tagExhibitionist & VoyeurValentine's Exhibitionism/Voyeurism

Valentine's Exhibitionism/Voyeurism


Inattentive boyfriend learns to appreciate his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

It all started last week, the week before Valentine's Day was Larry's undoing, and in hindsight, he realized it was all his fault. When he was working in his second floor, home office late at night in readiness for a big civil lawsuit case. Ready for bed, he turned off the light and stood to yawn and stretch his tiredness, before snuggling in bed against his girlfriend, Diane. He wondered if she'd be in the mood for sex, probably not; she's been moody lately and they've been arguing a lot. When he turned to leave the room, a light out his window caught his eye.

With his drapes wide open and his bedroom light on, Larry's next door neighbor, Andy, walked around his second floor bedroom naked. Andy's master bedroom faced Larry's office and in all the years Larry's lived next door to Andy, those drapes have always been pulled shut and he's never seen his neighbor naked. Not a gay man, Larry wouldn't ordinarily look at another man naked, but seeing another person naked late at night, whether man or woman, was startling and he couldn't help himself from staring at Andy's naked image. Besides, there's something erotically naughty about spying on someone, when they don't know you're watching.

"I only wish Cindy was naked, instead of Andy," said Larry. "She's hot and he's not."

Still, he watched Andy hoping that Cindy would make a naked appearance, too. As soon as he wrapped his brain around seeing Andy's fat ass, beer belly, and swaying cock, quickly going from startling to exciting, in walked Cindy and she was naked, too.

"Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? A voyeur's dream come true, this is too good to be true," he said, while wondering if this naked show played every night, while he was in bed sleeping. "You lucky dog, Andy, to have a wife who looks that good naked. Damn, Cindy has such a hot body."

In voyeur's Heaven, as if watching a live reality porn show on TV, Cindy's round, shapely ass, big, firm breasts, and trimmed, blonde pussy were all there for him to ogle. With land at premium prices in his crowded bedroom neighborhood and costing more than the houses, the residents live close enough that Larry could almost reach out and fondle Cindy's big breasts, suck her pink nipples, and finger her blonde pussy. Even with their windows closed, Larry could hear them arguing, whenever they fought. Only, now that they're both naked, instead of hearing them arguing, he was hoping to not only hear Cindy screaming with pleasure but also to watch her having sex with Andy.

"How hot would that be to watch them fucking and sucking? Wow!"

Barely married six months, Cindy was Andy's young, sexy, new bride. Unaccustomed to seeing a naked twenty-something-year old, with the flat, toned stomach of a runner and the long, shapely legs of a dancer, she has such a hot body. Her naked vision, a mere memory of the hot women that Larry used to date, before he moved in with Diane, not that his girlfriend wasn't hot but, older now, Diane was no Cindy.

Being the voyeur that he was, he couldn't believe his eyes seeing both Andy and Cindy naked. Mesmerized by the naked sight of the both of them, especially her, unable to stop staring, he reached for his binoculars for a closer look. Wishing he was the one with Cindy, instead of Andy, wishing his girlfriend, Diane, was uninhibited enough to have the bedroom drapes open with the light on, he watched them sitting naked in bed talking, laughing, kissing, and touching. Their display of nude, public intimacy was so hot.

Just 24-years-old, Cindy was the newly hired healthcare worker for Andy's elderly mother, which is how they met. Andy, older than Larry by several years, was old enough to be Cindy's father. So truly shameful, the lucky bastard, when he allowed Cindy to move in with him, before marrying her, after divorcing his wife of twenty-something years, with the out of shape body that Andy has, how he landed such a young, good looking woman was beyond Larry's comprehension.

Because of their constant newlywed displays of affection, kissing, hugging, touching, and holding hands, the women in the neighborhood look at Andy with a jaundiced eye, while the men look at him with envy. Any man and some women, who've seen Cindy, no doubt, would lust over her. Who wouldn't? Tall, blonde, busty, beautiful, and shapely, she's a ten on a scale of ten.

Sadly, after Andy divorced with his wife, Beverly, and took up with Cindy, no one in the neighborhood has anything to do with him. Inwardly a beautiful person, an integral part of the neighborhood, Beverly, a more mature, full figured woman, was not as outwardly beautiful in the way that Cindy was stacked. Always included in the neighborhood activities, Larry and Diane, regularly had Andy and Beverly over for drinks, for cards, and for movie night. Now, even though he still lives next door, they never see Andy anymore, that is, until tonight and until now that Larry has both their naked bodies focused in his binocular lens.

"I would so love to fuck her perfect body? She's so hot. She has such an incredible ass," said Larry, while depressing his zoom button to zero in on Cindy's perfect breasts. "Better than any Playboy Playmate, she has great tits, too, the most perfect breasts I've ever seen."

Fondling her big breasts and sucking her erect nipples, while teasing her clit and finger fucking her pussy, he watched Andy roll Cindy over and slide his erect cock inside of her. A live sex show unfolding before his eyes, never having watched another couple having sex, other than on the Internet, Larry could only imagine how exciting it must feel to have sex with someone so young, so firm, so willing, and so hot. Then, when Andy started humping her, banging her, and really slamming his cock in her, he watched them fuck, until Cindy rolled him over and rode him, as if she was riding the bucking Brahma bull at Bronco Billy's Beef Barbeque Bar downtown. With her big breasts barely moving with her hips humping and grinding Andy's cock deeper in her pussy, while twisting, turning, jumping, and screaming, she rode him in the way that Larry wished his girlfriend, Diane, would ride him.

"Oh, my God, I'd pay a lot of money to watch this live sex show and here it is before my eyes for free. It's been a long time since I had sex like that with Diane," said Larry. "Now that I recall, with Diane preferring to make love, rather than to fuck, I haven't had animal sex like that, since I was dating her. Way to go, Andy, way to go, you fat, lucky bastard," said Larry, as if he had paid an admission ticket to watch and to cheer them having sex. "Fuck her, Andy, fuck her, really fuck her," he whispered under his breath, while intently watching them, so as not to arouse Diane from her sleep and spoil his voyeur fun. "Fuck her for all the guys who wish they had a hot, young chick like her in bed to fuck. Fuck her, Andy, fuck her. Fuck her hard for me, buddy," said Larry, while watching them fuck through his binoculars.

Even though Diane has a great, firm rack, natural C cup breasts, now that he saw Cindy's big boobs, he wish Diane had knockers like Cindy's tits. Definitely, by the huge size of them, Cindy's perfect breasts were a D cup or maybe even a double D cup. Without doubt, she has the best tits he's ever seen, better even than Pamela Anderson's big boobs.

"Wow. I just love her big jugs. I'd love to snuggle up against her big tits."

Watching them having sex was obscenely exciting and he was just about to pull out his prick and stroke himself to their public, sexual display, that is, until his office door opened and his girlfriend, Diane, walked in the room and turned on the light.

"What are you doing in the dark, Larry? Aren't you coming to bed?" She walked closer him. "What are you looking at through those binoculars?"

"Nothing, I, um, there was a beaver, I mean, a raccoon outside, and I just wanted to--"

"A beaver? A raccoon? Other than squirrels, the occasional skunk and muskrat, and that natural born killer of a Rat terrier that lives across the street, I've never seen wild animals in this neighborhood," she said with skepticism.

Diane grabbed the binoculars from him, looked out, and saw Andy and Cindy having sex. Even without binoculars, how could she not see them? With their bedroom drapes wide open and their bedroom light on, as if they were in an extension of Larry and Diane's house, they were fucking in plain view.

Even without the binoculars, looking over Diane's shoulder, as if Cindy was a pumping piston of a drilling machine, up and down and up and down, Larry could see Cindy fucking Andy. Even with their windows closed, he could hear them coming close to orgasmic pleasure. Envious and excited, he wished he was having animal sex like that, not so much with Diane but with Cindy. Careful that Diane didn't catch him looking too long and too hard at Cindy, Larry tried acting blasé about what he saw before and what he was seeing now. When he looked over at them again, Cindy looked as if she was about to have an orgasm and Andy, with his mouth gaping open, his face beat red, and his hands all over her big tits, looked as if he was about to explode from the sexual excitement of fucking such a hot, young woman, before dying of a heart attack.

"Oh, my God. A fat, old man with a woman half his age, this is so depravedly disgusting. I'm just glad that Beverly isn't around to see this," said Diane with anger, before removing the binoculars from her eyes to turn and address her boyfriend. "I bet he never fucked Beverly in the way that he's fucking that little slut now because, if he had, they'd probably still be married."

A sexual revelation, shocked by Diane's revealing confession, just as he'd loved to have sex with Diane in the way that Andy was having sex with Cindy, he wondered if Diane just revealed that she wished she could be fucked in the way that Cindy was being fucked now. Show over, Larry figured that Diane would give him back the binoculars and leave the office but, when she looked through the binoculars again and refocused them for a closer look, he wondered if she was a closet voyeur and an exhibitionist, too. Wow, wouldn't that be hot, if she was and if they could put on their own little show? If she thought this public, sexual display was so depravedly shocking and was so offended by their naked sexual show, then why is she needing another longer and closer look at Andy and Cindy through his binoculars?

"If you push that button right there, Diane," he said hoping to encourage her into embracing exhibitionism and voyeurism, by having her stay longer to watch, "the lens will zoom out enough for you to--"

"Eww. This is so wrong spying on someone, Larry. I've seen enough. I'm going to be sick," she said still standing there mesmerized and as if hypnotized, while watching the hot sexual action through his binoculars.

As if she had just kicked him in the balls, instead of congratulating him for doing his sworn duty as a testosterone filled, voyeuristic man, by Diane's comment that she was going to be sick, Larry felt he was doing something wrong by watching Andy and Cindy copulate.

"What? What happened? What's the matter? What did you see, Diane? Tell me."

"Oh, my God, Larry, I just saw Andy's cock," she said still staring through the binoculars. "He looked right at me watching him. He saw me watching him through the binoculars having sex. Then, he smiled, took his erection in hand, and waved his cock at me, just before exploding his load of cum all over Cindy," said Diane turning to face Larry and handing him back the binoculars.

"Wow." Saddened that he missed the climax of the free sex show, Larry could only manage to utter one word, after missing Andy cumming all over Cindy. He so would have loved to have seen that.

Unable to tell if Diane was angry, embarrassed, or excited seeing Andy's cock and watching him cum all over Cindy, not wanting to ruin this moment of sexual exploration, playing it by ear, he threaded lightly, while hoping that Diane would continue to reveal more of her sexual wants and needs. Hopeful of her sexual epiphany, maybe after Diane watched Andy with Cindy, this was their sexual turning point to a hotter and healthier sex life. Maybe, after watching the public sexual display of their neighbors, Diane will want to show other men more skin in the way that Cindy just paraded around naked. Maybe, finally, Diane will agree to flash the mailman, the UPS man, the Fedex driver, and the pizza delivery guy. Larry could only imagine the fun they could have flashing Diane's naked and semi-naked body to other men.

"Andy, that fat, old, pig just ejaculated all over her Cindy's face and chest, a woman nearly half his age. Oh, my God, that was so gross. He ought to be ashamed. He gave her a real cum bath. There was cum everywhere, Larry, everywhere. She had cum dripping from her hair, her eyes, her nose, her mouth, her chin, and all across her breasts. I never saw a man cum so much, Larry."

With his cock throbbing in his pants, Larry listened to Diane describe the sexual action she had just witnessed, while watching her reaction to the public sexual display. Was she appalled or excited? He couldn't tell. After all these years together, sadly and frustratingly, he didn't know his girlfriend well enough to read her.

Is this what she wants? Does she want him to give her a cum bath, too, while someone watches? Is cumming all over her face and breasts her sexual fantasy? Damn, why didn't she say something to him before? If he knew Diane wanted a cum bath, he'd be happy to accommodate her. He imagined Diane giving his friends a circle jerk. He imagined several of his friends standing over her, while masturbating or while she masturbated and sucked them, before they all gave her a real cum bath.

"Wow," he said excitedly, the only word he could utter that didn't reveal what he was truly thinking.

He so wanted to ask Diane, if he could give her a cum bath. He so wanted to ask Diane, if he could flash her naked body to other men. He didn't dare ask Diane, if she'd have his friends give her a cum bath. Instead, he allowed her to take the lead, so that he could follow, that is, until she ruined his sexual fantasy.

"Eww, eww, eww. He's such a gross pig," she said shaking, shivering, and wrapping her arms around her body, as is she had just walked through a spider web. "I can't believe he held his cock up in his hand, as if giving me a better look at his erection, before he splashed Cindy with cum. I can't believe he saw me looking. I'm so embarrassed, Larry. Knowing Andy, he probably thinks that I want him. Eww. Gross."

Already excited with the thoughts of him and his friends cumming all over Diane, she quickly burst his sexual fantasy bubble with a moral reality one. Then, to make matters worse, a chance of a lifetime, he couldn't believe he missed Andy cumming all over Cindy. With Diane not the true voyeur that he was or the hot exhibitionist that Cindy was, somehow she caught all the action, just at the right moment and he missed all the action at the wrong time. For sure, he would have given his right nut to witness Andy cumming all over Cindy. A memory that would have fueled his masturbation sessions for a long time, that would have been so hot to see her pretty face and big tits dripping with Andy's cum.

"Well, the thing about being a voyeur, Diane, is that you're not supposed watch someone with the light on," he said turning off the light. "You're not supposed to let your subject know that you're watching them and you're never supposed to be caught looking," he said with a nervous laugh, while hoping that he could somehow persuade Diane to stay to watch more and enlist her as a willing volunteer in his sexy games of voyeurism and exhibitionism. "Except in this case, with Andy and Cindy being so uninhibitedly open, maybe they wanted us to see them. Maybe they were hoping we'd watch them. Maybe they're exhibitionists. Maybe they're hoping we'll swing with them."

"Swing? What do you mean swing? What's that?"

As soon as Larry mentioned Cindy's name with the word swing, his cock hardened, while envisioning himself fucking Cindy, while Diane sucked Andy's cock. In a frenzy of arms and legs, a regular Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, he imagined the four of them together in bed sucking, licking, and fucking. Oh, my God, a dream come true, he'd love to have sex with Cindy, while watching Andy fuck Diane.

"The swinging lifestyle is having an open sexual relationship, where you have sex with other couples separately or together."

"Eww, gross, Larry, that's so gross. I'd never have sex with anyone but you," she said giving him a long, hard stare, before shooting him a long look of accusation. "Is that what you want? You want me to fuck Andy, so that you can fuck Cindy? Is that it?" Thinking, at first, that she was seriously considering the thought of swinging with Andy and Cindy, when she shot him a look of anger that shriveled his penis and made him feel perversely embarrassed to be a normal, horny man, he felt sad that he'd never live his sexual fantasy of sharing Diane with other men. "I'd kill myself first, before I allowed Andy to even touch me."

"No, no, of course not, Diane. I'm happy with you. I love you, Diane," said Larry quickly back peddling, while his sexual fantasy with Cindy as his very own personal porn star evaporated. "I'm not a swinger. If I'm anything at all, I'm just a voyeur. I just like to watch. Especially if someone is purposely showing, there's no harm in that, is there?"

"A voyeur? Is that what you are, Larry, a voyeur? A pervert?" She looked at him, as if he had two heads and as if he was perverted, instead of being the normal, testosterone filled, healthy voyeuristic man that he was. "Just as you enjoy watching Andy fuck Cindy, you'd like to watch me having sex with Andy, wouldn't you? Is that it?"

"Yeah, I mean no. I don't want you having sex with Andy, that is, unless you wanted to," he said mumbling the last part low enough under his breath that Diane didn't hear. Instead, standing on his soapbox, he continued his position to defend himself with justification. "I may be a voyeur, but I'm not a pervert. I wouldn't want you to have sex with anyone but me," he said lying, while proud to be a voyeur, but saddened that she, no doubt, now thought him a pervert. His images of being a swinger in the swinging lifestyle deflated with his cock. "Especially when someone is blatantly displaying their naked body, there's nothing wrong with looking at what they are showing."

Tired of having to defend himself with her standing in judgment, Diane always accused him of cheating. Censoring them by stamping their sexual disapproval on their erections to spoil and inhibit their inherent voyeuristic fun, especially when another woman was involved, women were always so possessively jealous with their men. Larry believed that not only were all men voyeurs but also that all women were exhibitionists. Further, when it came to their man, women evoked a double standard of morals.

Why was it okay for their women to flash other men their panties and bras but not okay for their man to look at other woman, who flash them their panties and bras? When women enjoy wearing short skirts and low cut tops, why is it okay for women to flash their bodies to other men and then chastise their man for looking at other women? In the way he had been staring at Cindy, God forbid, he should be caught looking at another woman, there'd be Hell to pay, as there was now with Diane. Even though he wanted to try and save himself by saying to Diane that all women are exhibitionists, deciding not to push his luck by trying to defend that argument, figuring that she'd think he was calling her a slut, he remained silent.

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