tagGroup SexVacation In Amsterdam Ch. 02

Vacation In Amsterdam Ch. 02


No sooner did we get into the change room than the owner, Fredrick, came in.

"That was a great show! A great show indeed," he said.

As Tracy was cleaning herself up, Stud was getting dressed saying that he hoped to work with her some more. We never did get his name while in Amsterdam.

We got a knock on the door with soon guy talking to Fredrick for about one minute. Fredrick turned smiling to us saying that we had a packed room in the fan room and that Tracy should hurry up.

When we entered the room, there was about thirty some odd guys sitting and standing. They all smiled and cheered when Tracy walked in. Any guy would, Fredrick brought her in butt naked walking through the crowd up to the front of the room's stage area.

Fredrick gave them a quick breakdown to the guys. He told them that it was just an accident that she came through the door tonight. He told them things like; she is married to one of the studs and was here on vacation. Fredrick was also the translator when we could not understand any of the guy's questions. Most thou spoke English.

The guys asked all sorts of questions. Things like her measurements and how big were her huge tits? How long has she been fucking guy's? How many guys has she fucked in a single time? What kind of sex or position does she like best? On and on it went. Finally, it was picture time.

All of the guys lined up for this. I started counting in my head that if each guy got two pictures taken, this would net us about 600 dollars plus the 500 for the fuck scene and 100 for my stud fees. Wow! An easy 1200 dollars for about two hours of fun and fucking.

The guys would have her sitting on their laps with her legs spread wide open showing her pussy. They would hold and grab her tits. Some of the guys even pulled out their cocks and have her bend over holding their dicks as if she was going to blow them. Some guys would even go as far as spreading her cunt themselves and even sticking a finger or two in her pussy for the picture. A set of twin brothers, had her on her knees with their cocks out on each side of her face. They even joked in their language that I could not understand, slapped, and rubbed their cocks on Tracy's face for a few photos. Our cut of the picture session was over a thousand bucks.

Now Fredrick asked us about the private room session. He said that he had several guys wanting to fuck her including the twins that would be paying an extra fee for their fantasy of doing her together. I told Fredrick that maybe she could do a couple of customers and that would be it for the night. I didn't have to ask Tracy since I knew she was looking to get fucked again after being handled by all these guys.

Fredrick turned and picked the twins and two other guys. To all the rest he said, "Come back another night for your turns."

When the room was emptied from all the guys, Fredrick escorted my wife and one of the guys, after handing him a condom, towards the private room. The other three guys sat down and then a waitress came in with coffee and an assortment of drinks for all, while they waited for their turn.

Twenty minutes later the guy came out. When my wife was cleaned up and ready again, she came to the door calling for the next John. Grabbing a condom off the table, the next guy quickly ran into the room closing the door.

Watching the twins waiting their turn, they were always smiling, laughing, and making a bunch of gestures as to what and how they were going to fuck Tracy. Fredrick was also talking to them for a while.

The second John in there was out in about fifteen minutes tops. I knew he wouldn't last to long because he was in his fifties and a bit over weight. He looked like your average nerd that hasn't gotten laid in months.

When Tracy came to the door again, the twins jumped out of their seats, grabbed a bunch of condoms off the table, and ran into the room slamming the door closed. As I was about to say something, Fredrick called me into his office to sign the release forms and that he had something to talk to me about.

I said to Fredrick, "I am going to wait until Tracy is finished so as not to have anything bad happen to her."

Fredrick said, "We can watch it in my office, and Tracy knows where the panic button is just in case of any trouble. Come on buddy!"

We just walked out and into the next room.

I asked, "What release forms?"

Fred said, "The release forms for the movie."

"Movies! "What movies?" I asked.

Fredrick smiled and showed me a monitor of the private room. There was my wife, Tracy, getting slammed on both ends by the twins. We both stood and watched the action for about five or so minutes without saying a word. The action was hot. The twins slammed Tracy at both ends with her on her back. Her tits bounced all over the place while getting pounded. The one guy fucking her throat soon pulled his cock out and came all over her face. He really dropped a huge load of come covering almost her entire face. The other twin fucking her pussy then moaned, cumming into the condom. What surprised both Fredrick and I, was that he rolled the condom off his cock, then squeezed the cum out of it into my wife's open mouth draining it all into her mouth to swallow. She at first, blew some bubbles with the cum. This all brought about a round of laughter from the twins and high fives.

Fredrick then explained that the fuck sessions in the rooms are all video taped and then shown as the in house porno's to the customers later. Those are usually the best sellers because of them being live and real unscripted fuck sessions. To make it all legal and stuff, all the customers would sign the release forms as well as the slut doing the fucking. He also stated that we would get a twenty percent fee of all the rental and sales revenue from the tape. He then pointed to the line that I would have to sign. After thinking what the heck, what's done is done and that we would also make some more cash, I signed the forms.

Fredrick then called in the waitress to bring us some drinks while we were to sit down and watch Tracy and the twins.

As we sat drinking the drinks, the waitress also stood watching my wife getting drilled by the guys with a broad smile on her face, this time the twins had changed ends and were going hard again on my wife.

Fredrick began telling me that the twins were also auditioning for his stud farm.

I asked, "what is this about the stud farm?"

Fredrick started to explain that he had a stable of both women and guys to work with just like the stud that worked with to two of us earlier. If the twins could fuck my wife like pro's and pass the blood work, he would add them to his stable of studs and work with the other girls doing live shows just like I had done.

I asked Fredrick, "do's this mean that I am added to your stud stable?"

He said, "I don't see why not. You already performed in front of a crowd and I certainly would also like to add Tracy to my stable. I know that I can get her plenty of work."

I didn't say a word and just sat back to think about all of this and watch the monitor.

The twins had now moved Tracy into a sitting position in which one was under her and the other on top. They were both nailing her ass and pussy at the same time. What surprised me was that neither of the guys was wearing a condom.

Fredrick was all smiles saying that he was going to get a really good money shot of her holes when the guys finish with her. About a minute later, both twins moaned and groaned filling both of her holes with their cum.

Fredrick started talking to the monitor as if he was talking to the twins. "Okay guys, now slowly pull out and let me get a close up of the cum running out of her."

As if on queue, they did just that and Fredrick moaned as he saw the river of cum running out of both her ass and pussy.

Fredrick then said, "Well these guys are hired, what about you and Tracy?"

More to follow.

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