tagGay MaleVacation Sex Ch. 05

Vacation Sex Ch. 05

byOlive Hizklosoff©

My wife went out to California to visit her cousin for four days. I know that she had an ulterior motive for visiting her cousin. She wanted to "run into" the woman we met while we were on vacation. My wife had hit it off with Sonny immediately. Their rapport was as if they had been friends all their lives. Although they had never met before and my wife had never engaged in any kind of girl-on-girl sexual play, the two of them found themselves locked in the throes of passion on that steamy night in Maine. They gave each other exquisite pleasure and I know my wife wanted to see Sonny again.

It has been my habit for quite some time to get up early, around 5:15 in the morning, and get on the computer. My favorite early morning website is Literotica. While the coffee is brewing, I like to read a few erotic stories. I've been a devotee of porn for a very long time. I like all porn with a special focus on shaved ladies of any age, anal sex, including pictures of gaping rectums, and gay and bisexual pictures. My favorite choices on the Literotica website are gay and anal stories, not always in that order. Pictures and movies turn me on but nothing in porn is as stimulating for me as really good erotica. The mind is still the biggest sex organ and if a story is good enough to create sensual images in your brain, the stimulation goes right to your crotch, whether you are a man or a woman.

My dick will get super hard reading a good gay or anal story and I'll jerk off, shooting cum all over my hand. I've got into the habit of licking my cum off my hand as a precondition to eating my wife's pussy after I've fucked her. I'll eat her creampie any time but I've become accustomed to eating my own cum.

The first day my wife was gone, I did my usual morning ritual, reading a couple of really hot gay stories, and then went off to work. I'm not gay but I would have to say, at this point, that my one man-man experience has shown me an appreciation for how good one man can be to another. Deep down, I think that I am really bisexual because as much as I enjoyed giving and getting a blowjob from a man, I could never ever give up eating pussy. Anyway, as I drove to work, thoughts of the two stories I read passed through my mind and I started reliving my experience with Rick, that fateful day I went to the local gay bar for a drink after work. It was a memorable experience.

The day went by fairly quickly. I was occupied with all sort of business activity and had no time to think about anything else. Before I knew it, I was back in the car heading home to the suburbs. The radio was on but I wasn't really listening. My mind started to drift back to my morning thoughts. I thought about the stories I read and Rick and our tête-à-tête. The more I thought about it, the hornier I was getting. I could feel a surge in my groin as my dick filled with blood, straining against my pants. When I got home, I poured myself a shot of Balvenie 12yr and downed it. Then I poured myself another one.

I sat down at the computer and went to the Literotica website. I searched for anal stories. My wife had become very receptive to anal sex. In fact, more often than not, she would ask me to fuck her ass. The last time I did she said it wasn't comfortable so we engaged in some good old vaginal fucking. Five minutes later, she asked my to try her ass again, that fucking her pussy just wasn't doing it for her. I lubed up my dick a second time and pressed it against her asshole, anticipating some resistance but there was none! My dick slid in without a problem. My wife pushed her body forward to accept my cock at an even faster pace than I had expected. She wanted all of me in her as quickly as possible. She pounded her clit as I pulled my dick out almost to the end and then stuck it back in. I fucked her ass at an even pace. I could feel my orgasm building. She was on her own. If what I did was helping her to come, then all the better. At this point, all I cared about was coming in her ass. I quickened my pace and blew my load. But that was then and now is now.

I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I was obsessed with gay porn and anal porn. I was definitely turned on by reading about two men pleasuring each other. I was also stimulated by stories about anal sex, including ones about men getting fucked with a strap-on. Reading these stories made me as hard a rock. I'd wank my dick until I came and then my somewhat perverted thoughts would subside. The masturbating wasn't enough. I wasn't fulfilled by just coming off. I needed more. I looked at my watch and it was just 7 o'clock. The night was still young. I knew what the answer was to my problem. I reached into my wallet and pulled out a card. On it was a phone number. When I wrote down that number, I thought that I would never call it but the time had come. I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello," the voice said.

"Hey, Rick! I came across your phone number in my wallet and thought I'd give you a call to see how you were," I said gamely thinking how transparent my words must have sounded.

He recognized my voice immediately. "How the hell are you? I've been thinking about you quite a bit since our, shall we say, dalliance. I had such a good time that afternoon. I've always been hoping for a second chance but you seemed to be unsure so I never pursued it."

"As did I, Rick. By the way, a nice choice, dalliance," I said with a smile in my voice. A dalliance was frivolous time spent or amorous play or a flirtation. "Truth be told, Rick, I didn't come across your number by accident. I've been thinking about our time together. Would it be too bold to ask if you have any plans for this evening? I know it's already 7 o'clock."

"Actually, I don't have any plans. I was going to spend a quiet evening, catching up on some reading. What do you have in mind?"

"Would you like to meet for a drink?"

"Sure. Any particular place in mind?"

"Some place quiet and discreet. How about the bar at the Vietnamese restaurant on Washington Street? Would 8 o'clock be good?"

"Sounds great. I'll see you there!"

"O.K. Eight o'clock it is!"

I took a quick shower, put on a pair of jeans sans underwear, a silk tee shirt, and a pair of sneakers, and I was on my way back in town. Twenty minutes later, with good parking karma, I found a space near the restaurant. It was just 8 o'clock when I walked in and scanned the bar. Rick was sitting there engaged in conversation with a very pretty Asian bartender. Rick could easily be assumed to be straight. In fact, I'm sure he's seen some female action in his life.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," I said. Rick turned and gave me a warm smile. I was taken aback when he jumped off his stool and embraced me like a long-lost friend. I am not a physical person but I returned his embrace with a firm hug.

"Great to see you again," Rick said. "I was hoping that this day would come. I can't tell you how many times I walked by your store and wanted to go in. Let's grab a booth. Barkeep, a single malt for my friend. Straight up with an ice water chaser, please." Like magic, I had my drink in my hand. Rick nodded to the hostess who sat us in an intimate corner booth out of the mainstream flow of the restaurant.

"How have you been? You look great," Rick said.

"As do you. Life has been good. No complaints."

"I'm so glad you called. Our time together was so enjoyable but so short. I have thought of you frequently since then. Our parting left me with no sense of continuity. To what do I owe this reunion?"

There was no time to beat around the bush. I was on a mission with a goal to accomplish. I couldn't dance around my desires. I needed fulfillment. My heart was pounding but there was no turning back.

"Rick, I need something from you. I want to be a bottom. I want you to fuck me."

"Wow! I hoped that someday we would see each other again but I didn't think it would be quite like this. May I ask how come?"

"Rick, I enjoyed our afternoon together and the pleasure you gave me. I hope that you were as satisfied as I was. It was my first time having sex with another man and I loved it. I loved it for the sex. I am a sexual person. As a matter of fact, I believe that I am a bisexual person. I love to make love to my wife. I love cunnilingus. I love when she blows me. I love fucking her in the ass. I love watching her play with her self. I love to tie her up and be tied up. It all turns me on. And I loved making love to you. I loved sucking your dick and tasting your cum. Even today, when I think about it, I can taste you. But as many times as I've put a buttplug or a dildo up my ass, either with my wife or alone, I still feel unfulfilled when it comes to anal sex. I want a real penis in my ass, not something hard and artificial. I want a throbbing flesh and blood cock. I want to know what it feels like. I need to know if I'm missing something. Do you understand?"

"So you called me to use me, huh?" Rick said with a sly smile on his face. " All I'm good for is to fuck your ass, like a two-dollar whore."

I knew his words were flavored with sarcastic humor.

"You know that's not true, but this one time, will you let yourself be used?"

Rick reached across the table and put his hand on my arm. The heat of his fingers felt like they were searing my flesh. "A friend in need is a friend, indeed. How can I turn down such a request? In that case, finish your drink and we'll see if we can help you find happiness." We clicked our glasses together. "To a stronger bond between us!" Rick said lustily.

We walked out of the restaurant and headed to Rick's apartment. As we walked past the brownstones, I wasn't listening to what he was saying. My mind was spinning dizzily in anticipation of what was to come.

"You know, Rick, that I could have done this in some anonymous way, in the back of an adult book store, or in a porno theater, or even in a back alley. Not too far from my house is a commuter rail station where you can park on the road. You can walk a few feet into the woods and always find some action, albeit unemotional and uncaring. I don't want it to be like that. I want it to be sensual and seductive. I want to give up my virginity to someone who cares. Have I made the right decision?"

Rick put his arm on my shoulder and then grabbed my hand. It was firm grasp that gave me confidence. I knew that I was with someone who cared about me, who cared for me. We weren't lovers, at least not yet. We were two grown men who had a physical attraction for each other. In my mind, I was as straight as an arrow. I just had a very broad sexual appetite.

The night was beautiful. We walked up the three flights to Rick's apartment. He unlocked his door and I knew that my life could change by walking into his world. Would I be the same person when the evening ended? I was nervous and I was excited and I was afraid. Rick set the mood with some really sexy-sounding jazz. Rick had had scenario lighting installed. Every room had a switch plate with several different buttons. Each button controlled different lights at different settings. His apartment was softly lit with indirect lighting. The beige and cream tones of Rick's furniture with a touch of lavender or rose gave the place a very boudoir-like feeling.

"Do you like champagne?" Rick asked as he opened a bottle of Veuve. "This is certainly an occasion worthy of a bit of the bubbly."

"Scotch for me, please. I'm a person of little adventure when it comes to adult beverages."

"Of course. I should have known." Rick filled a crystal flute with champagne for himself and poured me a very generous shot of Macallan 12 and presented it to me with a glass of San Pellegrino over ice. Rick raised his glass. "Here's to health, love, and pleasure."

We raised our glasses, touched them together, and sipped our drinks. The heat from the scotch radiated through my body. I felt flushed with excitement.

"Shall we move to the bedroom?" Rick suggested. Although I was being asked, it was more an order than anything else, and I was ready to take orders. I followed Rick into his bedroom, which was decorated like the rest of his apartment. There was a king-sized bed with beige sheets and a white comforter. The sheets were neatly turned down. Against the dark brown wooden headboard were at least six plump pillows. On each side of the bed was a night table, each with a brass lamp and a large fragrant candle. Rick lit the candles and lowered the lamps to a slight glow. The room was bathed in a warm light that, with the soft colors, created a womb-like atmosphere.

Rick turned and stepped toward me. We were standing facing each other. Rick looked at me and I knew it was the moment of truth. This was my last chance to say no.

"Are you ready, because if you are, I will be in charge and you will be under my control." Rick asked.

A chill went through me. "Let's do it!"

Rick put his hands on my shoulders and gave me a gentle squeeze. His open palms moved down to my chest where my turgid nipples were very visible under my silk tee shirt. He massaged my nipples with his open palms and then started to flick them with his index fingers. I was becoming very stimulated and could feel my penis stiffening up against my jeans. Rick pulled my shirt out of my waistband and lifted it over my head, dropping it on the floor. My nipples were rock hard. Rick put his arms around me and leaned into the nape of my neck and gently kissed it. The feeling was electric. His hands came around to my chest and he pinched my nipples firmly and rolled them in his fingertips. I began to loosen my pants, anxious to get my hardening cock out in the open.

"That's for me to do," Rick said softly, pushing my hands away. He went down on his knees and unbuckled my belt. I looked down to see this handsome man methodically unbuttoning my 501's. My cock, which was hanging downward as it hardened, bulged out of my jeans as each button was released. Finally, Rick reached into my jeans and pulled my stiffened rod out into the open. In seconds, he engulfed my dick with his mouth, and with hardly any resistance, I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of his throat. Rick grabbed my buttocks and held me firmly against his face. His nose was hitting my pubic bone. There was no hair to tickle him because I was completely shaved. Like a man who has done this before, Rick pulled his head back until only the head of my cock was between his lips and then he pulled my body into his face, my cock bottoming out in his throat. I knew that if he kept it up I would easily blow my load but I didn't want to come just yet.

Rick released my dick and said, "Enough of that." He stood up and, with dominating force, pushed me back onto the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Get up on the bed with your head on the pillows," Rick ordered sternly. I did as he said, lying back on the bed with my head on a bunch of lush pillows. There was nothing cheap about Rick. I'd bet those were the same pillows used at the Ritz. Rick told me to move into the middle of the bed, which I did. There I was, in the middle of a king-sized bed, in a room that exuded sensuality.

"Are you comfortable?" Rick asked.

"Incredibly so. How about another drink?" I had a nice buzz from the scotch and didn't want to lose it.

"Sure, and then we'll get down to the business at hand."

Rick brought me another drink, which I downed in one gulp. Rick took the glass from me and put it in the kitchen. In the seconds I was alone in his bed I wondered what Rick's plan was. Before I could think about, Rick was sitting on the side of the bed, rubbing my now flaccid cock. His hands were soft and caressing. One hand squeezed my dick while the other hand moved back and forth from my right nipple to my left. I could feel the blood rushing to my groin. I closed my eyes and luxuriated in Rick's touch. Then, Rick stood up and reached behind the headboard of the bed. I was wondering what he was doing but then it became obvious. From each side of the headboard, Rick pulled out a length of rope but it wasn't ordinary rope. It was like you see in the old movies where in order to ring the butler you pulled a silk rope with a tassel on the end. It was shiny black silk rope.

I didn't have to ask what was going to happen next. Rick grabbed my right arm and stretched it out, looping the black silk rope around my right wrist. Rick must have been a Boy Scout or a sailor because he certainly knew his knots. My right arm secure, Rick moved to the other side of the bed, and did the same to my left arm. There I was spread-eagle on the bed, completely under Rick's control. It was perfect. Being a bottom is a submissive act and I was going to submit, whether I wanted to or not. But my mind was made up. I was ready to give up my ass.

"Everything OK?"

"I didn't expect any BDSM, but I have no complaints."

Rick stood back from the bed and undressed, revealing the pierced nipple that turned me on when we had our first tete-a-tete. But something was different.

"You had the other nipple pierced," I said.

"Yeah. I thought that having only one pierced was sort of unbalanced so I went and had the other one done."

"I think they look really hot. I wish I had the balls to get a nipple piercing." I always wanted to get a nipple pierced but never could get up the nerve. What would my wife think? Maybe it could happen. Just maybe.

Rick continued to strip. He kicked off his sandals and pulled his pants down. His cock was beautiful. He was uncut, about five inches long soft, with the head of his dick sticking out slightly from his foreskin. He didn't have that anteater look. His pubic hair was well trimmed into a "V" and his balls were shaved. Rick moved his right hand down to his cock and pulled his foreskin back and forth. His dick started to engorge with blood. The five inches became six, then seven until he was completely hard at about eight inches. I looked at his cock and remembered where it was going. My eyes widened and I swallowed hard, but there was definitely no turning back. Rick moved closer to the head of the bed, putting his cock inches from my face.

"Would you like to suck my dick?" Rick moved the head of his dick so close to my mouth that I know if I stuck my tongue out I could touch it. Before I could answer, Rick leaned over and pushed his cock into my mouth with little sympathy. I wasn't going to resist but I was not accustomed to sucking cock and could only take a few inches. Rick knew that. As soon as I started to gag, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. His dick was covered with my saliva which looked almost like he had cum dripping from his cock. He put his dick back in my mouth and pushed it in slowly, methodically. I knew it was an issue of mind over matter. I had to let his cock go down my throat without gagging or choking. I am a person of resolve. I lifted my head as mush as I could and forced myself on Rick's cock. I could feel myself ready to gag but, no! I was able to get beyond that point and I was able to take all of Rick's cock in my throat. I could only imagine what it looked like. There I was with a cock down my throat, my nose pressed against Rick's pubic bone. What I saw in my mind only made me hotter and harder.

Rick pulled his dick out of my mouth and I gasped for air.

"You did that like a real cocksucker," Rick said. It wasn't condescending. It sounded so sincere and complimentary. Because my hands were tied, I couldn't wipe my mouth. My face was covered with drool and saliva from my first deepthroat experience. I was quite proud of myself for my accomplishment. I wish my wife could do that to me.

Rick reached for an extra pillow and told me to raise my hips up. He put the new pillow under my ass so it was no elevated. I knew that we were approaching the summit. Rick opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out what looked like a large plastic syringe.

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