tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Jill Ch. 03

Using Jill Ch. 03


Jill was unable to comprehend what had happened to her.

The young wife's blue eyes were wide with fear and she tried to push the big man away from her.

"Please," she said, "We have to get that back!" Jill's heels kicked the back of the big man's thighs as her naked legs flailed in a futile effort to dislodge the big dick in her pussy.

Her mind raced as she told herself that she had to get that camera! But Borovsky's big cock was still sheathed deeply in her little cunt and he had her pinned to the wall and table. He had no interest in whether the young man had one photo or fifty. He was enjoying the aftermath of an orgasm and wasn't about to pull his penis out of her until he was good and ready!

Still she begged him to get the camera. But Bo was still in the euphoric aftermath of his intense orgasm and found her plea annoying. "Damn, Jill, shut the fuck up!"

Despite his orgasm, his cock was still semi-stiff and stuffed the young woman's pussy very well. His hands covered her ripe breasts, squeezing the soft, womanly flesh harshly without a thought about her concerns or humiliation.

Jill realized the futility of her struggle and her head fell back and her eyes closed in shame. She submitted to the disgraceful acts without further struggle. Her beautiful naked body was still being used by the man as he stroked in and out of her wet pussy, albeit slower and slower in his strokes, his hands continuing to tug on her rubbery nipples. There was nothing she could do but wait for what seemed like an eternity for him to pull his deflating tool out of her soaked passage. By that time, she knew it was too late to catch the young man.


She felt as if she slept walked through the next half hour.

Bo pulled her off of the table and tugged her by the hand to her bathroom shower. Reaching in, he turned on the shower and waited for the spray to warm a bit.

"Get in there and wash off quick," he said. "I want you smelling clean tonight."

The spray hit the young wife and she began to try to soap off the filthy feeling that she had on her skin from the fuck that Borovsky had thrown her. She stood under the warm water, letting it soak her hair and body. Her eyes were moist with tears but she tried not to cry. She knew it would only make things worse. She bent her legs to allow Bo's spunk to flow out of her pussy.

After only a couple of minutes, the shower door opened and Jill saw Bo standing naked just outside the shower.

"Hey," he said, "Wash off my cock and balls. Your pussy was so fucking wet that I need to clean off, too." He chortled at his own joke as he stepped in to the large shower area.

Jill hesitated just a moment, not really comprehending what he was saying.

Bo reached towards her wet tit and pinched a pink nipple.

"Ow!" she cried more in surprise than pain.

"I said, wash my cock and balls!"

Jill knew better than to argue. Immediately, she grabbed the bar of soap.

"This is so humiliating," she thought to herself. But she reached over to his long, flaccid penis and began to soap it gently. Even flaccid, it was large and fleshy and her hand felt small holding the man's penis. The head of his cock was thick and almost discolored. Jill caught herself thinking that Bo's penis was much larger than her husband's cock. She had never imagined that men's penis' could look so different. He was a despicable man, she thought.

"I think you can do a better job if you are on your knees," he said and he stepped into the large shower with her.

The beautiful blonde looked up into his cold, dark eyes and gingerly began to kneel before the large, fat man. The water sprayed over her back as she knelt before the man in utter submission, using both hands to gently soap off his cock. His big belly was grotesque to the young woman so she tried to not think about what she was doing. The man was very hairy and his pubic hair was so thick that it stuck straight out from his genital area and extended down around his cock and balls and at the juncture of his pudgy legs. As she soaped him, the thick manhood stood semi-erect above his bloated testicles.

"Tom, why did you get into this mess?" she wondered silently as her eyes welled up. "Get a hold of yourself," she thought, stifling back her tears. "Just get through this for Tom and our marriage."

Her blue eyes widened when she looked at his monstrous cock up close. While the length was very remarkable, it was the thickness of his penis that frightened the young woman. It seemed to be thicker than her wrist and wasn't even stiff! The big, fleshy head looked almost purplish and heavily veined shaft seemed menacing to Jill.

"How had he fit that in me?" she questioned, knowing that she had a little vagina. But she was truly appalled by the sight of his huge balls. Encased in a large, fleshy sac, Jill soaped them well. Holding them in her small hands, she was amazed at their weight. The size and weight seemed to explain the man's inhuman sexual drive. The wrinkly sac was hairy, too. Both the cock and balls were just inches from her face and Bo grasped the base of his dong and slapped it a couple of times on Jill's cheek as she tried to rinse it.

"Lil' Bo really likes you," he said laughingly. "Do you like Lil' Bo?"

He slapped his semi-erect cock against her face lightly. His face could not hide the intense lust that he felt looking down at the petite and naked, tanned blonde wife of his employee kneeling submissively before him.

"Answer me, Jilly," he mocked, but his tone was suddenly threatening.

"I ... I ... I ... do," the kneeling beauty lied in a soft voice, in fear, continuing to wash and stroke his cock gently, feeling it get stiffer as she handled it.

"Good, then rinse him with your soft tongue," he said.

Bo watched in amazement as the beautiful woman opened her mouth and in abject surrender took his cock within her lips. As the warm water poured over her naked back, Bo saw Jill's blonde head begin to slowly begin to bob on his enlarging cock.

"What a fucking slut," he thought to himself. "She does love to suck my cock."

The big man spent a couple of more hours fucking the young blonde in her marital bed. Before he shot his jizm deep into the beautiful woman's pussy, Bo had decided that Jill could help him more than even he had suspected.


Bo had brought over a twelve pack of beer and he insisted that Jill drink two of them as he selected her clothes for a drive. But by the time she was in Bo's car speeding down the road she had drank four beers and was very buzzed. Despite the trepidation that she felt being alone with the awful man, her mind was still swirling about the photograph that her neighbor, Billy, had taken. As she felt her heart pounding in her chest, she simply hoped that the photo had been blurry or perhaps that he had felt guilty about taking it and deleted it. The gorgeous young woman knew that she was grasping at straws.

Borovsky had been true to his word. He had chosen Jill's clothes before they left. He was angry that he could find nothing slutty in her wardrobe. She was dressed in some short jean shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. It was nothing slutty except that he had not allowed her to wear a bra. She self-consciously could see and feel her nipples pushing through the thin fabric. There was little that a t-shirt could do to keep her large, firm tits from pushing though the cloth.

As they drove down the road into the city, Borovsky railed against Tom and his work ethic. He told Jill that Tom had been cheating the company out of money and that he had stood behind Tom in an effort to save his job. Now, though, he said, he had loaned Tom large amounts of money that Tom had not repaid him. He told Jill that Tom was in danger of being arrested for embezzlement.

Jill already felt a little intoxicated and her head swirled more with the revelations that Bo was telling her about her husband. She had no way of knowing that he was lying. In fact, Bo had a large gambling debt from a bookie and pimp in the worst part of town in the direction that he was now headed. The man had threatened Borovsky recently and Bo hoped that Jill would act as a down payment on the debt.

Bo hoped that if he could leverage Jill into having sex with the pimp that he could buy some time to repay the loan. As he sped into the worst part of the city, Jill became more and more frightened.

"Where are we going?" she finally screwed up the courage to ask.

Borovsky was noticeably agitated and nervous. "Shut up," was all he said. He continued to drive into a neighborhood that Jill had no way to know even existed. As the car entered a dilapidated apartment complex, Jill shuddered involuntarily. When the car ground to a stop, Bo reached under the car seat and pulled out a large caliber pistol. Jill watched in wide-eyed amazement as he pulled his shirttail out of his pants and stuck the gun into the back of his waistband.

"Come on," he said to her as he opened his door.

Jill hesitated until he glared at her and she opened the car door and stepped out.

The heat from the night was oppressive and she noticed it for the first time as they walked through the parking lot into the courtyard of the complex. Despite it being the dead of night, rap music blared from an apartment across the way and a few black men loitered on the steps of the complex across the courtyard. Jill heard them whistle at the young white woman walking into the complex.

"Hey, mama! Where you goin'?" Laughter rippled through their open mouths.

Jill noticed that Bo ignored the men as if they did not intimidate him at all. She, however, felt a chill go through her spine.

Bo stopped walking and knocked on a door. He felt for his gun just before the door opened. A large black man wearing a wife-beater t-shirt and jeans answered the door.

"What the fuck?" he said as he looked briefly at Bo and the beautiful white woman with him. He stuck his head out of the door and quickly looked at the men across the stoop. Jill noticed that they nodded as if to indicate that there were no other people with Bo. With that, the man moved aside and Bo and Jill walked in. The man closed and locked the door.

Jill was appalled at the condition of the apartment, but Bo and the man left her just inside the door. "Stay there," Bo said to her as he walked into the bedroom adjacent to the living area.

Jill stood there as her eyes adjusted to the dark. The room smelled strongly of marijuana and another substance that she did not recognize but was crack cocaine. When she heard some voices in the corner, she peered into the darkness and saw a couple of men sitting staring in her direction. Their eyes seemed lifeless and dull but they stared a hole through her as she stood there shifting her weight nervously. The glow of their marihuana joint brightened as one of them inhaled deeply.

Bo came out of the bedroom and motioned Jill in. Fearfully, Jill walked in. The room was better lit from the light coming from an open closet door where a light bulb hung from a wire. Still, it was pretty dark.

The huge dark man towered over Borovsky. Jill thought he must be over six feet, six inches tall. He was thickly muscled and had a very menacing air about him. He looked at Jill as if she was a piece of meat. She tried not to look him in the eyes, which gave her appear frightened and submissive. Clearly she was frightened.

As her big blue eyes cast around the room, she saw a black woman laying on the bed. The woman was nude from her waist up and a dirty sheet snaked its way between her bare thighs, covering her pussy and lower abdomen. Her large tits hung sensuously from her chest. As Jill looked at her, the woman scooted up on the bed, but did nothing to further cover herself. She smiled a knowing smile at the young white woman. Jill forced her eyes away from the woman without acknowledging her.

Bo spoke first. "DeAndre, she loves cock. She'd make you some real money."

Jill's jaw dropped. He was trying to prostitute her!

"I'll do no such thing!" she yelled at Bo.

Before she even had the last word out, the black man had pulled a large silver gun out of his pants and pointed it directly at her face.

"Number one," he said, "DeAndre don't have his bitches talkin' 'bout what they do and don't do. Number two, I ever hear you talkin' back and I'll blow your fuckin' head off. Understood?"

Jill was stunned into silence.

"Bitch, I said, does you understand?" He cocked the hammer to the gun.

"Y... yes," she stammered, her trembling hands covering her downcast face.

The man slowly raised the gun from her face. He turned to Bo. "Fuckin' ho."

Bo smiled nervously. "So, man, what do you think? Can you use her for a few hours?"

The huge black man turned away without saying anything. Jill nearly exhaled a sigh of relief that he had no interest in her, when she saw the woman get out of bed.

Making no effort to cover herself, the black woman walked past Jill, her large tits brushing Jill's arm as she passed. "I'm Nia. Get undressed," she told Jill.

"Bo!" was all Jill said in a pleading voice, but she didn't even know why she said it. The black man turned a cold eye to her and she froze in her tracks. Her hands quickly went to her t-shirt and began to work it over her head. By the time the black woman returned to the room, Jill was scooting out of her tight shorts. All that she had on was a purple girlish thong.

"Leave that on, baby," the woman said nonchalantly. She handed Jill some five-inch heels and a short jacket. "Put these on."

Jill stepped into the shoes which were slightly too tight.

"Big feet, big titties," the woman said with a laugh. "I hope you ain't got no big pussy!"

The jacket was silver sequined and bright, but very short. It extended no further down than Jill's rib cage and could only be closed around her large breasts by pulling it very tightly. It had a single button in front. The black woman was pulling on some very scandalous clothes as well.

"Tito," the woman called into the living room, "bring us some of that shit you smokin'. We goin' out and need a boost."

A middle-aged black man quickly appeared in the bedroom with a lighter and joint.

Jill began to shake her head, no, but the woman put the joint to her mouth and said, "Honey, ain't no use fighting. We'll smoke this and be on our way." The red lips of the young wife parted and when Nia put the cigarette to her mouth she inhaled as she knew she had to. After a few minutes the joint was gone and Jill was higher than she had ever been.

The combination of drugs and alcohol made Jill stagger as she walked in the high heels. But when DeAndre and Nia got up to walk out and motioned Jill to follow, she did as instructed, her long, tanned legs trying to maintain her balance in the high heels.

As Jill climbed into DeAndre's car she heard Nia chuckle from behind her.

"DeAndre," Nia said, "you wastin' your money takin' this tight-assed bitch to the streets. You need to set her up somewhere for your big money men. She sittin' on a gold mine!"

With DeAndre in the driver's seat of a huge Continental and Bo in the passenger seat, they drove only a short distance before they stopped. It was a pretty rundown street. Nia told Jill to get out and she followed. As they walked away, DeAndre spoke. "You do what Nia say, ya hear?" Jill nodded through a drug fog in her brain.

Jill was essentially nude from her high heels to the purple thong she wore. Her shapely ass was provocatively arched by the shoes and the little jacket did nothing to conceal the acres of titties beneath it.

Nia tried to reassure the young woman. "DeAndre will be watchin' us so we don't have no trouble. He good at that. And, I'll do all the talking."

Jill tried to shake her head to clear her brain, but it did no good.

They had not walked a hundred feet before a car honked at the two women. It just sped by. Jill hoped that the street would not be busy. She and Nia were the only two people walking. She looked back and saw DeAndre's car parked in a vacant parking lot across the street.

Within a couple of minutes, a car pulled up to the curb by the women. The passenger window rolled down. Jill nervously backed up a couple of feet but watched as Nia bent at the waist to peer into the car.

"Hey, baby! What you looking for?"

"What do you have?" the man replied.

Jill tried not to look, but when she did, she saw that it was a well dressed white man in the car. Even from the distance that she stood from him and in her own drugged state, he appeared intoxicated.

"Whatever you want, baby! You want dark meat or white meat?" Nia asked and then pulled away from the window so that the man could see Jill.

The man took a look at Jill and said, "that chick is too good looking to be out here. You cops?"

Nia looked back at Jill. "Baby," she said, "show him your titties!" When Jill hesitated, Nia shot her an angry look.

Almost instinctively, Jill's hands went to the short jacket button and undid the single button. Using both hands, she turned her face away but opened the top quickly so the man could see her naked breasts. Despite being high and slightly drunk, Jill's hands trembled as she held the jacket open. Her large, firm breasts hung proudly from her chest, the nipples stiffening in the warm night's air. There was virtually no sag in her big tits. Her nipples looked delectable. She was terrified and her heart beat fast as she put herself on display for the john. After a moment, she pulled the jacket shut.

"That is some fucking nice piece of ass!" the man said. "How much for her?"

"Two and a half bills for a straight up fuck," Nia answered.

"Ha! For that, I'll go fuck the old lady at home!" But the man continued to leer at Jill. Jill could not stand the conversation and turned to walk away on unsteady feet.

"Your ol' lady ain't nothin' like this, I guarantee ya!" Nia replied. "So what you lookin' to spend?"

"One bill," he said

"Shit, go on and fuck your ol' lady." Nia started to walk off.

"A bill and a half," he shouted as she did.

"Have fun fucking that old bag o' yours," Nia said with a laugh. "You ain't gettin' no prime white pussy for no bill and a half!" Jill's head spun but she was thankful that Nia was walking away.

"Two bills," he said.

Nia turned back. Jill's heart sank.

"You'll have to be quick for two bills!" she said. "I mean it. Pull in there." Nia nodded at an area off the street.

The man drove slowly past them into a darker area.

Jill was shaking with fear. She was afraid her trembling legs would collapse beneath her. This was everything that was against her strict upbringing and her moral code. How could she do this? Her mind screamed!

She looked around her for a place to run but quickly realized how crazy that was. When she turned back, Nia was at the driver window and Jill saw some cash exchange.

Nia came over and said, "I'll stand watch. He so charged-up, he won't last five minutes in your pussy, baby." She said that as some sort of reassurance.

Jill's eyes widened when the man opened his car door. Why was he getting out, she wondered.

Nia looked at him and laughed. "Oh you one of them public fuckers, huh? Okay!" The black woman leaned on the hood of the car and tossed her head in Jill's direction. "Fuck her back there."

The beautiful blonde followed the man on wobbly legs. Her mind was slightly foggy but not to the extent that she didn't know what she was doing. She had no way of knowing the effects of alcohol and a marihuana joint laced with an aphrodisiac would have on her sexual libido. As soon as she realized that she was going to have sex with this stranger, her mind was repulsed but her body began to rebel. Her inner thighs felt extra sensitive and her pussy, covered only by a thin purple thong, felt wet and warm! Her nipples were very stiff and sensitive. "What is the matter with me?" she wondered.

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