This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Kat sat curled up on the sofa, bare legs tucked in close to her body. Clad only in her underwear and an oversized Christmas jumper - bright red and sporting a motif of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - the calico corgi dipped her muzzle to snuffle gently at the steaming mug of hot chocolate clasped between her paws, one orange and one cream. The room was illuminated only by the glow of the Christmas tree in the corner, multi-coloured lights dancing off the tastefully furnished room and her creamy fur, which was splashed with orange and dark patches. True, the giant coffee table would not have been her first choice when it came to decor but sometimes one had to make compromises when it came to their mate. He liked it. She could deal with that if she got to live with him.

Kat smiled. Living with David was the best thing.

As if reading her mind, the bobcat sprung into the living room on light hind paws, dressed comfortably in old, ripped jeans and one of his favourite band shirts. It was not a band that Kat remembered - a slight difference in their musical tastes - but the grey shirt slashed with black was a familiar sight indeed.

He stopped dead in his tracks, nose quivering as his eyes widened and he brought his paws dramatically to his heart, keeping them there as if to hold a prayer close.

"Kat! I'll never! Fancy seeing you here," he quipped, bobcat tail twitching as he stalked through the living room to the adjoining kitchen. "Almost like you lived here or something."

Kat rolled her eyes, fingering a lock of brown hair. It was getting long and needed to be cut before it flaked into her eyes. Again.

"Is that joke ever going to get old? Well, to you, at least."

He grinned, tufted ears standing straight up from his head. He flopped on to the large sofa beside the corgi, splaying out as if he did not have the energy left to move even a single muscle. Kicking out his hind paws, he rested one heel on Kat's thigh and she grumbled, wriggling until he was dislodged and the hot chocolate threatened to slop over the edge of her mug. "Watch it!" She frowned sternly, struggling to keep amusement from her tone. "I almost spilled that."

"Yeah, I saw." David licked his lips and winked. "Stating the obvious. Would have been better if you spilled it over your chest."


"What?" He shrugged innocently. "Then I could have licked it off."

Kat shivered and he sat up, leaning in close as one leg dangled off the edge of the sofa. His nose brushed hers and he stared deep into her eyes, her orange and cream furred face blushing ever so faintly across the skin.

"You'd like that," he whispered, tone silken. "Me lapping your nipples, making them nice and hard."

The corgi's eyes widened and she sat very still, heat trembling through her body.

"I would..."

Kat bit her lip, ducking her muzzle. It would not do to show David just how easily he turned her on. It was strange to have a mate that she had been with for so long that could still stir up butterflies in her stomach and make her feel like every time was the first time, only better.

With a sudden smirk, the bobcat sat upright and spun around so that he faced the right side of the sofa, hind paws on the plush carpet. Purring, he curled his toes into the fibres and relaxed back into the cushions with such a casual air that Kat silently cursed him for stirring up such arousal in the pit of her belly in the first place. The damn cat knew exactly what he did to her! And he would do it again and again, just to get her even more riled up. It was a repetitive game. Well, she was not going to fall for it this time!

Turning to her drink, Kat took a sip and inhaled the sweet aroma, calming her heartbeat with deep, steadying breaths. He slung an arm around her shoulder as she drank and though the corgi flicked her pointed ears once in his direction she otherwise gave no indication that she felt his touch. It was a more difficult task than expected.

David nuzzled her cheek and laid kisses upon her muzzle until her lips twitched in a reluctant smile, one paw resting lightly upon her thigh. The bobcat's eyes gleamed, reflecting the Christmas lights as one colour changed to the next.

"What would you like to do this Christmas Eve then, m'dear?"

Oh, as if it would be that easy.

"I dunno," Kat murmured, eyes on her hot chocolate. "I'm happy enough here. Don't let me disturb you if you want to chill out. I'll sit here and keep eyeing up the presents."

He scratched his chin thoughtfully, arm squeezing around her shoulder to pull her closer.

"What if I said I had another present for you?"

Kat chuckled and shook her head, the ends of her hair sweeping across her shoulder blades.

"That's very sweet of you, but presents come on Christmas Day."

"What if I said you could open this one early?"

That caught her attention and Kat turned to face him, setting the drink aside on the large coffee table. The sheer size of it dwarfed her pink mug, which sat alone upon its surface.

"I'm listening."

"I can go get it now for you, if you like," he pressed. "You don't have to wait until tomorrow to open it."

The corgi looked between David and the Christmas tree, presents stacked beneath its branches like back when she was a little pup. She glanced at the clock. She had never opened a present on Christmas Eve before. The thought was oddly enticing.

"It's getting rather late..." Kat argued with her better self, ambivalent. "Maybe it should wait until tomorrow? I don't want to push you, I was only teasing about the presents. Though who doesn't like opening presents," she hastened to add, almost as if it was the most important part of the utterance.


David squeezed her within his arms and drew Kat in close to his chest, paw sliding down her back from between her shoulder blades to her rump, where it closed in a firm squeeze. The corgi yelped, more from playful surprise than any kind of protest, and nuzzled in to his neck. She melted into his touch, body melding to his as they had all along, concerns falling from her mind like the fresh snow touching down on the other side of the window panes, glass chilled by winter's bite. The powder would not stick, not tonight, but Kat found it romantically fitting that it be snowing on Christmas Eve and that she found herself in her willing mate's arms.

"Okay," she mumbled, feigning a disgruntled grumble, muzzle buried against his chest. "You've won me over, as always. What's this present that you want me to open so badly, sweety?"

The bobcat grinned and sprung to his paws, dropping Kat back on the sofa with a soft thump.

"Shall I fetch it?"

Her tail twitched.


Though she thought it too early to open presents, Kat's heart stirred with the illicit excitement of opening a present before she was supposed to. As her partner disappeared, taking the stairs two at a time, she was taken back to a younger time when she sat cross-legged before the Christmas tree on the eve of the day. Half asleep and dozing in her mother's arms, she would imagine what Santa Claus would bring her and what goodies would be piled beneath the tree on the next morn, appearing as if by magic. She wriggled her nose and settled herself more comfortably, swinging her legs up on to the sofa. It was not magic, of course, that brought her presents as a pup. That would be the reindeer.

David wheeled around the banisters, near tumbling into the front door in his rush to race back to her side. Ears twitching to catch the sound of his half-fall, the corgi shook her head and rolled her eyes, trusting the feline instinct would land him safely upon his feet. Just what could he be in such a hurry to give her that he would chance a rough head over heels tumble down the stairs?

He stood out of sight, breath coming louder and rasping in his throat.

"Close your eyes..."

Giggling, Kat did as she was told, squeezing her eyelids together with a comical twist to her lips. When he was certain that she could not see a thing, David cautiously approached, the shadow of his body slanting across her eyelids, a grey shape through the rosy warmth of tree lights shining through.

"Okay..." He pressed his tongue into his cheek, words mumbled as he positioned himself just so. "Wait for it... And... Open!"

Kat's eyes snapped open at the word and quested for her promised gift. The bobcat stood close, too close to miss the shiny blue box with a green ribbon a foot from her muzzle. As she moved to sit up, he thrust his hips forward in a sensual arch, his smirk spoiling the effect somewhat and drawing attention to the level at which the box resided. Clapping a paw to her forehead, the corgi groaned and shook her head, ears slanting down to her skull in exasperation.

"Oh - David!"


He pushed his hips forward again, box positioned so that it could have hidden his feline member, if he had been so inclined. Kat scowled and batted the box away, crossing her arms across her breasts, muzzle turned pointedly away from him as she slumped into the cushions, eyes downcast.

"That joke's been done to death! Dick in a box!" Her lips turned down, though she tried not to feel disappointed. "I thought you had a surprise for me."

"Sure I do, it's my -"

"David! It was funny before! Not now, not tonight. No."

"Okay, okay!" He held up his paws in mock surrender, short tail twitching as he fought to keep the Cheshire cat grin off his muzzle. "I'm not sorry - you should have seen the look on your face! - but I really do have something for you." He paused. "Something for us."

One ear perked in his direction.

"I'm listening."

He held the box out to her, smile suddenly shy and whiskers quivering.

"You'll have to open it. It really is a present. Something for us."

Hesitantly, Kat took it from his paws and turned it over, shaking it lightly beside her ear. It made no sound at all bar the shifting of packing materials within and she licked her lips doubtfully as she chanced the untying of the ribbon, loathe to spoil its perfection with the cut of a claw. David sat beside her, hip pressed to hers, and snaked an arm around her waist, drawing the corgi in close as she worked on her gift with childlike intent.

"So delicate," he purred in her ear, breath tickling the thin flap. "I thought you'd rip it open in an instant. You do like to...unwrap."

"Only sometimes..."

Finally dealing with the ribbon, Kat placed it gently to one side and slipped a claw beneath the tape to neatly slice through with a single, deft motion. The package fell open and she slid the paper off in one go to reveal an open-topped box with three small but known items within. Against her will, the corgi's heartbeat quickened and her breath quickened, ears pricked even though there was no sound bar her mate's soft breathing to catch.

He shifted, taping the tips of his fingers together with a wicked smile that became more and more confident by the second.

"Do you like it?"

"Well, one is something I've seen plenty of before..." Kat mused, retrieving a tube of slick new lubricant from the box and rolling it over between her fingers. "Though I gather that it has more entertaining uses when paired with the other items."

David nuzzled her neck, chin resting on her shoulder as he eased a paw between her legs, thumb grazing where her underwear covered her most intimate of areas. Paws trembling, Kat lifted a tube-like object from the box next, running her fingertips expertly over the surface.

"A fleshlight, however, has some...ah...uses..."

Blushing, the corgi placed it on her leg, struggling to ignore the creeping paw pushing hers apart, slowly but surely The fleshlight toy was crafted of pale pink silicon with the 'hole' shaped to depict a canine cunny, complete with a modelled nub of a clitoris. The folds spread out enticingly and Kat swallowed hard, thinking it incredibly similar to hers, uncannily so. David's paw pressed around her snatch, cupping her wetness.

She couldn't wait to see him squirm as he thrust into the toy. Shivering, Kat turned her attention to the third and final object, which took up most of the box. A tangle of latex straps, Kat dragged it out, knocking the box to the carpet in the process, and mused over its appearance. Straps could be a harness but it appeared too small to be of any use in such a way. She shook it loose and a phallic object dropped, caught by the straps that it melded into. The corgi's jaw dropped and she gave a little yip before clapping a paw over her muzzle.

Though David had mentioned being 'experimental', she had not thought he would leap so far into the unknown so swiftly. Buying herself time, Kat untangled the straps and positioned them just so, letting the latex and buckles drape over her bare thighs as the black shaft was passed from paw to paw. Who knew that he would want her to use a strap-on toy on him? Especially when, well, it was no secret that the loving top-cat called the shots. Even when purring in her ear and cradling her to his chest.

The bobcat stilled, muscles tense and she felt rather than heard him swallow, Adam's apple bobbing.

"Will you try with me tonight, Kat?" He said, caressing her face with a paw as his tongue bathed her neck in sweet cat kisses. "It's a step more than the plugs we tried but I want to see what it's like."

The cat shivered deliciously and kissed her lips.

"To be fucked."

The corgi nodded, not trusting herself to speak. It was not too much too soon - not by any stretch of the imagination - but nerves played havoc on her heart, twisting and dancing with excitement that threatened to overwhelm her. Could she do it as he imagined? Would it make David feel good? The corgi licked her lips, panting quietly. There was only one sure way to find out.

David took her paws, pushing the toys aside, and pulled Kat up, her chest against his. Standing, he kissed her deeply, twining his fingers sensually into her hair. Melting against his body, the corgi lost herself in the kiss, feeling the muscle in his arm as her paw ran down from the limb to his lightly muscled torso. His thicker fur hid the muscle well but there was nothing like the familiar, warm curve of his body pressed up against hers. One of his paws gripped her rump and she arched, breasts against his chest and buttocks begging for further attention that he was only too happy to deliver.

Lips barely breaking apart, the two stripped each other of what little clothing they wore, David dragging the corgi's underwear down her legs with wicked slowness. The tantalising pace made her squirm and Kat whimpered, a paw between her legs to drive in a teasing finger, just to keep going a little longer. This act did not go unnoticed and, as he collected his chosen toys of the evening, the feline's grin grew.

Licking his lips, the feline held out the strap-on to her, eyes gleaming. If he had had a longer tail, it would have been lashing in excitement. He never was all that good at hiding his feelings when it was just the two of them.

"Put it on, Kat."

Used to following gentle instruction, Kat slipped into the web of straps exactly as the bobcat held them out to her, buckles bumping against her legs as they slid up to her hips. David tightened them for her, positioning the shaft so that it protruded as if naturally from her crotch. It could not have been natural with the shiny latex but the straps fit her body perfectly, around her thighs and hips so that even the most vigorous of thrusts should not dislodge the shaft. There was nothing to cover her pussy and Kat huffed as cool air washed over her sensitive lips, glistening with arousal.

Taking her arm - no words were needed when they knew the details of one another so closely - David guided her to the sofa and lay her back upon the plush seat cushions, a smaller scatter cushion beneath her head. The corgi wriggled comfortably as he climbed on top of her, straddling her hips with his lightly barbed cock bobbing before him in a display of masculine arousal. There was no hiding it with males and the globule of pre cum drooling from the tip shone. Kat whined and half-sat up before her shoulder was gently pinned back down, eager to taste that drop of seed and swallow it down.

Their movements dislodged the fleshlight on the sofa so that it rolled into the cushions and David lunged for the tube of lubricant before it tumbled out of reach. Squeezing a generous helping on to his fingers, he reached back, flinching as he smeared the cold, viscous substance over his tail hole, pucker clenching and relaxing reflexively. Kat watched transfixed as he readied himself, a paw reaching up to stroke his shaft, proving further distraction and difficulty for the horny cat. He was not to be dissuaded, however, and narrowed his eyes in concentration as he teased open the ring beneath his tail. Easing a finger inside, the bobcat shuddered and added another, coating the ring liberally with lube. It would be sorely needed for the first thrust and more.

Replacing Kat's paw on the faux shaft with his own, the bobcat coated it in a slick layer of lubricant, chest rising and falling rapidly as his breath came too quickly for comfort. He leaned forward, one paw beside Kat's shoulder, and held her gaze as he positioned the cock so that the tip nudged his tail hole, pucker clenching instinctively. Nothing was ever intended to penetrate that hole but why would a fur deny themselves such pleasure when it was there to be taken? David groaned, eyes lidded. His dick drooled cum on to the corgi's belly fur and she rested her paws on his hips to guide him down with a quiet yip of encouragement.

Ever so slowly, he pushed down, impaling himself on the shaft. His whiskers twitched and Kat feared for a moment that he had pushed too hard as he gave a mewl that could have been pain or pleasure, yet the bobcat continued his sensual slide, burying the latex length deep beneath his tail. Scratching the tips of her short claws through his fur, Kat pulled her legs up to plant her hind paws flat on the sofa, letting David rest his lowering buttocks against her angled thighs. He sank all the way down with a low moan, leaning over her as sweat darkened patches in his fur even as his cock throbbed and pulsed wantonly.

"Thrust into me," he murmured. "Slowly...oh..."

Heeding his words, Kat used the leverage gained by her hind paws to rock upwards as David moved, sliding the length smoothly into his backside. The cat hissed between his teeth, rolling his head back, and arched, cock throbbing. Emboldened by his bold as brash enjoyment, Kat gripped his hips and thrust several times in languid succession, gaining momentum and rhythm with every roll of her hips. She squeezed her glutes together at the top of every thrust, hips raised into a 'bridge', as her short tail wagged the best it could.

She scratched her short, blunted claws through his fur lightly, her own juices drooling over the latex of the strap-on where the straps ran between her legs. Bare to the air, there was nothing to contain her arousal and her pussy lips flushed with blood, clit engorged and just barely protruding naturally from its pink hood. Kat bit her lip on the inside curve, subtle enough so that her need would not show, though she hoped that there was another toy in the upcoming lot of brightly wrapped boxes - one that she could have shoved into her cunny at the same time. She whimpered, arching as cool air flitting over her lips reminded her of just how desperate she was for more attention, arousal spilling over the top of an already over full glass. Huffing, the corgi ducked her muzzle down to her chest and rolled her hips up, spearing into David's stretched tail hole with short, needy thrusts.

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