Valentine's Day with Work Wife


It felt cool after all that heat, and we went back to the bed. Gina picked up my heart boxers and put them on. "How do I look?"

"Very sexy!"

She slipped on my a-shirt too, and climbed back into bed. I climbed in naked beside her.

"Can I sleep over tonight?"

"I'd like that. Can we just cuddle? I am so relaxed and happy right now. I want to make this last."

I kissed Gina long and gently. We spooned and held each other, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


We were woken by the alarm. Gina kissed me, "Good morning! I gotta pee and shower!" She slipped out of bed and into the bathroom.

"I guess I better too. See you for breakfast?"

"Sounds great, " she called from the shower.

I put on my clothes from yesterday and went back to my room. Holy shit! I slept with my work wife, and she was a tiger in bed! How would this affect our relationship? What about my wife? What about her husband? Would we do it again? I hoped so!

With all of that running through my head, I showered and got dressed for class.

I met Gina in the lobby for breakfast, and she seemed a bit distant. We were polite and smiled a lot, but I could tell she was thinking things over a lot too.

Class was very long that day, and I'm not sure either of us learned much. When it finally got done, we headed out to the sports bar again for dinner.

"Gina, I hope this didn't cause any problems for you. I don't have any regrets. I've thought about doing that with you for a very long time, but always as a fantasy. You really mean a lot to me, and I would never want to hurt you. You are very special to me, and it felt so good when were were together. And I understand if you want to pretend it never happened."

"I thought about us all day. It felt so good for me too. I don't know where this leaves us, but right now, I am like being with you. Can we pretend the rest of the trip is just us, and go back to reality when we get home?"

"I'd like that. Do you want to see a movie tonight, kind of like a date?"

"I'd love that."

We went back to the theater, and this time watched a popular drama. We held hands and flirted a lot. During the movie, Gina kissed my cheek, and put a hand on my thigh. I put my arm around her, and she leaned into me. Later on, she slid her hand up my thigh and stroked my cock.

In the car, Gina purred, "I want to fuck you again. I am so horny right now."

Luckily I didn't get a speeding ticket back to the hotel.


The next few days flew by. We would sit through class, go out to dinner, then fuck our brains out. I couldn't believe how few inhibitions Gina had. She would initiate moves as often as I would.

Gina stripped me naked and gave me the clothed blowjob of a lifetime. Then she did a striptease for me and rode my cock until we both came.

The next night while I was tonguing her pussy, she pulled my legs over to straddle her face in a 69 position, and began sucking on my balls and stroking my cock. It was so erotic that before I knew it, I shot a creamy load all over her stomach.

She didn't like the smell or taste of her own pussy juices, but was more than eager to lick up and swallow my cum. Who knew?

We both agreed this was a temporary situation, and since we wouldn't have this opportunity again, we would let it run its course, and keep it totally secret.

On Friday after class, we got in the car for the long ride back home. We decided to put my heart boxers and her red camisole and panties in a brown paper bag and throw them in the trash at a gas station, so we wouldn't have to explain anything to our spouses.

We had a bittersweet ride home, listening to music and laughing and reminiscing about our wild week. We held hands, and Gina leaned over to kiss me before we got close to her house.

"You know, every day I'm going to wonder which boxers you are wearing."

"And I'm going to imagine what you are wearing underneath your clothes. Maybe we should work some words into our conversations like, 'do you have any white paper?' And you would say, 'no, sorry. I think there is some in the cabinet by the blue striped poster'..."

"That sounds like fun. Just don't get us caught", she giggled.

I helped her with her luggage, and she smiled and waved as she walked to the door.

The perfect end to a memorable Valentine's Day week.

Except it didn't end there...

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