tagIncest/TabooUp North Ch. 02

Up North Ch. 02


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I unrolled like a freshly snapped rubber band, my cock flopped back and forth spurting cum on me and the bed; in shock I looked down and saw my cock standing straight up, rock hard and bright red from the suction as my legs hit the bed. Mother stood in my small bedroom wearing her summer robe, her nipples like spikes pushing against the thin material, her eyes seeming to bug out of her head.

"Oh Lord Jimmy, what were you doing? Oh my, oh my..."

I got up from the bed ignoring my still swollen cock and cum that seemed everywhere, stepping over to my mother. "Mom, I am so sorry, I'm really, really sorry and ashamed. Please don't be angry."

Her eyes were huge, her breathing was fast and ragged then she said, "I can't believe my eyes; why would you do such a thing? It, it's just so wrong. I don't know what I'll say to your Aunt Rae."

As I listened I was frightened and ashamed, even terrified that she would somehow tell the world and I would become an object of ridicule, humiliated in my community. I could literally feel people talking about me behind my back as some kind of pervert, twisted and vile. I was so frightened of this outcome that the next emotional step was anger, real profound anger. Who was she to judge me? Why should I be ashamed, I really wasn't doing anything wrong; maybe she didn't approve of me sucking myself off; Ok, I could understand that it was pretty kinky. Even so, I'd bet a Million Dollars that if more men were able to do it they would be rolled up sucking their own cocks too.

I remembered what I'd heard them say earlier about jacking and sucking Grandpa - where did she get off judging me for doing something that didn't hurt anybody. And even tonight the two of them got me naked just so they could see how big my dick was, huh, how about that?

This was my deep dark secret, it was the last thing I wanted anybody to know about me. I could just hear people saying, "There goes Jimmy, you know he sucks himself off; I'll bet he swallows his jizz too. That boy is way too damn strange." Ostracized in my own hometown, looked at by everyone as the town joke; no that couldn't happen! No, I could not let it happen, no matter what!

With a loud roaring in my ears and panic in my heart I heard myself say in a great loud voice, "NO, you are not going to tell anyone - no one understand? Don't even consider it Ok?"

She stared past me shaking her head and saying, "I'm your mother, you'll do as I say and I'll tell anybody I want about your behavior!"

"Ok Mom, cut it out right now!" I clapped my hands together saying, "You heard me cut it out! You have no right to criticize me; this is private; besides what about what you and Aunt Rae are doing with Grandpa."

Her breathing began to settle and her eyes focused on me - I stood there naked, spattered with cum, my cock still stony hard, bouncing slightly with my heartbeat - "What do you mean about your Grandpa?"

"I overhead you talking with Aunt Rae tonight, I know she sucks him and you both jack him off, I know; so just cut it out - in fact, SHUT UP I don't need your bullshit tonight!"

As though I'd slapped her she stepped back saying, "You can't talk to me like that, you are not your father, what would he think? I need to talk to your Aunt Rae right now!"

She turned to leave my room and something snapped; the idea of her telling anybody enraged me and made me a little crazy. I felt my heart pound and white hot anger boiled up into my brain as I leapt forward and grabbed her arm. I pulled her to me, spun her around and tossed her onto my bed. Her lightweight summer robe fell open showing her breasts and white Sears's panties. Looking at her I knew that I had to show her that I was in charge, I made the rules.

I reached down, grabbed and tore at her robe, it came to pieces with my bare hands, and then I did the same with her panties. Her bare bottom bounced on my bed as I threw the shards onto the floor... for the first time in my life I saw her fully naked; her breasts the size of very large pears with dark coco colored areoles and nipples fully extended, pointing right at me, her belly was as flat as a teenagers, her legs shapely, her puss covered with a thick brown muff. She looked so beautiful; my balls were on fire. Her breath roared in and out, her eyes wild and her mouth wide open.

As I think back on it I remember that her voice was strangely very calm, "No, no, no... Jimmy, you stop right now, I'm your mother, don't do this! Please Jimmy, STOP!"

No, there was no turning back, I had to teach her that my secret was mine and that our secrets were ours and there would be no talking, none! I scooped cum off my belly and chest then leaned in rubbing it on her face and chest, working the sticky viscous fluid into her skin, twisting and pulling her nipples; I claimed her with my fluids.

As I rubbed and twisted her nipples she laid there, her hands at her side, her skin flushed as she moaned loudly in rhythm to her breathing - I remember saying, "You'll do exactly what I tell you to do whenever I tell you; you will never tell anyone about anything I do on this night or ever, are we clear?" She seemed to nod slightly, her eyes burning.

I grabbed her ankles, pushing them wide apart and up to her shoulders causing her hairy pussy to pop open clearly exposing the bright pink interior. I could easily see the wet inner tissue, wrinkled and softly rippled. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and began trying to jam my cock deep inside to permanently claim her. In my excitement and madness I wasn't in position to penetrate her until she reached down and guided me in with her little hand.

"You want to do this? Do you? You better do it really good..." she said her voice deep, raspy and resonate. The roaring in my ears was very, very loud.

She was tight and wet; I worked my cock head in and out, up and down her slit until she began to relax then I thrust into her all the way burying my cock, grinding my pelvis into her. She cried out, "Oh God, Oh God... oh God, you're fucking me..." and then she screamed once, twice, three times!

I held her ankles as I thrust into her repeatedly. Her pussy was a vat of liquid fire, I'd never experienced anything like it; it was the greatest sexual experience of my life. As I pounded into her she convulsed and racked her body upward striving for even more as I buried myself in her; her head was thrown back, mouth open in a silent scream. The earlier cum shots gave me staying power but even that could not stave off the blazing need to ejaculate. As I felt the blast near, I jerked out of her pulling her into a sitting position, shoving my cock deeply into her mouth, "Suck me, damn it suck me... eat my cum!"

I fucked her face with abandon and she powerfully sucked my cock until I blew ropes of hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. At last, I pulled my cock back until only the head was in her mouth. As my cock softened, it fell from her mouth dripping small drops of cum onto her breasts. Her whole body was flushed a deep reddish pink, her breathing ragged and her eyes bright.

I stepped over her into bed rolling her little body into my arms, I felt elated, frightened and ashamed. Lying together, I cradled her, pressing her breasts into my side, kissing her face over and over telling her I loved her and was sorry for hurting her, asking her to please forgive me, finally she relaxed and fell asleep in my arms. I slept as well.

It was still dark as I awoke to her movement as she patted my chest gently saying, "Jimmy, Jimmy I need to get up, I have to pee." I stretched and moved only to hear her say, "Baby, I can't seem to stand up, would you help me."

I slipped off the bed and gathered her into my arms carrying her into the upper bathroom. I sat her gently on the commode, to steady herself she gripped my thighs keeping me standing directly in front of her with my cock hanging directly in front of her mouth. I listened to her pee splash noisily into the bowl, when she finished I asked, "Mom, would you like a nice warm shower?"

She braced herself on the cabinet adjacent the commode, leaned back and looked up at me through squinty eyes saying, "That would be nice, but I'm still not sure I can stand very well."

As I started to turn away I said, "Don't worry, I'll help. You stay right there, I'll get everything ready."

"Whatever you say Baby," she said. Then she softly patted my cock and smiled a tired smile.

When the water was warm I helped her into the shower then stepped in and began washing her. Softly and gently I cleaned her skin from top to bottom, soaping her breasts, pussy and bottom carefully. As I cleaned her she stood holding to the interior shower bar. Next, I washed her hair and rinsed it as best I could... finally we were done. She looked directly into my eyes and said, "Thank you."

I carefully toweled her dry, powdered her and dried her hair. She was very tired so I scooped her up and carried her downstairs to her bedroom, I laid her in the middle of her queen sized bed and watched her snuggle. Then she looked up at me and patted the bed beside her. "Stay with me," she said.

With that I lay beside her and we dropped into a deep sleep.

I awoke smelling coffee; the bedside clock told me it was 8:05 am. I got out of bed realizing I was naked as I walked down the hall and into to the kitchen. The first thing I saw was my mother standing at the sink wearing a yellow kitchen apron and nothing else. Her beautiful creamy tan complexion, light brown hair and sweet round bottom were a treat to my eyes, and then I remembered last night.

I felt a sudden sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach combined with fear and nausea. Mom heard me and turned around, a little smile on her face; after looking at me she said quietly, "You don't look well, sit down."

As I sat at the kitchen table, she stepped over and sat beside me. "I think I should get dressed and go turn myself in to the Sheriff. That seems like the right thing to do after all I've done," I said, my voice very quiet.

She sat very still for what seemed like a long time, then reached over and took my hand in hers saying, "Yes, you could do that. It might be the right thing, then again there are other things to consider, like how that might affect me and our family. What would people think? What would happen to you? Could any of us still live here?"

As she spoke the air seemed to flow out of me like a blow-up doll with slow leak; yet, she still held my hand in hers.

"And then you have to consider who did what to whom and when... I think we should have a nice breakfast, read the paper, drink a little coffee and think it over for a while. Now put on some shorts and go get the paper for me, alright?"

"Yes ma'am, I'll do that right now." As I stood she pulled me over and gave me one of those big, soft mom hugs, patting me gently on the back then pulled my face down and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Go get my paper now," she said.

I ran upstairs grabbing a pair of gym shorts then down and out to the corner to find our newspaper. As I stood outside in the warm morning air life seemed like it might not be so bad after all. When I brought the paper into the kitchen she turned and smiled saying, "Get rid of those shorts, I think we should stay naked while we think things over."

"What if Aunt Rae comes over?"

"I don't think the shock will kill her or anybody else; now get some apple juice out and set the table."

Breakfast was quite a meal; we ate butter scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffins with lots of jam, sliced fresh tomatoes, home fried potatoes, apple juice and big mugs of coffee. I don't know where Mom put the food but put it away she did. The view over the table was outstanding, when she sat down she put her apron over the chair back giving me a perfect view of her beautiful breasts - beautiful large pears topped with chocolate nipples, they looked delicious.

Midway through the meal she laughed and said, "Son, these are the very same breasts I've had all your life, I promise you can look at them all you want, so take a breath and eat your breakfast."

"I'm sorry Mom, but your t..., ah breasts are really beautiful. Really, truly..."

"That's very sweet of you, but they're just breasts and not very big at that," she said.

"No really Mom, I've looked at the girls in the magazines up at the Tobacco Shop and yours are much, much prettier."

"Ok, you win... now let me read my paper."

And in spite of the initial anxiety our morning passed without incident, it was peaceful although I could not keep my eyes off Mom; finally she said, "Well I've finished reading the paper at last; come on Jimmy, we have something to do. Come on..." and she took my hand and lead us into her bedroom and onto the bed saying, "Put yourself face down, it's my turn to look you over and I intend to do a good job."

And she did, starting with a complete investigation of my head and ears, then down my neck to my shoulders and back... I think she inspected every square inch leading me to say, "Mom you're like one of those monkeys in the National Geographic looking for nits."

She laughed loudly and continued down to my bottom, carefully spreading my cheeks as she traced my ass crack and probed my rectum until she spat on her fingers and worked two of them up into my bottom wiggling and rubbing my interior when I heard her say, "there it is... it's been a long time." Then she increased the pressure - back and forth. Suddenly I had an enormous hard-on pressing into the mattress.

"Roll over baby and be careful about my fingers."

"Mom, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Just turn over, you're gonna' like the result."

So, over I turned moving my legs carefully keeping her fingers embedded in my rectum - it actually felt pretty good, odd but good - until I was completely on my back with my penis swollen, dripping and pointing to the sky. With her right hand she kept rubbing my insides; she seemed to be rubbing a lump of sorts. She took her left hand and wrapped it as far around my penis as she could and began stroking from top to bottom, long slow strokes.

I could feel the heat rising, my cum began its journey to the surface. My breathing became more labored and my body began to get much hotter and then the damn burst. Hot strands of cum blew up and out of my body into the air as Mom rubbed harder. I looked at her face only to see firm determination as she rubbed me... it felt wonderful. I listened to my breath whistle in and out of my lungs and then fell back onto the pillows... Oh thank you Mom!

I looked at Mom carefully as she sat there breathing hard, her body flushed red and her nipples were elongated, pointy and looked hard as stone. Finally she said, "I've always loved to see a man shoot his load; I guess there's something primal about it... whew!"

"Well Mom, you can watch me shoot anytime you want, it felt great!"

After a moment she got up and went into the bathroom, washing her hands and wetting a fresh wash cloth that she used to clean me. Once she completed her tasks she sat on the edge of the bed and toyed with my cock using her fingers to lightly trace its length. Then she said, "I've come to a decision and we should talk about it."

I sat up and scooted up against the headboard saying, "Go ahead, I'm ready..."

She sat up very straight, tenting her fingers and looking directly into my eyes. "Jimmy, you can never, never do to me or anyone what you did last night, no matter what; can I have your word on that?"

"Yes ma'am, you have my word."

"Secondly, our behavior since then has been very, very wrong; still, I have to tell you the truth. In the two years since your Dad died I've been pretty distant from you. In truth, not very affectionate at all, I expect you noticed didn't you?"

"Yeah, but I thought you were just needing time to yourself."

"Some of what I'm going to say is hard for me and probably news to you... anyway, when your Dad was alive he was gone for weeks at a time - it was necessary and he deserves no criticism, he took good care of our family. Still, when he came home we had mad sex, all kinds of sex, almost all the time. We were careful not to expose you to it, but when you were at school we might make love from the time you left home until just before you came back. And you know those times you spent the night at your Aunt Rae's? Well, that was so we could keep at it."

"Geeze Mom, I had no idea."

She shook her head and smiled a sad little smile saying, "I know we kept things pretty private, most of the time when your Dad was home I never wore panties just so he could have me anytime he wanted. After he died we were both grieving, then after a few weeks I watched you working in the barn, it was hot so you had your shirt off and as I watched you my panties were soaked. I knew if I wasn't careful I'd seduce you and I didn't want that to happen."

"Gosh Mom, I really never had a clue that you felt that way about me."

"You look so much like your Dad I think it was inevitable; anyway when Grandpa Lars began to get worse the little things Rae and I would do for him just seemed like a kindness; he really thinks we're Mom when he talks to us. Lately though I've been fantasizing about you when I helping him get off; yesterday, things got out of control. When I came up to your room last night I wanted to seduce you; in short, I wanted you to fuck me. Then I saw you sucking yourself and it just blew my mind."

"Jesus, God Almighty... I really, really had no idea..."

"So listen, I have to ask, are you gay?"

"No Mom, I am not gay, couldn't you tell?"

She looked carefully at me and said, "I know it must be crazy to ask, but why do you do it then?"

"Mother please... it feels fabulous and most of all it's because I can. My cock is like silken steel and my cum tastes... ah, tastes Ok - maybe not great but Ok. It's like every sensation in one; I guess the best analogy would be if you could eat your own pussy anytime you wanted and cum every time. It feels so good that it's almost addictive."

"So, if I asked you, as your Mom, do you think that you could stop?"

"I guess I could Mom, but I don't want to - it really feels too good."

"What if I offered you all the sex you wanted... any kind of sex whenever you want it; could you stop then?

"Ok Mom, I can sure try if you're willing."

"There is one stipulation - absolutely no butt sex ever. When your Dad and I were first married he wanted to try it and so we did; it was a mistake for me. It was really painful and he accidentally tore my rectum - so absolutely no butt sex ever."

"No problem Mom, I never want to hurt you and more importantly the rest of you is so great why should I want to do such a thing?"

"Well you never know. If you ever decide you want it I want you to know that it's Ok with me, I can probably get your Aunt Rae to let you butt fuck her - she really likes that."

"Aunt Rae?????"

"Never mind, let's take a break, I am tired of talking."

With that she crawled over to me, her breasts swinging seductively, and kissed my cock right on the slit, gave me a little suck then crawled up beside me and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue wriggled its way into my mouth and tongues moved together. When she broke it off she snuggled in beside me saying, "I'm really tired, let's have a nap" and we did.

I woke up around 4:00 pm and listened to Mom's regular breathing for a while; as I did I went over the events of the last 24 hours. On the one hand I was truly ashamed of myself; on the other hand I was amazed and stunned by the things my Mother had said to me this day. These were things I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams - Mom is a sex fiend and so was Dad - sex fiends... WOW.

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