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Used by Strangers


I'm standing in an overcrowded subway train, being fingered by the stranger behind me, not wanting to say anything and make a scene. The guy next to him, to my side sees, wants in on the action too and his hand finds its way up my shirt, fondling me rolling my nipples in between his finger and thumb. I look around hoping no one sees and I am hating this- wanting to turn around and slap my 2 gropers and scream holy hell- but don't want people to see and judge me as a slut. The man that's fingering my drenched pussy decides to take it a step further and spread my pussy wetness to my pulsing asshole- taking me by surprise and making me catch my breath. His finger rims my asshole, stretching it and spreading my cunt wetness getting it loose for what he has in mind next...

The other man see's that my pussy is now free and takes the chance to fill my sopping cunt with his other hand- pushing 3 fingers into the wetness , while still rolling my now erect nipples with his other hand.

I'm not wanting these 3 hands on me but my nipples, asshole and pussy are having a mind of their own right now and are all reacting to their quiet but persistent touches.

The stranger who is molesting my now wet and throbbing asshole- his cock hard and desperately wants a wet home to call his own. He's feeling a bit more confident because I haven't screamed during the assault, no one knows what is going on in the crowded subway train but the three of us involved in this sex game. I feel his finger leave my wet anus, thinking maybe he's done with his assault and getting off of the train...Little do I know He slowly unzips his jeans, and sneaks his hard pulsing cock out into the fresh air. Wiggles his cock under my skirt, and is rubbing the hard tip around my throbbing wet tight hole. I can't believe it- fingers probing, sloshing around my shaved womanhood, my nipples are so hard they are hurting being pinched by the stranger to my side- and the stranger in back of me is getting his cock head lubed with my rectal wetness! I feel him start to push at my tight hole; my asshole not wanting this intruder inside is pushing back. He pushes harder and breaks the seal; making me catch my breath and scream inside, wishing I could run to the safety of my home but I'm paralyzed with fear and embarrassment.

I'm being stretched to my capacity as he pushes back again. He breaks past my seal of resistance after several more tries and his cock is fully sheathed into my forbidden hole now. His pushing is intensifying, slowly and he works it up to a quicker pace. At this point, I'm trying to keep as still and quiet as I can while both my holes are being used and stretched by these strange men. My legs are starting to feel as though they are made of jelly are not going to last much longer holding my used body in this position. Now I feel the one stranger on my side pinch my nipple even harder, almost making me cry out, but then continues to roll it, all while still reaching inside my now drenched pussy hole. I feel like a dirty person because my body is betraying me and loving every second of this; meanwhile my mind is screaming and crying inside. The stranger to my back is now gripping my hips under my skirt so that he has more of a grip to thrust that cock into my hole. He starts to quietly grunt, and I feel his cock pulse, rubbing against the walls of my ass. Between the fingers in my cunt wetness and the cock pulsing loads of cum into my asshole, my body can't take it and I reach my climax, gripping with all my might onto the trains grip-pole in front of me. After shooting all of his seed into my asshole the stranger behind me slowly pulls his now shrinking cock out, and I hear his zipper go up again. The stranger to my side follows, his fingers retreating from my used pussy hole, with a lowly sounding slurp. I am overwhelmed with so many feelings right now, I feel used, perpetrated and disgusted with myself for my body betraying me and actually coming to a climax of my own. I feel my cum dripping out of my pussy starting to crawl down my leg, while the stranger's seed drips from my asshole. I am leaking fluids down my ass and leg, with tears brimming my eyes.

The subway's loud speaker comes on, announcing the next stop and I hear shuffling behind and all around me of commuters gathering their personals to exit at their stop. I try to adjust my skirt and shirt without being noticed. The train starts slowing, comes to a complete stop and the doors closest to me open. The two strangers to my back and to my side, purposely bump lightly into me as they move to exit the train and my eyes drift up to see the faces of my abusers. My brain is now in disbelief as I watch the husband and wife couple turn to look at me and smile as they leave the train, holding hands.

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