tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 14

Used & Abused Ch. 14


Chapter 14 An Amazing Discovery

I apologize for the long delay in writing this Chapter. Between school and my "extra-curricular" activities, I have been very busy. Here is a recap from the end of Chapter 13.

"On the drive home, my debauched and obscene conduct kept replaying in my mind. I had been set-up by Glen to be my vice-principal's little slut-whore. I had been double penetrated by my Glen and the new physical education teacher, handsome Steve Pruit, the heart-throb of the female faculty. I had been physically and mentally abused by my boss, Ms. Marian Smolen, slapped, spit on, pissed on and used as her private porn star. I had been forced to eat-out Marian Smolen's mature pussy and finally she had forced me to "fluff" our school's old black janitor, Clem.

Now I was in my car smelling of stale urine and cum on my way home to my unsuspecting husband. My heart began to sink in my chest as I prayed over and over that my husband would not find out what I had just done. I could feel my pulse pounding and tears were silently falling from my eyes as I imagined his reaction if he found out that his sweet, demure young wife was an out of control slut!

As I pulled into our driveway, I saw the tell-tale blue light of our wide-screen TV casing an eerie glow out of our family room window.

Chapter 14

I turned off the lights before I pulled up the driveway. I certainly did not want my husband to meet me at the door and see me in this state. I turned off the engine and let the dark silence envelop me. I saw the blue light of the TV flickering in the window and felt an overwhelming wave of guilt and revulsion pass over me. I closed my eyes and lowered my head onto the steering wheel as a myriad of thoughts spun around in my head. I had to get into the house without Mark greeting me. I knew I had a 50-50 chance that he would either grunt a hello or be sound asleep in front of the tube - that would allow me to sneak in and take a shower - my only chance of hiding my shame from him.

I gathered my purse and quietly opened the driver's door. The cool night air hit my naked pussy under my demure jumper. Seeing the light in the window gave me an idea. I decided to quietly walk behind the bushes and peek into the window which was just about eye level. I walked carefully through the darkness trying to be as quiet as possible, hoping against hope that I would see Mark sound asleep in front of the TV. I placed my bag containing my underwear at my feet, put both hands on the sill and stood on my tip-toes to get a good view into the room. What I saw made me gag in panic.

In the room was the silhouette of two men, both holding a bottle of beer, gesturing and laughing at the show on the screen. I was straining to make out who was with my husband. It looked like – no it couldn't be! Shit, no doubt about it, it was Glen – that fucking bastard!

I glanced at the TV screen and could see that these two horny guys were watching some kind of porn and having a grand old time. My ire began to rise and my blood started to boil. I was pissed at Glen for beating me to my home after what we had just done together. I was pissed at my husband for watching porn with his friend. I was livid!

All my former feelings of guilt and shame disappeared in an instant. I was a woman possessed! I guess I was projecting the guilt I felt onto both my husband and Glen and blaming both of them for my predicament. All I could feel was a white hot anger that made my ears hot. Almost without thinking I grabbed my purse, stomped up the front steps and quickly entered our home hoping to catch these two perverts in the act.

I marched straight into the room, dropped my purse with a thud and stood with my hands on my hips. Both of them were obviously buzzed and were giggling:

"What the fuck do you think YOU are doing mister? I told you no porn in this house!"

Both men turned their attention away from the big screen and looked at me with dumb expressions on their faces. Glen held up his beer bottle as if in a toast to me and gave me goofy smile.

"Our star has arrived!" he said in a drunken voice.

I ignored Glen and gazed angrily at my husband. I caught him in red-handed and expected him, as usual, to give me his stuttering little boy excuses. I was planning to let his guilt sink in and then whirl around and quickly go up stairs to the master bedroom, lock the door and take my shower.

"Jes, baby, this isn't porn, it is five-fucking star academy award material. Sit down here on the couch with us, you are gonna love this."

Mark patted the couch and looked at me with a smile that had an edgy look to it. Before I could answer, Glen bounded up and looped his arm through mine and began escorting me to the couch. I started to panic and began twisting in his arm. I suddenly realized how gamey I smelled and didn't want to get close to Mark. But it was too late. Mark also got up and grabbed my other arm. Then they both almost tossed me onto the couch like a rag doll and sank down on either side of me, still tightly entwining each of my arms in theirs so that I couldn't rise.

My gaze was forced to the screen. Instantly I recognized the picture. There was a woman wearing fuck-me heels, stockings and garter belt, legs obscenely spread and ankles securely fastened to the table legs. All you could see was her butt, down to her heels, the upper part of her body being hidden by a curtain. As the camera panned in closer, it was clear that the woman was lying on the table, her sex presented to the room, a red butt-plug firmly stuck up her asshole. I knew that the woman was me! Someone had taped my performance at the frat party!

My mouth was dry and my heart was racing. I couldn't move, but my mind was racing at 1000 miles an hours. 'Be calm, Jes' I told myself. Mark had been at this party, had fucked me in this position and still didn't know it was me! There is no reason to suspect that he knows now. Why would Glen tell him now?

"This is disgusting!" I said defensively, as I unsuccessfully tried to squirm free of the strong grasp of both men.

"Disgusting but hot" said Mark without gazing from the screen.

"Look at that slut take it!" exclaimed Glen as a large young man holding an angry red penis grinned drunkenly at the camera, turned and impaled his engorged penis into the bound woman. A cheer went up from the crowd as they urged the drunk frat boy on. Cheers of "Fuck that slut" and "give it to her" filled the soundtrack as his hairy ass tightened and a load of cum was shot into the helpless woman.

The camera panned in and to the side as the young man slowly withdrew his cock. The three of us watched as a long stringy stream of cum – what looked like a cup-full, began plopping out of the woman's cunt in long noisy spurts into a large glass bowl that was on the floor between her legs.

"I think that was at least the ninth or tenth!" said Glen in awe.

Both men's eyes were riveted to the TV screen as the camera panned over the glistening pubis of the woman, focusing first on the butt-plug, next on the gapping pussy hole leaking its sticky mess of semen and finally down to the bowl which had what looked like a quart of semen that had already run out of the woman's slutty pussy.

I glanced furtively at my husband to see if I could gauge his reaction. He was staring zombie-like at the screen, waiting for the next frat boy to mount the "slut" as they called her. It was then I noticed that Mark had his six inch cock out and was stroking it. I also realized that my pussy was leaking, and that watching myself like this, as humiliating as it was, was turning me on.

"I need my cock sucked!" said Glen to no one in particular as he continued to gaze at the screen.

I felt Glen moving next to me and glanced furtively at his lap. He was unbuckling his pants and pushing them down onto his thighs to reveal his magnificent eight-inch cock, which was erect and ready. I began to unconsciously lick my dry lips. I felt a familiar tingling in my gut – the call of wonton, unbridled sex.

I tried looking away from Glen's cock and at the screen, but the scene there was even more erotic. It was the hairy moose, the one that started my first orgasm of the night. I listened to the voice of the camera man as he zoomed in on the big guy's cock.

"Look at the size of that thing" said the cameraman in a stage whisper as the camera zoomed in and out trying to focus on what looked like a hairy police truncheon.

"How big is that thing?" he asked.

Moose was too pre-occupied to answer. He sidled up to the "slut" his pants around his ankles, holding his huge member in one hand.

"I am gonna fuck the shit out of this slut!" Moose said as he grimaced into the lens of the camera.

The three of us watched as Moose ran the bulbous head of his cock up and down the "slut's" fuck hole, both teasing her and moistening it with the semen and pussy juices that were obviously leaking out of her. I felt the motion on either side of me, each stroking his cock in anticipation of that Moose's huge member raping the gaping pussy hole in front of it.

Slowly Moose fed her his cock. I closed my eyes remember the fullness and satisfaction I felt when this actually happened. I was desperate to join the men in their masturbation. At that point, I would have crammed an eggplant up my cunt, I was so desperate to feel something enter me.

"I said I need my cock sucked!"

It was Glen again, only this time his voice was impatient and angry. He was holding his magnificent cock in his hand and looking at me in expectation.

"You heard the man," Mark said impatiently, "he needs his cock sucked! Suck it you slut!"

With that, my husband put a steady pressure on the back of my head and began forcing it down on Glen's cock. I began pushing back and squirming. As much as I was dying to taste Glen's cock, to run my tongue around the familiar corona of its head, to feel it push back into the reaches of my throat, hot, pulsing and alive - I did not want to do this in front of my husband.

It was at this moment that I realized that Mark knew! Shit, he probably knew all along. He knew that I was Glen's slut, that I was the frat-house slut that we were watching on the screen. That I was the most disgusting, most degenerate whore of a wife that ever walked the face of this earth! I began to feel small and insignificant – like I was nothing. It was as if nothing I did from now on mattered. I was humiliated and exposed to my rotten cum-slut core in front of my loving, faithful husband.

My pussy burned to be stroked, caressed, rubbed, penetrated and stretched. I pulled my jumper over my head and revealed my nakedness to the two men. Then I swiveled off the couch between Glen's legs, and yanked his pants off. I lovingly cradled his gorgeous cock, the very thing that seduced me into this life of debauchery and sin, and slowly lowered my head toward it with burning anticipation.

As I seductively opened my mouth to engulf our friend's cock, I gazed at my husband. Mark's eyes were glazed over, as if he were in another world. As my lips came closer to their goal, I saw my husband speed up his hand movements on his cock. As I engulfed Glen's cock, I locked eyes with my husband and slowly took Glen's cock in until his balls touched my lips. Mark's eyes opened in disbelief as he watched my throat engulf Glen's cock and swallow it in one smooth motion – something I never did to my husband in all the years that we were married!

Wanting to show my husband what a total slut I was, I forced my tongue out and began lapping at Glen's balls. I heard Mark moan as I wiggled my tongue around Glen's scrotum bathing it in my spit.

Glen grabbed my head and slowly pulled the full eight inches of his cock from my throat and mouth. My eyes were tearing and strings of saliva were running down my cheeks. I truly felt like a slut, a hole to be used for any man's pleasure.

"Lick my balls!" Glen said in a quiet voice as the raucous sound of the frat-party echoed in the room.

My husband stopped stroking his cock and looked at me in disbelief. I had never sucked his balls, nor would he ever dare ask me to do such a disgusting thing.

I held Glen's glistening and swollen cock with two fingers of one hand as I gently cradled his balls with the other. Glen lifted his feet from the floor and propped them up onto the couch on either side of him. presenting his balls and asshole to my face. My husband looked expectantly at me, not saying a word, and began rubbing is little cock again.

I began laving Glen's balls, getting them good and wet, closing my eyes and reveling in the feel of his well-hung ball sack - first sucking one ball in my mouth and then the other. I was wantonly making love to this man's balls in front of my husband! I gazed coyly at my husband as I went about my slutty duties to the man that obviously owned me sexually.

"Now rim my asshole, you dirty slut. Show your husband what a fucking whore you really are."

With that Glen pushed his ass up and spread his ass-cheeks with both hands. My husband was now jerking off furiously in anticipation of what would happen next. Not to disappoint either of them, I dove in, lovingly rimming Glen's hairy asshole, savoring his musky, salty, manly flavor and texture. I paused for a second and gazed defiantly at my husband as I held Glen's much larger cock up with my other hand.

"That's it, point your tongue, stick it up my ass, you slut!"

That did it! Mark moaned and lost it. He rose as high as he could, aiming his blasts of cum at my face. His first spurt hit my nose. The second and third spurts landed on Glen's balls and asshole. I had never seen my husband come so hard. My heart ached as I understood that his cum was an affirmation of his approval of my slutty behavior.

My hand shot down between my legs and started to rub my clit furiously as I voraciously cleaned up the gobs of cum covering Glen's ass and balls with my darting pink tongue. Both men watched as I licked off every drop of cum my husband had deposited in his passion.

I began stroking Glen's saliva covered cock as I rimmed his asshole and frigged myself. Within seconds Glen's cock began spurting semen into the air like a geyser. I quickly capped his erupting member trying to capture every precious drop of his essence. I rubbed my clit harder as I began cleaning up Glen's cum, slurping up every speck and cleaning his cock with adoring worship.

Within seconds, my orgasm slammed into me. I lost all strength in my squatting legs and held limply onto Glen's masculine thighs. As I looked up through hooded, sex-satiated eyes, I saw my husband holding his now limp cock, and gazing at me in loving adoration. I knew then that our relation would never be the same.

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