Unresolved Issues


It was a stand-off. My hairy balls were slapping up and down from her fast jerking, my cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I was getting stimulation as good as any ever before. Her hand felt better than any pussy I'd ever fucked. Tight, fast, and hot. I felt my balls aching and my ass tightening up. But I knew I wasn't going to cum.

I didn't think I was going to be able to cum. Even if she worked me over all day.

She scowled.

"We have limited time here. Another patient needs this room. I'm going to need all three of you to cooperate," she said, looking at her watch.

"I believe this man enjoys looking at breasts. I saw him looking at you girls before, when he didn't think you would notice.

"So I'm going to need you two to unbutton your coats and shirts, and show him your breasts."

The girls' mouths dropped open and they looked at each other. But they didn't look like they dared contradict the nurse.

"And you" -- she addressed me -- "in order to speed this process, I will need you to look directly at their breasts and attempt to fantasize. Can you do that for me?"

The girls had already unbuttoned their lab coats all the way open, and were working on their blouses. "Sure. Sure I can," I said.

First one, then the other girl opened up her shirt. Two lacy bras were holding four beautiful breasts right in front of me. Bras cuddling those boobs, holding them up for me to see. Gorgeous cleavage, both of them, and big, ripe, round boobs, exactly the kind I'd pictured, waiting for my hands and my mouth.

"You will have to remove your bras, please," said the nurse, and the girls blushed. They each unclipped their front-fastened bra and tucked the cups aside for me to see what they'd held.

So much hot girl flesh. These 20-year-old chicks with the innocent shocked faces were exposing the tits of fully grown women. All-natural boobs, swaying as the girls nervously shifted their feet, their hands pulling their blouses open for me. I looked back and forth.

I still could barely tell them apart except for their attitude. The first one had her blonde ponytail falling down her chest, the ends of her hair falling between her boobs, giving a little hair-caress to a boob, showing off its curves to me, making me wish I was touching it just like that. Her nipples were hard little nubs, cute as hell, begging to be sucked.

She was looking me over, she caught my glance and then her eyes fell to stare at my hard dick getting pleasured. Her mouth fell open a bit. I think she was almost as horny as I was. I knew she wanted to fuck me. I could tell from those hard nipples. I wanted one in my mouth so bad.

The other college girl's nipples weren't hard. In fact she seemed mad, she had the tiniest frown on her face. She seemed a little resentful. But hell, that was fine with me, as long as she kept holding her shirt open so I could stare at those globes she was flashing me.

Perfect skin on both these girls, not a blemish. Smooth flat nipples on this other girl... but I bet I could pop those up for her if I got my mouth on them. She was looking off to the side a little. She saw me staring; she flashed her eyes angrily and pursed her lips at me, like she was posing for a Facebook picture.

Fucking stuck-up bitch, pretending she didn't like it. She could cover it up, but she got a thrill out of showing me her bare boobs. I know she liked my staring as much as I did. I was sure she wanted me to pinch and suck on her bare tits, she was just too stuck-up to show it.

We sat there for a little while, mostly in silence except for the squishing sound of the nurse's hand giving my dick a workout, and all of us breathing a little hard. Every once in a while the nurse would order me to ejaculate. This old hardass wasn't giving me any pillow talk, it was like:

"Sir, we must hurry this up, please try to begin ejaculation now.

"Sir, if you squeeze your muscles to increase the stimulation, you can hasten your ejaculation.

"Sir, please relax your mind and focus on the visual stimulation."

I was so horny. So fucking hot. I looked back and forth between these two gorgeous girls' faces and their smooth flesh. But I couldn't cum.

Finally she quit. Looked at her watch, just let go of me, turned away and started ripping off the gloves. "That's it, we're vacating. We'll try something else. I'll figure out where to transfer him -- you two escort him to the front desk and meet me there."

The girls, relieved, started snapping their bras back together as the nurse strode out the door. When she opened, I hope someone looked in and saw these girls' tits! Why should I be the only one embarrassed!

I relaxed for a second and watched their boobs shimmy as they buttoned up, until I realized what she'd said. I had to go out into the waiting room? I wasn't up for that -- I was only wearing boxers and hardly those! And I was still right in the middle of... having sex, or whatever this was! I was in no shape to go out in public!

The girls were saying like, "you have to come with us, please" as I gathered up my clothes. They were trying to usher me out the door before I was dressed! Shit, don't open that door yet!

I managed to tuck myself back into my boxers, but pulling my pants up was tricky -- I was hard as iron and it wasn't going to wilt anytime soon. I decided to park my hardon pointed straight up, and zipped up carefully. The girls were taking my elbows to guide me out as I pulled on my T-shirt. I didn't even tie my shoes.

As we went out the door and into the waiting room, we were walking past lots of people before I realized -- my T-shirt only went to my beltline. My giant boner stuffed in my pants was going to be obvious to anyone who saw me! I was tenting the front of my pants like crazy!

I was nervous about that. But it was weirdly exciting too. The girls guided me to the front window, where the nurse was already talking to the receptionist. They turned me around to face the room, and I found almost everyone looking at me. I hoped I didn't have any wet spots on me but I couldn't do much about it now. I couldn't even hold my hands in front of my crotch because the interns had a firm grip on my elbows.

And my giant, wet, slippery hard prick was wedged inside my pants, a bulge so obvious that nobody who looked at me could miss it.

They couldn't see its angry red color from all the rubbing, they couldn't smell my sweat, and they couldn't see it was shiny with smeared, oily gel. But I couldn't have screamed "I'm horny" any louder even if I'd been completely naked.

Most of the people waiting were women. Everyone there could see my hardon. The prim old black lady in a flowered dress knew I had a hardon. The pregnant young wife knew I had a hardon.

I saw two slutty-looking girls, with greasy hair, low tanktops, and too much makeup. They were nudging each other and pointing -- they knew my dick was screaming for pussy. Did they want me to fuck them, or were they laughing at me?

Oh God, the whole room was full of pussies. The whole fucking room. I would have killed to get my dick inside any one of these women, and they all just sat there, sitting on the one thing I needed the most, just looking at me. They knew I needed them. They didn't care. They'd rather laugh at me...

The nurse and the interns walked me right through the middle of the room, and I knew everyone turned to stare at me as my hard cock led me helplessly past them.

A young Indian professional women, in a business skirt, got the profile of my bulging crotch passing right by her. A middle-aged woman with curly white hair and a cross around her neck looked straight at my dick as I walked past. My cheeks were burning.

My cock was so slippery, it was rubbing against my tight boxers with every step I took. I worried I might cum just from that -- cum in my pants right there in the middle of the waiting room!

Shit, were the interns enjoying this? Were they embarrassing me for having embarrassed them? Or were they showing me off to everyone, showing the rest of the women the giant hardon they'd given the poor horny guy? Look how hard we made him. Look at what we did! Goddamn.

The nurse unlocked the door at the far end of the waiting room and we walked in. I was confused at first. This was a room for female examination, wasn't it? They closed the door and ordered me to take off my clothes -- all of them this time -- which I did of course. My prick, still just as hard, sticking out horizontally and swinging back and forth.

Then they helped me climb up onto the examining table and... put my feet in the stirrups. This didn't make sense, I wasn't a woman, why would they do this?

The nurse looked at her watch. Nobody said anything. All three of them looked at me sitting there completely naked. I guess they were waiting for my cock to calm down. A minute went by.

Did I lose my hardon? With these three fully clothed women standing around looking at me, spread wide open for them, my stiff cock on display for them? I think I got even harder.

"Very well," said the nurse finally, "since our patient's erection has not subsided, I will continue the stimulation of the penis," said the nurse, and fixed her eyes on mine. This time she took her cool, gloved hand and just gently petted my poor hard dick. Just soft caresses, sometimes just her fingers running up and down me.

For some reason this felt even better than the firm, fast jacking she'd done before. I was so horny! I was sure I was about to cum! If she would just jack my dick like she'd been doing before!

"You," she said to one with the hard nipples. "Put on fresh gloves, stand here between his legs, and apply plenty of lubrication to his anus." Oh shit, what the fuck.

"And you," to the other one, the one who even now still looked a little annoyed. "You are going to provide him with stimulation too. Please stand to his side and open your blouse again."

The little blonde bimbo grimaced. She didn't like me. But the silly college girl did what the nurse said. Once again she gave me a full view of her gorgeous tits. So fucking hot.

The nurse kept up her slow petting of my hot, engorged cock.

This girl was standing so close. I could reach up and take her big soft boob in my hand -- squeeze her creamy white boob, pinch her pink little nipple --

"And," said the nurse, "you will lower your panties, lift your skirt, and place his hand on your vulva."

"Nurse!" she gasped.

"Do as I say! Other patients are waiting!"

I was so stunned as I watched this sexy college girl pull her panties down to her knees that I almost didn't pay attention as the other girl lubed up my butt and started pressing a finger up against me.

"Uhh," I said -- she was hurting my butt -- but I was distracted by the girl next to me, who took my hand in her two warm, tender hands, and guided it under her skirt to the warmest, hottest, hairiest, softest skin I'd ever felt.

My breath got short. One knuckle pushed into my asshole. Fuck. That felt... weird.

This girl's lab coat had fallen over my wrist and I couldn't see. But I carefully pushed my bare fingers up into the nest of her curly hair, then pushed up against the puffy, soft lips of this ditzy little blonde's vagina.

Her mouth was a line and her narrowed eyes were focused on the far wall. She was being calm and professional. A good intern. Like she was trying to ignore the naked man in front of her. Ignore the way she was holding her blouse open and exposing her big sexy boobs to me. Ignore her panties wadded at her knees. And ignore my fingers slowly, gently, probing her plump, hairy pussy.

The other girl was kneeling between my legs. I gritted my teeth as her finger kept pushing, and pushed through my asshole. The girl's skinny little finger slowly slid all the way up my butt.

The nurse kept stroking my cock with just her fingers. So horny. She gave a command. The girl fingering my butt started playing with my balls too. Fuck.

I looked down at this girl's blonde hair. She was sliding her gloved finger in and out of my ass, fucking me nice and gentle. Fucking me like I was a virgin girl. Teasing my balls like a toy.

The nurse was looking at me with a small satisfied smile as she cradled my prick. She made a loose fist and slid it up and down, barely touching, tantalizing me with the weak ghost of the hard jacking she'd done before. Fuck. She was teasing me too. She knew she'd won.

I could feel the cum rising in me. That finger in my ass was probing it loose. Fucking me. So gentle, I let my guard down. Coaxing me into liking it. Oh God. The humiliation. This old woman and little tease were going to make me shoot my cum by barely touching me.

This little brat to my side -- I wanted her so bad. Wanted to fuck her so bad. But I was just a crazy patient to her. She was staring at the wall, waiting me out until I came and she could leave. She wasn't turned-on. She was bored.

She glanced down at herself and flicked a tiny piece of lint off the side of her naked breast. Her body swayed. Her boobs swayed. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to be her boyfriend. But she went back to staring at the wall, lips pursed, holding her blouse open with that annoyed look on her beautiful, cold face.

I wasn't her boyfriend. But I could at least feel her pussy in my hand. I cupped her crotch and gave it a light squeeze.

I wanted to slide a finger up inside her and feel the hot pressure of her tight vagina, but she wasn't the least bit wet and I didn't want to hurt her. I let my fingers cup her hairy pussy lips, as well as I could, squeezing my hand between her closed legs.

I only pressed with my middle finger, and only slid it lengthwise, sliding between those fat little girl-lips. Gently wiggled it into the soft fleshy crevice of her pinched-shut vulva, feeling the length of her slit nestling my finger. Barely even moist.

Her tight little fuck-hole was right at my fingertip. I could feel it. I could feel the spot her boyfriend pushes his dick into after he plays with her tits and gets her all horny. Yeah, it takes a while for this prissy little girl to get worked up, but I bet he turns her into a wet little slut all right. I knew she'd start begging for it once he lubed up this dry little canyon of hers, I bet she can't help it, she probably gets so wet she turns into a horny begging little whore -- fuck!

I let out a weak cry as everything started to crash over me at once. The reaming my ass was getting, the slippery mess the nurse had made of my cock, the teasing on my aching balls, those big college-girl tits hanging just out of reach, and the heat and softness of this bratty girl's bratty little pussy.

It was happening. No -- oh God -- it was happening -- whether I wanted it or not -- I couldn't help it -- they were in control --

The nurse started to give long, fast, firm strokes. Oh fuck!

I tensed and my cock finally took over. The cum swelled in my balls, in my guts. The cum pressure built in my cock-head, the urgent swell at the tip. Cum swelled just inside the little pee-hole that this nurse's pumping fist kept squeezing shut and pulling open. She was saying something medical, but I didn't hear.

I moaned loud. "Ohhhhh!" No hiding it now. They knew. My butt kept squeezing the finger that the lovely young girl was probing and sliding up in me. My whole body going tense.

The cum rising -- I was going to remember this -- the humiliation. Tears leaking from my eyes. Her hands invading my butt, stroking my balls, stop it, it feels so good, dammit, fucking me, oh God, so good, my cock, my ass. Oh God!

The first shocks of my orgasm banged through me. My whole body froze and quaked.

Like a dream, I felt the girl to my side. My shaking middle finger in her hot, dry slit. Her face, disgusted. I couldn't go to heaven, but I could touch its gate, that tender, hot flesh -- the fat, hairy lips cradling my finger. Need to fuck her -- can't fuck her --

Oh, God, oh please. Can't stop it! "Ahhh!" My cock, my big slick boner. Starting to cum! Yes --

I hadn't noticed the door opening. The tour guide had already led the five med student girls into the room before she turned around to see me. Their confused faces...

I yelled -- "Ahhhhhh!" -- exploding, helpless, clenched ass impaled, stiff prick pushing into the nurse's pounding fist. All the students turned to look at me -- and the door was open and the whole waiting room turned to look right at my naked spread crotch -- as my hard, angry cock arced the first loop of semen high into the air.

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