tagSci-Fi & FantasyUrban Oddballs: 13

Urban Oddballs: 13


Urban Oddballs: Farmy Pt. 02

Edited by Thegreat_pretender

While the girls were at the pool, Shawky took it upon herself to do some video watching on the site 'Couch Potato' on her phone.

"Shawky, Shawky look, I'm going to do a cannonball!" Gaxi shouted as she stood on the diving board, her tight one-piece swimsuit wedged deep in the crack of her ass.

"Yes, yes, have fun, just be careful!" Shawky cautioned as she continued her video.

'Hello everyone, this is the Knower back with another video about 'fallen beasts'. As you know from previous videos, 'fallen beasts' are seemingly powerful creatures that have to have fallen into our world from an unseen dimension. One of the more obscure ones that has become rather popular in media as of late is the one known as 'Maw-Meel.' Most of you horror nuts have no doubt heard of her from the movie that came out last year. However, most of the source-material for the movie came from a small excerpt found in the 'Encyclopedia of dimension V' written by Arthur Vicious.'

Shawky rolled her eyes at the mention of her father's name and continued to watch the video.

'Maw-Meel' is a parasite that hides within the wombs of maidens who have agreed to collude with her. She is said to have a reach longer than the sky, and a shapeless grasp. Of the Fallen Beasts, she is from the group known as the 'Spoiled Senses' of which there are six...'

Shawky's viewing was then interrupted by huge splash of water that drenched her.

"Woo, Gaxi is number one!" Gaxi shouted as she came up from the bottom of the pool.

Wilkie and Jeggli clapped as their huge, busted forms floated on the waves of the pool, impressed by Gaxi's aquatic feat.

Shawky, though annoyed, couldn't help but be touched by Gaxi's enthusiasm. Gaxi looked at her from the pool with excitement before calling out to her.

"Shawky, c'mon join us, please!" Gaxi splashed like a child as she beckoned for Shawky.

Shawky sighed, laying her phone on her chair as she got up. "Alright I'm coming."

"Yay!" Gaxi splashed.

Shawky stepped into the pool, taking slow, calculated steps until she reached the water proper. From there she floated over to the girls.

"This is quite nice," Shawky cooed, rolling onto her back.

"Hey look, look! I made it up here by myself," Gaxi giggled climbing atop Wilkie's giant floating breasts. Though, due the weight of Gaxi's heavy ass, milk started to leak out of the huge left breast and into the water, much to Wilkie's enjoyment.

"Oh, ahh!" Wilkie cooed as the pressure within her tight breast was soothed.

"Careful there, Gaxi girl, don't cause too much trouble for her," Shakwy cautioned as she rested against her daughter's massive breast.

"No, ma, it's okay, her being up there feels fucking great," Wilkie mumbled.

"Okay, Baby girl, as long as you're fine with it," Shawky giggled.

"Come up, Shawky, look at this view!" Gaxi giggled, standing atop the rubbery flesh, her feet sinking into the chocolate skin.


Unbeknownst to the women, they were being watched via a hidden camera placed around the pool room's walls.

"So, what do you think about her, sir?" Said a woman to a man in a monitor room.

"She'll be good, I've been in need of some good delicacy meat since Madame R was murdered," said the man.

"That one is scheduled to be moved to our larger barns, but a cover up can silence any suspicions if the mother comes with questions," said the woman.

"Wait, is that a Miblin?" Asked the man.

"I believe so, she came in with the mother," said the woman.

"Is she the mother's property?" asked the man.

"Perhaps Father Empyreal, she seems well off," said the woman.

"Very good, just increase the targeted cow's food intake. I want her done by next month," Father Empyreal commanded.

"Very good, Father, very good," said the woman.


Meanwhile, in a cafeteria on the other side of the farm.

"So, how do you all like the ice cream?" Asked a farmhand as she gazed upon Rupert and Poppy.

"Its super good, M'lady!" Rupert smiled, rubbing his cheek in bliss.

"Yeah, I'm fucking tasty," Poppy barked in laughter.

"You really do make a good product, ma'am," the farmhand giggled.

'Thanks. So what is there to do around here?" Poppy asked.

"Yes, are there any other attractions to partake in, or food?" Rupert inquired, gesturing with his free hand.

"Well, we have some cheese for tasting as far as food goes. Now, when talking about attractions, we have a few little private rooms, if that milking we gave makes you want some private time with your man," the farm hand laughed.

"Well, I mean, there must be other places?" Rupert stuttered.

"No, let's go," Poppy said, looking at Rupert with a smile.

'I'm getting laid? Oh my god, I'm getting laid! Oh, happy day, thank you gods on high, I'm getting laid!' Rupert thought as he muttered out: "Well, if that's okay with you, Poppy."

"Yeah ya big nerd, come on, I'm a bitch in heat. That's a dog joke, get it?" Poppy giggled, nudging him in the shoulder.

"Oh, uh, yeah," he mumbled, still shaken by the aspect of sex.


A while after this, the two found themselves in a small, furnished room with various cow themed paraphilia adorning it.

"Alright you two, have fun. When you're done, just give the front desk down stairs a jingle and I'll send up some room service," giggled the farmhand as she bid the two goodbye.

"Alright, thanks!" Poppy smiled, waving the helpful woman goodbye.

Rupert sat down on the edge of the plush bed, his bare feet enjoying the texture of the shag carpeting. Though this meditative action was only a ruse to cover his insatiable lust, trying not to seem too eager for the much sought after intercourse that was promised.

"So, shall we get started?" Poppy cooed, flipping her blonde hair out of her eye with a delicate gesture.

"Oh, uh, sure. You must be tense, let me loosen you up," Rupert gulped, trying his best to make the words leave his mouth as smoothly as possible.

"Oh, are you suggesting a massage? How thoughtful!" Poppy clapped, elated at the idea.

"Yes, if you would please lay across the bed," Rupert gulped again.

Poppy laid on her belly across the fluffy sheets of the bed. Crossing her arms to support her chin, she closed her eyes and awaited her man to relieve her of tension. Rupert, on the other hand, looked on in awe as he bared witness to all eight of Poppy's sizable breasts pressing beyond the sides of her plump body. The fatty golden sacks shimmered from the artificial lights of the room, her dark nipples now puffy and sore from the intense milking session that took place moments ago. Rupert took care and began to knead the fatty flesh of Poppy's back.

"Ah, you've got a nice touch there," Poppy giggled as Rupert's meaty hands pressed into her flesh.

"Thanks!" Rupert muttered as his hands glided up and down Poppy's back.

"Ahh, yeah, don't know why I've been so tense," Poppy cooed, her toes curling in delight.

"Well I'm happy I could help," Rupert muttered, sweating bullets. Poppy then rolled onto her back and took Rupert's hand.

"Enough foreplay, let's get to pounding brick!" Poppy cooed, pulling the large man onto her.

"Woah!" Rupert gasped as he leaned into her force.

Moments later the two were in the midst of the act, Rupert taking his canine beauty from behind as she let out various satisfying moans. Poppy's fat ass made for a great resting spot for Rupert's flabby gut. The sweating, corpulent couple wheezed in exhaustion as they both neared their zeniths. Rupert, desperate to sustain his dominance in the act, gave Poppy a mighty push, plunging his pillar or meat as hard as he could into her slobbering snatch.

"Oh fuck!" Poppy cried as Rupert's efforts rang with success.

Not wanting to lose this momentum, Rupert pressed further, pushing passed his fatigue with a furrowed brow. His large sweating hands grasping at Poppy's doughy love handles, he began to knead the fatty flesh in his hands, as if fascinated with the woman's texture.

'He's pinching my fat, but he doesn't seem disgusted. He's in love with how I look. Could he be the master of my dreams? Could I see myself submitting to this man, becoming his girlfriend, or better yet, his pet?' Poppy thought as Rupert pounded away.

Then, in that moment, the two came together, their union erupting in an explosion of passion and fluids that rained onto the sheets. Moans and gasps filled the room as the two basked in the afterglow of their intense act. Poppy, more than satisfied with her lover's performance, shifted into becoming a dog, her now tighter pussy milking an extra reaction from Rupert that filled Poppy's little body up more than she was expecting.

"Oh fuck!" Rupert gasped, pulling the bitch further onto his shaft as he came again.

Poppy whined as her belly began to fill, stretching to accommodate the volume of cum filling her small womb. Her pink clawed paws patted the bed as she was helpless to combat the discomfort of being filled with such intensity.

"Urgh, baw!" Rupert roared, releasing Poppy from his spewing pillar.

Poppy cooed in satisfaction and pain as the large volume of baby batter leaked from her bitchy hole. Rupert, on the other hand, relaxed, slumping into a daze. So much so that he fell off of the bed landing and onto his back. Worried, Poppy jumped off of the bed onto the floor and began licking his face.

"Haha, good girl," Rupert laughed after hissing through the pain of his fall. This was followed by a congratulatory head rub.

Poppy barked, submitting with great ease to her lover's touch as the large meaty hand patted her head.

"Haha, looks like you made a bit of a trail there!" Rupert laughed as he looked at the trail of glistening liquid dripping from his lover's hindquarters.

Poppy whimpered in embarrassment, patting her paw into the shag carpeting. These feelings were met with a reassuring pat from Rupert.

"No worries, this is a love hotel after all. I'm sure they get this kind of stuff all the time," Rupert spoke, comforting Poppy.

Poppy barked, elated with her lover's rational conclusion.

"Guess we should we should get that room service now, or should I say, doggie bags? Huh, huh?" Rupert nudged, hoping Poppy would get his joke. This was just followed by Poppy shaking her head.


"Hey, do my tits look bigger to you?" Quiz asked, propping up her large breasts to Annry.

"Well no, though they've always been big, right?" Annry shrugged.

"I guess that's true. You sure it's okay to be lounging around naked like this?" Quiz asked, crossing one thigh over the other.

"Sure, I mean we're both girls," Annry giggled.

"Say, you have Outter experience prior to joining Trustee, right?" Quiz asked.

"Uhh, yeah, why?" Annry answered back.

"Well, have you ever encountered, like, a black chick with a really big ass?" Quiz asked.

"Oh, like the one you and your mother had a fight with?" Annry questioned.

"Yeah," Quiz said with a quiet mumble.

"Well, um..." Annry mumbled.

"Well, yes or no?" Quiz said, leaning towards Annry with her fists buried into the couch.

'Shit, do I tell her? I mean, I've already confided in her, do I really want to take that next step?' Annry thought, looking away from Quiz.

"Um, uh, yeah. I was actually her teammate at one point..." Annry squeaked out.

"What, what the fuck!" Quiz screamed, pounding her fists into her thighs.

"Hold, oh hold!" Annry stammered, waving her hands in front of her face.

"Yeah, what, what?!" Quiz yelled, standing up in front of Annry and getting up in her face.

"I took her friend's eye out...," Annry said with a solemn tone.

"Wait... what?" Quiz mumbled, confused.

"Yeah. This cat girl that she's with found out that I was going to bust up their group, so she confronted me, and...I won," Annry explained.

"Wait, a cat?" Quiz asked.

"Yeah, the one Shawky told us she saw," Annry pointed out.

"Oh, yeah, well, it's good that you hate them too. We can go to their hide out and fuck them up!" Quiz said, pumping her fist with excitement.

"Oh, you know where they're located?" Annry pointed out.

"Yeah, yeah!" Quiz giggled her huge breasts bouncing up and down.

"I don't think that's a good idea..." Annry coughed.

"Why? Why the fuck not?!" Quiz yelled.

"The members they have now, I'm not sure of their numbers or their abilities. Going in blindly would be stupid," Annry explained.

"Yeah, you're right...fuck!" Quiz sighed, her gills falling in defeat.

"It's okay, we'll get your revenge. A collision between our groups is inevitable I think," Annry thought aloud.

"Well, can I discuss something else with you?" Quiz asked with a sheepish demeanor.

"Sure, what is it?" Annry asked, quizzical of her friend's sudden shyness.

"Do you think I would make a good mom?" Squeaked Quiz, poking her index fingers together.

"Um, yeah sure, why? Are you thinking about getting knocked up?" Annry suggested.

"Well, I guess. I'm not too thrilled with the idea of getting married, though, if that makes sense," Quiz presented, folding her arms.

"I get you. So, what would you want to have, ideally?" Annry asked, curious.

"I guess a little girl, so I can have a similar relationship with her like I did with my mother," Quiz stated with cheerful remembrance.

"Aw!" Annry cooed.

"Oh stop, it's embarrassing" Quiz giggled, covering up her face.

"Aren't you worried about losing your figure, though? I mean, you've got a rocking waistline," said Annry, poking at Quiz's tummy.

"Well nah, I don't care about that at all. Besides, Ma and Poppy retained a pretty sexy figure after their pregnancies, so, yeah," Quiz shrugged.

"Haha, that's true!" Annry agreed.

"Say Annry, do you think I would look good pregnant?" Quiz said, patting her lithe torso.

"Well, them boobs would sure benefit," Annry laughed.

"Oh, come on!" Quiz pouted.

"Yeah, yes, you would glow as a preggo," Annry smiled.

"Thanks, that means a lot," Quiz nodded.

"So, are we headed for the sperm bank or what?" Annry shrugged.

"Hmmm, I don't know about being knocked up by a machine..." Quiz shuddered.

"So, who ya gonna fuck then?" Annry asked.

"Well, I thought I'd seek a fertility mage for consultation," Quiz pointed out.

"Eww, magic babies are a part of this new age hippie garbage. Nothing natural about it," Annry scoffed.

"But madam president said..." Quiz started but was cut off.

"Don't bring the president's nonsense into this, Wellspring was a much better president. She ran both terms heavily pregnant," Annry snooted.

"Oh, now don't you go getting all political either. Madame Rothdul is a great president, her methods are just advanced for the age," Quiz argued.

"Back in my day, there wasn't anything wrong with women having natural litters through good ol' fucking. This magic sperm manipulation whatever is just gross," Annry scoffed, shaking her head in displeasure.

"Your day?' Aren't we the same age?" Quiz asked, confused.

"Ah, shit, well that lie has been knocked down. I'm 28..." Annry sighed.

"No shit?" Quiz huffed in surprise.

"Yeah, I think I'm the oldest person in the party, right?" Annry asked, now curious.

"Well, I think Shawky is a lot older than what she lets on, though I don't know how long she was with Arthur," Quiz stated.

"Wait, who's he?" Annry asked.

"Oh, that was her owner before she came into her own as a person. Her owner and my father were friends, but I've never seen her with him. Or maybe I was too young, I can't recall," Quiz said with a strain of recollection in her voice.

"Wait, Arthur who?" Annry asked.

"Oh yeah, Arthur Vicious!" Quiz clapped.

"The lead of AV magic advancement, 'The Kaboom King'? That guy?" Annry asked, bewildered.

"Not familiar with all of those titles, but yeah, I believe so," Quiz said, finger to her mouth.

"No wonder she can do all that weird shit, he taught her," Annry groaned.

"Oh yeah, that makes sense!" Quiz clapped.

"Well yeah!" Annry exclaimed with an ironic tone.

"Well hey, my dad was cool too!" Quiz pouted.

"Well yeah, I guess so. Pickdol, right?" Annry asked.

"Yeah, yeah, the great super surgeon and all-around master doctor Pickdol!" Quiz said with pride.

"Yeah, but you don't use summoner techniques. In fact, everyone else does but you...," Annry pointed out.

"Oh, shut up, I'm not good at it, okay?" Quiz pouted, flailing her arms.


"Whew, boy, you've gotten fat, girl!" Rupert teased as he poked the dog's bulbous belly.

The two had just finished their sixth round of room service dessert specials. Poppy, refusing to turn back into a person, enjoyed eating more than her fill, now immobile from overindulgence.

'When she's like this, I think she prefers if I treat her as if she were any other animal or his pet rather than a person,' Rupert contemplated as he rubbed his bitch's fat gut.

"Well, my fat little girl, I think you've had enough. Any more and I think you'll pop!" Rupert giggled, giving his dog a rough pat on the gut.

Poppy whimpered in pleasure at this as she squirmed around on her back. She was pleased that he was treating her like nothing more than his pet. Perhaps he caught on after that first outing. His quick acquisition of the role further instilled in her that he really could be her master.

"Well now, I guess I should get dressed, and then we'll go meet up with the others. Now that I think about it, I should really start getting in the habit of packing a collar and leash," Rupert thought aloud, looking at his pet.

Poppy, surprised at this conclusion, perked her ears up and made an effort to roll onto her belly. This failed, however, due to her rotundity and subdued demeanor.

"Well yeah, it's a bit uncomfortable to have your pet out and about without a sign of control." Rupert suggested, as he slipped on his clothes.

'Damn, I guess he's right, to anyone else I'm just a dog. They don't know anything about me, and transforming in front of strangers just seems uncomfortable,' Poppy assessed.

Though, as she contemplated this, she was alerted by the beckoning slap of Rupert's thigh.

"Come girl, let's go find the others!" Rupert commanded, looking to his dog to obey.

With a bit of a struggle Poppy managed to lift herself off of the bed and on to the floor, landing on her feet. Her round body shuffled after her master as he stood by the door holding it open for her. This small trip across the room on a full stomach was murder on her belly as its soft skin rubbed against the coarse texture of the carpet.

'Aw, this stings, my teats are dragging on the carpet, ouch!' Poppy whimpered, looking up at her master with a pathetic plea for transport.

"Oh alright, girl, I suppose I've spoiled you," Rupert laughed, hoisting his chubby pet into his arms.


Elsewhere, Gaxi and friends had finished with their dip at the pool and were enjoying some ice cream in the rec room area of the facility that housed the pool.

"I wanna play ping pong!" Gaxi cried, kicking her feet.

As she complained, Rupert and Poppy came in.

"Hello everyone! What an exciting time we've had!" Rupert laughed. Poppy gave the room a warm bark as she went over to lick Gaxi's face.

"Yay, doggie kisses! Say, Poppy, you wanna play ping pong with me?" Gaxi asked, giving her playful teammate an excited head rub.

Poppy barked in agreeance and the two began to play, though it was a bit silly to watch a fat Doberman hold a ping pong paddle in her mouth.

"So, Rupert boy?" Shawky addressed while sipping a milkshake.

"Oh, uh, yes?" Rupert fumbled.

"I know this isn't much of my business, but take this as a word from a concerned friend of both of you," Shawky began.

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