Unwanted Obsession Ch. 01


'Joe' made a third hickey on her throat. Louise wasn't scared yet, she was just getting really pissed off. Yet, she was still horny. The way he stoically ignored her protests and attempts to get loose was too similar to her fantasies to be a turn off.

After admiring the third hickey, he let go off her and stepped three steps back again. Louise straightened her head and walked back where she had been. There she raised her arms as high above her head as possible, to give her wrists some rest.

She looked at 'Joe' and decided to try to reason with him. She was used to playing rape games with guys who were her friends. She had often done it with guys she didn't know well, but there had always been friendly feelings. This man wasn't her friend, but he had acted so friendly since they met, never revealing his true nature. Louise still hadn't understood that he was very different from the others.

"Joe, listen to me. You can't play a rape game this way. Bruises are cool, but damage isn't. I know it sounds weird that wrists can get hurt so easily, but they can. Trust me on it, I've done this a lot."

Louise still assumed he was a rookie at rape-games. In a way she was right, Ronald had never played a rape-game. Ronald wasn't into games, he was into reality. And right now he was amazed.

'She still doesn't get it. She seemed very intelligent when we talked. Back when I first met her she seemed bright too. But no one can be this densely naive, it's just not possible.'

"All right," he said. "Im sorry. I'll take your word for it."

He walked forward and took a look at her wrists, pretending to be worried. He was still lusting for another of her passionate kisses. He figured there was still hope to get another of those, at least until she realised he was going to rape her for real. He could, of course, force her to kiss him later, but he doubted it would be the same.

He raised a hand to massage her wrists gently around the handcuffs.

"It's not too late, is it?" he asked, "Your wrists are they too hurt for us to continue?"

"No, I don't think it's too bad," said Louise, smiling with relief from the false belief that 'Joe' had come to his senses.

"And you?" he asked, managing to look genuinely concerned.

"I'm good. I was just a bit freaked," said Louise, and continued to matter of factly state, "but if we are gonna play more, we really need a safety word."

"How does that work?" he asked, genuinely puzzled.

Ronald had never been interested in experimenting with sex games. The thrill of rape was too great for him to look for other things. He frequently had consensual sex with casual lovers but had never moved consensual sex to an advanced level.

"Well, you know, similar to the codes people use for BDSM-games," she said.

Actually he didn't. When he didn't say anything she continued.

"When we do a pretend rape, I am meant to say 'no' and protest to everything you do to me, and I am supposed to sound as realistic as possible when I do it."

She looked at the floor a moment to find words, then turned her eyes to him again.

'Her eyes looks like emeralds right now,' he thought absentmindedly. He wasn't much into jewellery, but he had always liked the gleam emeralds made when light was reflected in them.

"So I mean, I'm not that great an actor, but still. It might be hard for you to tell when I'm serious and when I'm not," she explained.

Louise had already managed to convince herself that him not realising she was serious had been the case when he had ignored her protests moments earlier. She didn't consider herself naive and when it came to believing there were some very rotten people out there, she had no trouble. But in face to face situations, Louise was extremely naive. Face to face, she couldn't believe in actual evil in another person.

"A safety word is a word that can I use if the game goes further than I can handle," finished Louise.

'I get it now,' thought Ronald. 'This pretend-rape shit is all about a guy blowing a lot of smoke and spending a lot of energy to look strong. While the chick pretends to be weak, even though she is still in full control.'

He smiled at Louise, once again having to fight himself not to laugh. He had to pretend to cough in his hand to get control of the jerks at the tips of his mouth. They were trying to transform his amiable smile into a wicked grin.

"What should the safety word be then?" he asked.

"I'd prefer to use the one I'm used to. In the heat of an intense game it's hard to remember new ones," she said, "but the one I'm used to is Danish. Do you think you could memorise a Danish word?" she asked.

"Well I learned to memorise your name, Lowish," he said. "Try me."

He moved his hand to her left breast and started toying with her nipple, while she made a to him nearly unintelligible sound.

"Try again," he encouraged.

She repeated the sound, slower this time.

"Koo-looort," he tried to emulate the word. Louise giggled at his mispronunciation in spite of the waves of lust her nipple sent to the rest of her body in reaction to his touch.

"Joe, you just said 'bullshit' in Danish," she explained.

Ronald laughed with her at that. 'She is a funny chick, no doubt of that.'

When they were done laughing, Louise repeated the word again even slower.

"Koo the ort," he said.

"Yes that's it," confirmed Louise, and moaned when he gave her nipple a squeeze.

"Kodeord," she repeated.

"Koo the ort," he repeated. "I got it."

"It means 'code-word'," said Louise, and yelped as he squeezed her nipple harder, giving her a wonderful sensation of mixed pain and pleasure. He moved his hand to her other nipple, and toyed with that one too.

"Oh my god." Louise closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations even more. She wasn't religious but had adopted the usage of the words by watching too much American tv.

"I am going to rape you, like you have never been raped before girl," said Ronald. "I'm going to abuse you, use your body for my own pleasure. And I won't stop, no matter how hard you beg me."

He spoke in a seductive manner, Louise assumed it was game-play. She still didn't realise he was serious.

"But before I begin I want another kiss," stated Ronald. "Kiss me, Lowish."

Louise opened her eyes and looked into his brown ones. The man was probably old enough to be her father. Louise was very bad at telling people's age, she was guessing he was somewhere between forty and fifty. In her mind, he was extremely sexy. His eyes were not really sun- or wind-torn. Yet, even though they were deeply brown, and the area around them wasn't excessively wrinkled, the intensity in them reminded her of Clint Eastwood's eyes.

Every time she looked into his eyes she felt herself melting inside. As if all her will-power prepared to leave her body with her pussy juices.

Neither Ronald nor Louise had a clue of it, but her eyes were beginning to have an equally strong effect on him. Her eyes looked like sparkling emeralds, to him, as she looked at him now, waiting for him to kiss her.

He bent his head and kissed her.

Louise was even more passionate this time; her tongue practically attacked his. He moved both his hands behind her head, pressing her face tight to his. So tight that neither of them could breathe properly. And still they kept kissing. Both of them refusing to stop the kiss, holding their breaths for as long as possible.

Ronald didn't understand why her passion turned him on so much, and right now he didn't care.

He was used to being horny. Extremely horny even. But what he felt now was new to him. There was something about that ordinary looking girl, something unordinary. When he finally had to stop the kiss to breathe, both of them gasped heavily for extra air. While they were still panting he opened her pants. He felt a need to touch her there now. He pulled her pants and underpants a bit down her upper thighs. Just enough to touch her pussy.

He slid a hand between her legs. They were held close together by the pants, but he didn't care. She was so wet his hand slid between her upper thighs with ease. He didn't focus on what he was doing. His fingers moved at random back and forth.

Louise panted from more than her need for oxygen after the long kiss. So did he. Ronald was dizzy from the lust within. He hadn't felt an ecstasy as strong as this, since the first time he had raped a woman. His fingers moved in a random chaotic pattern, alternating between slipping in and out of her pussy and travelling back and forth between her labia, rubbing her clitoris and whole pussy area in general.

In between her panting gasps for air, Louise let out short shrieks. Her legs were shaking. Ronald was growling. Lost in lust. Louise's shrieks developed to actual screams of lust. She was not usually a screamer, but this time she was. Ronald bit her upper arm, on it's soft underside. He growled like an animal while his hand began moving faster. A few seconds later Louise orgasmed with full force. When she did, Ronald came in his pants.

After their shared orgasm, they were both breathing even heavier than after the kiss.

'I haven't come in my pants for over thirty years.' Ronald was mystified, and his legs were shaking. He let go of Louise and seated himself on the bed.

Louise's legs were shaking too, but she couldn't seat herself with her wrists chained above her; she had to try to stand straight. Her arms were shaking too. She let them hang by the cuffs. It was hard enough her to remain standing without keeping her arms up too.

Ronald was the first to catch his breath and regain his strength. He got up and went to the kitchen part of the room. There he found a sturdy pair of scissors. With that in hand he went back to Louise, who was still shaky.

Without a word he started cutting her already shredded blouse. He cut each sleeve open, and tore the whole piece of cloth off her, discarding it. He cut the shoulder straps and the back strap of her bra and tossed the remains of that away too.

Except for her pulled down pants and underpants clinging to her upper legs, Louise was naked now.

'Her pants will slip off eventually, from the wriggling she will soon be doing.' Ronald was sure of it.

Louise's shaking decreased. By the time Ronald was done removing her blouse and bra, she had regained full control of her legs and arms. Her orgasm had been mind-blowing, but still it had just been an orgasm. Now that she had had some time to breathe her body had plenty energy left. She noticed her wrists were hurting a little, and once again held her arms straight up - to spare her wrists from carrying their weight by the cuffs.

"Do you like pain, Lowish?" asked Ronald.

"Not in itself Joe, but I can handle some pain if need be," replied Louise. "Sometimes a bit of pain makes the game more intense."

"Do you like intense games?" Ronald opened the buckle of his belt.

"You play very intensely already, Joe. You don't need to spank me to get me horny," said Louise honestly, watching Ronald pull his belt loose.

The belt was made of non-ornamented, soft, thick leather. The only metal on it was the buckle. Once it was free, Ronald made a loop of it around his right wrist by pulling the leather through the buckle. He let his right arm hang down a moment, while looking at Louise. She, predictably, stared at the long leather part of the belt, which hung from his wrist passing his open palm on its way towards the floor.

Keeping his eyes on Louise, Ronald slowly bend his right hand and moved his fingers around the leather till he had a solid grip on it. He enjoyed seeing anxiety grow in her. It wasn't fear yet; she was still convinced they were only playing.

'I'll start the whipping slower than usual,' decided Ronald. He enjoyed anticipating the moment she would realise they were not playing. 'Wonder how much she will take, before using her worthless safety word.'

"A whipping makes the game more realistic, doesn't it?" said Ronald.

Louise moved her eyes from his hand and belt to his face.

"Yes, it often does," she replied.

"You like for the game to be more realistic, don't you?"


"Then let's play." On the inside, Ronald smiled cruelly, but he made his face appear cold and professional, wanting to make Louise squirm more before beginning.

The sight of him did make a strong impression on Louise. He looked like an impersonation of her fantasies coming true. From his professional hold on the belt with a strong hand. To his confident posture. To his face that now revealed no feelings to her. To his eyes that melted her inside.

She did feel some fear regarding the spanking she expected. It had been a while since she had last been spanked. She wasn't sure where her threshold for pain had moved since then. She had never seen a guy hold a belt for spanking the exact way he did. Yet, the way he had handled the belt to hold it that way gave her an impression that he had experience in spanking.

Stronger than slight fear, lust was rising in her. 'Joe' appeared to be everything she had ever thought she would like a sex partner to be, and more.

The sight of him turned her on. The memory of what it felt like when he touched her turned her on. His voice turned her on. His physical strength turned her on. His apparent willingness to take on the role of a rapist turned her on immensely.

She still thought he was only pretending to be a rapist. 'How did I get this lucky? He is a sex-god. And he is toying with me.'

Her heart pumped even faster, as Ronald approached her again.

'I hope, I can take as much spanking as it turns him on to give.' She had told the truth when she said, she didn't enjoy pain in itself. Pain didn't give her the chemical rush that she had heard several people who were into SM speak of. She got her rushes by feelings of being dominated, by force in particular.

He placed himself right next to her. So close she could feel the warmth of his body next to hers, even through his clothes. He lifted his right hand, still firmly gripping the belt, luring her eyes to it. He moved it to the skin between her breasts. Louise felt the free belt end caressing her belly.

"You are going to whine for me girl," he said, "and you are going to scream for me."

His words sent currents through her stomach to her clitoris, causing her to release even more juices. She felt dominated in a wonderful way. Ronald moved behind her and slapped her butt once with the belt. It was a far softer swing than he normally used against a victim. It only stung a bit and barely made her gasp.

Louise prepared herself for a normal spanking of her ass cheeks. Several guys she had been with, had liked to whip that way.

When he continued, Ronald didn't focus on her ass. His swings rained all over her body. Only her face was safe from the belt. He started out slowly. He wasn't used to giving his victims a soft start but was used to controlling the belt precisely. It was easy to give her a 'soft' beating.

The first dozen strokes were so soft, they could hardly be called a spanking. More sound than sting. They barely made her skin blush and didn't draw sound from her either.

At the thirteenth stroke Ronald hit as hard as he normally hit his victims when using the belt, and was rewarded by a shriek from Louise, as well as a clear red line on her back.

'That will develop to a purple bruise, within a few hours,' estimated Ronald.

He gave her about two seconds to gasp in before he struck again, equally hard.

"It hurts," gasped Louise. "It hurts bad, Joe."

He waited a few seconds again. Louise was moving on the spot, wiggling her upper body to make the pain dissipate faster. Ronald noticed her pants had begun their journey down her upper thighs. He struck again just as hard

Louise emitted a loud shriek.

"Please stop, Joe," she yelled, right after the shriek.

'Not using her special word yet,' noticed Ronald. 'She still thinks we are playing.'

Her plea sounded sincere though. He hit again. He was sure she would give up soon.

He was right.

If he had taken longer breaks between each hit then Louise might have been able to stand it longer. She had never been whipped this hard so swiftly before. She wasn't into hardcore pain and hadn't been warmed up to it. After four more hits where she only screamed and pleaded with him, she used her safety word.

Her back was to him at that moment, so she didn't see him break into a grin when she spoke the Danish word. He had looked forward to this, the second big rush, the one that usually came first. His victim's 'realisation of danger' was imminent.

He stepped closer to her. Standing behind her, he put his arms around her. Pretending to be gentle one last time, drawing out the moment.

"Did it hurt too much?" he whispered the question into her ear, intimately.

"Yes," she said, still sobbing a bit in aftermath to pain.

Even the pressure of his body, gently hugging against hers, made her fresh bruises hurt. He let go of her and moved to her front. He wanted to see her face, when she understood the severity of her situation.

"Lowish," he said.

Louise raised her head and looked at him. He locked eyes with her.

"Your safety word don't mean crap to me."

A shock of fear went through Louise. 'He can't be serious.'

Ronald lifted his right hand with the belt. Louise's eyes flew from his face to his raised hand.

He felt the rush. 'She gets it now.' The knowledge made lust sweep through his body.

"Joe, NO!"

She had begun talking as a new plea, but talk changed to scream as his hand flew forward swinging the belt to hit her hard. He hit her again after that and continued to hit in a steady rhythm, less than three seconds between each lash. Louise kept trying to beg him to stop. Most of her attempts got interrupted by shrieks and screams, which she couldn't hold back each time the belt hit.

Pulling her body round, paying no heed to her now tortured wrists, Louise tried to avoid the lashes. It was to no avail. She didn't manage to dash out of any of his swings.

The struggle made her pants drop all the way to her feet. At one time she lost her balance when trying to avoid a lash, because her feet were tangled in them. For a moment her full weight was carried by the handcuffs. The metal bit hard into her wrists. Screaming yet again, she managed to ignore the next lash to regain her balance, and get her hands around the chain above the handcuffs.

The chain was too slick for the hold to do her much good though. To spare her wrists, she had to stay where the chain was loosest, and do her best to keep her arms up.

She tried, but every time the belt struck, she forgot everything else than that burn for a fraction of a second. Every single time, for that fraction of a second, she instinctively tried to pull her arms down till the pain from her wrists reminded her of their peril.

Her shrieks interrupted her breathing each time the belt hit and her sobs slowed her attempts to breathe between hits. When Ronald finally gave her a moments rest after a dozen painful lashes she was breathless and tears of pain streamed down her cheeks.

She stood up straight, but her arms were shaking. She had no energy to keep their weight of her bruised hurting wrists. She wanted to beg for mercy but couldn't control her voice. What came out of her mouth were sob-mixed incoherent sounds. No whole words.

Ronald moved in front of her, he put his hands on her breasts again. Letting the belt dangle freely from its loop around his wrist, he pushed her backwards, like he had done before. She whimpered, as the chain tightened and the hand-cuffs bit hard into her wrists. Then he bent his arms, while moving his body to hers, till they stood like they had before. This time she didn't protest.

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