"There's nothing to go on for. Nothing for my heart to cherish, but if that is true, why am I still here. Why do I still have existence? I did all I could. I still do all I can. But why? Why am I here? Do I still serve a purpose? I can't even see. I don't want to see. The pain it may bring me is too much. But if I am here I might as well look. No it hurts too much. It's like opening your eyes for the first time. Too much pain but I will try. Oh they opened a little. Oww Its to bright out there wherever there is. But I must, or I should just go back into darkness. I will try my hardest. But how did I get here anyway. Did I fall or get killed. Why did I do........oh that's right? I did it for her. Everything was for her. Ever since we met everything has been for her. I wonder how she is doing. Is she sick, hurt, ok. I don't know. And even if I wanted to find out I don't think I could. "No I will. She wouldn't give up on me. And I wont give up on her."

The figure the voice is coming from tries to move and finds he can't. It's hard even to move his eyes under his eyelids. But suddenly he fills warmth. Starting at his feet it moves slowly up his whole body. With it he finds he can move his toes, his feet. It's like being unfrozen. Finally he can move his arms, but barely. Full strength hasn't returned. Up his neck and finally it leaves his head. He knows he can open his eyes but is afraid to. Finally he builds up enough courage to look out.


The door of a two-story house suddenly opened into the bright morning. There stood a small boy no older than 14 with long metallic hair that he spiked up in every direction. He looked around for a second and dashed to an old well in the middle of the circle of houses. He didn't even bother to look up as he jumped 25 feet into the air right over the well and landing well beyond it.

"Zidane, how many times do I have to tell you that you're supposed to walk around the well? Not jump over it." This made the boy turn around. Behind the voice was a beautiful woman with long metallic hair and the weirdest green eyes that seemed to glow with energy. The boy had the same eyes, which looked upon her in disbelief.

"But mom, it takes to long to walk around something so big. And besides, it's a lot more fun to jump. Makes me feel like I can fly. "As if to prove his point he jumped twice as high in the air landing right in front of his mom. "See what I mean."

His mom bent forward and kissed him on his forehead. "One day you will fly my son."

"Mom you always say that but I still haven't been able to." Zidane pulled an object from the back of his pants. "And you said that when the time comes I would be able to use this." His mom looked at the object. It was a sword handle that had ancient symbols of gods and beast on it. It had been passed down thru her whole family and now was his. "See I still can't get it to work."

"Son I told you that you would have to train to learn these things. Don't worry, your day will come. Soon you will be a great fighter and be able to protect everyone from what may come." Like she had to do it for her life, she looked up to the sky as if awaiting something. Although the boy didn't know he would soon meet lots of new people. All of them would not be friendly.


"Come on. That's it; you've almost got it. HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A sudden burst of flame caught the mans hat on fire. "Ahhh, put it out, put it out. HELP!!!" He started running around in circles until a large wave of water from an unknown source splashed over him. He stood there drenched staring at the girl who was rolling on the ground laughing. Anger took over him.

"If I am not mistaken, I BELIEVE I SAID FIRE, NOT INFERNO." This made the girl laugh even harder. The man couldn't help but join her in laughter and after a while they were able to speak.

"I'm sorry dad I guess I just lost control." The girl smiled back at her father who was observing the hole in his hat.

"That's ok. Your powers are growing faster than your skill to control them. We will have to work on that. Now lets go get something to eat. Your choice, we can eat here or at the inn in Clefiro."

The girl observed to be giving it a lot of thought. "Well the inn does have some good soup so lets just go there. Ill go get my stuff." With that she ran into the stone house that was located atop a steep hill overlooking the village. She came out with a bag full of herbs, gems, and a dagger. On her back she carried a sword with a picture of a dragon attacked. After all, there were monsters that she couldn't beat with magic.

"Come on Naomi or the sun will set before we even get there." Even though Clefiro was a beautiful town at night with all the torches shining out side the stone buildings, the strongest monsters also came out at this time, and that was not a good thing. As she was running down the hill to her father she tripped on a root and landed scraping her legs very badly. "Naomi are you ok?" Her father seemed concerned.

"Yea. After all that is what they made cure magic for."


As his mother watched Zidane jumped around getting higher each time. Then on his highest jump yet, he suddenly gasped and started falling fast toward the ground. His mother jumped up and got there just in time to catch him. "Zidane are you al..." She lost here breath when she noticed the gashes in his leg. "Zidane how did you do this."

"I didn't do anything." He looked at her again. "Mom this is the third time this has happened. What is going on with me? OWW." He yelled as his mom put her hand on the wound. A green light settled around her hand and when she raised her hand it was gone and so was the gash. "Thank you. But I still don't get why it does this."

"Well it was inevitable. Son I have to tell you something. If I have ever told you anything, this is probably the most important. It will change your life forever as well as those around you. You must promise that you will do all you can do when the time comes. Work as hard as you can to improve and become a warrior. Will you do that for me." Zidane nodded not quite understanding what she meant. "Zidane remember I told you that you once had a father." Zidane nodded. "Well I know I said he died but he is actually still alive. And if that is not surprising enough you also have a sister. She is your twin." Zidane sat down as if he was going to faint. This was too much to take at one time. His mother sat down next to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "I know you are in disbelief but..."

"Why didn't you tell me before?" He said still staring at the ground.

"I couldn't. It wasn't the right time. But now I believe it is. Son I have told you everything I could, everything about our history and the world around you that I know. It is time for you to go find what you're looking for. Do you know what that is?" The boy shook his head. "Don't worry it will come to you. First you must find your sister and father. This will be the first step. It is possible that you may even learn something from them. After you go there it will be clear of what your next step is." She picked up the sword that was lying next to where Zidane. "I want you to take the Ultima sword and learn how to use it. Your sister should have one similar to it but if I know your father he has already taught her how to use it. Even though she does know that, she is a magic caster. You are the warrior. Become strong and after your journey is over, come back to me. Now go pack your stuff. You have to leave."

Zidane looked up to her. "Do I have to go right now?" She nodded. "I just have one question. Why did you two split up?"

"It was not our choice to make. A very powerful mage came to use one day when you were younger and told us what we had to do. But after he told use what would happen if we didn't, we complied. It was very hard to do. But we knew you would be to young to remember it so it would be alright."

"Mom what would have happened if you didn't do what you did?"

"The mage said that if we didn't separate you two that the entire planet would be destroyed. Your life power is great. If both of you were in the same place at the same time it would be like a beacon. So we separated you not wanting what ever was looking for you or the planet to find you." She stood up. Zidane soon followed.

"But if that would happen why do you want me to meet her now. And what do they want with me anyway." His mom smiled back at him.

"You are very clever. Well the mage came back here a month ago. He said that they had found the planets location and it didn't matter anymore. It would take them some time to get here so I was to let you meet your sister and train with her. He said that maybe we would be strong enough to defend the planet from them. He didn't say why they wanted you but I don't think he knew."

Zidane hugged his mother. "Ill miss you mom." His mom gave an equal hug back. "I wish I didn't have to leave so soon"

"Ill miss you to. Now go inside gather your things. The map of where your sister and father are is under the stone that was cracked in the kitchen on the floor. Follow it and you will be there. I love you my son. And now I must go inform the mage of this. Be safe and return to me one day" They finally broke there hug and Zidane ran into the house. He gathered the cloths and money he would need. He went into the kitchen and grabbed the map, which was in exactly the place his mom had said it would. He ran outside and found that his mother had already left. Now it was time for him to start his journey. He hoped he could return here one day. He took one final look at his home and started walking away. One day he would see it again.


"Finally we made it." Naomi fell to the nearest seat she could find. Her father sat beside her. "There isn't usually that many monsters. I think I used all my energy on that last one." Naomi had fought every kind of monster in the area. They all seemed to be in a bad mood. She destroyed them all with no wound to show for it. She looked at her dad. "Dad why didn't you help some."

"You're in training. I'm not going to help you. You must learn the hard way if you want to become strong." He waved to a stout woman who was taking orders. When she arrived she wrote down their orders and went on with the other customers.

"Well you still could have at least warned me if something was coming from behind." She pointed to the rip in her shirt. "That tarrisbeak didn't care if it was back attacking me."

"I'm sorry but you need to learn how do sense things like that. So that to is part of your training." With that he leaned back in his chair and relaxed. Naomi was still mad but was also getting really hungry. So she did the same as her father and waited for the food to arrive. When it did, it was gone in 10 seconds. Naomi's father looked at her amazed. "I have never seen anyone eat that fast."

"Well father if I wouldn't have had to fight so much I wouldn't be hungry." She pulled her backpack on and went out the door. "Are you coming father." Her father ate the last of his food and joined her outside the door. Just as they had feared it was dark. "Oh this is just great now I have to fight again." Her father just smiled at her as they continued on there way home.


"Now lets see. I should see a tree to my left...now." Zidane looked and there it was. I giant oak that looked big enough to live in. "Now I just keep going on this trail and I should be there in a snap." Just then 3 oglops jumped out. The oglops were big ugly toad\pig monsters that always attacked on sight. "Oh great. Now I have to fight them." He pulled out a staff that he had brought along with him. "Ok bring it on." And of course they attacked. The first one fell easily with just a swipe of the staff. The others took longer since they kept spraying acid at him. "Die dammit" He yelled as he brought the staff down crushing the monsters head. "They keep getting stronger and stronger." With that he put his staff back, checked his stuff, and walked on. He had been traveling for 3 days now and the map had pointed him directly on the path. He still had a day of travel left but had never felt closer to being in top shape. Zidane did not know what awaited him but he knew that what ever it was, it was going to be an adventure. And he was ready for it.


Naomi woke up from a terrible dream. Looking at her arm she noticed that she had been sweating. She got out of bed and went into the bath. There was no water there since her father was now putting her with all the chores so she just used a little magic and the bath filled with steaming water. She went into her room and found some underclothes and her armor and set them next to the bath. She then removed her nightdress to reveal a body of a goddess. At 14 she had still not had a period. But her body had not stopped to wait. Her chest had grown to a beautiful size with small pink nipples. Naomi had never been touched by any other than her father when she was young. He told her that her mom had given her baths before she died so he would help her until she could do it herself. He was always gentile with her and would always leave when she got out. So besides that she was probably the most full-blooded virgin in the whole town.

Although every man wanted her for her beauty no one would dare touch her. She was off limits to anyone until she said so. So she had never had a boyfriend. But she didn't mind. She had no idea of the pleasures of intercourse since her father thought that when the time comes she would learn herself. This came as a problem to her. She had weird feelings in her stomach and in between her legs but never new what they were or what to do to make them stop.

She had the similar feeling in the tub but didn't do anything. But as she was washing we found that when she touched herself down there, it gave her serious pleasure. After rubbing it for a while she started to feel something building up. And then it happened. She climaxed and started screaming out loud, never removing her hand from her pussy.

Then just as she was starting to calm down there was a nock on the door. It was her father coming to see if she was all right and to tell her he was going on a trip, he would be gone for a day or two. She said she was fine and when he went away swore that she would never do that again. Something such as that had to be forbidden. But now noticing that the feelings in her stomach were gone, she thought it was possible that it was ok to do it. But since she had swore she quickly got out of the tub and put her cloths on before she could think about it some more. She went out side and started with her training forgetting what had just happened.


Zidane however could not forget what just happened. He was just walking alone when his private just all of a sudden started feeling like someone was massaging it. He sat down by a tree and took it out. It was hard as a rock and very large for a boy his age. Probably at least 9 inches and very thick. It felt so good he just leaned his head back and let it go on. After a while the pleasure got more intense and for a minute he thought if he didn't stop it, it would start to hurt.

Then he felt something rising and just then he started pumping out gobs of come. He didn't know what to do, so he just leaned it over to the side so it wouldn't land on him. After a moment the flow stopped as he laid back. He was in ecstasy as well as total exhaustion. He took a rag from his backpack and cleaned off the cum that remained on him. Zidane put his private back in his pants still trying to figure out what had just happened. It was still early in the day so Zidane kept marching along the path in search of his dad and sister still wearing the wounds and scars of his battles so far.


As Naomi was training, her father was on his way to Zion, the biggest city in the world, which surrounded the princess's castle. The princess was the key to everything. She supported the world by using her spiritual energy. If she died the whole world would collapse if someone was not there in her place.

.He was on his way to talk to the mage who he had met all those years ago. He had to talk to him about the recent occurrences and about Naomi's progress. Luckily for him, Zion's guards patrolled this area so there were no monsters. It would make his journey much more acceptable and less tiresome. As he was on the trail, he was thinking about many things. It mainly was his wife and son. He had not seen either of them for years and wondered what they looked like now. Every time he looked at his daughters face with her glowing green eyes and that silver hair, it always made him think of his wife.

He also wondered if she had told his son about him and his sister yet. He still hadn't told his daughter yet. He was waiting for the right time. Maybe the mage would tell him whether it was the time. He didn't know. While thinking about her he wondered what their son looked like now. When his children were born, they both had silver hair and those strange green eyes. They were never a burden to them. They always were calm and only cried when they were hungry or had a dirty diaper. The weird thing was, they always were hungry or needed to be changed at the same time. They cried at the same time, slept at the same time, always.

As he came over a hill, he finally saw it, Zion. It is the most beautiful city I have ever seen, he thought. The castle stood in the middle with its great towers looming over the city. Stonewalls surrounded the city and the castle. The main gate was now in view as he started down the hill. Hopefully the mage is home, he thought.


"Damn they just keep coming," thought Zidane as he killed the 23rd monster in the last 3 hours. As soon as he put his staff back in its place a giant dragon appeared from behind him. Zidane turned around hearing it breathing. "What the fuck is that. There is no way I can beat it."

With that Zidane took off into the woods. After a moment he thought he had lost the dragon so he stopped. The muscles in his legs were burning. He was bleeding really badly from the gashes all over himself. After he got his balance he started walking only to find that the dragon was right behind him and closing in fast. He started running again not sure where to go but at the moment, not really caring either.


Naomi finally finished her training with a final fire spell that hit the steel dummy tied to a pole. She started moving back to her home when she happened to feel dizzy and collapsed. Trying to get up she looked at her legs. They were bleeding, and so were her arms. "I couldn't of got this many wounds from training," she thought. She slowly raised herself to a sitting position and looked herself over. Then concentrating on her wounds she whispered a spell. They all closed up and the blood disappeared. But right after she did this, another appeared on her arm. It was small, the size of a thorn scrape. It just appeared with nothing to cause it.

Naomi was worried now. What was happening to her? She didn't have time to think because just then she spotted a dragon flying over the trees. She got to her feet and brought out her Ultima weapon which she called dragon's wing since its main picture was that of a dragon. Just when she was about to cast a spell she noticed someone coming out of the trees. It was a boy of her age. The first thing she noticed was his hair. It was the same as hers.

The boy was obviously running from the dragon. He was bleeding badly. Just when it looked like he was escaping from it, the dragon used a demi spell and hit him in his back. He fell to the ground scraping him up more. He wasn't moving.

After concluding that the dragon was going to eat him, Naomi ran up to the dragon attacking it with the dragon's wing. The dragon was fast for its size and dodged most of her attacks. After slashing its wing Naomi pulled back. To get her breath back. The dragon used a powerful spell called flare on her. It was like a giant fireball. It hit her directly and exploded on impact.

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