tagRomanceUnlikely Chance Ch. 02

Unlikely Chance Ch. 02


Life seemed fairly normal after Ammie shattered what small amount of normalcy I once had. Not to be contradictory or anything, but she did break apart everything I had worked for on two separate occasions and yet now she has converted her advances into what one might consider a normal housewife's tendencies. That was supposing your wife attended the same college you did and regularly spent her time thoroughly massaging certain parts of your body. She was absolutely helpless in regards to normal things like cleaning or cooking. I have to do all of those chores. One of her many talents that would certainly make up for it in a normal man's eyes was the sexual intercourse. She was absolutely amazing during sex even though she was only a virgin a few months ago and her first cock was mine.

Thankfully, sex is not her only talent. If it was, I would not be able to keep up with her energetic approach all the time. I barely manage to do so now. I have lost count of the number of mornings I have had to flee the apartment in order to be at class on time all because she wore me down the night before. My productivity had dropped which led the professors and deans to start making faces when I walked by. They do have good reason to do so considering the once active researcher they recruited was now looking haggard and sleepy. I finally made my decision to have a talk with her when even the dean started mentioning it when I met him in the halls.

"Ammie," I said. "We need to have a talk."

Her eyes peered up at me from her place on the floor. She had decided to play the cat for the evening and had somehow procured the costume for it. I watched her shift from feline grace to a halted confusion. Her arms no longer struck out with a purpose. Her legs no longer kept her ass mounted just right in the air to show off her tail as it slipped back and forth. The tail was mounted at the top of her low cut panties that cleared showed off the beginning of her rear cleavage. Her pale, milky skin shimmered in the light in contrast to the tawny brown colored tail. It flicked back and forth with her hip movements. The movements that were no longer silky smooth and flowing.

Then my purpose flickered back into existence and I stopped admiring her body in preparation to start talking with her. We needed to set up some ground rules so I could function at the university and she could have fun during her time at college. I needed to show her I meant business and the best way to do that is firm eye-to-eye communication. I focused in on her face noting that her confusion still presented a challenge. Unfortunately, that challenge was soon replaced by another one as her eyes began to tear up. Her hands flicked up to her face. Rather, her paws flicked up to her face. It seems that the costume came with some large, fluffy gloves that looked like cartoon cat paws.

"What did I do wrong- hic - Mark?" she asked through tears. The new challenge presented itself almost immediately.

"Do you hate me now? -hic- Is that -hic- it? Are you gwoing to thwow me out?"

Her voice began to catch on her tears. Saline drops assaulted the carpet right below her and her sobbing was even starting to affect her communication skills.

"No no no Ammie," I started.

"Then why?" she burst forth with a new passion. I thought I was consoling her and it looks like I was only fueling the fire. I collapsed to my knees from my chair and shuffled across to hold all the falling pieces together. Her body seemed so small at this point. It shivered up against me with every inhale of much needed breathe. Her tears soaked through my shirt and started to grow warm with our body heat.

"I just want to slow down is all," I said as we rocked back and forth.

She sniffed and then repeated, "Slow down? Why?"

"I feel that we are moving too fast in our relationship and I know hardly anything about you."

She sniffed again before pushing some space between us. Her head leaned back and she peered up at me before the torrent let loose.

"Well I love you and want to stay with you forever. What else is there to know?"

I pulled her tight again before whispering in her ear, "I know you are great at sex, but I don't want our relationship to be based on that. If it was, we wouldn't make it as couple."

"Then what all do you want to know?" She prodded. Her slim shoulders beginning to shiver less and her breathing beginning to become normal.

"As much about you as I can in the time I have. Your childhood. Your interests. Your talents. Your weaknesses. Anything and everything I can learn about you."


I wrote 'yes' on her back. She giggled at my clumsy finger articulation. It came out more like 'Vc5' than 'yes.'

She giggled a bit more as she finally finished calming down. Her pawed hands pushed around my sides until she enclosed me in her embrace. Her body was warm and her skin almost seemed to radiate happiness. I smiled and pulled her tight. Then I discovered something very interesting. It turns out that if that costume came with a top, she had neglected to wear it. Her bare breasts pressed firmly up against my chest and I could feel them through my thin T-shirt. Her slightly erect nipples pushed even harder against me.

"Are you sure you don't want to do something?" she purred before nuzzling my jawbone with her cheek.


"I can feel your heartbeat and it picked up when we hugged. Are you sure you don't want to spend some quality time connected to me?" she purred again. She nuzzled the other side of my face this time.

"No. I'm happy as is. Why don't you go change? I'll meet you in bed."

She nuzzled me again and then kissed me on the cheek. Her arms came back around and her bare breasts flashed past my face as she stood up. She blew a kiss at me from on top of her paw before skipping back to the bedroom. My eyes followed her swishing tail and shapely ass until they disappeared around the corner. The silence caved in once I came back to the present and I realized that my heart was throbbing in my chest. That was likely the single cutest thing she had done so far even if she was playing the part of the sex goddess in the middle of it.

I crawled to my feet only to stumble into a chair. Most guys complain about too much blood going to their crotch when confronted with something like that. My complaint lies in my extremely warm face. My balance was suddenly at risk because I was blushing. How dangerous. I stumbled over to a mirror and discovered a deep red visage staring back at me. My right hand led me to the kitchen and a glass of water which I gulped down as if I had been in the desert without water for hours. I finished it and gasped for air. The stainless steel sink still reported a red visage and my heart still pounded out its furious tempo. Quickly, I splashed water on my face and the shock of cold liquid brought me down.

"Mark?" Ammie said from the bedroom. "Are you coming?"

"Be right there," I said. I dried off my face and then walked back to our bedroom. She sitting in the bed with the covers pulled up to her belly button. The top half of her was dressed in a pink camisole with black stars sprinkled around the upper portion and a shimmering section on the bottom. I quickly tossed my shirt and pants into the laundry hamper and went to my side of the bed.

Ammie flicked off the light and snuggled up close to me. Her ass pushed firmly into my crotch. I could feel her panties from her effort as my dick started to harden from being pressed between her butt cheeks. She laid her head on my arm and pulled my other arm around between her breasts. Her small hand slipped in mine and pulled it closed. I felt her lips kiss the tops of my fingers gently. Such a sweet and gentle action made me want to hold her even closer. Which I did. By now, if she had not noticed my growing erection, she should be completely aware of it.


"Yes?" I said.

"Are you sure you don't want to do anything tonight? It feels as if you want to."

"A man will always want to..."

"But?" she asked.

"...but right now, I want to treasure this time I have with you. This is probably the first time I can wake up in the morning holding you close and not have you riding me into awareness."

"You don't like when I do that?"

"I'm not going to lie," I said. "It's a great way to wake up. I just don't want our relation to be based wholly on sex."

She giggled and pulled my hand tighter to her chest.

"I love you Ammie," I said. Then I kissed the back of her head.

She kissed my fingers again and said, "I love you too Mark. I love you so much."

"If you keep saying that, I won't ever let you go," I said as snuggled even closer.

"How many times do I have to say that before it comes true?"

"You passed that mark a long time ago," I whispered. I felt her face widen into a smile and heat up as if a blush had found its place. We stayed like that for a while. Her smiling and blushing with me holding her close. At some point, we both ended up asleep. I don't know who got there first though.


When I woke up, I found a less full place on her side of the bed. Where she should have been rested a large cupcake and a note. The note was actually two sticky notes stuck together. The first one had 'I love you' and its variations written all over it. Even the back was covered with them. It brought a smile to my face.

The other note mentioned that she had gone off to class and she was saddened that she couldn't wake up with me in the morning. She apparently hoped that the cupcake would make up for it. There was a couple more love notations on the bottom and that was it. The cupcake itself looked to be of the chocolate variety. The bottom part was a deep brown, which suggested a chocolate base. The icing on top seems pretty elaborate. The icing itself appears to be chocolate. On top of that, three marshmallows where placed in the form of a face. The mouth one was shaped into a half crescent. The top of the face had another section of icing that was white. I'm guessing vanilla is the flavor they used. That or they went overboard and made a white chocolate icing hat.

I lifted the cupcake up and checked the bottom. It revealed a sticker for a nearby bakery which led to a chuckle on my part. I knew she couldn't cook. Perhaps I should teach her a little bit tonight so she knows how to in the future. It would be terrible if she starved because she did not know how to cook.

I took a bite out of the cupcake only to discover that the interior was a marbled chocolate cake. Instead of putting in a mixture of vanilla and chocolate like one would normally do, the bakery decided to put in different chocolate types instead. This cupcake must be a diabetic's hell. I love it.

Then my alarm went off. Time to get ready for school. I placed the cupcake in the fridge and wrote out a quick note to her. It said: Your offering has been approved and found to be more than worthy. This evening, it shall be shared between the two of us because I couldn't possibly let myself enjoy such a pleasurable taste alone. I will also be teaching you how to cook this evening. So be prepared. I love you. See you later.

I showered and dressed only to discover I had spent too much time smiling and not enough time getting ready to go. I dashed off to class before it could get any later.


"...almost like early religions actually hit the nail on the head. It takes a simple person to be happy with the same results every time the process is completed. Most people would have to make it as complex as possible and then kick it up a notch just to keep the same level of excitement. You can see this in everything. Music has to be louder and as thick as possible with sound. Foods have to keep getting better and better before we grow sick of them. Clothes keep changing for every season. Even people who delve into sex seem to get bored after awhile. Makes them want to do something crazy and out there. The early religions seem to warn against this perverseness and attempt to prohibit it in order to maintain the social order. While some of you students would enjoy having an orgy on the street, it would bother the rest of us. Although, I bet that might change in a hundred years or so as society changes once again. Who knows? We might even start having lube contests in the next ten years."

One of the students fell out of his chair at the front of the class. He was sleeping right in front of the professor and that was extremely disrespectful considering the topic at hand and the samples at the front of the class. The professor decided that it was necessary to have student involvement in as many ways as possible during class. He instituted a class decided topic session once a month. Today happened to be one of those days and the particular topic that ranked highest in the class was lube. Specifically anal lube. The poor student at the front of the class was allowed to experience firsthand the texture of one of the samples while he slept. This of course woke him up immediately as it slipped down the back of his neck and spine.

"How was that?"

"Wha-" said the startled student as he squirmed around trying to figure out what had gone down his shirt. Then he collided with the professor's legs and came to a complete stop. The fear that came over his face as he recognized who he had bumped into during his mad dash to discover what was on his back.

"We were put in a dire situation earlier whilst you slept. Some large, robust men wearing prison uniforms broke into the class and said that we had to decide who to offer up for their sexual frustration and seeing as you were the only one who did not respond with a negative, we elected you. They are due back soon and we thought it might be better to get you used to the feel of lube before you are forcibly invaded with it."

The student looked like he was about to cry from the provided explanation. I wouldn't blame him at all if he ended up crying. The professor's face looked like one of those smiling jester masks. The kind that really creeps people out because everyone knows that the happy face is only there because the jester is enjoying the thought of your eventual murder. Hell, if that had been me up there at that chemistry demon's feet, I would have likely shit my pants by now.

The student looked like he couldn't hold it in anymore. Large drops of saline sprinted down his cheeks. His fear and panic-driven state prompted him to jump up and grab all of the stuff that he could before sprinting out of the classroom sobbing. The worst part was that he was on the football team and now he wouldn't ever be able to live that down.

The professor watched the fleeing kid until he could no longer see him and then broke out into a laugh.

"Did you see the look on his face?" he said. Everyone stared in disbelief at him. He had just tormented a student into tears. That might not go over well.

"Oh come on. That was hilarious."

I heard a couple chuckles pick up from around the hall. Then a few shrewd laughs by the students who likely felt physically inferior to the sobbing footballer. The professor continued laughing as he strolled back up to the front of the room. His demon mask fully gone after that incident. I'm kind of glad he does not have access to any of the labs on campus. Experimentation proceeds better when one is not suffering from the fear of a demon looking over his shoulder.

Oh well. He did bring up an interesting point though. Regular sexual activity growing boring and eventually leading towards higher levels until eventually one becomes a social disturbance. Maybe I need to slow down our activities even further. Not that it would be a terrible thing to have sex that is more exciting. It just seems that if the sex is all the relationship is about, and if the sexual intercourse grows boring, that higher levels would have to be pursued. That would place at a strange place wouldn't it? I don't want to frustrate Ammie, but I also don't want a telling factor such as that to dictate our relationship.

The class ended and I noticed that I had somehow managed to take all the necessary notes without paying any attention to what he was saying. I packed everything up except the notebook and left for my private lab time to read through it. A little bit more information on lubricants had come up. Derivatives of one type that most companies use. Health concerns and one of the funnier bits about the process. He even tossed out a joke on the chemists who tested it. That evolved into a few mechanisms for poisons and how they kill humans. The interesting bit about that seems to be that many of them react through a radical substitution that lead to a destabilization in the body. I wasn't expecting that. I suppose it makes sense though.

I finally made it to the lab and set all of my stuff aside in my space. My lab coat hung at the back of the storage space. It looked a bit ruffled from the last time I saw. One side was shifted lower than normal as if it had been hung uneven or I left something in the pocket. I pulled the lower side back a little and noticed that one of the pockets did indeed bulge out some. That should not be right. I always clean out my pockets in case I left any tools in them. Leaving some of those tools behind after certain chemical processes could actually corrode the metals and destroy the tool. The worst case being that I would have to replace any given tool out of my own pocket. Considering I'm here on scholarship, that would be terrible. Some of our tools happen to be rather expensive, especially if a lower tier chemist is the one who has to pay for them.

I pulled my coat out and checked the exterior for smell and any distinct colorings. There was a slight sweet smell. A familiar smell. Other than that, no coloring or scents that might suggest stray reactants or a disintegration of my coat. One of the chemicals I used recently actually has the ability to break polymer bonds in clothes and cause the clothes to literally fall to pieces.

Fearing something even more diabolical, I slipped a pencil quickly into the pocket and found something strange. I lifted the pencil out to find a pair of black lace panties hanging from the end. A yellow flash fluttered to rest at my feet. I scooped it up with my fingers and found a note on one side. It was from Ammie: I wait in expectation for tonight. I hope you'll bring the glass slipper. ;P - Ammie

The hell? Why did she put an emoticon on a sticky note? Why did she even use one at all? Even worse, she probably isn't wearing any panties right now. Fuck. I don't know how she dressed this morning when she left. If some guy finds her without them, it's all over. The panties went into my pocket as far in as they could possibly go. I snatched up my phone and immediately dialed her number. It picked up on the second ring.

"Hello Mark!" Ammie answered. "Did you find the glass slipper?"

"If you mean your black lace panties, then yes," I said. "Are you not wearing any right now?"


"Where are you?"

"Why do you want to know?"

I shook at that. How could she be so careless?!

"Oi! What if some guy assaults you because he happened to notice you weren't wearing any?!"

I heard a sharp intake of air over the phone before it went silent.

"Ammie?" I said. "Ammie? Are you still there?"

"The mathematics building," she whispered.


"The mathematics building!"

And then the line went dead. I pushed my bag back into the storage space and tossed the lab coat on top before sprinting out of the room. The mathematics building was five minutes away if I walked normal. Fortunately, I was too worried to walk normally. I got there in almost two minutes and had to stop so the rest of me could catch up. The interior of the building was laid out like any other lecture hall. Classrooms on either side and a couple levels of them. The building design happened to be linear which made it easier if one had was looking for something, or in my case, someone.

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