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Vacation Getaway


This was not how I planned to spend our vacation in the islands, sitting here handcuffed to a chair just inches from my wife in our hotel room as she is being rammed over and over from behind. This guy must be the head of the police department in this town judging by his clothes by the bed. It was just yesterday we were sitting in a jail cell surrounded by huge police officers with one of the guys holding a bag of what I guess were drugs, he kept saying we should make ourselves comfortable, we were going to be here for a while, as all the men kept staring at my handcuffed wife wearing only the bikini she had on when we were arrested outside our hotel door on our way out to the beach for the first time.

I could see the scared look in my wife's eyes as she tried to just look down at the ground. I knew this was a setup but had no idea what to do to get out of it, after a while some of the guards came into the cell and picked up my wife and said the chief wanted to ask a few questions. I started to stand up telling them where she goes I go, but I was quickly slammed back down on the bench and I could hear my wife pleading with them not to take her. I could see their hands grab her asscheeks and even almost pull down her bikini top grabbing her breasts so rough as the dragged her down the dim hallway. The cell door slammed shut as I find myself all alone now. It must have been hours that past because I could see out the small window it was pitch black outside.

I was lying down on the bench when i heard footsteps coming down the hallway, I looked up and saw my wife hardly able to walk as two officers held her up on each side, her face was so red and her hair looked so sweaty it looked like she had just got out of the shower. The closer they got I could see my wife's eye makeup smeared all the way down her cheeks, her bikini looked so loose on her body that her top almost came undone when one of the officers let go of her to unlock the cell door, her body leaned onto the other officer as I could see the smile on the officers faces, their sweaty foreheads confirmed my worst fears had happened. One of the guys told me we were to be released with an agreement that had been worked out. We were to go to our hotel room and my wife would tell me what to do next as I felt the handcuffs finally unlocked to free my hands. I quickly go over to my wife and make our way down the hallway, the heat coming off of her body was so intense as she was mumbling something I could not make out as I concentrated on getting back to our hotel. I saw all the smiling faces of each officer and guards as we passed through the building. I flagged down the next passing cab once outside and saw the look the driver gave us as we got in. He did not look surprised and I knew my wife was not the first one to experience this.

I almost had to carry my wife into our room as the smell of sweat and sex never left my nose. I had noticed when we stepped out of the cab the spot she was sitting in was very wet from cum leaking out of her pussy, I could not believe they did not even use a condom with her, I put down my wife on the bed as I went into the bathroom to grab a towel and draw her a bath. When I got back into the bedroom I turned on the lights and went over to my wife on the bed with the wet towel in my hand, I slowly spread open her legs and could hear her start softly mumbling "no more, no more". I saw her bikini bottoms had been stretched to barely now cover her very red and swollen pussy, the cum leaking out of her still gapping hole shined in the light, I pulled off her bottoms and saw they even fucked her asshole. I could see some of the dried blood still around as I knew I had never penetrated that part of her before, we had tried a few times but she would squirm around and say it hurt way too much and want to stop. It settled into me she was changed forever physically and mentally as I wiped her pussy over and over with the towel. The whole towel seemed to be soaked with cum and there was still more seeping out when I went to go get another towel, I finally just gave up after a while and helped her get into the bathtub. I got our bags packed while she was in the tub and when I went in to check on her I tried to talk to her to ask what had happened. She only softly said we could not leave when I told her we had our bags packed. I asked her why and the only thing I could make out is that she had to be ready by 7 pm.

I was so frustrated by everything that had happened in the past 12 hours i walked out of our room to get some air. As soon as I opened the door I saw two huge police officers walking up and down the front door area, I did not recognize them from earlier and could tell by the look on their faces I should go back into the room. I quickly shut the door and locked every lock I could see and went over to the phone by the bed and there was no dial tone. I went to reach into my pocket for my cell phone and felt nothing, I remembered it had confiscated it back at the jail. I looked over at the balcony window and remembered we were 5 levels up. then I felt like the walls were closing in on me as my body collapses onto the bed. I slowly feel myself come to as I see my wife sleeping beside me in the bed, still naked as the sun seems to be setting by the low light coming in the window.

Suddenly I heard the key card sound of our door go off and the light turn green. I saw all the locks on the door in the unfastened position as the door flew open, the soft light in the room allowed me to see at least 3 huge black guys quickly make their way into our room. Their police badges flash in the low light as I heard handcuffs bind my hands behind my back. I feel my body thrown into a chair pulled up right next to the bed. The largest of the black men had a different color shirt on and I knew that was probably the chief. My wife was in no shape to put up a struggle as the guys held her face down on the bed. The chief was already slowly undressing and when he pulled down his pants, I could see right to the side of my wife's body his huge cock flopping just inches from her. I know the guys had to see my jaw hit the floor as he was not even all the way hard and had to be over 12 inches already and thicker than a beer can. I next saw him move in right behind my wife as he head lifted up off the bed when he spread her asscheeks and started banging against her.

There no foreplay involved as I could see his full body weight crash down onto my wife's body. I could not believe my eyes that my wife was taking such a brutal pounding over and over. I saw her bury her face in the bed sheets as she cried out from what had to be an orgasm taking her over. I could see her face so red and twisted in emotions as her body rocked so far forward with every hit from behind. I saw the other two guys already backed away and starting to undress themselves. Their cocks were not as thick but just as long as they eagerly waited. The slapping sound of skin colliding together had been filling my ears for a while before I saw the chief finally slowing down his pace before backing away. My wife's ass was held high in the air as the one of the guys quickly moved in behind her. I could see the smile on his face grow even bigger as he felt the first touch of her warmth. It did not take him long to be able to get his pace up quickly as my wife started moaning the time their skin started slapping together. I don't know how many hours passed but I could only sit in that chair as each guy took turns just having their way with her body....

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