tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUntaming the Heart - Daring Games

Untaming the Heart - Daring Games


Taylor pulled close against the pole as she ground her hips in rhythm with the music. She could feel the cool metal as it slipped slowly between her thighs. An intense overhead beam of light mixed with the club's lingering cigarette smoke to bath her in a blue haze, blinding her to her surroundings. Though she was unable to see beyond the stage, she could feel the numerous eyes upon her, and this only excited her more.

She traced her hands down the side of her body, her black mini dress clinging tight and revealing every curve of her form. Turning, she leaned back against the pole as she raised her hands over her head. Clutching the brass rod she tilted her head back, her long blond locks draping delicately ever lower down her back. She pushed her chest outward, arching her back and slightly spreading her long slender legs. She let out a soft moan as she slowly slipped one hand down, across her soft breasts, to her rippled belly, and below.

Michael and Kevin sat mesmerized. They had been at the club a few hours and the whole time they could barely keep their eyes off the sexy dancer. To Michael there was no one else in the club, accept him and his sexy wife. He watched as she reached down, grabbing the hem of her dress. It was then that both men noticed, she was not wearing anything beneath her slinky outfit. Instantly Michael felt his manhood begin to swell, his temperature rise, his body tingle. "She is so beautiful," he thought to himself. Kevin sat, slack jawed in amazement.

Taylor reached between her legs and, just for an instance, teasingly began to rub herself. Raising her head up, she gave a sultry look, winked, and blew a pouty kiss. She then brought her wandering hand gently to her lips, and softly licked the tips of her fingers.

Michael about fell out of his chair as he strained to watch the scene. He could hardly believe his eyes. His body was aching for her. As he reached for yet another cigarette he noticed his hand trembling with desire. He wanted her with every ounce of his being.

Kevin kept an intense gaze as well, following her every move as she spun around the pole. "Wow," he exclaimed. "She is absolutely incredible."

Suddenly Taylor stepped away from the pole as the song faded to its end. Stopping at the edge of the dance floor, she gathered herself and adjusted her dress. Then, turning to where Michael and Kevin were seated, and began to grin.

Slowly she worked her way through the maze of tables and chairs to Michael and Kevin's table. Lifting one leg, she stepped over Michael, straddling his lap and pushing her breasts into his face. "Excuse me sweetie," she teasingly whispered as she pulled her other leg up and over his. She then plopped down in the chair that sat between the two men.

"That was awesome baby," Michael stuttered. "That was sexy as Hell."

Kevin nodded in agreement. "It was pretty fucking awesome." He then looked down at his half empty glass and took another puff on his cigarette. Grabbing the glass he quickly downed the remaining contents and as he rubbed Taylor's thigh. "What do you say? Let's get out of here."

Michael grinned and looked at Taylor. "That sounds like a plan," he said as he reached for Taylor's coat. "But first, I think Taylor needs to do something."

Taylor turned and looked at Michael. She could tell by his devious smile, he had something planned. "What do you have in mind?" she asked.

Michael looked at Kevin and almost laughingly said, "I think Taylor needs to only wear her overcoat on the ride to the hotel." He continued in a chuckling voice, "Well, she can wear shoes too."

Kevin's eyes widened. "I like the way you think. Yes, she's way too hot for clothes."

Taylor's brow raised slightly. She smiled as she looked at Michael, then to Kevin. She knew what her naughty little perverts wanted. Leisurely she tugged at her dress, pulling its front zipper downward inch by inch. The garment slipped slowly down her chest, soon revealing her perk nipples. Suddenly, as it pulled past her large tits the dress dropped, momentarily catching at her hips, then spiraling down her long legs to her ankles.

Several passing patrons of the club stopped in their tracks as they surveyed the happenings at Michael and Kevin's table. Even dancers on the dance floor shaded their eyes in hopes of catching a faint glimpse at Taylor's beautiful essence. Michael and Kevin stood silent as she gently took her long leather coat and wrapped it around her. Opting not to button it, she held the center with one hand as she reached for her purse. "Are we ready?" she asked.

Michael and Kevin only nodded as they worked themselves out from around the table and followed her out the door.

As the trio waited outside the club for their taxi Taylor handed Michael her purse. "Will you hold this for me baby?" she asked as she sat down on the front entrance steps. "MmmHmm," he muttered, still in amazement at his wife's daringness. As he looked down at her he could see the bottom of her coat gently blowing open in the cool night breeze. The tantalizing flickers of her bare mound made his heart race. He took a deep breath in an effort to calm himself.

Just then the cab pulled up to the curb. Kevin opened the back door as Michael piled into the back seat. Taylor quickly followed with Kevin sitting next to her. "To the Embassy," Kevin told the driver. "Yes sir," the cabby returned in a thick Jamaican accent.

As the van wove its way through the downtown streets Michael reached over and slightly opened Taylor's coat, rubbing her inner thigh with his hand. The cab driver asked, "So, how is everyone tonight."

"We're great," Kevin answered. "How are you tonight?"

"Good mon," he replied with a grin. "I'm always good mon."

"Hey, you see this girl here," Kevin asked the driver. "This girl is a wild woman. We've been chasing her around the parking lot before you got there. She was naked as a jay bird."

The cabby laughed. "Ya mon?"

"Oh yeah," Michael added. "Hell she's naked now under this coat."

Again the cabby laughed as he peered into the rearview mirror, "You are crazy white people."

Taylor, though a bit of an exhibitionist, found herself becoming flushed. She giggled as the two men teased the cab driver. Without looking she could tell her face had turned red as a tomato. Though the teasing was embarrassing, she felt it to be a bit exciting.

"You don't believe us?" Kevin asked. "Look." Just then Kevin slid one hand around Taylor's shoulder and slowly pulled open the coat. Her bare flesh was randomly revealed as the taxi passed the city's streetlights. As the coat opened Michael trailed his fingers up Taylor's thigh and began rubbing her moistened mound. Taylor leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes. As she felt his probing fingers she relaxed and slightly opened her legs.

The cabby alternated his sight between his rearview mirror and the roadway. He grinned from ear to ear revealing one gold tooth, surrounded by a mouthful of pearly whites. "Hehehe," he snickered. "You are really crazy white people."

"I told you," Kevin snickered. "She's wild. She'd never wear clothes unless we were here to put them on her."

Taylor let out a hardy laugh, followed by a quick snort. She quickly covered her mouth as she continued to chuckle in a muffled tone, trying not to involuntarily snort again.

Just then the cab pulled into the front entrance of the Embassy Hotel. The driver almost looked disappointed that his fare was over. "Have a good evening crazy people," he chuckled.

The lights to the hotel's entrance were bright and Taylor quickly pulled her coat closed. Kevin opened the door and took hold of Taylor's arm, helping her from the van. She grasped her coat low with one hand and pulled it together tight around her chest with the other. The breeze, blowing down the skyscraper lined avenue, was strong and threatened to blow the lower part of her coat upward in a revealing fashion. She hurriedly made her way to the revolving doors to the inside lobby.

After paying the cabby, Michael and Kevin soon followed after her. It was nearly 3:00 in the morning and only the hotel staff could be seen scattered about he room. Kevin then motioned her to the left side of the room to a group of elevator doors. She tried to walk inconspicuously toward the lifts as she continued to clutch at her leather frock.

Once at the elevators Kevin quickly pushed the "23" button and the threesome waited as the device made its way down to the lobby. Taylor thought to herself, "This is taking forever." Just then they noticed an Indian man pushing a vacuum cleaner through the lobby.

As the man moved closer to the trio Kevin began to snicker. "Hey," Kevin whispered. The man paid no attention. "Hey," Kevin said in a louder voice. The man then looked in their direction. "She's naked under this coat."

Again Taylor laughed and snorted. Unthinking, and again embarrassed, she pulled her hand up to her mouth in attempt to not let it happen again. But as she held her mouth closed she realized she had let go of her coat, letting the item spread open and exposing her 36D's.

Michael and Kevin broke out in laughter as they watched Taylor turn away from the man and try to readjust her coat, her giggles uncontrollable. As she did the elevator bell rang and one set of doors slowly slid open. As the three boarded the elevator they looked back at the man in the lobby. He gave only a blank stare as the doors slowly closed shut and the lift lurched upwards.

As the elevator slowly passed floor after floor Michael and Taylor gazed out of the glass window overlooking the city. Michael moved around behind her and slid his hand around her waist, slipping inside her coat. He pulled her close and gently kissed the nape of her neck.

Breaking the silence Kevin spoke up. "I think she is really hot now. I think she needs to lose the coat."

Michael once again began to grin as he turned Taylor around to face him. "Now I like the way you think." He reached down to take hold of her coat, but suddenly felt the elevator stop. Michael stepped back just as the doors opened and a man and two women stepped inside.

It was obvious to Taylor that the man and women had been out on the town as well, with one of the women slowly swaying from side to side attempting to keep her balance. Whether it was alcohol, or something else, one thing was for sure, they had the munchies, a fact proven by the enormous amounts of food each held in their arms.

Taylor spoke up as she looked at Kevin, "Mmmmm ... I'm hungry."

The girls laughed and giggled. "Oh my gosh!" one woman said in a loud voice. "We have been partying all night and we are starved. We walked down to this all night deli and bought hotdogs and hamburgers." The woman tried to maneuver while holding four foil-wrapped packages.

Kevin eyed the woman and asked, "What do I have to do to get one of those hotdogs?"

Again the women giggled and laughed as the man stood against the elevator wall, glassy-eyed and looking half-awake.

"I don't know. What are you willing to do for a hotdog?" the woman teasingly asked.

As Kevin opened his mouth to respond the elevator bell rang and the doors opened. "Oh damn, this is our floor," the woman announced. As the man and other girl stepped through the doorway, the woman pushed Kevin against the wall and kissed him hard on the lips. The woman then winked and handed him one of the warm silver packs.

As the doors closed, and the elevator once again lurched upwards, Kevin turned to Taylor and said, "Ask and you shall receive."

Taylor smiled. "You got me a hotdog. I can't believe you got me a hotdog."

With an evil grin Kevin pulled the hotdog to his chest. "I'll trade ya," he playfully exclaimed.

"Trade me," Taylor asked. In a seductive tone she inched towards him. "What do you want to trade?"

"I'll trade the hotdog for the coat," he quickly answered. Taylor smiled, and as she began to open her coat, again the bell rang and the doors slid sideways. "Damn," Kevin blurted. "We're at our floor. We'll fix that," he said as he turned and punched the "2" button on the elevator pad. Slowly the doors closed and the three could feel the room drop downwards. "Now, where were we?" Kevin asked.

Taylor raised her hand up to her mouth and nervously bit down on her index finger. With her other hand she pulled out of one side of her coat. Letting her other hand drop to her side, the garment then slid down her back, her catching it as it bunched around her hands. Slowly she gathered the item with one hand and presented it to Kevin, holding the other hand out in wait.

Michael stood in the corner of the elevator, gazing at Taylor's beautiful body. Her bronze skin glimmered in the light, which highlighted every muscle, every sexy curve. Kevin stood amazed, somehow he thought she would plead her way out of this challenge, but there she stood sporting only her high heels and a seductive smile. Hesitating for only a second he took the coat and handed Taylor her food.

Neither Kevin, nor Michael, said a word as the elevator continued its trip down to the second floor. They watched as Taylor leaned against the wall and seductively devoured her prize. She didn't even flinch as again the bell rang and the doors opened. Luckily for her there was no one waiting to board this time. As the doors again closed Kevin once more pressed the "23" button and the three felt gravity change as the lift started skywards.

Finally arriving at their floor the threesome stepped out of the elevator into the dimly lit hallway. Taylor was still eating as she nonchalantly strolled past the seemingly endless row of doorways. Kevin and Michael walked behind her, watching her firm ass bounce with her movement. Her long blond hair draped down the middle of her back.

As they walked Michael felt his pants were about to rip open. He was so hard watching his beautiful wife stroll naked through the hallway. He was in complete awe at her new uninhibited nature. The only thing he knew for sure was he wanted to fuck her until sunrise.

As wild as Kevin thought he was, he had never met anyone as alluring as Taylor. He had always been the crazy one, blurting out whatever came into his mind. Now he found himself dumbfounded. He had no idea what to say. The only words he could gather were, "Oh my God!"

Reaching the room Kevin quickly pulled out the key card and opened the door. Taylor entered the doorway and turned, keeping both men just outside the room. Reaching up, she grabbed the top of the doorway with one hand as she gently trailed her fingers along her breasts with the other. Slowly she traced the outline of her erect nipples as she gazed at her wide-eyed voyeurs. She then reached out and grabbed both men by their shirts and tugged them into the room. As the door silently closed Taylor whispered, "Now is when the fun really begins."

to be continued ...

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