tagSci-Fi & FantasyUrban Oddballs: 16

Urban Oddballs: 16


Urban Oddballs: Puvi

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"Puvi, Puvi wake up!" Yelled a young female voice.

"Eh? Oh, it's you, Iaga. Wait, what time is it?" Puvi moaned.

"Time for prayer and training, sister!" Iaga giggled.

The two women left their hut and walked towards the middle of the village, their large asses slapping against the backs of their thighs as they walked. The two of them kneeled before a statue of a headless woman with massive breasts who appeared to be sitting on her ass, as it was big enough to slip out from beneath her body. There was a basin at the base of the statue from where water was collected from the statue's vagina.

"Oh please, oh great Vu'Ze, fill our young bodies with your juice and help us attract fat to our bodies," the teen women prayed, their bare heels digging into their fat asses. The two women then took water from the basin, scooping the water into their hands and savoring the drink at the same time.

"Ready to go out to the training clearing?" Puvi asked Iaga.

"Well good morning, girls!" Spoke an older female voice.

"Good morning, Sister Fai!" The two younger women said, bowing to their elder.

"So, you girls off to go train in the ways of Vu'Ze?" Fai asked, patting her pregnant belly.

"Yes, sister, we were headed that way now!" Puvi said with enthusiasm.

"Well may your sparring be well met. Remember, the journeying ceremony is coming soon," Fai smiled, rubbing her stomach.

"Yes, I can't wait to go to 'Suiters' to become an Outter," Iaga giggled.

"Yes, me too. Also, congrats sister, your breasts are getting fatter by the day!" Puvi giggled as she marveled at her elder's side slapping breasts.

"Haha, well you shame me, girls. Come have a drink from me!" Fai offered, holding her brown mounds out to the girls.

"Certainly!" The women said, taking lips to each one of Fai's prominent nipples.


After having their fill, the two women walked into the forest to find the training clearing.

"So, I heard that when you get really big boobies in Suiters they send you to a place to be milked like a cow," Puvi mentioned.

"Oh? Hey, are you teasing me!" Iaga snorted, slapping her sizable chest.

"Teehee, no. I'm just saying that you can't fit through the tree loop like we used to do as children."

"Pssst, well that may be so, but I'm maturing at lot faster than you are, Puvi," Iaga giggled.

"Hey, don't be so mean," Puvi cried, pawing at her flat chest.

"Hehe, sorry. Oh, here we are!" Iaga said as the two reached the clearing in the forest.

The two entered the circle of flat grassy land on opposite sides. The two of them bowed to each other before taking their fighting stances and beginning. Slams of flesh upon flesh echoed off the walls of the trees. Iaga's caramel cheeks did well to both block and counter the chocolate cheeks of Puvi. After over an hour of constant ass clashes, the two stopped for a rest.

"Whew, you're heavier than me but you hit so frequently," Puvi sighed, exhausted.

"I've been practicing my stamina, and, uh...a little something else," Iaga giggled.

"Was it that absorption thing elder sister Vom was talking about? Puvi inquired.

"No, anal insertion hurts too much for me. But watch this!" Iaga giggled.

The caramel woman began to spin around at a rapid pace, becoming a cyclone. Then, with a shar break, she stopped to swing her hips in the direction of a nearby boulder. Air current created from her swing form shot a blast of air that was so forceful it managed to crack a rock ten feet away from the women.

"Mother above! That was amazing!" Puvi clapped.

"Yeah, though I have to work on my stop. Every time I feel like I'm going to snap my ankles," Iaga wheezed.

"Maybe you should turn your heel more when you stop?" Puvi suggested.

"You think so?" Iaga questioned.

"Here, show me how to do it and I'll add the heel turn into the mix," Puvi suggested.

"So wait, spin until you gain momentum, and right before you feel yourself getting sick, stop. Then do that heel turn if you can," said Iaga.

Puvi began to spin, becoming a chocolate cyclone as she did so. Then, feeling herself starting to get sick, she stopped and turned her heel as Iaga suggested.

"Gahh!" Puvi yelled, losing her balance. In doing so she fired a compression air blast straight into the air, managing to put a hole in a cloud.

"Woah, Puvi, are you okay? That was amazing!" Iaga said, catching her friend.

"No, it wasn't. I tripped over myself, it was super stupid," Puvi huffed.

"No, no it was super cool. Look up there!" Iaga said, pointing up to the sky.

"What, the cloud?" Puvi said, confused.

"Well, yeah, the cloud you put a hole in. That's a lot farther than I can shoot, it's amazing!"

"Woah, would you mind if we kept practicing it?" Puvi squealed.

"Well I don't see why not!" Iaga laughed.


Months passed and the girls continued to train in the clearing every day, perfecting the ass blast that the two toyed with days prior. However, while Puvi remained the same weight through these days, Iaga noticed a notable increase to her fat mass along with her muscles mass.

"Whip!" Iaga shouted, her drooping breasts smacking Puvi in the face.

"That was a cheap shot, you know I can't do that!" Puvi huffed.

"Now now, don't cry about it. Compensate for what you lack," Iaga commented.

"Okay, shall we commence?" Puvi coughed, re-centering herself.

"Yes, let's!" Iaga smiled, readying her fighting stance.

As they squared off, Iaga approached Puvi with a breast swing from which she blocked by flinging her ass.

"Yeep!" Iaga squealed as her fat caramel udders bounced off of Puvi's chocolate ass.

"You've gotten too fat, those cow udders get in the way!" Puvi laughed as she spun around.

"No, no I think you underestimate me, Puvi!" Iaga laughed as she managed to grab Puvi's head with her cheeks.

"No, you big titty cheater!" Puvi cried.

"Now, now, you've lost. Do you want me to suck you up?" Iaga giggled.

"No, I give, I give," Puvi pleaded, which resulted in her head being released from Iaga's caramel ass.

"Hehe, very well!" Iaga said, getting up and readying herself once more.

"So, that's the absorption technique. Your body has taken to the water already?" Puvi said, shaking her head.

"Yep, I found out I could do it the other day. I've been practicing holding small animals like chickens. Oh, and I managed to suck up Coofni too!" Iaga giggled.

"You didn't eat her, did you?" Puvi gasped.

"Oh no, I let her out. Carrying her around was hard as ever though," Iaga sighed.

"Well, carrying a person that chubby would be hard," Puvi giggled.

"True, very true, though have you made any progress? The journeying ceremony is tomorrow you know," Iaga pointed out as she observed her comrade.

Puvi turned and looked at her own ass, rubbing it with affection.

"I mean, I think my ass has gotten bigger. I feel a slight difference," Puvi sighed.

"You know, you don't have to be brimming with bulges to obtain Vu'Ze's love," Iaga pointed out.

"Yes, I know," Puvi nodded.

"And when you reach a point when you are acclimated to absorb the fat from other creatures, you can just give yourself breasts," Iaga shrugged.

"I suppose so, but like you said I'm going to master what I have and compensate for what I lack," Puvi nodded with determination.

"See, that's the attitude Vu'Ze embraces. Now, let us continue," Iaga smiled, readying herself once more.


The day passed and the time of the journeying ceremony had dawned. The number of women participating numbered at six, all of which met in the villages' center. Women of all ages gathered around as an older woman approached the six young women. Before them was a large circle dug into the dirt.

"On this day, one of our own will venture to the land of Suiters to honor us as they do combat to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It humbles me to be able to see these young followers of Vu'ze flourish into proud warriors. You all know the rules, but let me explain them for some of our younger members. The contestants will meet in the middle of the circle before us. When one of them is pushed out of the circle, they will be out of the contest and will have to train harder for next year's ceremony. Now, let the matches begin!" Spoke the elder.

The matches went on with great ferocity, flesh clashing against flesh as the air thundered with the slams of bodies. One match after another woman after woman was eliminated until it came down to two. Puvi and Iaga stood before each other, bowing before the match began as a sign of acknowledging each other's strength.

"Begin!" The Elder shouted.

Puvi rushed at Iaga, only for her to spin out of the way and counterstrike her with a butt tap. Puvi, nearing the edge of the circle, stopped herself and gained her posture in just enough time to dodge Iaga's swinging breasts. This left Iaga open for Puvi to strike her in the gut with her ass. This blow pushed Iaga back, but she recovered and began her ass onslaught against Puvi. Each hit echoed through the air as Puvi and Iaga traded blows, putting the two in a deadlock. The smack grew in intensity, the fat of their buttocks rippling as they pushed to overpower one another. Some smacks were so loud that children began to cry from the reverberations hurting their eardrums. This continued for a while, neither of them losing ground to the other until two concurrent hits created a bubble of force that pushed the two to the edges of the circle.

'I'm losing too much stamina, I've got to finish this quickly...and I've got to use the air blast to knock her out,' Puvi wheezed as she began to spin.

Iaga obliged and prepared to spin as well, knowing what Puvi was preparing to do. The crowd watched with bated breath as the two charged their attacks.

'Gah!' Puvi yelled as she launched her blast of compressed air at Iaga.

Iaga, who was still spinning, knocked the blast back with her constant momentum while firing her own compressed air blast at Puvi.

"Oh no...!" Puvi gasped as the two blasts merged into one, coming towards her.

Unable to counter with anything, Puvi tried her best to endure the hit, though because of the huge blast's momentum she was pushed off of her feet, out of the ring, and over the crowd, landing several feet away.

"With the victory of young Iaga, she will be the one to venture to the land of Suiters!" The Elder said as Iaga ran out of the circle to check on her friend.

"Puvi! Puvi? Are you okay?" Iaga asked, offering her friend a hand in order to aid Puvi to her feet.

"I-I'm happy you won," Puvi said as she arose to her feet, trying to hide her tears from Iaga.

"You did well, sister, you did well," Iaga said, embracing Puvi.

"Y-you, you deserve it," Puvi sobbed, breaking down a little bit.

"You'll get your chance, Puvi. Train hard in my absence, okay?" Iaga smiled, looking at Puvi with sincere reassurance.

"W-will you still train with me until y-you have to go?" Puvi asked, sniffling back tears.

"O-of course, sister, of course I will" Iaga smiled, embracing Puvi once more.


The ceremony day came and went, all who participated were sad that their abilities didn't carry them through to be sent to Suiters, but for the more determined of the bunched this instilled them with more inspiration to work harder for next year. For the next week Iaga kept her promise and trained with Puvi just like always, but this time much to Puvi's dismay came to an end. The week of Iaga's stay came to a close, the dawn of her departure had arrived.

"Okay, I know they don't do much writing over there do to their devices but please try to send me letter back." Puvi asked holding Iaga's hands.

"Don't worry, I'll always make time for you Puvi, just train hard, so we can smash evildoers together!" Iaga grinned holding Puvi's hands with eager tightness.

"I will!" Puvi nodded with pride a smile stretching across her face.

"Alright sister let's get a move on the waves are going to get rough around noon!" yelled the ferry woman.

"Okay, okay I have to go take care of yourselves everyone!" Iaga waved to crowd as she ran down the wharf.

Everyone woman from the village from elders to children waved off Iaga as she boarded the ship, singing praises and good tidings for her success in the land of Suitors. Iaga holding back tears waved back at them promising that she would do her best to represent her people in the foreign land.


'I guess I'll have no one to wake up now...' Puvi thought as the absence of Iaga sunk in.

The walk back to her hut was one of the longest walks in her life as she contemplated life without Iaga.

"I-I can't just mope around. Even though it hurts, I have to fight. If I become strong I'll be able to meet Iaga in the land of Suiters next year with a breeze!" Puvi announced aloud, trying to reassure herself, though the pain of being without her closest friend was still a heavy burden to bare.

Every day from that point forward, she would take responsibility upon herself to wake up and perform the daily routine that she so much enjoyed preforming with Iaga. The days of performing this by herself were hard, but attempts to practice with other women of her age in the village was trying at best.

"Ah, you hit too hard!" Whined a fellow tribeswoman of Puvi's as she fell on her fat rear.

"Ahh, this is no good, you're too soft. I knew this was a bad idea," Puvi huffed.

"No, you're just a bully, sister Puvi!" Cried the tribeswoman.

"Yes, yes whatever, I knew I was going to be by myself in this. Trusting someone who got knocked out first in the ceremony was a lapse in judgement," Puvi sighed.

"Hey, don't just write me off!" Retorted the tribeswoman.

"Be gone with you, I'll spare by myself!" Puvi shunned, booing her weaker sister away.

"No one's going to want to spare with you if you keep up this attitude!" The tribeswoman yelled before running off crying.

"Okay, now that that's out of the way, I guess I'll use the trees around this clearing as my training partners. At least they won't cry when I go all out," Puvi giggled, stroking the bark of a large tree.

As part of Puvi's routine she was to head down to the post office about every Wednesday of each week to see if Iaga had sent her any letters from Suiters. It was the second Wednesday of the month since Iaga left, and to Puvi's surprise she found a letter being addressed to her from Iaga awaiting her in the post office.

"Wow, it sure took her long enough to write a letter...but perhaps being a Outter takes up a lot of one's time."

'Dear Puvi,

Hello my sister, how have you been? I am doing fine. After about a week and a half trying to procure a team, I've finally done so. My first intention was to go out solo, which proved to be difficult but rewarding. However, I found luck when I ran across a, uh, what do you call them. 'Belfves', I think? Anyway, her name is Priss and it's the oddest thing. Some of these people are blue and some have four breasts. Four. I've never heard of such.

Oh sister, just wait until you get here, everything is so different and wonderful. What's super weird is how different everyone is. They even have these little green ladies in some establishments that serve you like a queen. Speaking of which, the food. Oh my, the food. It's so great. They have sandwiches made with the flesh of beasts and large circles filled with cheeses and garnishes. It's a food wonderland! We must go out together every day once you get here. Oh, did I mention the clothing? You know how I adore purple, sister. They have these weird stretchy pants and they can pull over even the largest of rears, it's amazing.

Well, lastly, I hope you're doing well with your training. Hopefully you found a proper sparring partner to keep up with you. Also, I hope you've been remembering to wake up early and to sleep well. If you want to be in my party I need you at your best.

Okay, talk to you soon. Now Priss has been letting me on about something that changes one's hair color? I didn't think that was possible. She said that you can even make it unnatural colors like pink. Weird, I know. Okay sister, until next time.

With love,


"Wow, she's already making a party. Well, I'd better write back to her. I'm sure she wants to know how my training is going!" Puvi said with a look of hopeful determination.

'Dear Iaga.

I'm doing fine, though, I have not had any luck with finding a proper training partner. Though I've taken the responsibility upon myself to find a suitable way to train. Hunting beasts may find some use. And yes, because I know you want to know, I have been keeping to our morning ritual as I'm sure you still have even when in a foreign land. Even though you do not have access to the statue, I assume you still pray to the direction of it when you arise.

I figured there would be strange peoples in the land of Suiters, but wow. Four breasts AND they're blue? That's outrageous! To have one's skin the color of a flower, incredible! What is Priss like, is she nice? Does she have a cool way of fighting? Also, I don't know about pink hair. It would be a strange look for you, sister. However, if it increases your fighting skill then do it!

Okay, now about these foods. Are there some out there that make ones rear bigger and only the rear?" Strange question to ask, I know, sister, but you know I've always been bottom heavy, and to have a food, preferably a delicious one, that one's rear bigger would be great!

Oh, and what of the strange talking devices that track your deeds, have you gotten one yet?

Okay sister, until next time.



These exchanges continued all while Puvi was training. Since she was curious as to how Priss looked, astounded that people like her could exist, Iaga wanted to share the visage of her new friend to her sister back at home. So, she took a picture of Priss and sent it in the letter of her next message back home.

"Wow, she wasn't kidding about the four breasts..." Puvi stated in shock as she looked at the photo that came with that Wednesday's letter.

Priss stood next to Iaga, being of similar height, Though, like was said in the previous letter, the woman's skin was a blueberry blue. She was wearing a frilly white gown that parted up the center, showing her set of quartet, spherical breasts. Though, in truth, even though Priss' breasts were bigger and more numerous to Iaga's, standing next to her made Iaga fat. For Priss was lean and trim, while Iaga had grown chubbier since her departure from her home, evident by the round bulge that was her belly. Contrast between these two went farther than body frames, however. Iaga's purple spandex bodysuit was the perfect companion to Priss's white gown, along with her coarse head of curly hair that was the opposite of Priss' long flowing curtain of mint green hair.

'Dear Puvi,

See, I told you she had four breasts. Amazing, right?

Now, to answer some of your questions:

Priss is super nice. Despite being so tiny, she knows all the good eating spots.

As far as fighting style goes, she has this weird 'umbrella' which kind of looks like the Wamoo leaves we use to shied ourselves from the rain back home. That makes things cold, like an evening's breeze. It's super weird but fascinating!

As far as food goes, as you can see I've become a little fatter because the food here, like I said, is amazing. There are multiple kinds and flavors of all sorts. Not sure if there are foods that target your ass only, but when you come here there's no doubt in my mind that you'll benefit from it like I have. Can't wait till you get over here!

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