tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVacation Gone Awry

Vacation Gone Awry


This is a work of fiction. All characters and events have been made up and are in no way connected to real life people.


Beth Handcock had missed out on her mid-winter vacation plans to Florida because too many things kept popping up at work for her to get away in January. It was now the middle of April and Beth knew it was now or never to take that Florida vacation. She'd been putting in long hours, working second shift, for the past 18 months and she really needed to get away from work before she went 'Postal'. Even at 26, there is only so much that youthful vitality can keep her petite 5' 6" body going before she had to get away and recharge her batteries.

On Friday, when her manager Alan finally said she could go on her vacation, she almost had her car out of the parking lot before the door to her work had closed. Her delayed vacation wasn't really Alan's fault. It was upper management that said that no one could take a vacation while this one important project was being worked on. Alan was sympathetic to her plight but there was nothing he could do.

Beth could tell that Alan kind of liked her. She could tell by the way he would take sneak peeks at her when he thought she wasn't looking. She even caught sight of a good size bulge in his pants after they had been working closely on a project. Even though she had never seen what he was packing, the bulge in his pants told her that he had to be sporting at least 7.5 inches of man meat that had a good size girth to it as well. For Beth, it was actually kind of a turn-on. She was flattered that he thought her so attractive.

Even though Alan was about twice her age, he was still in pretty good shape. He was of average build and about her height. He had a boyish grin every time he looked at her. She would sometimes fantasize that the two of them were working alone in the office, late some night, and Alan would grab her and tie her to one of the heavy shelves that held boxes of supplies. He would then fondle her breasts and pussy, getting her pussy hot and soaking before putting his dick inside her and fucking her till she screamed. Afterwards, he would have her suck all the juices off the large purple head of his cock.

She always figured something like that would never come true but maybe it would make good material for one of those sex short stories she was always writing in her free time.

Those thoughts occasionally came to mind as she took off from her Omaha apartment, heading south on I-29, first to Kansas City, then east to St. Louis on I-70. With each passing mile, the thoughts of her job faded and the warm breezes increased. With the top down on her vintage fire-red Mustang, the wind blew through her shoulder length light brown hair, sending it waiving in the wind.

Not only was the air temperature increasing but so was the heat between her legs. The last boyfriend she had was months ago and his 4" size usually left her unsatisfied, like having nothing in her pussy at all. She needed a real man, like one of those college hunks she envisioned would be on a Florida beach during Spring Break.

By the time she got a room for the night in Nashville, Beth was dead tired and worked up at the same time. She couldn't wait to get a quick shower and climb in bed so she could snuggle up with her favorite vibrator that she kept in her purse. It was quite a struggle to keep the shower at the right temperature and at long last, she slipped between the sheets, totally naked. Her fingers were soon tugging at her nipples, and her vibrator humming away in her pussy. With her eyes closed, she imagined being fucked with the hot cock of a muscled stud. Her imagination was running wild. She could almost hear her lover panting as his cock drove into her.

She was getting so close. Her chest was arching to meet her fingers; her hips were squirming all over the bed, trying to get the most out of her vibrator. Sweet was dripping down her body in rivers, her pulse rapid, and her breathing labored. Only another minute now and she would have a delicious climax. Suddenly the vibrations stopped. The batteries in her vibrator died. "Oh, God, no. Not now. Not when I'm sooooo close." Frantically she jumped up and dove into her suitcase to retrieve the extra batteries she thought she had packed, but all she found was the empty package. She had been meaning to buy extras but the urge to get out of town quickly was so strong, she forgot to stop in the nearby drug store to get more.

Jumping back into bed, Beth furiously slammed the dead vibrator in and out of her steaming pussy but it was no use. The distraction had taken its toll. She was so tired from the long drive and she had become so dependent on the pleasures the vibrations provided, she just couldn't get herself to climax. Fitfully, Beth fell asleep, the dead vibrator still jammed into her pussy.

The morning sun came all too early. Beth had slept longer than she had wanted and she was famished. She was so in need of something to eat, she didn't even take the time to put on a bra. She barely took time to put on a shear black thong under her short sundress. She was out of the motel as fast as she could so she could find a place to get breakfast. A few blocks down the road she finally found what she was looking for, a small café. The waitress was surprised at the big breakfast Beth ordered and just as surprised that she finished it all. Breakfast should have been a time to relax and wake up to the day but as she finished her last sips of coffee, she looked at her watch and realized she had to get going if she was going to make northern Florida by nightfall.

Mile after mile rolled by, heading south on I-65. The engine vibrations and the warm breezes that caressed her body gave her contentment but also brought back memories of the previous night of frustration. The car's engine vibrations seemed to focus on her needy clit. At times, she had to remind herself to concentrate on driving instead of the fantasy of her boss Alan plowing into her or a Florida college hunk fucking the daylights out of her.

With lunch in Montgomery, AL, she was already two-thirds of the way to her destination. She felt like she was making good time. The straight-line route she had chosen south of Montgomery was not Interstate for about a hundred miles before she connected with Interstate again. She had to take the 2-lane state highway 231 to connect up again. The condition of the road wasn't too bad and she figured she would be connecting up with I-10 in northern Florida within a couple of hours. From there on, it was Interstate all the way to her destination on a popular Florida beach.

Fifty miles south of Montgomery, there was a bad accident and traffic was detoured east toward Clio, 10 miles away before being routed south again. As soon as Beth turned onto the detour route, she noticed how rural the countryside started to get. The terrain was hilly and there were a lot of curves. Traffic seemed to move at a snail's pace. This was something she had not planned for on her route to Florida's warm beaches and her frustration level started to climb. She needed to stop somewhere to re-check her map so she could get herself headed in the right direction again. The small town up ahead, called Clio, would have to do.

It wasn't but a short distance later that she spotted a tiny gas station / café. It was so small it only had one gas pump, and the café only had 4 stools at breakfast bar seating. It was still a couple hours before she would be stopping for dinner so she wasn't really interested in a meal. All she needed was some gas, a cup of coffee, and to take a pee.

As soon as Beth walked through the door she realized this was one place she didn't want to spend too much time at. For one thing, she was the only customer and the scrawny, grubby looking cook noticed her right away. For Jeff, the cook, this saucy looking chick was the highlight of his day; tanned, 5' 6", about a 34B by his guess, with a tight ass, and full lips. He could see the points of her nipples through the thin sundress and could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. He suspected that what she had on under her short dress to cover her pussy was either nothing or no bigger than a Band-aid. That was before Beth snubbed him hard. Something about him gave her the creeps and she shot him a stern look of "Don't even think about it". He hadn't seen such a fine piece of tail in a long time, and here she was treating him like some grubby urchin.

Beth ordered her coffee and asked for the bathroom in the same sentence. Having been pointed in the right direction, she wiggled her hips with each step, just to further piss off the cook. In a few minutes, she was back at the counter; her cup of hot coffee waiting for her. She couldn't figure out why the cook had this funny looking grin on his face but decided she wasn't going to waste her time thinking about it.

What she didn't know was that, while she was in the bathroom, Jeff had leaned out the door to get the attention of his brother Billy.

"Go tell your uncle, the sheriff, we've got a hottie at the café. Tell him it will be just like the others before; with the evidence under the front seat. He'll know what I mean and what to do."

As Beth sipped her coffee, she poured over her map to figure out the fastest way out of this dinky hole-in-the-wall town. Downing her last sip, she threw Jeff a couple of bills and walked back to her car. On the walk back, she felt a little unstable on her feet but figured it was due to the long hours of driving. Figured she'd been sitting too long for her tanned legs to work right and that a good night's rest would cure that. With gravel flying, her red Mustang bolted away from the dismal café parking lot.

She hadn't gone more than a mile down the road when she saw red and blue lights in her rear view mirror.

"Ah, now what?"

Once stopped, her rear view mirror reflected the image of a stocky, 40 yr old local sheriff, Richard Tanner, step out of his cruiser and advance toward her. She though to herself that maybe the reason he stopped her was to warn her about not taking off so fast out of the café. These locals can get awfully picky on their own turf.

With stern words he'd uttered numerous times before, Beth's license and registration were soon in his hands.

"Missy, do you know how fast you were going?"

"Sure. The sign said 55 a couple miles back."

Her speech seemed a little slurred but she didn't have time to dwell on it.

"Well 58 is what I you clocked at, and that would be no big deal, except you failed to see the sign that said Clio City Limits, speed limit 25. You were doing more than 30 mph over the speed limit."


Beth's brain raced. "How could she have missed the speed limit sign?"

As soon as she stepped out of her car, she noticed her legs just didn't seem to work right. She felt really wobbly. The sheriff noticed this right away and gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed miserably. Her head was spinning and there was no way she could walk a straight line.

"Young lady, I'm arresting you for excessive speed and DUI."

With that, the sheriff bent her over the hood of his car and began to search her. As the Sheriff's hands wandered over her breasts, Beth tried to squirm away, causing Sheriff Tanner to forcefully shove her back down on the hood of his car.

"I guess we'll be adding another charge, Felony Attempting to Flee."

After a little more of his grope / search, Sheriff Tanner pulled her hands behind her back, cuffed them, and stuffed Beth into the back of his cruiser.

With the obvious impaired state Beth was in, the Sheriff had grounds to search her car. Soon he was pulling out a half empty bottle of Vodka from the floor of the back seat, and a baggie of white powder from under the driver's seat.

"Well, well, missy, the charges just keep racking up, looks like we'll be adding felony drug charges to the list."

Beth couldn't believe her eyes. "Where did the bottle of Vodka come from? She didn't drink. Where did drugs come from? She didn't do drugs either." He mind was just too foggy for her to think straight.

The next thing she knew was that she was in the jail intake area, her car was on its way to the impound lot. It wasn't long before her sundress and thong were no longer on her body. She was totally naked and hand cuffed to the bars of a cell, with her feet spread wide apart. The contents of her purse were being inventoried. Her clothes were put in a bag with her name marked on it.

"Since you were found in the possession of drugs, a strip search and cavity search is called for."

With that, Sheriff Tanner began to run his hands over her breasts, raking a fingernail across her nipples as he did so. Even in her drug induced state, he nipples responded by stiffening into hard nubs. His fingers soon found the warm slit between shaved pussy. First one finger plunged in deep, then another. The sheriff worked his fingers around inside her pussy for an excessive amount of time, while a fingernail made sure to rake across her clit while exploring her pussy.

Within a short time, her pussy was making squishy sounds as her sex starved pussy responded with copious amounts of fluid. It seemed the Sheriff was doing more to finger fuck her than a cavity search. Beth was soon moaning and shifting her hips around to take better advantage of the Sheriff's fingers. She was getting so close and she needed release.

As quickly as the sheriff's fingers had plunged into her pussy, they were gone again. As much as she hated the thought of a cavity search, she needed to have something back in her pussy to get herself off.

She was thinking, "How could he do this to me? Bring me so close, then stop."

Beth was soon to learn that there was more in store.

"Well Missy, looks like you brought along something to help you have a good time."

Turning her head, she saw the Sheriff holding her dead battery vibrator in his hand. What she didn't know was that the Sheriff had already figured out the batteries were dead and replaced them with a fresh set.

The sheriff's well lubed fingers were now at her asshole. She had never let anyone put anything in her ass, and here it was that the sheriff had managed to slip two fingers past her tight ring and probing deeply inside her. This was soon followed by the switched on vibrator pushed into her pussy.

At first the fingers in her ass kind of hurt, but soon she found herself pushing back to get more of his fingers into her. It felt so good and she again was well on her way to a much needed climax.

Just as she was about to get close again, the Sheriff pulled his fingers and the vibrator out and pronounced her done. Beth was almost in tears. She had just submitted to a humiliating strip search and at the same time, left unsatisfied again. She didn't have much time to think about it though as a flimsy jail jumpsuit was put on her and she was lead to a vacant cell. Inside the cell, the Sheriff had her lay down on the bed, where he secured restraints to each wrist and each ankle. The restraints were then secured at each end of the bed, effectively making it so Beth couldn't move around much, let alone reach her tits or pussy to play with herself.

Beth couldn't believe her situation. Arrested, strip-searched, and locked up. To make matters worse, she hadn't been able to get sexual release in days, the sheriff had bought her close but stopped short, and now she couldn't even reach herself to try and finish the job. It would be a long night for Beth.

The walking back to his office, the Sheriff switched on the cell monitor, settled back in his leather chair, and replayed Beth's strip search on another monitor. Occasionally, he would glance at the cell monitor and smile, knowing full well the torment Beth was in, both from being arrested and her inability to get herself off, no matter how much she wiggled her body around. Five hours later, she fell into a fitful sleep.

Beth was jolted awake by a loud banging on her cell bars.

"Come on Sunshine, you got court appearance in 1 hour and there's not much time to get you cleaned up and ready."

Sheriff Tanner unlocked her cell, undid her restraints, and told her to strip for her shower. It was a habit of the Sheriff to have all the inmates 'presentable' before they made their court appearance.

Totally naked, Beth was walked to the open showers, where she was given a bar of soap and a washcloth. Beth was hoping that she would have a little privacy while taking her shower but Sheriff Tanner stayed right there so he could watch. Beth was still in need of release bad and there was no way she would have a chance to do that in the shower, not with Sheriff Tanner watching.

With constant prodding to "Hurry up", Beth finished her shower quickly, was allowed to pee, and was given only a thin orange jail jumpsuit to put on; no bra or panties. A pair of sandals, wrist and ankle shackles completed her 'outfit'. The material of her jumpsuit was a little scratchy and every time it shifted across her nipples, it sent shivers of excitement through them. All that stimulation turned them rock hard points that were quite obvious to everyone she passed on the way to the courtroom. The jumpsuit she had been give was also way too small, and the crotch material was unmercifully rubbing her clit with each step.

Beth was set in the defendant chair and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Every breath she took, every movement of her hips, stimulated either her tits or her pussy.

Finally the bailiff announced "All rise for the Honorable Judge Roger Marshall."

A side door opened and the 6 foot, 250 pound judge made his way to his chair behind 'the bench'. Judge Marshall took his seat and the courtroom staff followed suit.

After giving the judge a few minutes to arrange some paperwork in front of him, the bailiff announced that there was just one case that morning. It was the State vs. Beth Handcock.

"The charges against Miss Handcock are: 1) Speeding -- 33 mph over the posted limit 2) Driving while under the influence 3) Felony possession of a controlled substance 4) Felony attempting to flee / resisting arrest"

"How does the defendant plead?"

Beth's court appointed attorney, the young Jeffery Tanner, entered a "Not Guilty" plea for her.

As the trial proceeded, Sheriff Tanner testified that he observed a red Mustang, driven by the defendant, doing 58 mph in a posted 25 mph area. When the defendant was stopped, the Sheriff noticed an open bottle of Vodka on the floor of the back seat. The defendant was asked to step out of the car for a field sobriety test. Miss Handcock failed the field sobriety test miserably. While attempting to search Miss Handcock, she attempted to flee. Miss Handcock was handcuffed and placed in the back of the cruiser. Sheriff Tanner also testified that when he searched the vehicle, he also found an 8 ounce baggie of meth.

When the prosecuting attorney finished with the Sheriff, Beth's attorney replied "No questions." Her attorney's response floored her, why did he not cross-examine the Sheriff.

With no one else to testify, Beth was told to rise to hear the Judge Marshall's sentence.

"The court finds you guilty on all counts. You are hereby sentenced to spend 5 years in the Alabama State Penitentiary in Montgomery, AL."

"Do you have anything to say?"

Everything was happening so fast Beth could hardly think. Her first words were.

"This can't be happening. I didn't do anything. I can't be going to prison."

Judge Marshall paused and thought for a moment.

"Since this is the first time you have been in trouble with the law, I will offer you an alternative sentence. You will still serve 5 years but you will do your service as menial labor as a servant in my mansion. You will not be allowed to leave. You will not be allowed to contact anyone. You will do as you are told at all times, no matter what. Any infraction of those rules and you will be sent directly to prison to serve the original sentence. Is that clear?"

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