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I hope this story is written in a smooth way. I'm not a writer, even though I love to write. I would appreciate constructive criticism and comments

One of my co-workers told me he was very happy with his Filipino wife, and if I was interested, he could set me up with his wife's sister. It took me about 6 months to think about it. I decided to give it a try. After about 1 year of e-mailing and writing and talking on the phone, I thought she might be the one I wanted to marry. Before I made that decision, I went over there to actually see her and spend some time with her. While I was there, I was introduced to her family and friends. She sure has a lot of relatives. One of her co-workers, Jenny was extremely cute and we got along real well. I got along with my wife's relatives also.

After doing some research I decided it was best to bring my fiancé over here on a fiancé visa and getting married here. Everything went well and now she is a legal US citizen.

A couple years ago, we went back to the Philippines for a vacation. We were planning on going to a resort beach for a few days with her relatives and a couple of her co-workers. The day before we were planning to leave, the situation changed because of an illness. The only one who didn't change her mind was Jenny. Jenny was a very shy girl. She usually would not speak unless she was asked a direct question. She is about 1 inch shorter than my wife, standing at 5 foot 1 inch with shoulder length jet-black hair. She had a smile that would brighten a room. I felt very comfortable with her, even though we didn't spend a lot of time together. My wife Mandy is 33 years old and Jenny is 32 years old.

After about a 4-hour car ride, and a short boat ride, we got to the island. The hotel we were planning to stay at only had 1 room available, and that had a queen size bed. Instead of suggesting we try someplace else, Mandy booked the room.

We went to the beach for a couple hours while the sun was still out. Jenny looked fantastic in her 1 piece bathing suit. And so did Mandy. Before dinner we walked around the island a little bit looking at the stuff for sale. Jenny really liked a jade necklace in one of the shops and commented it would look good with most of her clothes.

Mandy told me that she never saw Jenny in such a good mood and so talkative. She would laugh and joke when she was with me. We would walk and laugh and joke around. It was like we were friends for a long time, not like this is the second time together.

At dinner we talked for a while and I learned Jenny got married, but was unhappy. Her husband is a sailor in the Merchant Marines and was gone about 9 months of the year. Jobs are hard to find, and he was luckily to have a job. She also suspected that he was having an affair. This came from a shipmate. She was really hurt and saddened. I told her he was a fool, since she was so cute and such a funny girl. As we talked and drank some wine, she also told us that she has only had a few orgasms in her life. Her husband told her that a wife's job was to please her husband, and not his job to please his wife. Mandy told her that almost every time we have sex, she has an orgasm, and a lot of the time multiple ones. Jenny told her she was very lucky to have such a considerate husband, and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. That made me blush. She told me she wished I could teach her husband how to please her. We all laughed, and they had a short conversation in their native language, which I didn't understand. They were giggling a little bit.

When we got back to the room, I was expecting to be told that I was going to sleep on the outside, then Mandy, then Jenny. Instead, Mandy told me that she wanted a massage. This was almost always a pre-requisite to sex. I was told to take a shower first, and then she would, then Jen. I complied. Mandy laid across the bed on her stomach, and I started to gently massage her. She was naked except for a towel covering her butt.. Jenny was sitting on the bed watching. She looked so beautiful. I could feel Mandy's tension going away as I massaged her. After a couple more minutes, I asked Jenny to help, which she reluctantly did. I felt the tension come back, and then go away. I was massaging her legs, thighs and butt, and Jenny was massaging her back. I could feel the wetness between Mandy legs.

I told Mandy to turn over. Jenny got a blindfold, which she made out of a silk scarf. She said this would make it more exciting. After she blindfolded Mandy, I explained to Jenny how almost all guys like the pubic hair trimmed. It's a real big turn on. I told her that it was a big turn on to have the hair all trimmed except for a small patch above the lips. I showed her the sides where Mandy trimmed hers. Her pussy lips were already glistening and swelled up. Jenny was anxious to get started. I was kissing and massaging Mandy's breasts and working my way south. When I started licking her pussy, she was already arching her back. I was licking it and Jenny was massaging her breasts. I didn't want to make her cum too fast, so I came up and started licking her breasts. Jenny gave me a big wet kiss. I'm sure she could taste Mandy's' juices.

Since Mandy was still blindfolded, I motioned for Jenny to come down to the foot of the bed. I licked Mandy's some more, then I put my finger in her wet pussy. It slid in real easy, since she was so wet. I grabbed Jenny's hand and got her to put her finger in. Mandy kind of froze up, and then relaxed again. I motioned for Jenny to watch then started licking her pussy again. I didn't want to torture Mandy, so I kept licking until she had several orgasms. I could see Jennys face in amazement. Then Mandy grabbed my dick and told me she had to have me. I dropped my underwear and put my dick in her. As soon as I did, she started to orgasm again. I started pumping and more orgasms. I came soon afterwards.

Jenny untied the blindfold and told us that she enjoyed the show and she wanted a massage just like that the next night. Mandy just smiled. I told them I wanted to sleep in the middle between 2 beautiful women. I snuggled up to Jenny and felt her breasts and put my hand between her legs a couple times. She felt good. We were all tired from traveling and the wine and were soon asleep.

The next day was spent at the beach, shopping and generally relaxing. I think we were all looking forward to the night. After dinner we brought some wine back to the room.

Jenny was ready for her massage. After her shower, she was lying across the bed on her stomach with a towel across her butt. Mandy put the blindfold on her. I started massaging her back. Her skin was real smooth, so I didn't use a lot of baby powder. I moved to her legs, and massaged each one, occasionally going up to her inner thigh. Each time I went there, she would arch her back and spread her legs a little more.

Mandy started massaging Jennys back and neck. I kept massaging her legs and thighs. Mandy motioned for me to switch places with her. Jenny was still blindfolded, so she didn't know Mandy was massaging her lower half, and I was on the upper half. Mandy was wetting her finger with her saliva and touching Jennys pussy lips. Each time she did, Jenny would moan a little and arch her back. After a couple more minutes, we asked her to roll over.

The towel was still covering Jennys pussy. Jenny had beautiful breasts. They were not too big and perfectly shaped. I was massaging her upper half, so I decided to start on the breasts. About a minute or two went by, I started kissing her neck and teasing her breasts. When I licked her nipples, they became instantly hard. Mandy then motioned for me to change places with her again. She sat at the end of the bed to watch the show.

I began with her legs and calf, and then moved my way up to her inner thigh. I could feel the wetness on her pussy. I figure it was time to remove the towel. This revealed a closely shaved pussy. The only hair was at the very top. This was an instant turn-on. She looked extremely sexy. I admired it for a moment, then gave her a big kiss on the lips, moved to her breasts, then moved to her shaved pussy. Mandy came over to look at it also. I told her she should do that. She just laughed and said "Good Luck." Mandy will trim it, but not shave it.

Licking it felt great. It was smooth and moist and was beginning to open up. After a while, I tried to put my finger in her. Unfortunately, it was still kind of dry inside. I got up to get the personal lube that we brought. After I lubed up my finger a little bit, it went in easily. This caused a little orgasm. I kept going and more orgasms came. I was looking for the "G-Spot" when all of a sudden, she arched her back and let out several low guttural moans and became real wet. I guess I found it. This lasted about a minute. After that, she laid still for a couple minutes catching her breath. I wanted to fuck her so much, but Mandy told me I could do almost everything but that.

Mandy pushed me on the bed and proceeded to give me a blowjob. Jenny was lying on her side watching. Mandy knew I wouldn't last long since I was so excited. She stopped and climbed on top. She was wet also. Jenny came over and started French kissing me. It didn't take long before I had my orgasm. After a little while, we all snuggled up and went to sleep.

After breakfast the next day, the girls decided to go shopping again. They asked me if I wanted to tag along. I decided since we went to the beach, I wanted to at least get some sun. Besides, I think they wanted to go by themselves anyway. I told Mandy to buy something special for Jenny. Maybe that jade necklace she saw on the first shopping trip, but was too shy to get. And also to get something special for herself. We decided to meet back at the room later in the afternoon, and then go to dinner. Since this was our last night, we went to a really nice restaurant.

Both girls got dressed up in the new dresses they bought at one of the shops. I was really impressed on how good they looked. The necklace really looked good on Jenny. They got stares quite often. The food and the conversation was fantastic. Mandy told me that Jenny wanted to learn two more things, then we each could have a choice of what we wanted, as long as no one else objected. That sounded good to me and I had no problem not being consulted on this decision. Besides, I could see a twinkle in each of their eyes. I was looking forward to what the evening would bring.

Back in the room I learned one of the things that Jenny wanted to know about was the 69 position. She heard about it, but never knew what it was. I suggested we put names in a hat and draw 2 names out for a demonstration. It was decided earlier that Mandy and I would demonstrate it. I guess I could go along with it. After we all took our long showers, we demonstrated the position. Jenny kept going from end to end to make sure she saw it from all angles. After about 10 minutes we stopped and rested. I didn't want to go too fast since the night was still young.

Now it was my turn to choose. I really didn't want to hurt Mandy's feelings, but I figured she would understand. I said that I wanted to give Jenny multiple orgasms. Jenny was happy and Mandy jokingly said she expected me to choose that. I told her that she could help if she wanted. She gave me a sly smile.

Jenny laid down on her stomach and I started rubbing her shoulders and neck. I was straddling her back and my dick was on her butt. I massaged her neck, kissing it gently and moved my way down. Her tension was going away, slowly. I massaged her back and legs, and gently touched her butt. This gave her goose bumps. Her legs were spread slightly, and when I massaged her inner thighs, I could feel the dampness between her legs. I put some more baby powder on her butt and put my fingers between her butt cheeks. These made her flinch a little bit, then relax again.

I straddled her back and faced her feet, then started kissing her butt. I spread her butt cheeks and started licking her pussy. She arched her back and gave me better access. After a little while, I told her to roll over. I started at her neck and worked my way down to her breasts. The nipples already were hard. I licked them a while and started kissing her stomach and thighs. Again, I commented and admired how much of a turn on it was when she shaves her pubic hair like that. I started licking her pussy, feeling the smooth skin. She was wet on the outside, but when I tried to put my finger in her, she was dry. I'm glad we brought along the lubricant.

Jenny arched her back when I put my finger in her pussy. I started looking for her "G" spot again. It didn't take long for her to have her first orgasm. She was moaning softly and arching her back. I kept going for what seemed like an hour. In reality it was probably two minutes. I asked Mandy if she wanted to help. She told me that since I was doing such a good job, I might as well keep going. She had her second orgasm soon after the first one.

Since Mandy told me to, I kept going. I gave Jenny a deep kiss and laid down next to her and started kissing her breasts. I got some lube on my finger and inserted it into her pussy again. I kept pumping her with my finger while kissing her breasts. I wanted to give her another orgasm that way. Since she didn't have one, I moved my head between her legs. After licking her clitoris for a little while, she started arching her back and letting out some uncontrollable moans. I didn't stop. This time her orgasm was more powerful than the first two. She kind of collapsed on the bed when it was over. After a couple minutes she got on top of me and gave me a big kiss and rubbed her pussy on my dick. I though she was going to fuck me, but it didn't happen.

The next one to pick was Jenny. She said she wanted to see Mandy have multiple orgasms. I didn't want to see her neglected either. Jenny was sitting naked on the chair at the side of the bed. It started out the same way with Mandy getting a back massage.

She rolled over shortly and I started on the front. I gave her a long French kiss and whispered I love you in her ear. I kissed her breasts for a while, and then started licking her pussy. She was already wet. I put my dick in her and pumped her a couple times. She was moaning lightly. I pulled out and started licking her pussy again. She had her first orgasm.

Her second orgasm usually requires more time. This doesn't bother me since I want the pleasure to last as long as possible. I was licking her pussy some more when Jenny came over for a better view. Mandy got up on her elbows to see what was going on. When I paused, she put her finger in Mandy's's pussy. I moved out of the way and Jenny started licking her pussy. It didn't take long for Mandy to have her second orgasm. She let out a series of moans that I have never heard before or after. She collapsed on the bed and said "no more." Jenny said only a woman can completely satisfy another woman. I guess she's right. I asker her to teach me. She just gave me a sexy smile.

The next one to pick was Mandy. Jenny and Mandy started speaking in the native language and started giggling. I wondered what they were saying, but I figured they were going to give me something special. Mandy told me the second thing Jenny wanted to learn was how to give a better blowjob. I said that she had the best teacher and they both laughed.

They told me I was just saying that to make her feel good. I assured them I was serious.

They had me lay on the bed with my legs dangling off the mattress and a pillow under my hips.

I don't have the biggest dick around. Nor do I have the smallest. I consider myself just average. Mandy started by licking my shaft and moving to my balls. I heard her explaining not to use her teeth and to be gentle because the area is sensitive. She sucked each of my balls in her mouth and licked each of them. She also told Jenny that the skin between the anus and the testicles was an erogenous zone. Also, she said to play around and do different things. That would let her find out what felt good and what he liked. She licked my head and deep throated me. Jenny was at the side of the bed. I started rubbing her tits. She got the blindfold out and blindfolded me.

The blowjob stopped for a couple minutes. I was wondering what was going on. Then it started again. It felt good. I got a big French kiss and then a breast in my mouth. I started sucking it, then proceeded to the other one. I was in heaven. I usually don't come with a blowjob, but this felt so good that I couldn't stop it. Also, I was thinking the blowjob felt different. It was allot wetter and there was more sucking than licking. Since I couldn't see because of the blindfold, I assumed that Jenny was giving me the blowjob.

I started moaning, and then I came.

They cleaned me up with a washcloth while I rested. I was still blindfolded, and in a little while I felt a lubricated finger around my butt. I guessed it was Jenny because this is something Mandy has never done before. The finger went around the rim and then in the hole a little bit. My dick started to respond. After it got hard, the blowjob started again. I couldn't tell who it was since I was concentrating on the sensation. I lasted a lot longer this time. When I started to come, I started to buck my hips. It felt so good. The blowjob stopped and a hand was stroking the shaft. Neither of them likes to swallow. I came again and was exhausted. They took the blindfold off and each gave me a big kiss. Mandy went to the bathroom and got a washcloth to clean me up. We decided to get some sleep because we had to catch the boat to go home early the next morning. I think I was the first one to get to sleep.

Early in the morning one of the girls got up to go to the bathroom. That usually doesn't wake me up, but I guess because it was a different environment and I knew I had to get up early I woke up. It was dark in the room and I could barely make out a figure beside me. She was naked and pulled of the sheet and started licking and rubbing my dick. It took a minute, but it responded. Then I felt some lube on it and she climbed on. I was lying on my back and she was on top. I couldn't tell who it was since both of them are about the same size and shape. Her hips were going up and down in a rhythmic motion. In a few minutes she let out a low moan and stopped. I never came, probably because I was still recovering from the previous evening. She climbed off and went to the bathroom. When the bathroom door opened, all I could see was her butt. I still couldn't tell who it was. I'm afraid of asking Mandy if it was her in case it wasn't. I asked Jenny a second time and her response was "who do you think it was?"

We packed up and went to breakfast. We were all disappointed that we had to go back. I told Jenny that I think one of the possible reasons that she didn't have many orgasms was that she didn't have a lot of natural lubricant. She was a very beautiful and sensual person. We gave her the bottle of lubricant we brought. I'm not sure if they have it in the stores over there. We also promised each other that we would never tell anybody else what happened.

Of course, the boat that took us back to the main island was delayed a few hours. We decided to do some last minute shopping. I saw Jenny admiring a dress in one of the shops. After they left the store, I stayed behind and bought it as a surprise for her. With the exchange rate at 50 to 1, it wasn't very expensive for me. They saw me about 15 minutes later and asked what was in the bag. I told them it was a remembrance for Jenny from me. She told me I shouldn't have, but was very happy. Of course Mandy was jealous and wanted something also. She bought a dress also. Jenny made out real good. Besides an all expense paid vacation, she ended up with several dresses, a necklace, earrings, several T-shirts and gifts for her family. Mandy ended up with several dresses, jewelry and other stuff. I got some new sandals and memories I will never forget.

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