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Used To Entertain


Last night, Mistress Domme and her lovely friend Betty were both laying back comfortably together on the black leather sofa. They were sipping Champagne and talking as I attended to their needs. I wore a skimpy maid's outfit and black patent heels.

It was my very first real life session with Ms. D, after having been trained online by her for several months. Prior to arriving, I had no idea that anyone else would be present. I felt extremely humiliated having another Lady present, even as gorgeous as she was.

Larry was kneeling in the corner, watching us. He was nude, sucking on a penis gag, wearing his CB2000, and he had an enormous butt plug stuffed in his ass. His wrists were tied together behind his back, and his ankles were also tied together, but he was not hog tied. All he could was kneel there helplessly, as he watched us.

"More" is all Mistress Domme needed to say to me as she pointed to her empty Champagne flute. I crawled towards them on my hands and knees with the bottle of Dom P that she had insisted I pick up before arriving.

I filled Mistress Domme's glass first, of course. As I finished filling Betty's glass, a few drops of Champagne fell from the tip of the bottle and landed on her leather boot. The women stopped their conversation and immediately look at me, and then the boot.

"Clean it up" Mistress said. I knew what to do. I licked the spill off her boot, and humbly apologized. I knew that I could be punished severely if they were in the mood. Fortunately for me, the doorbell rang.

"That's the door, you better get it", Betty told me. My face flushed as I immediately realized that I had no choice but to answer the door dressed in my maid's outfit and high heels.

I answered the door to find a couple standing in the doorway. The man was tall, handsome, and well built. The woman had the face of an angel. She wore a blue blouse and a short, black leather skirt. She spoke first.

"We are here to see the two Mistresses.", she said. I was beyond humiliation now, and simply stepped aside to let them into the house. They both sat down, and Mistress Domme offered Champagne to the guests. The man politely declined, but the woman accepted the offer. I immediately fetched a glass for her and carefully filled it.

By their conversation, I could tell that the three women all knew each other well. I quickly learned that the angelic-faced woman's name was Loretta. She appeared to be in her early twenties, and evidently worked at the local beauty salon that Mistress Domme and Betty frequented.

I just sat on my legs in a semi-kneeling position, and listened to them talk and laugh about their sexual slaves. I learned that Joe, Loretta's good looking, buff companion was just one of her playthings. He was there only to follow orders.

Mistress Domme explained that Joe and I were going to be used to entertain the women. We would both have to follow any instructions that any of the women might give us.

Betty started things off by telling Joe to strip. He was tall, muscular, and very handsome. By the time he had finished stripping, his 7 inch cock stood up proudly at a 45 degree angle. Betty explained that she enjoys forced bi activity, and was in the mood for it. She instructed Joe to lube himself and told me to get myself into position to have my ass fucked.

I begged Betty not to make me do this, but all three women just laughed wickedly. Betty warned that if I didn't comply immediately, I would have to suck Joe's cock first! Mistress Domme added that she wouldn't mind showing off the successful deep throat training that she had put me through with my dildos.

I decided to quickly pull down my panties and get on all fours before my situation grew worse than it already was! I soon discovered that this was going to be Joe's first homosexual experience too. Joe positioned himself behind me and I held my breath. He tried to enter my ass, but to my great relief, he lost his hard on and couldn't penetrate me. I thought I was off the hook.

Unfortunately, Loretta warned him that if he didn't quickly get his act together, it would be ME fucking HIS ass instead... and AFTER giving me a long blow job! To my dismay, Loretta's words somehow worked magic into Joe's cock. Less than a minute later, I grunted as Joe easily penetrated my dildo-trained, submissive ass with his hard cock.

I thought that I could never be more humiliated than I felt at that moment, but I soon discovered that I was wrong! To my great horror, I felt my cock starting to rise! Even though I had never harbored a homosexual thought in my life, I was sexually responding to my ass fucking! Worse of all, the three women would soon notice my cock on the rise!

I was being fucked in the ass by a man in front of three beautiful, dominant women and I could not deny that my cock was hard. I realized that Mistress Domme had trained my cock to respond to both being humiliated and having my ass filled.

Loretta was the first to notice my erection. "Look Betty...his cock is so hard. I guess he enjoys not being a virgin anymore." The women all smiled and giggled a bit as they enjoyed watching Joe slowly thrust his large cock in and out of my ass. My humiliation was beyond intense.

I slowly began to realize that all of my online training by Mistress Domme was in preparation for realtime service of this intensity. When would my ordeal be over? I had no idea. All I knew was that the women were having fun, and they were not done with me yet.

Loretta decided that she wanted to tie both of us down and paddle our asses until she could determine which one of us could take more. I was bent over a leather whipping horse. My wrists and ankles were bound at each corner of the apparatus. I was helpless and unable to move. My hard cock pressed against the leather horse and my ass was sticking up in the cool air. I could feel the eyes of the Mistress's upon me like predators stalking their prey.

I looked to my left to see the other man tied down in a similar fashion to another horse. The rules of the game were simple. The first slave to beg Loretta to stop the paddling, lost.

As Loretta began my paddling there was quiet except for the repeated slapping of the leather paddle. I only felt pain every other time I heard the slap of the paddle. She was alternating between my ass and his. After many blows with the paddle my ass was raw and blazing hot. Eventually the pain was too much for me and I had to beg her to stop. Joe had won. She did not feel like stopping yet, however, so I was hit several more times before she finally stopped.

I clearly lost the contest and suffered more than I could take. Loretta untied Joe while I remained bound. She lifted her high heel to my face, and I kissed it. I was then forced to kiss Loretta's leather covered ass and then thank her for paddling me.

The women watched and chuckled while they told Joe to place his ass in front of my face. Then they ordered me to kiss his ass as well. I felt my ass still burning from the paddling as I kissed Joe's ass. The Mistress's were so amused by my humiliation.

Mistress Domme decided to humiliate us even further. She made us lay down on the floor facing one another but with our heads and feet at opposite ends. My face was right in front of Joe's large shaved cock, and his face was in front of my little cock.

She told us we would each have to suck each other's cock and I would have to show off my oral dildo training with the real thing. Mistress ordered both of us to take the other's cock in our mouths. I was able to take Joe's whole cock in my mouth because of my previous and extensive training with dildos. The other women were already aroused from the earlier games, but they delighted even more in watching two slaves suck each other's cocks simultaneously.

We were allowed to ejaculate, but we each had to swallow the others cum. We were both then allowed to kneel and each kiss a foot of Mistress Domme at the same time. I was exhausted now and felt relieved that they were done with me for tonight.

Tonight, I am kneeling in the corner, watching. I am nude, sucking on a penis gag, wearing a CB2000, and I have an enormous butt plug stuffed in my ass. My wrists are tied together behind my back, and my ankles are also tied together, but I am not hogtied.

All I can do is kneel helplessly, and watch. All three Mistresses are here again, and Larry is dressed in a skimpy maid's outfit. What I had thought was the end of my ordeal last night had only been the beginning...

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