Use Your Sisters Instead


Hope smiled at her brother and gestured warmly for him to enter.

"It's OK, Michael," Hope said, "I'm here for you." She opened her legs, raising her knees to give Michael easy access to her sex. Michael stood at the end of the bed, penis in his hand. He was stroking it so fast, Mary could barely see his fist.

"Are you getting close?" Hope asked. Michael just moaned and nodded.

"When you're ready," Mary said, "Don't wait too long like last time."

Michael stepped forward and lined his penis up with his sister's vagina. He did his best to still rub it as he did. Then, slowly, he moved the head so it was lodged in his oldest sister's opening. She made a little "hmph" noise as he entered her for the first time.

"OH! Wow," Michael said, "Hope. You feel so..."

"Much better than a hand, isn't it, son?" Mary said.

"Incredible," Michael said. His eyes filled with wonder at the pleasure he could feel just from being inside a woman.

"Get it all in there," Mary said, "I don't want any to escape."

Michael leaned forward and Mary saw his shaft disappear into his sister's body. Hope bit her lip. Tossed her head back.

"So good..." Michael said. He reached down to start rubbing his penis again but found there wasn't enough shaft to grab. He looked back at Mary with a sad, confused face.

"Pump her," Mary said, "Just a little. To make your stuff come out."

Michael drew back then pushed forward. Hope let out a deep breath as he did so. In. Out. Two more times. Then suddenly Michael convulsed. His testicles jumped upward. And Mary knew that her son was spending inside her daughter.

"Oh YES!" Michael cried.

"MMMmmmph," Hope gasped. Michael stayed in his sister until he stopped shaking. Then slowly pulled back. Mary saw a bit of white liquid leak from the head of his penis.

"NO!" she shouted and shoved Michael back inside his sister. The two siblings stood there, connected, looking at each other almost with wonder. Michael's penis gently pulsed inside Hope. Only after she was satisfied that all of her son's sperm had been left in the proper place, Mary let Michael pull out.

Hope sat up like it was nothing. She grabbed a tissue and held it to her dripping sex. Mary supposed that so long as the sperm was in Hope's vagina initially, God couldn't be too concerned if it leaked out later.

Michael stood over his sister, his deflating penis still in his hand. He was shivering slightly.

"What do you say?" Mary asked.

"Thank you, sis."

"No problem, Michael," Hope said, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do for class."

"Excellent," Mary said, "Remember, Michael, if you need Hope again, just let her know, OK?"

Michael nodded, seriously.


Now that everything had gone so well with Hope, Mary was ready to try again with Chastity. As Hope had done, the blonde girl got undressed and then waited for her brother to show up. Michael came into the room soon after, Mary trailing behind him.

Chastity's room smelled strongly of her sex again. She gave her brother a smarmy grin, then turned it sweet for her Mother.

"Try not to blow it, little bro," Chastity said.

Mary thought there was little chance of that. Michael had come out of his room much more quickly this time, and Mary thought his penis looked a bit less primed. But she knew that it was folly to assume that every time would be exactly the same. That's why they needed to practice.

Michael lightly stroked his cock, while Chastity slid forward, putting her open vagina at the edge of the bed.

"Remember Michael, just like with Hope," Mary said.

Michael nodded, then fed his penis into his sister's sex. He didn't stop at the head this time, but instead buried himself to the hilt inside Chastity. Then he started rocking back and forth.

The room was filled with squelching sounds as Michael slid inside his sister.

"Ffffff... She's really tight," Michael said, "Feels so good."

"Better than Hope?" Chastity asked, grinning wickedly.

"I'm sure everyone feels different, dear," Mary said, "But also equally as good. Right Michael?"

"Y... Yes. Oh Yes."

"OK honey," Mary said, "Just go ahead and..."

As if on impulse, Michael's arms shot out and suddenly grabbed his older sister's massive breasts. Mary expected Chastity to scream and slap him, but instead she sort of grunted and let him grope at her.

Almost as soon as he touched his sister's chest, Michael's body began to cinch. "Oh... Oh GOD!"

"Is he doing it?" Mary asked.

"Yuh. Oh yeah," Chastity said, "I can feel it spurting in me. I was wrong before. When I said his sperm was icky. It's actually kind of awesome."

"OK, good. Remember not to pull out too soon, Michael." Mary said. Her son nodded as the pleasure washed over him.


Mary thought that would be it for the day, but later that night she heard a knock on her door. When she opened it, she saw Michael, standing there and looking pained. His penis peeked through the doorway.

"Oh," Mary said, "OK."

Michael tried to lead her to Tabitha's room, but Mary dragged him back toward Hope's. She knocked on her daughter's door and then opened it.

"Hey, what's..." Hope looked up and saw her naked brother standing behind his mother. Penis at the ready. "Oh! OK, sure."

Hope jumped up and shucked off her pajamas - the same red plaid ones all the girls wore. Then Hope lay back down on her bed, her legs spread lewdly. Michael looked down at his oldest sister and grinned. Without a word, he went between Hope's legs.

Hope gasped as her brother entered her. Michael started pumping right away. Already a veteran. Hope looked over at her mother and made a sour face.

"It shouldn't be much longer, now," Mary said.

"It's not fair," Hope said, "Chastity told me Michael played with her breasts before, but he's not even touching mine.

"Michael, play with your sister's breasts."

"Yes Mom. Sorry Sis," Michael reached over and took Hope's tiny breasts in his hands. He tweaked her nipples, too.

"It's OK," Hope said, "I forgive... OH!"

"God Hope, you feel so good!" Michael shuddered and fell forward.

Hope made a long low whine. Her chest and face went cherry red. Her legs kicked out. Twitched. She squeaked out little sounds and her green eyes squeezed shut. Wrapped her arms around her brother's back and shook.

Mary knew her daughter didn't mean to, but Hope was clearly experiencing an orgasm as her brother filled her with his cum.


After it was over, Mary walked Michael back to his room.

"I think we've got this," she told him, "You don't have to come get me every time now. Just grab Hope or Chastity and do what you need to do.

Michael nodded, then leaned down and gave Mary a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Mom. I mean... For everything."

Mary smiled wide. She'd really, truly done it.


The next afternoon, a naked Michael ran into the living room like the house was on fire. His erect penis flopped comically as he ran

"Mom? We have a problem."

"I thought we solved this," Mary said, pausing her movie. Michael explained that Hope wasn't in her room and so he'd gone to Chastity. But she had told him it was her fertile time. Mary went into the kitchen and looked at the calendar. Sure enough, Chastity would be out of the rotation for a few days.

That meant only Tabitha was left. After everything had gone so well with Hope and Chastity, Mary had quietly decided not to involve her youngest daughter. Now though, it looked like Tabitha was the only option. Mary was glad that Michael had come to her, first.

"I thought it would be best," Michael said. They walked together over to Tabitha's room. Michael's penis seemed not to flag even a little. Oh, to be young again.

Mary went in first and found Tabitha watching a movie on Netflix. The small, brown-haired girl took off her headphones.

"Hi Mom, what's wrong?"

"It's your brother."

"Oh, is it my turn?" Tabitha asked. She quickly stood. "Hope and Chastity told me all about it. I can't wait. I mean, ummm, I can't wait to help my brother."

Tabitha quickly got undressed and lay down in the bed. She really was a mix of her older sisters. She had Chastity's broad shoulders and baby-making hips, combined with Hope's smaller breasts and thinner arms. She smiled, almost eagerly.

Then Michael stepped into the room. He'd clearly been stroking his penis while he waited, and it stuck out angrily. He looked down at his sister and gaped.

"God Tabitha. You're amazing. I mean, even better than I... um. Wow."

Tabitha smiled at her brother, warmly. Then she saw what he was holding and her eyes went wide.

"It'll be fine," Mary said.

"I know, it's just... I've never seen one before," Tabitha said, "At least not outside a textbook. It's a little imposing."

Mary didn't want her baby daughter to have a bad experience with this. If it was too much, Tabitha might not do it again and then they'd be down to only two options. As that day had proven, it was helpful to have a third. Even if it was only for emergencies.

Mary knew that Tabitha was very cerebral, so she wondered if explaining things a bit clinically would help her get over the initial shock. Tabitha nodded. She sat up on the bed. Her little breasts - a bit larger than Hope's, but not by much - hung down as best they could.

"Come here, Michael," Mary said. Her son walked up and stood in front of his baby sister. His sex pointed almost right at her mouth. "This is your brother's penis." Mary gestured at Michael's member, careful not to touch it.

"It's also called a cock," Michael said. Tabitha giggled girlishly.

"When he rubs it, it gets hard. Erect," Mary said.

"Uh huh."

"Would you maybe like to touch it?" Michael asked, "You know, see how it feels?"

Tabitha reached up and grabbed her older brother's penis. His cock, Mary corrected herself. It sounded like a porn word, but if that's what he called it, who was she to tell him differently?

Tabitha and Michael gasped in unison as her tiny hand wrapped around his shaft.

"Oh Tabby," Michael said.

"It feels so warm," Tabitha said, "Soft. But also strong."

"It gets hard so it can go in your vagina," Mary said, "When it's in you and it's your time, Michael's cock will produce sperm and that's how you get babies."

"I know that part, Momma," Tabitha said. She hadn't taken her hand off her brother's cock.

"Well, are you ready to try it?" Mary asked. Tabitha smiled and leaned back, resting her head on her pillow.

"Oh Tabitha," Michael said, taking his penis in hand again, "I've always... I mean, when I would. Back in my room. You were always the one I..."

"You're rambling nonsense, dear," Mary said.

"It's OK, Michael," Tabitha said. "I'm ready when you are."

Michael stepped a little closer to his sister and started stroking, slowly. "It's a little... I just need some more time," he said.

"You could just put it in me," Tabitha said with a grin. "Might be more scientific that way."

"Not till he's ready," Mary said, "You're accepting your brother's sperm so he doesn't go to Hell. You're not fu... Having intercourse."

"Right," Tabitha said, "Duh. Does that feel good, Michael? Rubbing it? I mean, like, in a learning sense. So I know for when I'm married."

"You look so awesome, Tabitha," Michael said, "It feels so good."

"In what way?" Tabitha asked.

"It's just this like building pleasure" Michael said, "I slide the loose skin up and down. It's fantastic. Especially when I go over the head."

"Hmmmm... It did feel really nice in my hand," Tabitha said.

"OK, enough learning time," Mary said, "Let's get this over with. I'm in the middle of a movie here."

"OK," Michael said, "I'm getting close." He moved in front of his sister, and, as before, took his cock and rested it at her dripping opening. Tabitha looked down at their impending connection. Entranced.

Michael started sliding into his sister. "Oh, Tabby Cat, I always dreamed of..." Suddenly he stopped. He'd gotten himself halfway in.

"What's wrong?" Mary asked.

"I don't know," Michael said, looking at his mother in confusion, "There's some kind of barrier there or something. Maybe Tabitha's puss... I mean her vagina. Maybe it's really small."

Mary almost laughed when she realized what he was saying. He'd reached his sister's hymen. Come to think of it, Mary wondered why Michael hadn't had this issue with his other two sisters. Well it was a problem to be pondered another time.

"Can you stroke yourself while you're still in her like that?" Mary asked.

"Not really," Michael said.

"Well, do your best with what you have," Mary said, "I'm sure it'll be enough."

"Yeah, but. I'm worried some of it might spill out."

"Good point," Mary said, suddenly concerned.

"It's OK, Momma," Tabitha said, "He can push it in more. I feel like he can."

"You sure, honey?" Mary asked.

Michael pulled back a bit, then slid forward. "I can feel it give a little."

"Me too," Tabitha said, "Try pushing harder."

"You sure Tabitha?" Michael asked, "I don't want to hurt you."

Tabitha nodded. Michael drew back. This time he really drove into his sister. Tabitha screamed. Michael groaned.

"OH!" Tabitha cried, "Oh fffuck."

"Are you OK?" Mary asked.

"Y... yeah. I did it. His... I feel it shooting inside me."

Michael waited, then pulled out. His penis was streaked with blood. "Oh God. I'm so sorry, sis. I didn't mean to hurt you. I really didn't."

"It's OK, Michael," Mary said, and patted him on the back. Tabitha sat up and Mary handed her a few tissues. Thick, pinkish goo dripped out of her vagina.

"It doesn't hurt anymore," Tabitha said, "Just feels a little weird. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be ready by the next time you need me."

"Are you sure?" Michael said, "Maybe it's better if I don't..."

"Don't even think it," Tabitha said, "I want to help the family the same as everyone else."


Now Mary assumed her job was truly done. All three girls were trained for the next emergency. Eventually, Michael would grow out of this faze and his sisters could stop providing for him. Until then, Mary was happy to stay out of it.

However, unintentionally, Mary had set herself up as the director of this entire project and so she found she couldn't escape her responsibilities. She was in charge of the calendar - the siblings relied on her to "assign" Michael a sister when it was time. Like a dirty maitre d'. Further, since Mary had been present at all of the initial attempts, the children treated her as the expert, the coordinator and, when necessary, the referee.

Still, Mary tried to disentangle herself as much as possible. The next time Michael came to her with a "need," Mary showed him the calendar and explained how it worked. She told him that he, too, could simply decide which sister was the most appropriate and act accordingly.

"I just feel more comfortable when you do it, Mom," Michael said, "When it's me on my own it feels kind of wrong. Pervy. But if we decide as a family..."

"I can't be here every time you need to do your thing," Mary said, "I have to work, too, honey. But I understand you want to respect your sisters. You're being a good brother. I'll do my best to help out when I can."

So, Mary reviewed the calendar with Michael. As it turned out, with Hope out for an early run and Chastity still in the danger zone, It was Tabitha's turn again. Michael's baby sister was going from excused to almost overused. Well, there was no other option - Mary sent her son up to request Tabitha's help.

Mary heard the bedroom door shut behind him. She went back to folding clean clothes. But suddenly she heard footsteps and saw her naked daughter standing over her, looking distraught.

"We need a little help," Tabitha said, her tiny breasts still jiggling from her run over. Tabitha lead her mother into her room. Michael stood to the side looking sheepish. Tabitha jumped back on the bed, knocking her stuffed bears to the side. She resumed the position. Knees elevated. Thighs apart.

"I'm having a little trouble, ummmm. Getting going," Michael said, "I thought I was ready, but when I came in here it just..."

"Then go back to your room until you really are ready," Mary said. She pushed her hair out of her eyes. Seriously? How had this boy been masturbating on his own all this time?

"I can't lie here and wait," Tabitha said, "I have class in a couple minutes. Can't we do something to, like, speed him up?"

Both children looked to their Mother earnestly. "Honestly, you two," she said, "I'm not the expert in these things. But it seems as though Michael is just nervous. Tabitha, honey, are you doing your best to make Michael comfortable?"

"I mean, I guess," Tabitha said, "I was only asking him questions about his penis. Like how it worked, how it felt. Stuff like that."

"Well, there you go, honey," Mary said, "You can't interrogate the boy while he's building up like that."

"Oh," Tabitha said, "I'm sorry Michael. I didn't mean to. What can I do to fix it, Momma?"

"Well, maybe you could do things that would make Michael feel more comfortable. Like, say nice things about him."

"Michael, your penis looks very nice," Tabitha said.

"Thanks?" Michael said. He'd resumed slowly stroking himself, but he was clearly still not at full mast.

"That's a good start," Mary said, "Try saying other things. And use the word cock, your brother appears to prefer it. We should respect that."

"Michael your cock looks really tumescent. I can't wait to have it inside my vagina."

"A little less clinical, honey."

"Maybe you could try, like, touching yourself, too," Michael said, "Not like masturbating. I know that would be wrong. Just, like, little rubs that show you're enjoying what you see."

"That's a good idea," Mary said, "Just don't get too into it, like your brother said."

Tabitha rubbed her little breast, being sure to tweak the pinkish nipple. With her other hand, she reached down and sort of teased at her opening. She clearly had no idea what she was doing, but the young brunette managed to make a believable appearance of enjoying herself.

"Don't forget the talking, dear."

"Oh yes," Tabitha said, "Michael, I know you think about me when you... do stuff. I think about you, too sometimes. Here I am. Waiting for you. Wanting you. Please come give me your cock. It looks so good. I want it so bad."

Mary thought Tabitha's speech sounded pretty forced, but it clearly did the trick for her son. He lunged forward and buried himself in his little sister. She gasped, but it clearly wasn't as painful as the last time. Tabitha looked down, interested at where her brother and she were now joined. She smiled and clapped.

"Yay! Thanks, Momma." Tabitha reached for her brother's hands and pulled them onto her breasts. He squeezed them both, like testing for ripeness. Apparently this was part of the procedure now. Michael moved in and out, then shuddered. He fell forward.

Tabitha giggled. "It feels so neat, erupting inside me."

"Oh yes," Michael said, his head buried between his sister's breasts.

"Well, very good," Mary said, "Just remember what we learned for next time."

Both siblings nodded simultaneously. Michael's eyes glazed over with post-sex stupor. His sister's, though, stayed bright and wanting.


Again, Mary thought she finally had things figured out. But, again, Michael ran out to find her when he needed help.

"I thought we talked about this," Mary said, standing over the hot stove and stirring.

"We did," Michael said, "And we agreed that it's creepy for me to just commandeer a sister."

"You're not whatevering your sisters. That's why the calendar is up. It literally tells you who you should go to for help."

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