tagGroup SexUnseen Pleasures Ch. 02

Unseen Pleasures Ch. 02


The sound of panting grows stronger, mixing in with the duo's grunts. The hands leave her shoulders and fingers dig deep into the meat of her sides, just above her hips. Violent, sporadic thrusts between gulps of air, tell her that the woman is near her climax.

A deep push and the dildo is buried completely again, this time held there. The woman's hips rotating, pushing, rotating, humping, humping, humping. Obviously using the base of the toy to gain the crest and pass over it.

Her body freezes, shudders and shakes. Small mewing sounds with an occasional jerk reach her ears but otherwise only the panting and sucking of air remain of the recent exertion.

Her ass still full, her own orgasm delayed, she wants to move the cock to finish her but the woman's weight and the strap holding her to the hard surface won't permit it. Unable to protest or beg by the gag, she can only bite on the ball and whimper in frustration. The dildo withdraws several inches but slams back in then remains still.

Fingertips on her back, tease along her spine from mid-torso to the small of her back. Another voice, again feminine but this one recognized, from a point just to her left reaches her ears. "You did that quite well. But she hasn't gotten off yet. Little ones perhaps but not the big one."

"It was hot having you watch. I wasn't sure I would like it but I did."

"Thanks. I enjoyed watching, you looked so sexy fucking her."

The voices closing in, joining, becoming softer and intimate. Ending although and replaces by even softer sounds. The sound of kisses exchanged and repeated.

The body behind her shifts but does not otherwise move and she loses the feathery caresses of the fingertips along her back. Forgotten it seems and she strains to listen, letting her mind fill in the blanks as to what is happening so close but impossibly, terribly hidden from her sight.

Snatches of endearments, new lovers or familiar ones engaged in newfound thrills, they are lost together as they embrace and kiss together. "I love your body...look how wet you've made me...no, touch me here...." The words and sounds only adding to the misery of her un-fulfillment and growing need.

The women's movements cause small ripples of pleasure with the slightest change in the dildo's position or pressure. The intensity and frequency begins to increase and a set of hands are flat upon her back. Her ass pushed forward again with the dildo forced a hair deeper inside her.

From above her, she detects a change. Only one voice, breathing in short gasps and drawing nearer to her. She realizes that the woman is slowly stretching out over her back, resting upon her as she is being pleasured from behind.

The woman's hands passing caresses over her bound arms and up over her shoulders until she is laying upon her back. Dildo literally vibrating inside her ass, driven by the actions of the new woman upon the first.

"Oh fuck that feels good...I love my asshole licked and your tongue is pure magic..."

She would cry out if she could but the gag won't allow it. She wants to scream out her thanks for the fingers surprising her by appearing between her legs and giving her a large measure of relief and joy. Not quite there to orgasm but close now, if they will only continue a moment longer.

"No, don't touch her yet." And again she wants to cry. This time with the madness flooding her mind as the fingers disappear, pulled perhaps, leaving her to whimper again while listening to the woman upon reaching and enjoying another orgasm. This one loud and powerful, the body shaking even as her arms surround and squeeze her body in the throes of her passion.

When the woman rises up, a small sheen of sweat coating her back feels so cold once the air hits it. The cold is accompanied by the pulling out of the dildo, leaving her ass suddenly empty and open. Another venue for the cold air.

"I want to use it now. Help me into this, then we'll undo her from there."

Sounds of snapping, leather rubbing, feet shifting and little giggles for several minutes. She tries to move, press her sex up against the table restraining her but it is fruitless. She can only chew at the ball and suck at the stale spit filling her orifice.

A bell from a distance and footfalls go towards it. With every fiber of her remaining sanity, she tries to determine from the fading steps if they both left or just one. Regardless of her focus, the muted slap of bare feet are still almost missed until they have repeated several times. She senses the disturbance in the air before she feels the dildo invade her ass again.

As it plunges in and out of her, lips touch her neck just below the hood. "She really did fuck you well, didn't she?" No answer can be given and none is expected. "And she did really get off doing it to you, I've never seen her like that before. Not even when I fucked her."

Without stopping or slowing her movements, the strap across her back is undone. The belt hits the floor just as the door opens and feet shuffle back in.


"Will you look at that!"

These voices male and happily pleased at the sight taking place.

More shuffling and unzipping but she's not paying any attention to it. Her body lifted erect, still impaled upon the tool in her rectum, she's walked across the room. Her legs strike a mattress and she's laid sideways upon it. The woman joined with her, staying with her and resuming her in and out motions as soon as they are down on it.

Hard nipple rake her back as they move together on the bed. She feels a loosening and the ball pops free of her mouth. A long trail of saliva follows it with some pooling inside the hood.

Now her moans are loud and clear, filling the room. This encourages the woman who increases her pace and vigor. Her asshole burning and stretched, painful but wonderful at the same time.

"You should see how hard they are, I do think they like what they're seeing." The words accompanied by a giggle. The woman's hands circle her and cover her breasts, then pinching and pulling at her nipples.

The mattress shifts in front of her and hands grip her head. Still blind but not surprised by the cock pushed through the hood opening and to her now empty mouth.

Licking and sucking at it, her tongue moving freely along the shaft and head as he lets her take the lead for now. The material flutters by the hot breath of air, "Come on, suck him down. You can take it all."

At this command, the cock is pushed forward. She fights the gagging instinct and the hot hard, but pliable, man meat works its way in. The fat cock head reaching and entering her throat.

She adjusts for it as it is held there. He pulls it back then refills her throat with a satisfied mumble. He holds it still there again and she feels it pulsate then begin to unload.

The attack on her ass continues and, if possible, intensifies. The cock expanding and flexing as he spews his cum into her gullet.

Without thinking, she counts the shots and at four he begins to withdraw. When the head alone remains, she sucks hard as if not let it go which results in her claiming the last of his cum before it pops out of her mouth.

She has barely finished swallowing when another cock is at her lips. She opens and welcomes it, finding him pushing forward until her lips are at its base and the head filling her throat.

Four hands grip her head and a husky voice at her rear instructs him and her. "Fuck her mouth, I want to see you fuck her face good." The man obeys and his cock moves in and out, over and over.

Several times he pulls out completely, which gives her a chance to swallow and close her mouth. Each time, as soon as her lips meet together, he pushes his cock back in to gain a little extra tightness along his shaft.

"You're not ready to cum yet are you?"

She doesn't answer, hoping that she isn't the one being asked. For she is ready, more than ready, and has slowly worked up to reaching it with just a little more.

As the question hangs in the air, the dildo in her ass stops moving.

"Oh I think she is. But we can't have that."

As if on cue, the cock stops as well, the full length again inside her. She tries to suck upon it to spur him back on but he remains still and buried.

"But you may cum."

And as if waiting for this moment, a hot spurt of cum again flies into her. He retreats a bit and another thick burst, then another follows. His cock slowing moving back, filling her mouth and letting her taste his salty cum.

"Save some for Tammy."

Her mind spins for a moment, why didn't I recognize her voice? Then she lets the last of his cum puddle up in her mouth.

He slips away and another body moves in. She can make out a low humming or buzzing that accompanies the body heat pressing up with her. She waits for the lips to meet hers as Tammy positions herself in front.

But before the anticipated kiss, the buzzing changes tone and she almost spits out the cum as wet, slick, vibrating fingers touch her between the legs in her much neglected pussy. The fingers quickly pushing a small hard object inside her.

She wants to scream and cum but knows she can't or the cum will be lost. But the vibrating egg is bringing much needed pleasure and her eyes tear up.

"Tammy has the other one inside her and you may kiss her now."

As their lips meet, the speed is jacked up and she literally stuffs the cum into Tammy's mouth. Kissing her madly, she cums and cries. Cries and cums. Shaking with her body alive and overcome with joy.

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