tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Jill Ch. 02

Using Jill Ch. 02


Over the next few days, Jill tried hard to satisfy her husband, Tom. The young bride cleaned the house as well as she could, made certain that Tom's breakfast was ready and hot when he came out of the bathroom on his way to work, and responded to his sexual advances with renewed enthusiasm. Instead of sleeping in regular pajamas, Jill began to wear sexy lingerie to bed, hoping to show herself ready to satisfy Tom's strong sexual drive. The beautiful woman didn't realize that Tom thought that she was doing this because she had been turned-on by Borovsky's banging and was only revealing herself to be a wanton slut by her behavior. On those nights where Tom responded to Jill's sexual entreaties, he fucked her long and hard.

If he had only known how she really felt about his boss. Jill was repulsed by the man. And, she was horrified at her body's betrayal of her and her marriage vows while she was succumbing to Borovsky. When she thought of laying nude beneath her husband's boss, taking his rigid manhood into her body, she found herself closing her blue eyes and shaking her head as if that act alone could make her awful memories a dream. But it wasn't a dream. She could still feel his long, thick cock pumping in and out of her smooth, little pussy. Worse, she remembered quaking uncontrollably in orgasm as she gave herself up to the man.

She also had a very difficult time reconciling that it was Tom who had asked her to sleep with Borovsky. "Tom wouldn't have asked me to do this if he really didn't have a big problem," she thought afterward. The naïve bride still loved her husband dearly. "I need to keep that in mind and try to help him," she felt. She had no idea of his secret life and was clueless about how he was using her.

It appeared to Jill that Tom was under a great deal of stress because he was unusually aggressive, sexually, since her interlude with Borovsky.

So as Tom ravaged his young wife's body at night, tugging harshly on her pink nipples, biting her shoulders as he fucked her and animalistically pounding his rock-hard penis into her quaking love-hole, Jill forced herself to respond to his harshness by trying to act as if she enjoyed the mistreatment. She only acted like this so that she could show her husband how much she loved him. She was unaware that he thought that she had become a whore when he thought she enjoyed the mistreatment. It was a bad situation for their marriage, but Jill did not understand that because she had no idea of what Tom was really like.

The beautiful, young woman was fearful for her marriage.


Jill knew better than to think that her liaison with Borovsky would end with one encounter but she hoped it would nonetheless.

Tom also knew better. Bo had started giving him great sales leads and his income was set to jump with the next paycheck. That's when Bo approached Tom at work one day.

"Hey, Tom. Doing quite a bit better, huh?" Bo asked.

"Yeah, it's gotten a lot better," Tom replied.

"Well, I need you to go out of town for a couple nights," Bo said. "We need you to visit some potential clients and to work on client development. We've got to grow this business or we are both going to be out of work. While you're out, I'm having a couple of good prospects here in town and I'll try to work them. Comprende?"

Tom recognized that he said 'nights' but didn't let on. Bo was making him a lot of cash and Tom didn't want to blow that. So Borovsky wanted a little more of Jill's pussy, he thought. He knew that wasn't part of the deal, but Bo could pull the deal at any time, anyway. It wasn't as if Tom could force Bo to give him good leads. He just needed to milk it as long as possible.

Still, it didn't sit well with Tom. He looked at the older, heavy man. His white shirt was tight around his waist and the old tie that he wore was slightly stained. He watched as Bo's thick tongue nervously moistened his thick lips.

"Fuck it," Tom thought, "I'll get myself a little 'strange' while I'm out of town. It will do me some good!" The truth was that he was getting a little tired wearing Jill's ass out at night.

"Sure," he replied to his boss.

Bo hesitated uncharacteristically. Did he dare take a step further? He wondered how far Tom would submit. He pushed the envelope.

"My wife isn't worth a shit at helping make a good impression on a potential client, Tom. Do you mind seeing if Jill will help me out while you're away?" Bo asked.

Tom felt his ire rise slightly. "What a fucking prick," he thought. "Yeah, Bo's fat-ass old hag couldn't get a dog to bite a damn steak," he thought to himself, but he answered differently.

"No," he forced himself to say, "I'll talk to Jill and see if she can help."

Bo smiled broadly and brushed his thinning hair off his forehead. "Great! That will make things much easier. I know that you've really benefitted from my leads, Tom. I'll keep feeding them to you if you keep helping me out." He slapped Tom on the shoulder.

Tom grimaced but understood the full import of the meaning of the statement. "Sure, Bo, yeah. You can count on it."


Jill stood next to the bed as Tom packed his suitcase. She had been stunned to hear that he was leaving and even further shocked to hear Tom ask her to "help Bo out" with clients. The gorgeous blonde stood with her hands intertwined in front of her almost wanting to cry.

She had put herself in a bind, however, by telling Tom that Bo and she had not done anything of a sexual nature. When she expressed hesitancy, Tom, knowing full well that Bo had fucked his young wife, countered with the argument that Bo was harmless. After all, he had come over and not even made any advance towards Jill, hadn't she told him that?

By playing dumb, Tom was able to make Jill sound as if she was simply exaggerating the anxiety that she expressed about helping Bo. He finally took Jill by the upper arms and held her at arm-length. He was always struck by her beauty when he looked hard at her.

"Look, baby, you know how much trouble I've been in at work. I can really use your help. We're a team. You know Bo is harmless. You told me yourself. Just do what he asks so that he can land these clients and I promise you things will get better for me at the office, okay?"

He looked into her deep, blue eyes.

Jill stared longingly into her husband's eyes. How could she tell him? No, she had to try to help her husband.

"Okay," she said at nearly a whisper.

"That's better," he said and kissed her on the forehead. "Remember, this is for us."

Jill felt a cold chill run through her body.


Only hours after Jill had watched Tom get on a jet to fly away on business, her phone rang. She didn't recognize the number. She stared at it momentarily before reluctantly answering.

"Hello," she said.

"Jill," the man's voice said. "It's Bo. I'm swinging by your house to talk about our business meeting tomorrow. I'll be there in 30 minutes. Get sexy for me, pronto!"

"Mr. B...Borovsky," Jill stammered, "I can't right now, I..."

Borovsky interrupted her. "Listen, if you know what's good for that worthless hubby of yours, you better be able to..."

There was silence on her end. Bo could hear the young woman's nervous breathing. "Like I said," Borovsky continued, "get sexy for me. I'll be there in 30 minutes."


Jill waited nervously by the door as the 30 minute mark approached. She felt foolish for having showered and put her make-up on, but she didn't know what else to do. The young blonde wore a sleeveless sundress with a hem several inches above her knees. Her outfit was hardly sexy but her body was so magnificent that it looked hot in any outfit. Her soft shoulders were exposed and her full breasts were clearly outlined beneath the dress that only reached to her mid-thighs so revealing her smooth and silky tanned legs. Jill nervously pressed her thighs together and smoothed her dress. A slight moisture between her legs caused her to move her buttocks against the chair to quiet the lascivious tingle that she shamefully felt in her little pussy.

"What is the matter with me?" she wondered.

The 30 minute mark came and went. Then 45 minutes. Jill had just gotten up to go change back into her casual clothes when she heard a car turn into the driveway. Her heart began to pound as she moved quickly to a window and peeked out the blind. It was Bo sauntering up her walk!

Quickly, Jill padded to the door and opened it before he knocked.

Bo looked a bit surprised. "Waiting for me, huh," he said smugly. The large man openly stared at the young, blonde beauty standing before him.

"N... no," she lied. Jill was very uncomfortable with Bo eying her up and down.

"Well," he said as he entered the house, "we need to go get you some stuff for our meeting tomorrow." Bo wanted to put the young woman at ease.

"What kind of stuff?"

"Do you golf?" he asked.

Jill shook her head no.

"Well, then clubs and things like that. We have a tee-time to start the day off."

Jill was actually pleased with the prospect. Maybe it would be professional, after all.

"I'll get my purse," she said, and began to walk away. She felt Bo's eyes staring at her firm ass. Jill remembered what Tom had told her. She scolded herself for not being more pleasant to Bo. "This is important to Tom," she said to herself.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! You need to give ol' Bo a little sugar, don't you think?"

Jill was mortified but tried to play along. "Sure," she said with a smile. The young woman turned and approached Bo as he stood in the foyer next to the front door and, rising on her tip-toes, kissed him on the cheek. Her delicate hands lay flat against his chest.

As she feared, Bo reached around her slender waist and drew her near. His mouth moved to hers as he put her in a full body hug. Her eyes widened but she didn't fight the man. Her nubile body pressed against his overweight torso and she felt him push his leg between her thighs scooting her dress up obscenely between her legs. His thick thigh was wedged up against her crotch. She felt his erect penis through his pants. His tongue entered her mouth and swirled against hers. Jill was repulsed but didn't fight the kiss, either, even thought her mind screamed for her to run from the obnoxious man.

"Tom, doesn't know what his boss is doing to me," her mind shouted! "Surely, he wouldn't expect me to do this!" But how could she tell Tom about Borovsky fucking her the first time without ruining his trust?

Bo began to get pissed off by Jill not responding to his kiss. "I gave that asshole husband of hers the best leads I had and this little slut is treating me bad?" he thought in anger.

When Bo broke his kiss, he began to talk to her in an almost hissing sound as she stood paralyzed with fear in front of him.

"What you're wearing ain't what I call sexy. Do you think your hubby's job is a fucking joke?"

Jill was stunned by his sudden change in demeanor.

"N..no," she stammered. "I can change," she said.

"Damn right you will," he responded. "Get that fucking dress off right now."

"Yes, yes, I'll change into something sexier," she said nervously hoping to quell his anger.

"No, I mean take the fucking dress off right now!"

"H ... here?" Jill didn't quite understand his bizarre demand. Now her anger surfaced.

"No! I won't do that!" she said in a challenging tone. "I'm not your whore!" she cried.

"Yeah, I said 'right here!' And, because you didn't obey me the first time, you're going to change into something slutty, not sexy. That will teach your prim and proper ass a lesson!"

"No! You can't treat me like this!" she replied. "Get out of my house!"

"Really," he asked sarcastically. "That is fine. I'll call Tom on the way out and fire his lazy ass! And, by the way, I'll describe how much you loved fucking me last week! I'll tell him how great that your ass felt when you pumped it on my cock and how many times you orgasmed!"

Borovsky turned to leave. "Fuck this!" he said. As he reached for the door handle, he heard Jill speak.

"No," she said. "Please don't fire Tom!"

He turned to her. "Fuck you!" he said.

Jill's blue eyes widened at the harshness of his tone. She knew that he meant business.

"Please, I'll do what you want," she said submissively.

"Get the fucking dress off, now!" he shouted.

Hurriedly, fingers shaking with fear, Jill reached behind her and began to unzip the top of the dress. She had never been forced to undress in front of a stranger and she felt humiliated at complying with his demand. She felt her face turn crimson as she began.

Bo watched, grinning within, as the gorgeous woman began to comply with his outrageous demand. He wondered how far he could push her.

Jill finished unzipping the dress and began to pull it over her head, revealing her lush, tanned thighs, silky panties, flat stomach and then the bra that encased her full breasts. Standing just feet from the front door, Jill resisted the urge to hold the dress against her body. She didn't want to anger Bo any further. Instead, she simply placed the dress on the table next to her in the foyer.

She stood before him, nearly naked. Her large tits rose and fell with her breath.

"Now the bra and panties," he said. "After you're naked, I'll dress you myself like I want to."

Bo's lust could hardly be contained. His cock had hardened to erection and he reveled in his employee's wife's utter humiliation. She needed to get used to it, he thought.

Jill swallowed hard and her hands moved to the clasps on her bra. Undoing it, she allowed the sexy bra to loosen and then slip from her shoulders and off her big, firm tits. Inexplicably, her pink nipples had stiffened noticeably into rubbery eraser tips. The full beauty of her firm, ripe breasts gently swayed, high and proud, with quivering pink nipples, almost turgid, now. Then she grasped her silk panties and pushed them down her shapely legs. In an instance, they were in a puddle on the floor. She was now nude but for her sandals. Instinctively, her legs crossed slightly to protect her little pussy.

"You need to know I mean business, Jill," Bo said coldly.

Jill stared at his lifeless eyes with trepidation. There was not a hint of humanity in them. She looked at the stiffness in his pants. It was bursting to get out.

"Tug on your nipples for me," he said.

Jill's mind swirled. "Oh, my! No!" she thought, but her hands moved involuntarily to her fleshy globes and cupped her swollen, ripe breasts. The womanly flesh felt super sensitive to her touch. As her fingers reached for her nipples, Jill closed her eyes in shame. Still, she felt her thumbs and forefingers begin to tweak and gently tug on her responsive nipples. The horrible shame that she felt was countered by the sexual waves of electricity that shot through her body to her pussy, moistening it unbearably for the young woman.

Bo watched with a fire raging in his manhood as he saw the beautiful blonde bride sway her ass gently while she touched herself.

"Bend over that table, Jill," he said with a nod towards the table on which her dress lay.

Jill knew better than to question the his order but inexplicably the word "please" came out of her mouth. Jill realized Bo would not be moved by her plea. She slowly turned to the table and bent at the waist. Her lush, firm ass cheeks stuck up high on her legs. She didn't know what to expect and her stomach was a mass of butterflies, but her pussy was soaking wet.

"Grab the sides of the table, Jill" he said matter of factly.

Jill reached and gripped the sides with her delicate, manicured hands.

The sight of the beautiful woman's backside made Bo want to act quickly so he forced himself to slow down. He looked at her face and neck, both of which were already reddening with shame and desire. Her frightened eyes gazed at him. Her big breasts hung erotically from her chest.

Jill nervously watched as Bo moved behind her. His large erection bulged in the front of his pants. She felt his hands rest lightly on the baby smooth skin of her upturned buttocks.

"He's going to do it to me again," she thought with trepidation. "I'm not even on birth control!" Then, suddenly, and without warning she felt and heard a loud slap on her butt!


Bo had spanked her naked ass cheek with his open hand. "Spread your legs, you slut!"

"Owww!" The innocent wife cried out in shock and pain! She wiggled her ass but stayed in the position until his demand penetrated her mind and her feet spread shamefully.

"Thwack! Thwack!" The sound resounded loudly in the foyer!

"Owwie! Owiee!" she cried girlishly as her firm naked buttocks quaked from the spanking.

Bo watched as the outline of his hand appeared in red on her ass. He was rock hard and raging with lust.

"When I tell you something, you obey me without hesitation, do you understand?"

Jill's eyes were watering as she looked back at the cruel man. All she could manage was a shake of her beautiful face in abject submission.

Apparently this was not good enough for Bo. He spanked her firm ass again.


"Answer me," he demanded.

"Y... yes!" Jill cried out. "Yes, yes, yes, I understand!" she cried pitifully.

Bo unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. He pushed his underwear down and grabbed his cock at its base and directed it to the lips of Jill's pussy. He gripped her hips tightly and shoved his cock towards her pint slit. He rubbed the tip of his penis against her wet pussy lips.

"Put my dick in you, baby," he said.

Jill's right hand reached between her legs and felt for his cock. She was surprised by how hot it was to her touch. Not wanting to anger the man any further, she took the large, stiff penis and directed the rubbery head to her quivering pussy. Her body shivered in revulsion.

Borovsky let his hard cock linger at the opening to her pussy.

"Push your pussy back on my cock, Jill," he said.

He saw the gorgeous blonde close her eyes in anguish, but then saw her apple shaped ass slow began to push back onto his thick tool and take the dick into her inch by inch. Her mouth opened slightly as she tried to get the large cock inside her.

The young bride moaned pitifully as she felt the man's huge cock impale her.

"Ohhhhh," but it was barely audible.

Jill bit her lip as she tried to accommodate the man's oversized dick. Arching her back, Jill felt him begin to slide deeply into her smooth love hole.

"Ohhh!" she moaned again as she felt him begin to fuck her in earnest. Why had Tom done this to her, she wondered. She was angry at the man who asked her to betray her vows and feelings. But she still took the man's horrid fuck tool!

Bo looked at his glistening rod as he pumped it in and out of the hot body bent before him. His hands gripped her hips tightly at first but when he realized that she was completely submissive, he let loose of her hips and let his hands wander over her lush tanned body.

"I'm gonna to bust a nut too quick, if I ain't careful," he thought to himself. He slowed the rhythm of his fucking and reached around her slender waist to grab her dangling tits. He pulled on her stiff nipples and was rewarded with her pussy becoming wetter and wetter.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," she moaned mindlessly. She shamefully felt her body betraying her again! She felt her vagina bathe his raging cock in her juices! This was completely against her will but happening nonetheless!

Borovsky began to establish a tawdry rhythm to the fucking that was driving Jill insane! She lifted her torso off the table and shook her blonde mane erotically! She did not understand why her body betrayed her.

The overweight man reached down her smooth belly and searched for her little love bud. He felt her stiff clitoris and began to massage it.

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