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Authors Note: I know this is a bit on the long side. Usually I'd break something this long into a few chapters, but since they don't allow chapters in the contest.... Anyway there is a bit of development and buildup required before we get to nude day, which is about half way down. I hope you enjoy the antics of these rather horny women!

Also a big thankyou to Tom for the edit of this one!


This is the way to spend the summer. Not that teaching college courses is a bad thing, but dealing with two hundred needy children is tiring. Yeah, they might be twentyish, but they still act like little kids. I have to be checking e-mail every hour, answering dozens of questions every day, dealing with little Johnny or Suzie who hasn't learned to be personally responsible yet and wants to be hand held. Very tiring. So by my own choice I get as far away as I possibly can. It's actually surprising just how far away from technology you can actually get.

From the middle of May to the middle of August you can find me up here, the northern boundary waters. Humping gear and canoes from lake to lake, guiding groups of wanna be outdoorsmen across the quiet lakes. A little fishing on the side, lying around quiet pine woods campsites, no cell phone, no computers, no technology other than one emergency radio and my GPS. Yep, this was definitely the way to get away from it all. I did it the first year after my divorce, just to get a change of scenery, and loved it so much that I came back, and back and well, this is my fifth year. My wife and I just weren't seeing eye to eye on anything anymore and we finally had enough. The quiet and solitude was exactly what I needed to get my head back into a positive view of life after so damn much negativity.

For a fifty year old I'm lean, strong, well-tanned, and feel pretty damn good about my own self-image. A far cry from that first year where I struggled until I actually got in shape. Now I don't feel self-conscious walking around without a shirt on and can smile to myself when I catch some of the female campers checking me out instead of the twenty somethings that I worked alongside.

I'm also one of Jack's favorite and most experienced guides. He knows that once he turns a group over to me he can forget all about them. It's the guide's job to help them plan the route, wrangle the food stores and meal menus, get their gear assigned and checked out and oh yeah, make sure they don't die or do anything too stupid out on the water. If you haven't been in the boundary waters before you are required to take a guide, hence me!

It doesn't pay great, but that's not what I'm here for. I do this because it helps me unwind and gets me away from it all, literally. Other than one bill I have to pay online from the lodge once a month, all my bills are auto paid, my house is watched by a friend's daughter who lives there while she's home from college. It's a perfect arrangement. Unfortunately next year I'm going to have to find someone else. This will be the last summer for Mandy, though her sister might be interested next year.

"Mike?" I heard from the doorway as I lay on my bunk reading a book.

"Yeah Jack?" I asked the owner of the outfitter.

"Lynn was supposed to work with this group that came in last night but she's down with some kind of stomach bug. Would you mind doing the pre-plan with them?"

"Yeah, if you want. Lynn okay?"

"She thinks it's just a twenty four hour bug. I'm hoping she'll be back up tomorrow."

"I can take the group if she's not," I said with a shrug. "I'm not due to go out for another two days, she can take my group."

"You may not want to offer that, but I'll keep it in mind."

"Why not. Something special about this group?" I asked as I pushed off the bunk and pulled on my hiking boots.

"You know me Mike. I won't send a guy out with an all-female group. It's just a recipe for trouble."

"Oh. Didn't know it was an all-girl group. What about Tracy?"

"She's still out. Not due in until tomorrow night."

"Oh. Well. I'll do the pre-plan then," I said with a shrug. "Lynn'll probably be better tomorrow."

"I hope so. I'd hate to cancel the trip," Jack said as he turned and walked away from the door of the bunk room. Jack was a pretty good guy. A bit old fashioned at times, but he did a good job of looking out for his people. One time he had a group of all women complain that the young male guide couldn't keep his hands or eyes to himself, so he made a new rule. No more young single guys with all female groups. Unfortunately the vast majority of the guides were single young guys.

I walked to the office a few steps behind Jack, stepping into the large rustic room a few moments after him. "Ladies. This is Mike. He'll be helping you with the pre-plan for your trip and get your gear all worked out."

I looked at the group and quickly reminded myself why he had made such a rule. The group was seven women, ranging from what I guessed was mid-forties to late twenties. The older women wore shorts and t-shirts, but the younger ladies wore bikini tops or halter style tops above their tight looking shorts. Yeah, a single young guy would have a hard time keeping his eyes and hands to himself.

"Hi. I'm Jill," what I thought was the oldest of the group said, stepping forward and holding her hand out. She was maybe five and a half feet tall, with a trim, but not petite body and plenty of curves in all the right places. Her short brown hair framed her face and her soft blue-green eyes pleasantly. I reached out and took her hand, giving it a firm but short handshake.

"This is Tiffany," she said, motioning to a slightly younger woman, maybe forty at most, long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, very bright green eyes that seemed to smile almost as much as her lips. She was slightly taller than Jill, though a little thinner, with what I'd guess were a pair of C or D cup breasts trying to peek out of a tight halter top. Her shorts were almost painted on her curvy hips and I doubted they were long enough to cover all of her ass, though I couldn't tell the way she was standing.

"Beth," she said, motioning to a twenty something year old young lady that could easily have been my own daughter. She was petite with short cropped blond hair with longer bangs that seemed to want to stretch down into her blue eyes. She had on an orange bikini top that barely covered the front of her easily C cup breasts, her nipples poking the tiny orange triangles prominently. Her shorts were micro short and unsnapped in front, making me wonder how they didn't just slide down off her body. With the zipper and snap undone, the V of tanned skin that was exposed extended down nearly to her mound. Her slender legs were shapely and I suspected from the look of her thighs that she was once an athlete of some kind.

"Sherrie," she said waving her hand toward a tall, easily six-foot black woman who was maybe in her mid-thirties. She wore a t-shirt and cargo pocket shorts but there was no doubt that she was built in all the right places.

"Kim," she said as a very petite little Asian woman stepped toward me with her hand out. Her jet black hair a striking contrast to her creamy white skin. Her brown eyes seemed to glisten as she grinned and took my hand, holding it more than shaking it.

"Donna," she said motioning to another thirty-something woman nearly her own height, the heaviest set of the group with a pair of huge tits cradled in a spandex workout top. While she was larger framed, I was surprised that the tight spandex pants didn't really make her look fat, but well-proportioned with her huge chest. She smiled almost shyly, as she pushed an errant lock of her shoulder length brown hair out of her face, hooking it over her frequently pierced ear.

"And the baby of the group, Tina," she said, motioning to a tall thin young woman that had to be middle twenties at most. She had a small chest covered by a red and white striped bikini top and I suspected didn't have much hair anywhere on her body, based on the smallness of the bikini bottom. She had curly dishwater blond hair and soft blue eyes that made you want to look for more.

"Good to meet you all," I answered as I looked the group over.

"So, you going to be our guide?" Kim asked quietly.

"No. Actually your guide is down sick right now, so I'm going to help you plan the trip, get your gear assigned, that kind of thing."

"Awwww. I was hoping," Kim said with a frown.

"Well, the boss doesn't like to send single male guides out with an all-female group. Just bad for business."

"Does that mean you're a single male guide?" Sherrie asked from the second row of the women."

"Yes ma'am. It does. Which is why Lynn will be your guide when you leave tomorrow."

"Well, that makes it even more disappointing that you're not going to be our guide then."

"Oh, trust me. You'll have a much better trip with Lynn than with me," I told them. "Now, if you wanna follow me, we'll go to the map room and start planning your trip," I added as I turned and headed out of the office into the cool morning breeze.

"Why would we have a better trip with Lynn?" Kim asked, catching up to walk next to me.

"Well, let's just say that you can be more relaxed if you don't have a man in the camp."

"Oh? And why would having a man in the camp keep us from being more relaxed?"

I looked down at her as we walked across the gravel path toward the gear shed, her eyes smiling as much as the devilish little grin on her lips.

"So how many of you are married?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Oh. Only Donna. Why? Is it important?"

"Nope. Just curious. I mean if you're going to insinuate that having a single guy around wouldn't stop you from relaxing..."

"Trust me. I doubt that having a single or married guy around would stop us from relaxing," Beth said from behind us. "It wouldn't be the first time a guy has seen any of us half or all the way undressed."

I shook my head and thought that it was a good thing Lynn was going with this group.

We spent the next few hours in the planning room, working their route out on the map. Now not all lakes are created equal. Besides those on the Canadian side and those on the US side having different camping restrictions, some lakes are on loops, where you go from lake to lake, putting in on one end and taking out on the other, eventually ending up on Moose Lake again to head back home. Others lead to dead ends where you have to double back. Personally I like these best because they see less traffic.

The ladies specifically wanted a lake that was secluded for their third day out, planning a two-day trip out, third day just hanging around camp and then two days back. We selected a quiet little lake with an island camp site that I was pretty sure would be open. In July there is so much traffic on the lakes, compared to May or August, and the camp sites are first come, so sometimes you can't get the one you plan. In this case the lake they planned on spending their third day on should be sparsely used, if at all. The last two times I'd been on this lake we were the only group on it at all and it had a really nice quiet island campsite.

With the route decided we went on to planning meals, giving them the usual lecture on what they can and can't do out on the water, and then I took them to the dining hall for lunch.

After we ate we went to the gear shed where they checked out their three canoes, gear packs and cook box while I loaded their food into a tote pack. With all their gear checked out, we hauled it in several trips to the little round hut that they spent the night in, taking the canoes down by the lakeside.

"Okay ladies. Now. These big packs are to hold your gear. You have to get three peoples' gear in one of these. That means clothes, sleeping pad and sleeping bag and one of the tents. With eight of you, including Lynn, you will need to also get four tents into the three packs."

"In there? How are we supposed to do that?"

"Travel light. Everything you take has to get hauled over those portages. So the more you take the more you haul."

"Well, how much do you take?"

"All my gear for the five days will be in a small backpack. Two changes of socks and underwear, one spare pair of pants, two shirts, rains suit and wind suit, camp shoes and my toiletries kit."

"Seriously? We only take two pair of underwear?"

"Well, three, if you count the ones you're wearing. You can wash them at camp. If you really have to, you can take more, but you have to carry it."

"Well, I'm not going with only two pair of panties," Tiffany said with a frown.

"You can use my allowance. I'm not planning on wearing any!" Sherrie said with a grin.

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Beth said with a grin. "Bare bottomed and bare chested?"

"If I can!" Sherrie laughed back.

"Okay, okay. Now. You need to get your clothes packed and I'll be outside. When you get done I'll show you how we portage," I said, shaking my head as I walked out of the little round hut.

"Good lord," I said to myself as I stepped down the stairs and walked to a tree. It took them almost half an hour before they made their way out of the little hut dragging the three big packs behind them. "So all packed?"

"We think so," Donna said as she stepped down.

"Alright. So, who's going to carry the packs?"


"Someone has to carry 'em. There are eight of us. That means that one of you carries the food pack, one the cook box. I can carry my pack and one canoe, which leaves three of you to carry packs and two of you to each carry a canoe."

"I don't think I can carry one of these," Kim said, trying to heft one of the packs.

"The canoes weigh just over fifty pounds, plus you have two paddles per canoe. I recommend that the pack carriers use the paddles as walking sticks and the canoe carriers take the canoes and life jackets."

"I'm not sure I can do that either," Kim said frowning.

"Well, there's the cook box and the food box. The food box gets lighter every day, the cook box weighs about forty five pounds."

"I'll take that!" Kim said.

"Okay. So. Who's next"

"I'll take a pack," Sherrie said, stepping over to one of the big gray packs.

"There's an easy way and a hard way to do this," I said, as I got up.

"I got this!" she said, picking the pack up by one strap and swinging it, sticking her arm through the other shoulder strap as it swung around her body. She clearly misjudged the weight of the pack, the other strap grabbing her shoulder and twisting her body around in a circle uncontrollably. Within moments she was lying on the ground on her back, the pack holding her like a stranded turtle, Tiffany lying on the ground under her.

"That would be the hard way," I said with a chuckle as I stepped over to them. I pulled the strap of the pack loose from her arm and helped her up before extending a hand down to Tiffany. I did my best to not stare at the breast that had become exposed as her blue and white polka-dot halter top was displaced in the collision.

"Oops," she said bashfully, quickly twisting her top back in place and covering her large pink areola and obviously hard nipple.

"So there's an easy way?" Jill asked with a grin.

"Yeah, there is," I answered, trying not to look back at Tiffany. I rolled the pack on the ground so the top faced my feet, the straps lying to the sides. I leaned over, reached for the sides of the pack, my wrists sticking through the straps as I grabbed the pack sides. With a grunt I pulled the pack off the ground, tossed it up and took a half step forward, the pack rolling in the air just above my head and sliding down my back, the shoulder straps sliding easily down my arms and settling on my shoulders. My body sagged for a moment as it accepted the weight of the pack and then I bounced it, pulling the straps tight as it was weightless behind me. "Just like that," I said as I turned for all of them to see. "So who wants to try the easy way?"

"I'll try that way," Sherrie said with an embarrassed grin. "Guess it was heavier than I expected."

"Not a problem," I said as I loosened the straps and let it slid off my back to the ground. I stepped away and watched her repeat my motions, getting the pack settled on her back on the first try.

"That was a bit easier."

"Okay. who's next?"

"I can do that," Tina said quickly.

I looked at her a little dubiously, the pack weighing almost half of what she did. She walked up confidently to the second pack, twisted it around, her ass sticking out at me as she bent over, and prepared to toss it over her head. "UP," she grunted, hoisting the bag into the air and trying to guide it over her head. The heavy pack cleared her head and settled on her back, the straps hitting her shoulders when the pack was nearly half way down her back. In moments she was backpedaling, the pack toppling her backwards toward me. I moved as quickly as I could both trying to get out of the way and catch her at the same time. I managed to grab the pack as it came at me, twisting her around in the process until we both ended up on the ground, her suddenly bare chest smashed into my face, one nipple practically in my mouth as she lay on top of me, my cock pressing against her body and the pack smashing her down on me. "Okay, so that didn't go as planned," she said as she tried to push herself up off of me, pulling her soft little tit out of my face but leaving both of them exposed right in front of me. Her little bikini top hung by one strap, most of the way off of her, as she struggled to push herself up off of me.

"OH FUCK!" I grunted as she accidently jammed her knee between my legs.

"OH NO! I'm sorry!" she cried, trying to roll herself off of me as I doubled up in pain.

"Ohhhhhh god," I groaned as I lay on the ground in a fetal position, my body trying to protect my suddenly pain filled privates.

"Good going there Tina!" Donna said as she stepped over to me and knelt down.

"I'll be alright in a second," I groaned, my vision starting to clear from the little pain sparkles that had been dancing in front of my eyes for the last few seconds.

"Let me have a look," she said softly, trying to roll me over.

"No. I'll be fine," I groaned.

"Trust me. I'm a nurse," she insisted working to roll me over on my back.

Reluctantly I let her roll me as I worked to catch my breath and tried to will the pain to subside. I lay with my eyes closed, trying to not think about the pain and at the same time, not thinking about what Donna was doing. My focus was on the pain that was slowly ebbing away, not the fact that she had my shorts unsnapped and unzipped. "Ohhhhh damn," I groaned as she reached into my pants and gently felt my balls.

"Nothing damaged," she said softly as she slowly rolled my balls in her hand, her fingers teasing them softly before sliding up and wrapping around my soft cock.

"That part doesn't hurt," I groaned softly as she toyed with my soft cock.

"Just trying to take your mind off the pain," she whispered, pulling the front of my briefs down and out, exposing me to the whole gaggle of women now standing over me looking down.

"You do this for every patient that had his balls raked off?" I asked a little breathlessly.

"Only the ones I like," she answered as her hand continued to tease and stroke my cock, the sensations of her hand starting to dull the pain between my legs and replace it with different sensations. "Kinda like stomping on someone's foot to make them forget about the pain of a smashed finger."

"Yeah. Well. Okay. I appreciate it," I said, reaching down to try and pull my shorts back closed. "This is more than a little embarrassing," I mumbled as she stroked my quickly hardening cock. "You can stop any time you want."

"Not sure I want to," she whispered with a grin. "But I will if you insist."

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