tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVacation with Trucker Jenn Ch. 02

Vacation with Trucker Jenn Ch. 02


I hope you read the other stories regarding Jenn and I and enjoyed them. This is another event that happened during the vacation that I took with Jenn.


Well, the next morning we woke up had some breakfast and started driving again. Jenn told me that we only had about seven hours that we had to drive but we had to deliver the load at ten pm that night. It just amazed me how she and other truckers could sit in that chair and drive for that long. It was a nice ride and we did stop along the way for lunch. After lunch Jenn started to tell me more about this place where we had to deliver to.

"I've been delivering to this place for awhile now and I've gotten to know the guys that work the dock. Some of the guys are pretty nice and we've sort of worked out an agreement together."

"And what agreement is that?" Smiling at her just knowing it had something to do with sex.

"Well, If this one guy is there tonight then he gives me supplies I need for the truck and well I let him fuck me." and she laughed. "It saves me a lot of money that I would spend for the things that I get from him plus I get fucked so it's really a win win for me."

"Well don't worry sweetie if he's there you go and have your fun." she smiled and we kept driving.

As we were driving along I saw signs for a shopping mall. We had some time to kill so I asked if we could stop there and she agreed. I put on one of my short skirts along with a tank top and heels and she wore her cutoff jeans and tank top. We walked around the mall and came across this woman's clothing store that sold hot looking sexy outfits so of course I dragged her in there. They had a great selection of short skirts, tight sheer blouses, panty hose, stockings and more. We looked around for a while and I found this great outfit for Jenn to wear instead of her shorts and tops she usually wears. It was a low cut front leotard that said Foxy on the front of it and a short matching skirt with little foxes on it and a pair of ankle boots.

We stopped at a truck stop and went in and took showers then got ready to go and make the delivery. Jenn wore the outfit we got her and I was wearing a short denim skirt and a low cut tank top and my ankle boots. When we arrived there were two other trucks already in the docks. Jenn went and checked in then came back out and told me that the guy was there tonight and he was going to get her supplies for her. She backed the truck into a dock and we both went inside. There was one trucker sitting in the waiting area for his truck to be unloaded but the other driver wasn't around.

Jenn pointed to the guy standing by the desk and said. "That's Dave. He's the night supervisor the guy that helps me."

"Not bad, nice build, tall, handsome."

Jenn pinched me. "He's mine you have to get your own." and we laughed

Dave came over and said. "Hi Foxy. We have two trucks in front of you but it won't take long to finish them. Who's your friend?"

"This is EZ Honey a friend of mine she's riding along with me for the week."

"Nice to meet you Dave."

"Nice to meet you too EZ. I better get back to work we're a man short tonight. I'll talk with you later."

He got onto one of the forklifts and started helping the other guy unloading the trucks. Jenn and I talked together and she told me that once they finish the other trucks then they will unload ours but her and Dave were going to take care of business.

"Are you sure that you don't mind?" Jenn asked.

"No you go to what you need to do I'll think of something to keep myself occupied while I wait." as I looked at the other guy driving the forklift and smiled.

It wasn't long before they finished the first truck which was the driver who was sitting waiting and started on the next one. Jenn and I talked while we watched them work on the second truck and I noticed the other dock worker kept looking over towards us as Dave and he would stop to talk as they passed each other. It took them about fifteen minutes to finish that truck and Dave went out to give the driver his paperwork. When he returned they started unloading our truck. Jenn and I walked over by them to watch and talk with them as they worked.

Dave started to get our paperwork together as Jenn stood next to him and flirted letting him grab her ass. The other worker, Randy, would stop every time he was going to enter the truck and talked to me. We chatted about general things like how I met Jenn, which I didn't tell him the whole story, if I were also a truck driver and other topics. Every time he would be talking with me I could see him looking down my top and eyeing me up and down. He wasn't that bad looking himself, he had a nice build, blond hair cut short in a military style haircut, wearing jeans, flannel shirt and a vest. Once he finished unloading the truck he let Dave know the count of the pieces and Dave finished up the paperwork.

"Go ahead and take your break Randy. I'll be back after a while." said Dave then he and Jenn walked off towards the office.

"OK Dave." he replied. 'Have you ever been in a warehouse like this?" he asked me.

"No this is my first time."

"Would you like to see what we do?"

"Sure why not we have time."

He got off the forklift and we started walking through the isles of stacked pallets as he pointed out what the things were and what was going to eventually happen to them. He explained that the company filled orders for business supplies, coffee filters, paper clips, paper towels and things like that. Then he pointed out a conveyor system that he said moved the boxes from one area to another to be shipped. Then he pointed out tall metal racks that had pallets of product on them that went up five stacks high, each stack being about six foot tall. He explained the workers filled the orders form the pallets. He showed me another type of forklift which he said was called a platform forklift that the workers used to get to the pallets. It had an area where at least two people could stand, forks like a regular forklift but it had a guard rail that went all around the open area.

I saw a chance to have some fun. "That looks pretty high to me and you say people use this to go all the way up there?"

"Yep, they wear a harness that connects to the forklift for protection while they are leaning to get the items."

"I'd be afraid to go that high I might get dizzy that high up."

"Oh you'd be fine. Would you like me to show you?"

"Well as long as you promise not to let me fall."

"I won't let you fall don't worry."

We got onto the forklift and he closed the railing and secured it. Then I held onto him as he drove us down one of the isles between the rows where it was nice and quiet. He started raising the platform and stopped when we were only at the third shelf.

"Aren't we going to the top?" I asked.

"I wanted to make sure you were OK yet."

I leaned over the rail letting him get a peek at my bare ass and pussy then told him. "I'm fine yet I know I'll be safe." Then I walked back to him and held on again. He then brought the platform all the way to the top. I looked around and no one could be seen. I bent over the rail again to look down and to give him a view of my ass and pussy again. "Come and hold onto me so I don't fall." He came up behind me and put his hands on my hips. I moved my ass back against his crotch wiggled it and I could feel his hard on. I stood up and turned towards him and he stepped back towards the corner of the control panel and railing.

I could see the bulge in his pants and knew it was time to push it even further. "I bet you bring woman up here all the time. No where for them to run and you'd have them all to yourself to do what you wanted to."

"Actually you're the first one I've had up here."

I smiled and walked over to him. "And what do you intend to do to me now that you have me here?" I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants as we kissed.

He started opening my top while I opened his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He took my breasts in his hand and started sucking on my nipples as I stroked him. Then I knelt down in front of him and slipped my lips down his shaft. He started fucking my mouth immediately pushing his cock in deep. I finished taking my top off while he fucked my mouth and dropped it onto the platform then I wiggled out of my skirt. He was holding onto my hair fucking my mouth even harder and I pulled his pants off him the rest of the way.

I stood up placed my hands on the rail and spread my legs for him. He turned me around and guided me into the corner of the control panel and the rail. Then he took my one leg and lifted it up and placed my foot on the railing. He slid his cock inside my wet pussy and started fucking me as he sucked my nipples. His thick cock felt so good spreading my pussy as he fucked me. You could hear the platform squeaking along with my moans as we fucked. He grabbed my other leg and lifted me onto control panel and rammed his cock into me even harder. It wasn't long before he brought me to a climax but he was still hard and fucking me hard too.

I whispered into his ear. "Lay down let me on top." and he put me down then got down on the platform. I got down between his legs and started sucking him again tasting my juices on his cock along with his pre cum. Then I straddled him and began bouncing up and down on his cock. He put his hands under my ass and squeezed it as he helped lift and lower me onto his shaft. I kept squeezing my pussy on his cock milking him with each stroke. He sat up and held me as he again sucked my nipples. I wrapped my legs around him and my hips kept moving sliding my pussy over his cock. He began grunting and I knew he was getting ready to cum.

"Cum inside me." I told him and he grabbed my ass and pulled me down hard onto his cock. I could feel his cock pulsing as his cum filled my pussy. Once he finished he rolled me onto my back, pulled his cock out and lifted my legs over his shoulder. Then I felt the flat of his tongue licking my pussy. I started moaning as his tongue pressed deep into my cum filled pussy as he ate me. His tongue was lapping away at our mixed cum and sucking my clit. I pushed my pussy up against his mouth and he sucked it even harder. I rubbed my clit as he started tongue fucking me and it didn't take long for me to climax filling his mouth with more of my sweet cream.

He licked up every drop of cum off my thighs and pussy then I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a long deep kiss tasting all that cum on his lips. After that we both got dress and he brought us back down and put the forklift back. We walked back to the docks and Dave and Jenn were already waiting there for us.

"And where did you two get off to?" Jenn asked.

"He was just showing me around the warehouse and showing me how things worked."

"Yeah I bet that's all he showed you." said Dave and we all laughed.

We said our goodbyes and gave them each a kiss and then Jenn and I went and got back into the truck. Jenn told me. "Dave gave me enough supplies to last for a month. That'll save me some money. So, what did you and Randy do?"

I laughed and said. "He took me up on one of those platform forklifts and we fucked at the top of the racks."

We both laughed and then we headed out to find a place to sleep for awhile before we had to pick up the next load.

I hope that you enjoy the story and read the entire series as I can get it written. The events of the trip are done in order covering the week I spent with Jenn.

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