tagMind ControlValentine Surprise

Valentine Surprise


This story is fiction. It certainly could happen. Every part of it. If you enjoy it vote and give it a 5. Thank you.


Janine was crying. Life had not been kind to her lately. George had left her for another woman, a slut! She was home alone on a Friday night just before Valentine's Day and that sucked. She hadn't had an orgasm that wasn't related to a dildo in years. She stared at the computer screen. What could she do to take her mind off of her situation?

Janine was forty but did not look it. She was five feet eight inches with a tight body and ample breasts. Dark wavy hair and dimples. She thought she had a nice body. Unfortunately she was shy around men (and women).

Literotica beaconed. That usually worked for a little while. Trusty Dildo would finish her off. Oh shit, she hated it. Well it was better then nothing.

"I should try something different," she thought.

She signed on to the home page of Literotica. "New Erotic Audios..." it said. Masterhypnotist had something called "An Induction for a Female Sex Slave."

"I am going to try that. I love a strong man directing me, making me do things. It probably won't work, but what the hell!"

She clicked on the link and sound started to come out of the computer. At first it sounded a little scratchy. The next thing she remembered was having the biggest orgasm she had ever felt. She felt like she had to contact Masterhypnotist. His IM address was right there. She felt foolish, but she did it anyway. She looked to see if he was online. He was. Now she was nervous. Without further thought she sent an IM. "You are a wonderful writer, I have never done this before. Sorry to bother you."

She got a prompt response back. "No bother at all. Did you listen to one of my audios?"


"Which one?"

"The sex slave one."

"What is your first name?"


"Janine, I can make it even better for you using IM, do yo want to do that?"

Janine was startled. She had not expected a reply like that. "I don't know, how does it work?"

"The IM is like self hypnosis. You put yourself in a deep trance using my words and I direct you to multiple orgasms."

Janine was intrigued. "What do I have to do?"

"Nothing, just watch the screen and read the words."

"What do I have to lose," she thought.


The next thing she knew, she was having this long orgasm as numbers appeared on the screen. She wasn't doing anything and her pussy was clutching and her nipples were tingling and her whole body was in a wonderful spasm. What was going on?

She couldn't stop the orgasm as the numbers appeared on her computer screen. She held on her chair's arms and enjoyed the ride. Finally it stopped. She was pleasantly drained.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"OMG yes!"

"How did you do that?"

"By counting. Do you want to do that again, Janine?"

She felt another, smaller, orgasm.

"Yes, please."

She again saw numbers appear on the screen and she almost passed out with engulfing pleasure.

She typed "Enough, stop, stop."

It eventually stopped.

"Janine, do you have a boy friend?"

"Not now."

"Why not?"

"I don't know, I just can't seem to connect with men."

"Do you want to connect with men?"

"Yes, very much."

"I can help you, Janine."

She felt another small orgasm. "How?"

"I can make your sex better with your partner and I can make you not be shy."

"How can you do that?"

"Janine, go into a deep trance...."

She vaguely remembered another orgasm and then she was alert and refreshed, staring at an empty screen. Master was gone. Sometime during the IM she had started calling him master. Every time she said it she felt a small orgasm. She felt so wet. She had NEVER felt like this. She also felt like she should call someone. She pulled out her Palm and looked for the number for Dave.

Dave worked with her and had hinted that he would like to go out with her. She hadn't encouraged him and nothing came of it. Dave was shy too.

She couldn't believe it but, she was calling Dave on a Friday night at eight PM.

The phone rang three times. She wanted to hang up, but couldn't. Dave answered in his lovely deep voice. Dave was about her age, six feet five and slender. Talked very little about himself. He would talk a lot about the company's software. That was his field. Never would he talk about himself or his family. Janine worked in the IT department so they had talked from time to time. They had even gone to lunch once. Janine did find out that Dave had a grown daughter but nothing else.



"Yes, who is this?"

"It's Janine, Dave."

"Oh, Janine I recognized your voice but I couldn't imagine you would call me at home. Do you have a software problem?"

Janine laughed softly. "No, I am sitting here alone and I wanted to meet you for coffee."

Janine couldn't believe she had said that. Apparently, neither could Dave. There was an extended silence. Finally, "Janine, I would be very pleased to have coffee with you. Let's meet at Jordan's Coffee Shop."

They agreed to meet in an hour. Janine couldn't believe she had done it. Dave was there when she got there. They had both dressed casually. Dave had on Jeans, sweater and jacket and so did Janine. It was a relatively cold day for Atlanta in February.

The coffee meeting was fun! Janine couldn't believe how aroused she was getting. She was sopping wet! After about an hour Dave looked like he was ready to call it a night. Janine, again, surprised herself.

"Dave, come back to my apartment for a drink, we can keep talking in a more intimate environment."

"Oh my God, what am I saying?"

Dave readily agreed. Janine had learned that he was single with a daughter from an old affair, The daughter was twenty four. Her name was Salina. He had never been married. Janine really liked him and all she could think of was having his cock buried inside her. She NEVER had thoughts like this. She was enjoying her boldness. They drove separately to her apartment.

When she arrived, she drove into the underground parking and kept it open for Dave. They walked to her apartment together, holding hands. Bold!

When she closed the door of her apartment she tilted her head up to be kissed. She closed her eyes. Dave did not disappoint her. The kiss felt very passionate. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, he responded by doing the same. The kiss seemed to go on forever.

Finally, when she came up for air she smiled up at him. "That was wonderful. I want to switch into something more comfortable. Please wait for me?"

She led him to the couch, where he sat down. Janine went into her bedroom and changed into lounging pajamas made of soft flannel. They were pink. She took off all of her underwear. Her breasts were amazingly firm for her age. Her complexion was creamy and very smooth. Her nipples were small with small areolas.

She sat back down nest to Dave. She again tilted her head to be kissed, and Dave did not disappoint her. This kiss was even more passionate than the last one. She had left the buttons to the pajamas unbuttoned and Dave's hand found her waiting breast. When he touched her breast she gasped. She felt like she was having an orgasm already. She held Dave close and opened his jeans. He did not resist. When the pants were unbuttoned, she reached in for his turgid tool. He was very erect and quite large. She put her little hand around it and her fingers just got around. Dave was panting. She was very wet.

She shrugged her pajama top off as he struggled out of his clothes. His erect penis was getting in the way. Soon he was naked and holding her. She dropped her pajama bottoms and took his penis in her mouth. This was something else she had never done. She licked the tip of his large tool and ran her tongue around the shaft. Dave was getting flushed now. She was fixed and could not get pregnant and Dave had not had sex in a very long time. Janine felt safe. She lay on her back and guided him into her. When he was fully imbedded she started a massive orgasm. Dave was startled, but he rapidly came too. The moment Dave ejaculated, Janine took his hand and lead him to the bedroom, before he came down from the high. They lay on the bed and held each other.

"My goodness, Janine, I am so pleased that it worked for you."

"Oh, Dave it was wonderful!"

Janine's next words startled her. She couldn't believe she was saying it. "Dave, dear, do you have any sexual fantasies that I can help you realize?"

He looked REALLY startled, this time. "Janine, I don't know what to say. I have never been asked that. What are you talking about?"

"Well, I had never had a man in my mouth before, that kind of thing. Is there anything you have dreamed of doing with a woman, we could learn together?"

Three thousand miles away Masterhypnotist was wondering how Janine was doing with the suggestions he had planted in her unconscious brain. First he had asked her what her fantasies were and determined she was much more sexual than she realized. He was also convinced she was really attracted to Dave, who sounded very nice. He had used Yahoo! Voice to augment his instructions. Janine was a good subject. Everyone who was successful with Cyber Slaves was a good subject.

Janine, dropped the subject for a while. The two lovers were cuddling on Janine's queen size bed. Dave had his hands on Janine's ass. "Would you like to do it to me in my ass?"

Dave actually blushed. "Yes, I would. Not now, I need more time."

"Would you like to stay the night? You could get your things in the morning."

"Janine, that would be wonderful. I have nothing to do tomorrow and I can wear this outfit to bed." He got a big smile. He was naked.

"I love that outfit, Dave. You look wonderful in skin." She laughed. Actually, Dave DID look good. He, clearly, kept himself in shape.

"Janine, you are the one that looks good in skin, you are sensational."

At three in the morning, Janine woke and felt Dave stir. She saw that he was awake and erect. She put it in her mouth and licked it. She tasted his pre-cum. It was salty. "Can I do it in your ass?"

"Oh yes, Dave what ever you want."

He put her in the missionary position and pumped her pussy. She, again, came immediately. This time he held on and used the fluids to lubricate her ass. He slowly pushed himself into her ass. Her legs were on his shoulder. He pushed in lowly and steadily. Janine was orgasming continuously as he slowly pushed. Finally, he could hang on no longer and he ejaculated into her bowels.

They quickly feel back to sleep. The next morning Dave left at ten in the morning. They agreed to meet that evening.

Janine went online and looked for Masterhypnotist. She wasn't sure why she felt compelled to look for him, she just knew she did.

He was online. She started typing without even thinking. "Master, I did as you directed me. It worked very well, I was fucked in the ass and my pussy and came every time. He stayed overnight and just left."

Masterhypnotist saw the IM and was pleased. "Janine, I want you to go into a deep trance. Very deep. Type k when you are there. Deeper, deeper, very deep. Feeling wonderful." He took about two minutes with his instructions.

"Janine, you did wonderful. You feel very good about yourself...." He kept on in that vain. Soon she typed k.

"Janine, were you satisfied with what happened?"

"Yes master, I was. But, I think I would like to be even more adventurous. I want to experiment with another woman."

Masterhypnotist pondered that request. He had awakened her deep desires. "Do you have any female friends who would be interested in experimenting with you?"

"Yes, Master, I do. My friend, Julia, has told me she wants more adventure in her sex life. Can you talk to her, to give her courage?"

He decided he would train Janine to be a hypnotist, it would be an interesting change of pace.

"Janine, give Julia my IM addresses and I will work with her."

He then woke Janine. Later that day he received an IM from Julia. This would be harder. She probably hadn't listened to Cyber Slaves. He was wrong. "Hello, Master, Janine told me to IM you. She said you make her feel fabulous. Can you do that with me?"

"Yes, I can, Julia. Have you listened to any of my audios?"

"Master, I have listened to all of your audios and read all your stories. You are wonderful."

"Julia, I am going to put you into a deep trance...."

He proceeded to do just that.

He had another session with Janine.

That night Janine had a wonderful time with Dave. They went out to dinner. Janine wore loose clothing and no bra. She sat right next to Dave in a dark booth. They were both getting very hot. Dave kept caressing her naked boobs. Her nipples were like pebbles. Her pussy was sopping. She could barely sit she was so excited. She put her hand on his cock. He was as aroused as she was. Neither one had any idea what they ate. That evening was a replay of Friday night. After intercourse they engaged in pillow talk.

"Honey, do you ever think about having two women at the same time?"

By this time Dave was beyond being surprised. "Janine, I am willing to try anything with you. What do you have in mind?"

"I'm still working on it. But I would like to try a threesome with you and me. I have a friend I am talking to."

"Well, let me know. I'll do anything with you."

The next day was Monday before Valentine's Day. Janine had arranged to spend the evening with Julia. They worked together and went back to Janine's apartment together. As soon as they walked into the door, Julia seemed to go into a trance.

"Julia, you will do everything I tell you, right?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Julia I want you to strip naked."

As Julia stripped, Janine did the same. "Julia I want you to lick my pussy."

Julia started doing just that. Soon they were doing sixty nine. They both came together. Janine decided it was fun, but she preferred Dave. She had promised Dave a special Valentines Day, so she had to deliver.

"Julia, I want you to come back here tomorrow evening. My friend Dave will be here. Okay?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Julia, when I count to 3 you will wake from a deep trance. You will feel wonderful. We will plan tomorrow evening. 1 - 2 - 3."

"Hi, what's happening, I feel so wet? I'm naked!"

"We did it! We have to plan tomorrow, Valentine's day."

"Did what?"

"Had sex."


"Yeah, Julia, really. That's why you are so wet. Watch."

She touched Julia's breast. Julia, have a big orgasm."


Julia started to spasm. Then scream. She then calmed down. "Oh my, how did you do that?"

"Master conditioned you and trained me to control you. You liked that didn't you?"

Julia blushed. "Yes, I liked it."

"Okay, Julia I will see you here tomorrow."

They parted for the evening. That evening Janine read several stories by Master and his treatise on Erotic Hypnosis. She wanted to be prepared for anything.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day.

"Dave, are we all set for tonight? We are going to have a Valentine's surprise."

"For sure, I will see you at your apartment at eight."

That night they all met at Janine's apartment. They were all sitting in her living room. "Julia, go into a deep trance."

Dave looked stunned. "What is THAT all about?"

"I am hypnotizing Julia."

"How do you do that?"

"Easily." Julia was sitting looking almost comatose.

"I mean how do you do it? Don't be a wise guy."

"Dave, just lay back and enjoy it."

"I want to be able to do that?"

"Julia will just take direction from me. Julia, strip, quickly"

Julia rapidly took all her clothes off. She was very pretty. Five foot, ten inches one hundred forty with a substantial chest. She was a natural red head.

"Julia I want you to give Dave a blow job. Stop before he cums."

Dave's eyes were bugging out as Julia reached for his belt. He quickly opened his pants. He was getting very hard. Julia took him in her mouth. "Easy, Julia don't finish him."

She leisurely licked his erect penis. He was very hard. Janine took her own clothes off. "Julia, now lick me."

Julia pulled off of Dave's cock. It came out of her mouth with a pop. She then started to lick Janine. Janine was making some interesting noises. Dave started stroking Janine's breasts. Janine got louder. Julia was very busy licking.

"Dave, do you want to put your cock into Julia?"

This whole experience was getting to be too much for Dave. "Are you sure you won't mind?"

"Nah, I want to give you and Julia an interesting experience. A Valentine's Day we will never forget."

"Dave, put it in her from behind, while she is eating me." Janine was gasping as she said that.

Dave got behind Julia and thrust into her pussy from the back. They all came at the same time.

Dave was the first to recover. "Julia, how do you feel?"

Julia was now out of the trance. "I feel fabulous. I have never felt so free and loose, with such wonderful orgasms."

"Janine, can you do that to me?"

By now Janine knew the routine and she did have some success with Julia. She certainly wasn't going to have Master's help. She knew we had to appear confident.

"Dave, no problem. Sit in this soft chair and relax. Let your body relax completely."

He did as instructed. Janine could tell he was motivated. That would help. She was going to concentrate on his eyes first.

"Dave your eyes are closed. Tightly closed. As you hear my voice your eyes are feeling locked. You can't open them, as you go into a deeper trance. Let yourself go deeper and deeper."

She didn't want to give him a chance to try to open his eyes. If she changed the subject he would unconsciously believe they were locked tight. She raised his eye lid. All that showed were the whites of his eyes. A good sign.

"Dave as I speak you feel yourself floating. You are free floating with no cares. Your mind is free and thinking only about my words, you have no other thoughts. You are floating deeper and deeper into a wonderful trance. With each word you go deeper, it makes you feel so good. Your legs are completely limp. Your arms are completely limp. You are more relaxed than you have ever been. You are feeling so good. Dave, the deepest trance is 10. How deep are you now?"


Terrific! "Dave, you can feel yourself going deeper to ten. The deepest trance. You have no cares or responsibilities. Just relaxation."

Julia, had been listening, and she was back in a deep trance. They were all still naked.

"Dave, you whole body is relaxed, but your cock is becoming rigid. Very rigid." Like magic, it started to rise. Soon it was pointing straight up. She felt it and Dave moaned. She liked the feel of the turgid cock. This was fun, controlling Dave and Julia.

"Dave, how deep are you?"


"Dave do you like me?"


"How much do you like me?"

"A lot."

"Do you like Julia?"


"Like you like me?"

"No, not at all. I like you as a friend, Julia is a sex object."

"Do you like me to control you?"

"Actually, I do. It is very relieving to have you control me. You can make all the decisions."

Shoot, she didn't want to go THERE. She did not want to be the one making all the decisions. She also liked being hypnotized. If You could do it, would you hypnotize me?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

She would have to show him how to do it. She was concerned that reading Masterhypnotist's stories would not be a good idea. That would stay a secret from Dave. At least for now.

"Dave when I count to 3 you will wake, feeling wonderful. You will stay erect until I tell you that you can cum. You will poke your cock everywhere I tell you to. If I snap my fingers, you will go back into a deep trance. Immediately. 1 - 2 - 3.

Dave awoke with a start. "Oh, I feel strange. Geeze, look at that."

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