tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVal & I, Tom & Roxanne Go to Busch

Val & I, Tom & Roxanne Go to Busch


This past summer we decided to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa one weekend. The girls wore cutoff jean short-shorts and string tank tops. Val wore a light yellow one and Roxanne wore a white one. We had a fun day at the park until about 4pm when a thunderstorm hit. They shut the park down because of the lightening. We were way in the back and had to walk back to the front to get to our car. It rained so hard that we decided to carry our shoes and waded in water up to 6 inched deep in spots. The girls looked good in their wet tops. They both locked their arms across their chest to begin with but with coaxing from the two of us they lowered them and began to enjoy the looks they were receiving. Val's brown nipples were more visible under her yellow top than Roxanne's tan nipples under her white top. By the time we exited the park, both women were excited by the accidental public exposure. We talked and laughed about it all the way home.

Once back at our house, we all took warm showers and tossed their clothes in the dryer to dry them before they went home. Val and Roxanne wore only t-shirts around the house while Tom and I remained naked as per the girls' request. They said we would be rewarded for it later. We of course we talked about all the wet t-shirts at Busch Gardens that day and there were many. I bet half the girls were braless that day; my eyes are still sore from all the wet titties. Anyhow Val mentioned that it would probably be fun to go back again on a rainy day and get wet again. Roxanne laughed and agreed with her and suggested that we make plans to actually do it. We all agreed and made plans to do it the very next weekend if the weather looked like rain. Val and Roxanne made plans to go shopping during the week and fine the perfect tops to wear. Val then stood up and removed her t-shirt and climbed in my lap saying that she was now ready to fuck! So that was what we all did the rest of the night.

Early next Saturday morning, Tom and Roxanne arrived at our house. The girls gave us each a bag and told use to put on only what was in bag plus a white tank top. In my and Tom's bags were stretch nylon bike shorts. After putting on only the bike shorts, we noticed that our bulges we quite noticeable. We quickly agreed that the girls were planning to put us on display too. I put my shirt and came down to my ass, covering my noticeable bulge. Val told me later they did want us to show off a bit and that those shorts would dry quickly once they got wet.

Both girls walked out in very thin yellow halter-tops and tight, white stretchy short-shorts. I could already see their nipples through the tops already and they were dry. I could hardly wait to see them wet. I told Roxanne that I couldn't see any panty lines under those tight shorts. She then gave me a sexy wink and said that was because they decided not to wear any today. Val and Roxanne were going to wear fanny packs to carry our money and ID's since we had no pockets in out tight shorts.

We headed to Busch Gardens for or day of sexy fun. There was a 70% chance of thunderstorms for the afternoon but that is normal for a summer afternoon in Florida. We made plans to ride every water ride as many times as possible after it warmed up a bit so we rode the roller coasters first. The girls were getting a lot of stares as we stood in line to ride the coasters. I could tell Val was getting excited by the looks because her nipples were getting nice and hard. And the harder Val's nipples got, the more guys seemed to stare, which in turn got Valerie even more excited. I could tell Val was getting frisky because she keep backing her ass into my crotch often while in line, giving me a hard-on early on. Thank goodness for my large loose tank top, this hid my hardness from young eyes. I retaliated by grinding into her ass. By the third ride, Tom and I both taking turns were kissing both of the girls, and grabbing both hands full of ass and tit in front of anybody and everybody as we kissed them. They were grabbing our asses a lot too. They were also grabbing our hard-ons too but they were careful and did that on the sly.

On the first water ride we only got splashed but the girls were already getting noticed and I could tell that Val was already getting excited because her nipples were hard and on display. I also noticed by this time that both girls had wet spots in the crotch of their tight white short-shorts and that both had noticeable camel-toes. I told Val this and all she did was smile and said she didn't care. We rode the Congo ride next and success! We got soaked! The gal's tits were now highly noticeable and everybody on that ride took notice. Val had a big smile on her face. I kissed her and told her she looked great. I looked over at Roxanne and she was also soaked and Tom was holding her hand and had a big smile on his face.

Everybody stared at the girls as we walked away from the ride. Neither Val nor Roxanne made any attempt to cover their breast in their wet tops as we got back in line to ride the Congo ride again. And those white shorts were also see-thru since they got wet but since both girls were shaved completely bald, there wasn't much to see up front but the crack of the ass which was quite noticeable. Roxanne said that it was just too bad and if people didn't want to see her ass then they best not look. We rode that Congo ride 5 times that afternoon our fingertips were wrinkled we were so wet. Then as Val had hoped, a thunderstorm blew up.

We slowly walked in the rain around the park as everyone else took cover. We came to this one area that had a lot of canvas tents for the jungle theme. One tent had a large stream of water poring off of it. Val grabbed Roxanne's hand and said to follow her. There must have been 50 to 75 people under the tent dodging the rain. Val walked up to the torrent of water spilling from the tent like a waterfall and stood under it. She actually rubbed it into her wet shirt as everyone under the tent watched her, Roxanne applauded at her as she did it, and as soon as Val backed from under the water, Roxanne stepped underneath rubbing the water in too. Tom and I laughed at all the looks of shock from the people under the tent. When Val walked back to me, I kissed her and grabbed one of her tits and squeezed as all those people looked on. Val just moaned and kissed even harder as she grabbed and squeezed my cock in front of everybody.

We decided it was time to leave the park because Val and Roxanne said they needed to be fucked. Roxanne said that she would like for both of us to take off our shirts and walk from the park shirtless so that everybody could see our hard-ons in our tight shorts. Val said that it was a great idea as she started removing my shirt. It felt strange but exciting walking in front of hundreds of people with a noticeable hard-on covered only by just a thin piece of cloth.

We walked all the way from the back of the park to the parking lot, it was quite a walk. About halfway across the parking lot to Tom and Roxanne's van, which we arrived in today, I had a wild idea. I got between the girls and pulled the strings around there necks at the same time. Both girls quickly reached up to hold their top in place, then smiling, Val dropped her hands pulling her top down with them, Roxanne quickly followed suit. I quickly got behind Tom's wife and took two handfuls of tit. Tom stepped behind mine and grabbed my wife's tits as she leaned back and kissed him. We continued to the van and both wives remained topless all the way to the van. About a hundred feet from the van, Val took the top completely off then stopped and pulled down her shorts, walking the remaining distance across a public parking lot, about 5 PM, completely naked!

The rest of us all stripped naked outside the van in the rain as Tom unlocked the side door. Tom got his camera and started taking pictures of us naked in a public parking lot. We all took pictures of each other so everyone had nude group pictures taken. I could tell Val was really horny by the pictures she wanted taken. First she bent over and took my cock in her hand and placed it against her pussy and push back forcing all of me in her, and then she had Tom put his cock in her mouth and had Roxanne take two pictures of her like that, one from each side. Then she turned around taking my cock in her mouth and had Tom stick his cock in her pussy and had Roxanne take two that way. Then Roxanne had to have the same pictures taken. I couldn't wait to stick my cock in her pussy! This went on beside Tom and Roxanne's van, outside in the daylight and rain in 'Bush Gardens' parking lot. UNREAL!

We all finally climbed in back of the van and grabbed some towels Tom keep in his van and passed them around to start drying off. I had a towel over my head drying my hair when I felt something nice and warm around my cock. I looked down and Roxanne had devoured my cock. Val was pushing Tom onto his back and was preparing to mount his cock. She looked at me smiling and mouthed "I Love You". We spent the next few minutes rockin' that van! We then all dared to ride back the three hours back to my house naked.

Once back at my home, we spent all night having sex anyway we wanted, and a lot of explicit pornographic photos were also taken to remember that night. I'm glad Tom had a new memory card in his new digital camera and he was glad I had extra batteries at my house. Val even took her big 10in. vibrator she bought a few weeks ago and had me shove it in her pussy as I fucked her ass and she sucked Tom off. Roxanne also had to try all three holes filed at once. We all fell asleep in our King size bed that night and continued our sexcapades the next morning. It was late in the afternoon before Tom and Roxanne went home.

I asked Val the next afternoon if she would be willing to try three real cocks at once one day, she just smiled and said she wasn't sure, but that it sounded real interesting.

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