off his lap and made her kneel on the seat facing his friend. He told Jerry to hold her and ripped down her panties while sliding his thick cock up and down her ass crack. "No, please don't fuck me the older woman cried!" "Don't worry you sexy whore, I won't fuck you nut you must pay the penalty!" After sliding his hard cock up and down her ass crack he opened her ass cheeks and shot his load into her crack. He then took his finger and laced it with his own cum from her ass crack and shoved it inside of her ass while finger fucking her ass in this manner. Both young men heard sounds of whimpering from the older woman and both men walked her to her car and told her they would be there again tomorrow to give her the pictures as they promised.

Jenny was stunned and was not coherent as she nodded okay.....

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keep blackmailing her and make her be a whore for you and more of your friends

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what a shame

Good story but the sly selfie and blackmail theme is getting well worn out. I would have thought Angela (real name Sandra) would have insisted that all cameras were in the trunk for the duration to makemore...

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