tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUpping the Ante: Friday

Upping the Ante: Friday



Cat was wet. And it wasn’t like usual. After shaving the night before, she had suddenly become very aware of everything going on with her pussy. She could feel the dampness, even now, as she swished her legs together. She hadn’t bothered to wear panties, knowing that she’d be taking them off in short order anyways. But now, she began worrying about the thought of her juices running all the way down her leg.

Leaning up against the elevator wall, Cat began thinking about last night. After she had finished shaving her pussy, she had been more excited than she’d been in a long, long time. It HAD been five months since she’d been laid, and she was starting to feel it. The minute she was out of the shower she was on her knees on her bed, with one hand desperately rubbing at her crotch. Her ass in the air and her face on the bed spread, Cat looked as if she were waiting for someone to take her from behind. She knew it was different than how most girls masturbated, but that didn’t really matter. There was something so dirty about this position, whether during sex or on her own, and that just added to Cat’s excitement.

Cat tried to shift her thoughts away from her pussy as the elevator pinged to her. This was her floor. She stepped through the doors, and headed towards her department.

Five times.

Cat stepped through the door of the department, said hello to Chrissy and Karen, and went into her office. There looked to be a message or two her phone, probably from yesterday afternoon, when she had been busy playing, and losing, Teaser.

Five times.

Cat grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head to reveal her naked breasts. No need to wear a bra, she had thought to herself that morning.

Five times.

She jammed her thumbs into the waistband of her stretchy black pants, and wriggled right out of them. An outfit of just a tank top and a pair of pants was far more casual than she usually wore, even on Fridays, but it was practically a tuxedo, relative to her state of dress now.

She had cum five times. Cat honestly couldn’t remember having ever orgasmed that much, with the possible exception of her night with Mason MacNeill her senior year of college. On her own, she never orgasmed more than once, not really seeing the point of continuing if she had already reached her peak. But last night had been different. She’d been lost in her memories of week, of stripping down to her bra and panties for that first time, on Tuesday morning. Of Marcus’s erection, only a few inches from her face, as she hid from Leo Kelly. Of the water running down her body, and into her pussy. It was if the whole week had been nothing more than a long, drawn-out foreplay session.

“So what point am I at now?” Cat asked herself. “Afterglow? Or am I in that stage where all I want is more?” The thought seemed utterly mischievous, and Cat lost herself in fantasy as she stepped from her office.

“Nice haircut,” Karen teased as Cat strolled past her desk. Coming from anyone else, that sort of comment might have been demeaning, but Karen was just joking around. Cat shot the girl a wink and headed towards the mailboxes.

Her whole crotch was completely devoid of hair. Cat had shaved herself before, and had always felt naughty about it – a good sort of naughty. And now that her work was going to be on display, out there for anyone to see, it was just that much more naughty. Cat was walking that same fine line she had been all week, terrified and humiliated on one side, but excited and horny on the other. Today was going to be the last of it, though. Monday morning everything could go back to normal.

Of course, she knew that wasn’t completely true. As she flipped through her mail on the way back to her office, Cat thought about Monday. Yes, Owen would be gone. Yes, she’d be wearing clothes again. But everyone in the advertising had seen her completely naked, and getting more so as the week had gone on. Would she have the same amount of respect that she had had before? Would Marcus or Spencer be able to look at her without remembering her naked body? For that, matter, would the women? Would Karen still be able to look at her as a superior, or would she just see her as a waifish little girl who had spent a week tramping around the office with her pussy out?

The thoughts brought her down from her morning’s sexual high. There was definitely going to be fallout from this week – she just didn’t know what it was going to be.


“So, did you do it?”

Cat had been working at her desk for almost an hour before she heard Owen’s voice. The programmer never arrived before nine thirty, so today wasn’t going to be any different.

Confidence, Cat thought to herself. Confidence. I have to make him think that this isn’t so bad.

Silently, Cat turned in her chair to face the door. Silently, she shot him a wicked smile. Silently, she uncrossed her legs to show him her handiwork. Spread out before Owen was a completely bare crotch. There was nothing but white skin and pink pussy.

Silently, Cat turned back around and returned to her work. Owen had gotten his proof, and a show on top of it. Cat smiled to herself, and gently touched her pussy when she was sure that Owen had left. She was wet again.

By noon, Cat had isolated herself in her office. She hadn’t bothered to hide today, as she had yesterday. She had repeated the mantra of confidence to herself, and went about her day as usual, getting cups of coffee when she wanted them, talking to secretaries when she got bored. Her pussy was out there, for all to see, but Cat didn’t let it bother her. Or, at least, she didn’t let it seem like it was bothering her.

But noon was the meeting between Joanna and Kelly. Though it was originally scheduled to take place up in Kelly’s office, the president had decided they would order Chinese food and run through proposals down in the advertising department. That meant that Cat was restricted to her office, and Kelly was going to be told that she had called in sick for the day. Cat flipped the light switch in her office off, and turned her attention to the Internet. No one was going to barge in on her, so Cat began to goof off, aimlessly searching for random things on the Web.

A few minutes into his meeting with Joanna, Leo Kelly’s pager began to buzz.

“Hold on,” Kelly said to Joanna. “It looks like my contact at Tekkei Electronics.” Standing, the old man asked, “Do you mind if I use the phone?”

“No, go right ahead,” Joanna replied, thinking that the man was going to use the phone in the conference room. Instead, he stood, stepped from the conference room, and took a few strides towards Cat’s office. Before Joanne, or even Karen, could stop him, Kelly had barged into Cat’s office.

There was definitely a very awkward moment of silence as Cat and Kelly took each other in. There, sitting at her desk, was a completely naked brunette, one of Wonderstorm’s most up and coming young executives. She was reading some sort of article on nudist camps, as far as Kelly could make out, and seemed perfectly at ease. She was just lounging around her office in the buff.

Cat was shocked. Absolutely shocked. It was as if the whole incident had just frozen her brain, and she was waiting to reboot. Seconds ticked by, and Cat couldn’t even bring herself to move.

Kelly seemed to be suffering from the same affliction.

There wasn’t any screaming, there wasn’t any awkward stuttering. Instead, Kelly simply nodded at the nude brunette, and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t knock, Miss McIntyre.” With that, he stepped from the office, closing the door slowly behind him.

BETTING THE BOSS Kelly’s muffled voice could be heard on the other side of the door, just as it had been audible on Wednesday from beneath Marcus’s desk. “Joanna, could I have a word with you in your office?” Cat leaned back in her chair and repeatedly banged her skull against the wall. That was it. She was done. No more advertising department. No more Wonderstorm Entertainment. Her job here was over with. Leonard Kelly, the President of Wonderstorm Entertainment, had seen her naked. He had walked in on her, as she sat hiding in her office, and found her just lounging around without her clothes.

The minutes ticked by, and Cat hadn’t heard Joanna’s office door open. Joanna and Kelly were obviously talking about Cat, but Cat wondered exactly how long they’d be able to do so. Her question was answered soon enough, though.

“Knock, knock,” Kelly’s voice came from the other side of the door. “May I come in?”

Cat swallowed hard, and nervously responded, “Sure, come in.”

Kelly stepped into the office, with Joanna a few steps behind him. Once her boss and her boss’s boss were both in Cat’s office, Joanna closed the door behind her.

The old man sat down on a corner of Cat’s desk, a little bit too close for Cat’s current comfort level. But she really wasn’t in a position to protest – she just simply crossed her legs, and then crossed her arms over her breasts. Instead of looking nervous and uncomfortable, Cat looked remarkably at ease. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.

“Now, obviously, today is casual Friday,” Kelly began, searching through his head for the right words. “And while I personally feel that casual clothing does not affect work performance, there are those in the company who may disagree. But I think we can both agree that there is a certain line that has to be drawn, don’t you?”

“Let me just explain,” Cat jumped at her chance to speak.

“No, no,” Kelly said, putting his hand up to stop her. “Joanna’s already taken me through the whole process. I understand that you made a bet. Or four. And I understand that you lost. Repeatedly. I’m not going to fire you, so rest a bit easier.”

Cat breathed a sigh of relief.

“But,” Kelly continued, catching Cat off guard, “I would like to make a little wager with you of my own.” The old man pulled a quarter out of his pocket. “Heads: Joanna makes the presentation, and you stay in here, hiding from me, and looking up whatever it is you were surfing around for before.”

Cat blushed. She had honestly just found the nudist page – she was trying to ascertain whether sexual excitement was a normal thing in women when they were on display like she was. Kelly had burst through her office door before she had had a chance to find an answer.

“Tails: You make the presentation.” Kelly smiled at the prospect.

“But I can’t –“

“Miss McIntyre, I’m still the boss here. I know for a fact that you helped brief Joanna on the whole presentation, so you should be fine. And besides, Joanna will be there, too, to help you if you hit a snag.” With that, Kelly tossed the coin, effectively ending the conversation. The coin hung in the air for what seemed like minutes, Cat unable to wrap her head around what was happening.

“Damn,” Kelly said, showing Cat the eagle that graced the tails-side of the quarter, “it’s just not your lucky week.”

Kelly paid little attention to the presentation. Not that that sort of behavior was unusual for him – Cat had sat in many a meeting where the President lost interest in what was going on and played with his laptop. Kelly seemed to feel that he had remarkably trustworthy people, and if it was okay with them, then it was okay with him.

Today, though, Kelly kept his eyes fixed on Cat, if not the PowerPoint presentation.

“Dirty old man,” Cat thought as she neared the end of the slideshow. “I can feel his eyes on my nipples, on my pussy. God, why did I shave last night? Why?!! Not only is Kelly going to think that I’m an exhibitionist, but he’s going to think that I’m some sort of sex fiend.”

Of course, Cat wasn’t entirely convinced that she wasn’t. All throughout the meeting, she had felt herself getting wetter and wetter. Joanna and Kelly were both on the far end of the table, so it was not like hr pussy was right in their faces, but she prayed that they wouldn’t notice. And though Kelly was more than twice Cat’s age, there was something about him that just got to her. It took her a while before she realized what that was, but as she finished the slideshow, she hit on it – power. Kelly had all the power, and Cat had none. She hadn’t been turned on all week just at the thought of eyes on her – she had been turned on by the lack of control over her own body.

The thought bothered her. After all, she had graduated from Green College, one of the nation’s most elite schools. She considered herself a strong, liberated woman of the next century. But she was getting turned on by her own weakness, her own lack of power.

“Excellent presentation,” Kelly said as Cat concluded. “Stunning. Beautiful. You did a wonderful job, Miss McIntyre.” The old man stood.

“Well, you know what they say,” Cat replied, “Just picture your audience in their underwear.”

Kelly smiled at the joke. “Well, I’ll be moving Owen back downstairs to the dungeon next week, so Joanna, why don’t you get your office rolling on getting the ad campaign started.” He started out the door of the conference room, but turned back around to look at Cat one last time. Even as he lustfully looked at the young woman’s naked breasts, he said to Joanna, “Definitely, definitely excellent work this week on the part of your staff. You should think about this sort of motivation more often.”

With that, he turned and left the Ad Department, a naked Cat still standing in front of the screen. She didn’t stay there for long. Stepping briskly out of the conference room, Cat made no eye contact with Joanna, no eye contact with Karen. As she passed the second woman, though, Cat told her, “I’m going to make a few phone calls, Karen. Make sure that no one else comes bursting through my door.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Karen replied, only to be answered by a closing door.

Cat didn’t waste any time. The minute the door was closed, she was on her knees with her legs spread apart. She propped herself up on the seat of her chair with her left arm, and used her right to get herself off. She wanted to make noise. She wanted to scream in pleasure. But instead, she muffled the sighs coming out of her mouth by pressing her face against the chair.

Cat certainly didn’t cum as many times as the night before – only once, unfortunately. But what she lacked in numbers she made up for in quality…and speed. Cat had never cum as quickly as she did after her meeting with Kelly. It was almost as if that past hour had been foreplay, just allowing Cat to work up to climax she was enjoying right then. She didn’t even have time to break a sweat, though the orgasm drained her of all her energy.

The brunette collapsed against the wall of her office, her naked back pressed up against the drywall. It had been a long week. But it had been a good one.


Near the end of the day, Cat casually strolled out of her office to get a cup of water. Owen was back in the conference, apparently opting to finish out the day here on the second floor, rather than heading back down to his fellow programmers. Cat smiled as she filled up her mug at the water bubbler; she doubted that she’d be in a hurry to leave if there were an attractive naked man strolling casually around the office.

“So,” Owen began, watching Cat stroll into the room, “are you looking forward to Monday? A chance to dress up for work again?”

“I guess,” Cat replied. She lowered herself into the chair next to Owen. “I mean, I’m started to get a little more comfortable.”

“Well, I’m sure that no one here would mind if you continued your trend,” the programmer said. “I’d certainly drop by for a visit.”

Cat smiled. She’d be lying if she said that the thought of getting naked on Monday hadn’t crossed her mind. She WAS starting to get more comfortable with herself. But, no, it was time to end all this – she had started to worry herself with her sexual excitement from this. She couldn’t believe that she had actually masturbated in her office today.

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint,” Cat replied. “Besides, I don’t think I have anything more to show.”

There were a few minutes of silence, until Cat finally sighed heavily. “I still can’t believe that you beat me.”

Owen raised an eyebrow.

“No,” Cat responded. “I’m not playing you again. I admit it. You’re better than I am. It’s over.”

Owen smirked, but it was a friendly smirk.

Cat looked out the window. “It’s just…you know, I’ve been playing Teaser forever, longer than anyone.”

“Well, don’t be so sure,” Owen replied. He began booting up the game.

“What are you doing?” Cat asked, looking over his shoulder. “I don’t want to play you again. You win.”

“No, I just want to show you something,” Owen said as the game opened. He moved the mouse over to “Credits.”

“You know why I beat you?”

“No,” Cat replied. “I have absolutely no idea.”

Owen pointed at his name on the screen. “Because I wrote the game in high school.”

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