V.I.T. Ch. 2


What kind of snack food was appropriate when a vampire kidnaps you? Reese Cups? Skittles? Mike and Ike's? Junior Mints? Definitely chocolate. Willow had a feeling that this was a dark chocolate kind of day. That was the trouble with being a denizen of Sunnydale, there were never any etiquette books to cover the situation.

"What'll it be, pet?" Spike asked, watching her chew on her lower lip as she pondered her selection. He admired her concentration. He had no doubt that the gears were just whirring in that brainy head of hers. He'd give a few decades off his unlife to know what she was thinking about. She was that fascinating. Better yet, her thoughts would make sense, unlike Drusilla.

Willow was thinking about escape. Freedom lay a few yards away in the form of a gray steel door down the hall. It was so close. "H-how much money do you have?" Willow asked, timidly. All the while, she surreptitiously eyed the door.

"We have our work cut out for us, don't we?" Spike rolled his eyes before he smashed his fist through the glass enclosed vending machine. "I hardly ever pay for anything, pet."

"Oh." Willow's eyes were wide as she gulped. "But, Spike, I'm not THAT hungry."

Spike snickered. "You have to learn to let loose a bit. Live in the moment." He pulled his hand loose, twisting it to the left so that he didn't scratch it on the jagged edges of glass. He just had a few superficial cuts but didn't want to bleed all over their breakfast by opening them more. "Besides, we'll take some for the road too."

"Right. On the road again." Willow said, humoring him. Meanwhile, she looked left and right but no 'candy police' came. Unfortunately. This wouldn't be a problem if they were near a donut shop. Spike seemed to be taking his time. "Shouldn't we hurry?"

"Why?" Spike was loading up the pockets of his duster with assorted bags of chips and candy bars.

"Uh, because someone will find out. Then, they'll call the police and they would-"

"I'd eat anyone who tried to stop us, pet." Spike said, opening a Baby Ruth bar with gusto. "Or break their necks. Depends on my mood." He bit down on the candy, sighing with satisfaction.

"Oh. . .well, that's just. . .gross. . .er, great." Willow daintily selected an Almond Joy. She snagged a pack of gum and a couple of packages of Fig Newtons.

Spike frowned. "Take more than that, luv. We're going to be traveling and I can't stop all the time to feed you."

He made her sound like a demanding pet or a fragile house plant. "Fine, but if anyone asks, you made me do it." She grabbed a couple of packages of chips and a few candy bars. It wasn't exactly healthy but it was food. Her eyes strayed to the door once more.

"I'll gladly take the blame." His eyes lit on the soda machine "You need something to wash it down."

"Oh no, I can just drink some tap water, don't worry about-"

But Spike ripped the door of the unit of its hinges. Inside, were several kinds of pop in cylindrical shoots. "Take your pick."

Good God, he's strong. It suddenly made escaping less appealing. And much more appealing. "Er, thanks." She dutifully chose some root beer and a couple of colas.

"You're welcome, pet." Spike was perusing the shoots, making up his mind.

She knew she'd never get a better opportunity. She was most likely close to home. He was distracted and weighed down by junk food. "Oh, look, Spike, they have Tolberones. This must be a high end vending machine." Spike peered into the machine.

Willow bolted, screaming. She left a Hansel and Gretel trail of snack foods behind her. "Help! Help! There's a vampire after me, help!" She knew it sounded ridiculous as soon as it left her mouth. . .but she was too scared to think of a good lie.

"Oh, very good." Spike chortled. "Now, tell 'em the Easter Bunny has you cornered." He was just a foot behind her, his long legs eating up the carpeted hallway.

Willow threw her Fig Newtons at him but she missed.

A door at the end of the hall was flung open my an middle-aged man in boxers with lip stick stains on his forehead and cheeks. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Never mind her, mate. She just likes a bit of playacting as a prelude to a good shagging." Spike said, flashing the man a 'cat that made love to the canary' grin.

Willow threw her hands against the door and was about to throw it open when Spike's arms surrounded hers and his hands encircled her wrists. "No! Let me go!" She cried, trying to throw her body weight against the door to open it. But the hinges were rusty and her weight was too slight.

Spike gathered her up against his chest, his arms covering hers like a living straight jacket. He whirled them both around. "We'll be on our way then, won't we luv?" He tightened his hold on her slightly, warning her to not make a sound.

The man in the doorway looked at them doubtfully. It was obvious that the young woman was upset. He thought he saw encrusted blood on her neck, it was hard to be sure in the dim light. "Why don't you let her go? She doesn't look like she wants to go with you."

"I think you need to mind your own business." Spike said, his voice was infused with a warning. He flashed his demon face and the man's eyes bulged. "We don't want any trouble here, do we?" Without another word, the aging human backed into his room. Spike marched Willow back to their room, his arms still wrapped tightly around her.

Once inside, he roughly shoved her towards the bed. She caught herself before she tripped and gingerly set down on the edge. Her heart was racing and her breath was coming fast, as if she'd just run a marathon. She was afraid she'd pass out. He started to pace and Willow became even more frightened. She thought it best to be quiet and try to blend in to the bedspread.

Finally, Spike threw open the door to their room. He fixed her with an utterly lethal glare. "I'm going down the hall. If you're as smart as I think you are, you will stay put. If I have to come get you, I'll take a strip off you. Got it?"

She couldn't even look at him. " Staying put."


Willow moved back against the headboard and pulled her knees to her chest. She could hear the sound of flesh slamming against metal outside. Then, she heard the sound of coins spilling on the floor. All the while, a string of very British obscenities was coming from Spike's lips. 'Bloody' and 'sodding' were favorite choices. On a positive note, at least he wasn't taking out his very obvious anger on her. Though, this could be the warm up to a witch-hunt.

All to quickly, the ominous sound of footsteps approaching her door was heard. Willow took a few calming breaths as the door opened and Spike appeared. In his arms were four ice buckets the hotel provided. Two of them were overflowing with shiny silver coins. The other two held snack foods and sodas. "W-wow. That's a lot of candy. D-do you feel better now?" And less homicidal?

"Much." Spike said. Beating the machines to a non-bloody pulp seemed to be just what the demon doctor ordered. He set down his ill-gotten gains on the nearby dresser.

"A-and are you less mad?"

"No." Spike considered this a moment and shook his head. "Hell, I even kind of admire you for your daring. Not many people could have pulled that off. Distracting me with the candy and what all. Its even more amazing that you're still alive. Pissing off a vampire is never a smart move, luv."

"Yeah, that's a bad habit." She ducked her head. "Musta picked that up from Buffy." She said hurriedly, anxious to agree with him.

Spike wasn't completely mollified. "You and I are going to eat something while I lay down some ground rules, pet."

"Okay." Willow cheerfully agreed, still in the happy space for being alive. So far so good.

Spike tossed her some Fig Newtons and a cola. She opened the package and nibbled on one. Spike sat down in the chair beside the bed. He opened a can of grape soda and sipped it, pausing for a moment. "Well, it's not wine but it'll do."

Willow took a sip of her pop. She was grateful for the sugar rush that hit her. She needed to keep her energy up so she could prepare and carry out an escape plan. "What kind of rules?"

Spike lit up a cigarette and contemplated his captive. She was busily munching on the fig cookies and trying to appear calm. She was failing miserably but somehow it made her made her more endearing. She was a unique mixture of daring and frailty. "First rule, pet. Don't try to escape." Willow grimaced and Spike's expression hardened. "I will only hunt you down and kill those who've helped you. Understand? You belong to me now. No one will separate us, even the almighty Slayer."

Willow gulped and nodded in understanding. Spike was every bit the predator. Fierce. Territorial. Possessive. His face was so handsome; his manner was largely affable. It made her forget that he was a killer at times.

"What? No protest? No tears?"

Willow tilted her chin up a notch. "No." For now, she added silently. She popped another Newton in her mouth and chewed furiously.

Spike blew a ring of smoke as he studied her. She'd obviously agreed to disagree in her own mind. The blond vampire tried not to let his smile show on his face. She had grit even if she wasn't willing to throw it in his face yet. To be fair, he was frightening. She probably only attempted to escape because she thought she wouldn't have to face his ire. He rested his boot on the edge of the coverlet. "And another thing, you will obey me." He let a small half-smile escape. "In the important things. A yes-woman isn't nearly as attractive."

Obey? At least he didn't ask her to love and honor him too. Willow bit the inside of her lip. "Fine."

"Alright, then. As long as you follow the rules, we should get on famously, pet."

Willow took another drink, finishing off her coke and ate the last corner of her cookie. "Great." She'd supposed she'd just made a vampire friend of sorts. Buffy would be appalled.

"That's a nasty bite mark, innit?" Spike said saucily, quite enjoying the movement of her slender white throat, decorated with a red mark, as she swallowed.

"It's fine." The young witch lied. "I can hardly feel it."

"Mmm? Really? Guess I'll have to bite down harder next time."

"No!" Willow slapped a hand to her neck.

"Yes, I think so."

Gyuah! "I think not. I mean, y-you're the only vampire who's ever bit me, so you kinda already made an impression. Ha Ha. Get it? Impression?" Willow babbled as she pointed to the indentations in her neck.

"Calm down. I was trying to get a rise out of you." Spike stood up. "Still, I think we need to clean that up." He guided Willow by the elbow into the dismal bathroom of their hotel room and sat her down on the counter top. He contemplated the yellowed bath-towels and washcloths with distaste but resolutely picked one up. He turned on the faucet and dampened it. Then he situated himself between Willow's legs.

She squirmed away from him. "I can do it."

"I know, luv, but what kind of sire would I be if I didn't take care of you?"

"The best kind?"

Spike smiled at her indulgently before he began to undirt and unblood her. Unfortunately, it wasn't doing very much for her overall appearance. She had soot on her clothes, her tights were ripped. They were several small cuts and abrasions too. She really needed a proper bath. "Change of plans, pet. Get in the tub."

Willow looked at the yellowed tub with disdain. "No thanks."

"That wasn't a request."

She pointed at it. "But its so...ewww."

"You can't get caught up in this cleanliness thing, pet. After all, you're going to be unlivin' in a crypt, right?"

"A crypt? Like with dead people and spider webs?"

"Of course."


Spike chuckled as he bent down and took off her shoes. "We have to get these off of you."

"I can take off my own shoes, Spike. My mom taught me how. I have lots of practice." But Spike continued to take them off. He set them neatly on the floor and ran his hands up her legs, intending to slip them under her skirt and strip off her tights. "Aack!" Willow cried, stopping his ascent into badness with her own hands.

He scorched a path of fire with his eyes as he slid them up her body until they fastened themselves on hers. They were half-lidded and unfocused, full of sensual suggestion. "I'm only trying to help you out of your clothes, pet."

Willow shivered. She somehow managed to shake her head in the negative. "N-no." She gasped in a breath of air. "No having, remember?"

Spike rimmed his lips with his tongue. "I do." His fingers traced a small circle on the inside of her knee. "But I remember the little chat we had after that too."

"I don't!" Willow said, trying in vain to ignore his actions.

"You told me you'd give me anything." Spike's hand slid further between her thighs. "Any thing."

"I-I did?"

"Uh huh." Spike confirmed. "If only I wouldn't snack on that git you're so fond of."


"Possibly. Dark haired and dopy?" Willow frowned but nodded. "Yeah, that's the one. I was bored, waiting for you to wade through all those spell supplies."

"I remember that." Willow said, lost in thought. "But then I told you we'd need my spell book from Buffy's."

"Yeah. And I didn't fancy walking over to be dusted so I decided to have myself a snack while I thought of a plan."

"I remember now." Willow's lower lip trembled. All the baser thoughts she'd unwillingly entertained about Spike fled. "You had him by the throat, y-you were going to hurt him."

"And you launched yourself at me." Spike said, with apparent fondness. "A little red ball of fury. You were going to rip me a new one with your bare hands." The vampire chuckled. "What a sight you were, Red." His eyes rested on hers once more. Spike could see that her sexual awareness of him had fled. In its place was fear mixed with anger. He removed his hands from her legs, settling for sweeping a wing of crimson hair from her face.

"But you let go of him and asked me what he was worth to me." Willow continued.

"Then you said he was everything. The only thing that mattered." Spike caressed her cheek with her thumb. "You offered yourself to me after that. Asked me to take you instead of him."

"And you did." Willow remembered. "You fed off of me and then knocked me out." She had a troubled expression. "But why didn't you just. . .you know. Kill me?"

Spike shrugged, apparently uncomfortable. "I don't know. Maybe I was bored? Or maybe I was saving you for the road?" Or other things. "Point is, I didn't."

"No, you didn't. Why don't you want me to do that spell on Dru. . .her."

Spike spoke with cold fury. "Because I want to pay her back for the misery she caused me. I want her to know what it feels like to be replaced. To be forgotten."

So, that's what she was. An instrument of revenge. Nothing more. She blew out a breath. Of course that's all you are to him. It's Spike for God's sake. William the Bloody! Your enemy! She tried to appear indifferent. "I see."

"Right." Spike said, coming back to himself. "What say we get you all cleaned up, huh?"

"I can do it myself." Willow said defensively, using her infamous and effective 'resolve face'.

"Alright, have it your way." Spike looked around the room and nodded. "Can't get out of here anyway. No windows." He pulled a smoke out of his pocket. "Make it quick, luv. I don't want you to have too much time alone in here to plot or what have you. You brainy types are always thinking up something."

"Fine." Willow said tightly.

Spike opened the bathroom door, shooting her look for her tart tone. "You've got twenty minutes. If I don't see your squeaky clean face after that, I'm coming in here." He closed the door behind him.


Willow scrubbed her body furiously as she stood in the shower spray. She'd found two small bottles of shampoo, an unopened package of soap, and a bottle of cream rinse on the counter top. She had applied a liberal amount of the shampoo to the bottom of the tub and flipped on the hot water to hopefully disinfect whatever yuckies dwelled below.

She'd then hopped in and erased the traces of Spike's 'attention'. The grime and blood came off with ease. The emotional bruises were not as easily put to rights. She was grateful for the alone time and the chance to do something normal. The mundane ritual of cleansing oneself seemed to be very relaxing. With any luck, she'd think of a way out of this mess soon. Just as she bent down to scrub her legs, the door opened. Willow let out a small shriek. "W-what are you doing in here!?"

"Relax, pet. I just brought you some clothes. That pink fuzzy number of yours isn't going to cut it."

"Oh." Willow bent down further in the tub, thankful the glass was frosted.

Spike was disappointed by that very same fact. "Well, then. I'll leave you to continue. Five minutes, luv." Willow hurriedly continued her ablutions and stepped out the shower cautiously. She snatched two towel from the towel bar and pressed herself against the door. It would give her some warning if Spike should try to get in again.

She wrapped her hair in one towel and dried her body off with the other one. She fished her undergarments from the small pile of her discarded clothes. Then, she saw the small stack of clothing resting on the counter and noted that it was all black. She recognized them as belonging to Spike. Willow fastened her bra and then pulled the t-shirt over her head. It fit nicely. She unfolded the jeans and a small scrap of red flew to the floor. She picked it up and found that it was a small pair of lacy panties. Did Spike wear. . .?

Willow carefully wrapped her towel around her body and opened the door a crack. She held the panties out like a red flag. "What's with this?!"

Spike had been laying on the bed, arms under his head as he smoked. He turned at the sound of her voice. "Oh, that! Panties, luv." He cocked an eyebrow. "You DO wear them, right?"

"Of course." Willow said, cheeks turning panty colored. "But what are you doing with them?"

"Dru's." He said with a shrug. "Bought 'em for her but she didn't like them." He straightened up and stubbed out his cigarette. "You ever been to Victoria Secrets, pet? The clothes they have are just. . .brilliant."

Willow frowned. "Why didn't she like them?"

"Said something about 'good girls in silken curls with wings as white as snow'. Not sure if I understand it."


"So those are clean and unused. Go ahead and put them on."

Willow disappeared back into the bathroom, not liking Spike giving her underwear. Let alone discards from Drusilla. But, she didn't really want to wear her soiled underwear either. She reappeared minutes later dressed in his black clothes. The jeans were tight in the hips but everything fit more or less. She held her pink and purple items to her chest like a shield.

"Let's toss those, luv. They won't be seeing another day."


"No, you aren't taking those with you. New rule, luv. I officially have a say over your wardrobe."

Willow acquiesced. It was best to pick and choose her battles. She tossed her clothes in the wastebasket. Spike smiled smugly before he went to the draperies. The sun was just setting. "Looks like its time for us to be hitting the road, pet." He turned around, offering her a wolfish smile. " Tonight your vampire training begins."

"Fabulous." Willow muttered. Her eyes darted around the room. Where's a stake when you need one?

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