tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Jill Ch. 12

Using Jill Ch. 12


That evening, Jill took a long hot bath and tried to relax with a glass of wine. One glass turned into two, which turned into three. When she pulled herself out of the tub, she realized that she was buzzed. She put on a pair of panties and a short, silk robe and wandered into the living room with the wine bottle and glass.

The tired young woman reclined slightly on the couch and curled her legs under her. The television on but she wasn't watching.

"I should call Tom," she thought, but quickly resolved to not do that. Despite his treatment of her, she knew that she still considered him her husband. Her upbringing had made her loyal to him despite his terrible treatment of her. It was hard to shake that feeling and she wasn't certain that she wanted to.

Instead, she sipped on the red wine and let her tormented mind drift.

The young blonde's mind went back to her wedding day. It was such a festive, joyful occasion. She thought that she was giving her body and soul to the only man she would ever love. Her supposition was not correct and she began to run through a litany of men she had fucked - several whose names she didn't even know.

The silk robe seemed to dance lightly on her nipples and every shift of her body made her breasts react to the touch. Her hand went to the robe to adjust it so that it would not caress her nipple and she found herself cupping her perfectly formed tit for just a moment too long.

That feels good! She quickly moved her hand away.

The memory of some of these men with their hot meat stroking in and out of her vaginal passage as her spread legs cradled the men between her thighs flashed in her brain. Jill shook her head trying to rid her memory of them but she recognized that a moisture spread in her vagina with the memory.

Not conscious of her movement, her hand drifted to her pussy and she touched herself gently. The electric jolt of sexual energy caused her hand to pull away.

Tom, please forgive me! I have got to stop thinking about them! I don't want to be a dirty slut.

At that very moment, she realized that perhaps what made her hand jump away was that the doorbell had rung at the very instant that she touched her pussy.

She quickly stood up and approached the door, despite the late hour of the night.

"Who is it?" she asked as she got to the door.

"Dan Wilson, your neighbor," was the reply.

Jill opened the door slightly and peeked around it.

"Is everything okay?" she inquired. Dan was Billy's father. He was a standoffish, seemingly rude man who had not spoken more than five sentences to Jill since she and Tom had moved into their house. He and his dumpy wife seemed entirely dissatisfied with life.

But the times that they had spoken, Dan had stared at Jill very creepily. Tom had brushed off her concerns about the tall neighbor man. Now he stood at her door and Jill felt concerned and very alone.

"You need to answer some questions for me," he said and pushed past the door.

Frightened because of her relationship with Billy, Jill tried to maintain her composure.

"About what?" she responded pretending as best she could that she had no idea what was going on.

"I think you know what," he said coldly. "Where's Tom?"

Jill's heart sank. "He's... he's upstairs," she lied.

"Don't lie to me. He hasn't been home in days. His car isn't even around. Where is he?"

"He's out of town... on business," she lied again. She didn't want anyone to know of their marital problems of their separation.

Dan was several inches over six feet tall but not broadly built. Having once been slim, he had all of the markings of middle age - graying hair and an expanding gut. He was probably 40 or 50 pounds too heavy for his frame and carried it all in his stomach, hips and thighs. He was wearing athletic shorts and a sleeveless tank top that hung loosely from his torso over the top of his shorts. The wiry hair on his chest, back and underarms puffed out from beneath the tank top. His lower legs were skinny and white and he wore sandals. His hair was unwashed and appeared uncombed.

A chill ran through Jill's body because he looked as if he had come over in a hurry.

Could he know? Has he found out? She wished that she had never given in to the boys.

Without thinking, Jill pulled her robe tighter around her waist. She wished she was dressed more conservatively.

Dan looked over at the glass of wine and the nearly empty bottle.

"Sit down," he instructed her.

Jill tried to smile but it was forced. Inside, her heart was pounding and she was afraid that she was trembling. Can he know about my relations with Billy?

"What on earth could you need to talk to me about?" Her voice almost trembled, she was so nervous. She found herself moving to the couch and sitting as he told her to.

Dan went into the kitchen and brazenly looked around. He opened the door to the refrigerator and pulled out a couple of beers. He picked up a second bottle of wine and the cork screw as he made his way back into the living room.

Jill watched him fearfully. She was frantically trying to gather her wits.

He placed the bottles on a side table and made his way back to the kitchen and picked up a chair from the breakfast set. He put it down only a foot or so from Jill and sat on it, directly in front of her.

"So you had sex with my boy," he said.

Jill gasped. He knows! He knows! How could he know! Why would Billy tell him?

"That's crazy!" she said. "Take that back! Get out of here!" Jill was very animated but apparently not very convincing. Dan didn't move.

"Jill, shut up. Billy's told me everything."

The man was lying. He had not spoken to his son, but had gone through the young man's phone and seen the photo of Jill and Bo and dozens of text messages from Billy and his friends about Jill and the fun they had screwing her.

"He's lying," she said. "He's a teenager. They make things up. Why would you believe him? He's..."

"Stop!" Dan said, nearly shouting. "Enough."

Then he continued. "Billy is 18 years old. You can fuck him and his friends if you want to. Billy told me everything." He shifted in his chair. "There's nothing wrong with that if Tom doesn't mind you getting dick from these young guys."

"But one of the boys was 14." Again this was a lie. They were all 18, but Dan was banking on Jill not knowing.

"No!" Jill protested. "They said they were all ... 18," she blurted out before she thought of the implications.

"Well now that that is out of the way. Like I said, you can fuck every 18 year old in the neighborhood, but you can't fuck a 14 year old. That's a felony, bitch."

"I... I... they lied to me," she said, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. "They forced me to do it with them!"

"That is bullshit. If you don't understand, I will spell it out to you. I'm trying to figure out if I should call the cops." Dan watched the gorgeous woman's face. She was in agony and terrified.

"Call the cops?" she repeated. As if this was her only hope, she blurted out, "The police won't believe them!"

"That is a possibility," he said calmly, "but you'll have to go in to answer questions. That won't be fun. And if they do believe them, and I think they will, you'll be charged."

"They won't believe them," she said with less conviction.

"The boys will be able to describe you completely. Your body, your tits, the size of your nipples. They'll be able to describe your bedroom, your master bath, how Tom called while you were fucking them."

"Why?" she asked. "I... I didn't want to."

Dan took a swig from his beer.

"I guess that I can add that you kind of confessed to me, too."

His eyes looked coldly into hers. "I'm going to have to report this to the cops, Jill. You fucked up big time."

"No. Please!" she pleaded pathetically. "No, no, no! You'll ruin me!"

"You ruined yourself by being a slut!" he replied.

She almost seemed to be losing her mind! "Please don't. I'll kill myself!" She was shaking her head and her blonde hair was sweeping left and right. Her hands were by her temples.

The man stood up and Jill stopped and looked at him. For the first time, Jill saw that he had a massive erection beneath his shorts.

Instantly, his real intentions became clear. The man's gigantic penis bulged from under his shorts. "Oh my god," Jill thought. "He wants to fuck me!"

Jill leaned back on the couch to put some distance between them, but he was nearly on top of her. She had the look of small animal that was trapped by an oversized predator. Her eyes were full of fear and she cowered away from the man.

"What do you want from me? Why are you doing this to me?" she asked frantically.

Instinctively, she drew her legs up. A broad expanse of her shapely thighs came into view. Her pink panties showed at the juncture of her legs.

"I'm not doing anything to you," he answered. "You fucked those boys. You probably will land in prison for that. That's where whores like you belong, don't you think? Would you have said that before you did it?"

"It doesn't matter anymore," she said. "It doesn't matter..."

"Oh, but it does," he interrupted. "You'll be ruined. Tom will be ruined. You said so yourself. Your family will be humiliated."

"But, you're... you're blackmailing me!"

"Why do you say that? That's an ugly word. There's no reason to think about it that way," he said in his gravelly voice. "Think of it as an arrangement between you and me that keeps you from losing everything. Everything."

"Wha...what do you want from me?" she asked as if she didn't know.

Dan didn't hesitate. He towered over her shrinking form. His hands went to her robe and opened it slowly. Jill didn't protest although her face was the picture of panic.

His hands were nearly shaking with lust. He drew the silk away from her body and was astonished at what was beneath.

I'm gonna fuck this bitch, he thought.

Her firm tits were now on display. They were so young and delectable that they stuck out on her chest as if they defied gravity. Inexplicably, her pink nipples were stiff and pointed. She saw the cold lust in his eyes. Jill bit her lower lip in fear.

Jill cringed and her legs scissored nervously but her torso remained still. Her blue eyes were welling with tears and her mouth was open as if in shock.

She watched in terror as the man's hands went to her D-cup breasts and weighed them, holding them like fruit in his hands. His thumbs went to her nipples. She felt the weight of them lifted off her chest as he cupped them in both hands.

"My god," he said. "They're perfect."

She gasped when his fingertips caressed her sensitive nipples. They were so responsive that they immediately stiffened into little erasure tips.

"Ughhhh!" The sound escaped her lips.

Then Dan took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled the nipples harshly. The flesh of both breasts lengthened out painfully.

"Owww! That hurts me!" she cried, and her small hands went to his wrists. She didn't try to stop him, though, and he pinched the rubbery nipples and twisted them before he let them go and watched them bounce back into perfect form.

"Uhh. Uhhhh! Please don't hurt me. I'll do what you want."

"Oh will you?" he asked snidely. "I think you enjoy it."

She's mine all night if I want her, he thought to himself. If she didn't stop him from doing that, she wasn't going to stop him from doing anything that he wanted, he knew.

"Nooo! I have to do it," she said almost in a whisper.

"So, I see you want to make a little deal with me so that I don't go to the cops. Am I right?"

Jill didn't answer. She looked at the repulsive man, her blue eyes welling up. That's what he wanted all along, she thought. He is a nasty man. A blackmailer!

"I asked you a question. Should I call the cops, you slut?"


He slapped her naked thigh and heard her cry out in pain.

"Answer me, bitch!" His anger was growing and his face was turning red.

"No, no! Don't!" She looked at him pleadingly. "Pleeeease, ... don't." Her soft voice faded off in despair. "I'll ... I'll... do what you want."

Dan pulled down his athletic shorts and her hands went to her breasts to cover her tender nipples.

From beneath his shorts popped out his enormous cock. It was only semi-erect but as hideous as the man himself. It was thick and uncircumscised and nearly a foot long. It was framed by a thick thatch of untrimmed pubic hair.

Jill's face must have betrayed her disgust.

"Haven't seen anything like this before, huh? I'll bet you'll like it a lot better when we are done fucking."

He stepped onto the couch, straddling her body and laid the long penis against her face as she leaned straight back on the couch.

Jill's eyes were closed, but she felt the base of his cock at her chin and the organ extended to the top of her forehead. It was warm and fleshy and Jill realized something terrible.

He wasn't erect yet!

He will tear me in two with that thing! He's too big for me!

Dan took his tool in his hand and began to slap Jill's face with it.

"Open your eyes, neighbor. I want you to see what you are going to suck on."

Jill opened her eyes and looked at the massive penis. The head was still covered with his foreskin.

"You have a pretty mouth," he said in a trance-like tone. "Open it up wide for me."

He rubbed the cock against her face.

His words sent a chill down her spine. She inhaled sharply and the odor of the man's cock filled her lungs. Jill did not want to, but looked up at the man standing on the couch.

He's insane, she thought. He'll call the police and ruin me!

With these terrible consequences in mind, her lips parted in an O shape and Dan pushed the very end of his dick into her soft mouth.

The tip of her tongue touched the still covered end of his cock. It was an odd feeling for her and her tongue flutter on the underside of his meat and then pulled away unexpectedly, although the end was still between her lips. He pulled it out and gasped out loud.

"Uhhh! You're a great cocksucker! Fuck, I'm gonna love this."

He reached down and touched her chin, bringing it up slightly to look at him.

"Have you ever sucked an uncut piece of meat?"

Jill didn't know what to say.

"Take it in both your hands."

Jill reached for it and felt the warmth of his enormous penis. To her horror, she could not fit her fingers around the man's tool. Veiny and fleshy, yet only partially stiff, it was repulsive. It appeared to be more animal-like than a human sexual organ.

He's oversexed, Jill thought, looking at his cock and the humongous testicles hanging behind it. He's a monster!

"Cup my balls with one hand."

She did. The two large testicles felt heavy in his sac. The sac had wiry, gray hair wildly sticking out of it. His hygiene was not good and his cock area was strong with a pubic smell..

"With your other hand, push the foreskin back and say hello to your new best friend. Make him happy and the cops won't hear a word."

Jill obeyed his command and the glans appeared from under the foreskin.

Not believing that she had any choice, she slowly leaned her head towards the cock, opened her mouth and began to suck on his stiffening erection. The fleshy cock repulsed her. She looked up at the awful face of the man. He mistook her blue eyes looking up at him as being an attempt to arouse him.

"You do know how make a man happy by looking at him with your lips around his cock, huh? You've got some bedroom eyes if I ever saw any. Did you learn that from Tom or did the boys teach you that?" he taunted.

Jill closed her eyes in shame.

The long sausage that filled her mouth nearly nauseated the beautiful blonde. Her tongue licked the veiny underside of his cock and she bobbed her head back and forth but could not take in a quarter of the man's cock.

Her lips were tightly compressed around the man's throbbing cock head and she felt him tugging on her robe from above. Jill raised her arms, her mouth never leaving his cock, and the robe slipped upwards and off her body. She was now only in her skimpy panties.

She glanced up at the man who looked like he was in a trance. His eyes looked at her uncomprehendingly and his large mouth was agape.

His massive hardness throbbed in her mouth. She knew that he was in ecstacy but she was worried about him becoming to physically aggressive. Already, he was thrusting his hips towards her face. Trying to brace herself from his pumping hips, Jill placed a hand on his thigh and her other around his leg. She felt his ass cheek flexing as he pistoned in and out of her mouth.

Jill sucked his dick but was thinking about what was going on too. She realized her quandry. She didn't want him to cum in her mouth - she thought she would gag if he shot his jism into her mouth - yet she didn't want him to have intercourse with her either. She had just resolved to pull off of his penis as soon as he began to shoot his sperm when she felt his hands go to her head and grip her hair firmly.

Oh, no! He is going to hold me on his penis while he climaxes!

Jill looked up at him. Her blue eyes were wide open.

Dan came out of his mindless stupor.

"Shit. You are such a good cocksucker that I almost lost it there. You can't get off that easy, though."

He pulled back and Jill felt the cock come out of her mouth.

"Pull your panties off," he said.

Instinctively, Jill blurted out. "You're too big for me! You'll tear me in two with that thing."

"Hahaha! I'll take it nice and slow at first, baby."

"Anything but that, please," she pleaded. "I promise - I'll do anything."

"Take your fucking panties off! I'm gonna screw your pussy."

Dan stepped off the couch and finished disrobing, never letting his eyes leave the helpless blonde wife.

Jill cringed but slowly peeled her panties down her thighs and off her legs. She let them fall to the floor. Completely naked, she looked at the man's oversized cock. It was rock solid.

"Tom not quite built like this, huh? I always figured him to be a small cock." He seemed intent on humiliating the young woman as well as fucking her. "You'll start to like it and not want Tom near so much after you take it."

She didn't comprehend a word he said. Her mind was wondering how she could accommodate such a monster cock in her pussy. Forcing her eyes off of his penis, she looked up at his face.

"Get in your bedroom. I'm not going to waste fucking you here on a couch," he said coldly.

Jill's mind swirled but she found herself rising on shaky knees to obey the man who had her in his grip.

They stood facing each other, completely nude. She realized how he towered over her small form. The engorged penis, in an upward angle, was nearly at her breast level.

"Kiss it before we go to your bedroom," he said.

Jill hesitated but then leaned down and opened her mouth, taking the head of the cock between her lips. She began to bob on it.

The man laughed. "I didn't say suck it. I said kiss it."

Humiliated, Jill let the cock fall from her mouth.

Why am I subjecting myself to this? He is an animal. She looked up at him. Her disdain for him was written on her face. The next words that she said surprised her.

"No. I'm not doing any more. Get out of my house." The words carried a very serious tone. After she said them, she felt a chill of danger.

She saw the man smile a mean grin. A quick thought ran through his brain: She'll pay for being such a snotty bitch.

"Do you mind if I use your phone to call the cops?" he asked simply.

Jill was completely quiet. Her mind raced.

Dan was willing to wait her out. He stood in front of her, his stiff, jutting cock just inches from her face.

"I'm waiting," he said. "I'd like to get you arrested while you're naked."

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