tagIncest/TabooUp In My Mom's Ass

Up In My Mom's Ass

byDeadly Joker©

Author's Note: All characters involved in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments for all my previous work. Along with my own idea, here I tried to incorporate a few suggestions that have been sent my way in the past.


It was another typical after-school afternoon. I'd skipped out a little early, missing the my last class of the day, calculus. I'd stopped by the wooded part of the park on my way home and smoked a big blunt with a friend before we split up. And now I was in my room, in bed, with some Wu-Tang Clan bangin' out on the stereo. Oh yeah, and my thick, constantly hard teen cock was buried up my mother's hot, tight, sweet ass, and we were going at each other like animals.

"Oh yeah, Mom, I love fucking you in the ass!"

"Do it, baby! Oh yeah! OH! Oh OH! Fuck me, I love it!"

"Fucking bitch with my cock in your ass. Fucking nasty bitch. Fuckin' look at your ass take my cock. Ung. I'm pumping you like your ass was made of hot butter. Fucking big sexy ass."

"You're the one, baby. You know you're the only one. The one I let up my ass. Ungh. The one that makes me feels so hot and sexy. My horny son. The one I trust. Give it to me! Give it to your mother!"

Her face was pushed down into the pillow, her voice muffled, dark red hair clinging in sweaty strands to her skin. Sometimes he pushed her mouth into the pillow and bit down on it, letting loose a long loud scream of pleasure. An old white t-shirt was pulled up over her breasts, freeing her big soft tits. Her bent knees were pressed into the mattress, pushing her ass up into the air. My mother has an amazing ass, a big and round but fit and tight ass; the kind of mature ass women start developing past thirty, packing on some extra pounds (if they are lucky and fit) on all the right places. It was like her body was saying to any guy that looked at it, enough of that pussy bullshit, this bitch needs an assfuck to be satisfied.

I fucking worship at that ass. I love how when we're out in public she rubs her butt against my crotch, and sometimes we sneak off to a dark corner and I dry-hump her ass; my hard cock sliding against her bottom with a few layers of clothing between us. Or at home when nobody else was in the room I'll just kneel down and press my face into her big soft warm ass.

We play so many games with each other, though we have to keep it on the down-low so that no one else finds out. My mother bought so many sexy clothes because she found out how turned on I get when she looks so slutty. Hot short-shorts that go right up the crack of her ass. Tights that looked like they were painted on her legs and ass. Tight slutty pants. Snug and tight jeans that showed off her ass. Short skirts. And so much panties and lingerie...

"Oh fuck mom, I was hard all day at school thinking about you. How I was going to sink my hard cock into my lovely mother's sweet shitbox."

"Oooh, you're so nasty, son. You're a nasty boy with your filthy language. Ungh. Fuck. I can't believe I gave my ass to such a nasty boy, that I raised such a nasty boy. Ungh, talk dirty, it fucking turns your mother on!"

"I love being a motherfucking fudgepacker. Oh, I wish you could see what I see, my cock pushing in and out of your ass. Splitting your big beautiful cheeks and disappearing into your tight dark hole. I wish all guys knew how good it felt to fuck your ass."

"Keep workin' that beautiful thick cock in my ass, loverboy!"

Actually, there was one time where something like that happened. About five other guys were having a get-together in the basement of a home that was otherwise empty that evening. Guys that hadn't really spent too much time at my house, so they probably didn't suspect who it was; or at least they weren't suspecting her to look like this. I led mom into the room on a leash, in a trench coat and fedora low on her head. When she pulled them off she was in a black leather fetish mask, a corset that let her breasts swing free, and black patent leather platform heels.

It was supposed to be 'oral only', but that didn't last too long. She did suck us off like a hungry animal, taking two dicks at a time, rubbing our cocks together. After everyone had shot off their gooey milky loads onto her face, and she ate up what she could, she offered a rimjob to anyone that wanted it. Larry was a big black guy with a muscular ass and she must have spent half an hour on him, eating his hairy ass and pushing her wet fingers into his asshole.

Like I said, it didn't stay strictly oral forever. One guy moved into her pussy and another into her ass and soon she was one airtight mother with a cock in each of her holes. We all got caught up in the air of debauchery; nobody was thinking about anything except sexual pleasure. And mom let us do anything that felt good to us.

At the end of the evening there was just me, mom, and Tom, the guy whose house it was. He was under her, fucking her ass. My cock got hard at the sight, and I grabbed some of the lube that was lying around and slicked up my cock. "Hey, Tommy, pull out a second, will ya?" When he did I put the lube all over his cock, stroking the throbbing member up and down in my hand, giving it a new slick coating. Then I pressed our hot cocks together, and then put their heads to mom's loosened ass. "Okay, let's take this easy." First one head popped in, then the other. It took some time to get some movement going, but it happened, and it was kinky heaven. Two cocks in her tender ass, alternating strokes in and out, rubbing against her soft walls, rubbing against each other, and my mom taking it all like an anal pain slut. We buried them deep and came inside her, came over each other's cocks. And then my mother slipped off and cleaned up her nasty boys with her tongue.

That was fun, but mostly I like to keep it private and behind closed doors; my loving mother to the outside world, and a buttfuck slut to me.

"Oh fuck mom I'm going to cum. You're going to make me cum. I'm gonna shoot my fucking cum."

"OOOoooo baby I love it! Show momma how much you love sodomizing her!"

"I'm gonna shoot my cum in your ass!" I pumped her hard, giving her some pain. I'd be afraid about breaking the bed but we'd already broken it and that was the reason my mattress had been on the floor for months; we couldn't go further down unless we dropped through the floor. "Gonna shoot a hot fuckin' load in your ass....AAAAAaaaa!" I pushed in my cock balls deep and came deep in my mom's ass.

Regaining my breath, I pulled out and stumbled over to my desk chair, and flopped down naked, legs spread, head thrown backwards. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my mom move. She was obviously sore, and it was hard for her, but she moved off the bed and crawled over to me. Up on her knees, she rested her arms on my thighs and began to lick and suck my crotch clean.

She stopped for a moment and looked up at me. "Thank you, son. Again. Thank you for showing me a side of myself, a world of pleasure I never knew was there."

I put a hand on her head and pushed her down to my crotch. "I love you, mom. I just like to show it like a man, with all of myself. My hard cock is part of who I am. When I open up your ass, it's like you're opening yourself to me, and I give you everything what's really inside me. It's a mother-son love that completely fills our desires."

So, I don't know and don't really care if you've learned any lesson from this little filthy story. But I know I'm going to tap my mom's ass again at least once, maybe twice, before I get to bed. Can you say the same for yourself?


Votes and comments are always appreciated.

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by ole69boy03/18/18


my kinda story. Straight and to the point. Such a cock slut. I had to pull one off reading it.

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