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Valentine's Games


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Valentine's Games

This year, Valentine's Day fell on Saturday. In some instances, the holiday was reason for female furs to demand every last extravagance that a partner was unwilling to give, buying into commercialism to forget love. In others, however, it was an excuse to seduce and demonstrate another example of the love that was present all year round. True love, after all, was not only for a day. A card, while special, could never match up to the life genuinely thrumming between partners, regardless of time together.

The corgi was late returning home as light faded, a common occurrence. The tan canine with a white patch to the right side of her muzzle clipped at a smart pace down the pavement, returning to the terraced house where her partner waited. Hams wore a three piece suit in business black, suited to her office work, but offset by a violet blouse with a pressed collar. Wearing sensible 'tall enough' heels, she announced her approach with each tap upon the pavement, heads turning on the street to watch the curvaceous corgi pass. A small smile played across her painted lips and her stride bounced, short tail wagging contentedly. The heels were fabulous at showing off her legs. One could not see her legs beneath the suit trousers, of course, but she knew they were accentuated.

Hams exhaled slowly and stretched both arms above her head, blouse popping out of her trousers where it had been neatly tucked in, reaching for the red painted door. Paint peeled in one corner, white chips against the stark, rich crimson. That would have to be fixed shortly, perhaps over the weekend. The weekend would be a busy one with Valentine's and seeing her family on the Sunday in addition to all the mayhem she was due to cause. Her smile broadened - it would be a good day. It was only too bad that exhaustion radiated through her frame from head to toes and she wanted nothing more than to slip between the bed sheets with Aadra that night. It would be okay. She had something special planned for day itself - for the time being, however, she was more than relieved it was Friday.

Stepping into the narrow hallway, Hams hung her keys on a hook by the door, kicking off her heels with a soft groan. The carpet was soft against the soles of her paws and the corgi nudged the shoes further aside, bumping the skirting boards: they could be dealt with in the morning. The hall clock ticked past eight and the street lamps outside had already flickered into full, warm glows.

Pricking her ears, the corgi brushed a strand of ginger hair back from her forehead; it curled in the most unruly fashion. Artificial sounds of fighting and magic emanated from the living room in the usual tell tale sign of the expected who was doing the expected what within. Hams giggled, covering her mouth with one paw.

Hams padded into the living room, furnished so that it was on the edge of appearing cluttered. It was perfect that way. Sitting at the computer, Aadra leaned forward into the computer screen, unaware of his girlfriend creeping up behind him with surprising stealth. Aadra was a cross between a border collie and an Australian Shepherd, leaving the back of his grey coat with a pattern of thick, darker slashes and his white front trimmed with brown where it met his legs. His triangular ears flopped slightly in concentration as he focused on the screen, the white half of his muzzle in view as the corgi tiptoed closer. Alas, true grace was not to be hers that night! Just as she reached him, Ham's paw caught on the carpet and she fell with a squeak, landing with a thumping paw on each of Aadra's shoulders. He jumped visibly, half-glanced up and chuckled, used to the clumsiness, as Hams blushed beneath her fur, resting on him as if it was what she had intended to do all along.

"Hi, hon," she kissed his cheek, draping her arms around the canine's neck - a position that also had the convenient side effect of pressing her breasts to his back. "How was your day?"


His eyes were glued to the screen.

She waited on further detail and, when none was forthcoming, nosed his cheek.

"Did you have a good day?" She repeated, stifling a grin in an attempt of mock-seriousness.

Aadra did not answer, furiously tapping the keyboard. Hams shook her head, unable to be annoyed. It was funny how he got so into his video games. What was he playing now? League of Starcraft or something? Not one she was interested in at the present moment, which was a shame. Regardless, it was good to have some different interests: it gave them both the space they needed.

Rolling the tiredness off her shoulders, she left him to it; the only thought in her mind was the wish to take the weight off her paws. The corgi detoured to the kitchen, put the kettle on and situated her favourite sizeable mug beside it, though she didn't yet know what she wanted to drink. The bedroom and a change of clothes beckoned too alluringly to pause longer.

Darting up the stairs, Hams bounded into the tidily furnished bedroom, noting with delight that Aadra had made the bed after coming home from work. Fresh sheets! He didn't forget the little things. Well, not more than any normal fur.

Humming to herself, Hams stripped her jacket and trousers, hanging both up in the large wardrobe. The blouse was tossed in the laundry basket, falling half over the side and leaving the corgi in matching purple undergarments only (she'd had to have a purple bra to hide under her blouse at work and one could not go without matching panties if they wanted to feel their best!). Only pyjamas would do after a day like hers, she thought as she brushed her hair back into a loose ponytail. Pausing before the wardrobe and full length mirror for a moment, she looked over her body with a critical feminine eye.

Short with pleasing curves and a white underbelly, she was a pup that could have been the runt of the litter in another life but Hams liked the way she looked, the way her eyes were brighter when she was happy. And she was happy, very much so. She had the whole weekend to spend with her boyfriend! Blowing a kiss to her reflection, Hams stroked down her breasts and belly, turning sideways to admire her large, shapely rump and muscular legs. All that walking did them good. The corgi wagged and winked at her image, giggling at her own silliness. She always looked better when she smiled: it was good to keep smiling.

Taking the liberty of going braless at home, Hams tossed the garment in the general direction of the laundry basket, panties following seconds afterwards. She delved into the dresser drawers and withdrew a sensual pair of silk and lace panties, slipping them on with a pleased murr - they hugged her backside perfectly. Sadly, they were swiftly covered by a pair of deep purple yoga pants and a fitted white t-shirt that showed off her breasts without constricting, nipples perking through the fabric.

Thus adorned, Hams eased between the bed sheets and nuzzled into the pillows, smelling faintly of lavender laundry detergent. A pair of Aadra's sneakers lay discarded at the foot of the bed, one on its side. Hams shook her head at the reminder of the tidying that had to be completed - her own shoes were hardly in their correct place - and picked up her tablet from the bedside table with the best intent to read.

Her fingers betrayed her, however, wily and wicked with a mind of their own. She had intended to open the reading app on the tablet, settle down until either sleep or hunger called her. Things never ended up as planned. The silk of her underwear brushed sensually against her fur and the corgi squirmed beneath the sheets, lips twisting. No, she had to concentrate, she had a book to finish that had gone on for far too long. The heat grew, need stirring in her belly. The corgi groaned and slithered further down the bed so that only her muzzle poked out from beneath the duvet, paw rubbing slow circles into her thigh. She could wait for that, she couldn't drag Aadra away from his game. And it would be silly to please herself when her boyfriend was right downstairs.

Pushing under the band of her loose pants, Hams arched and swallowed a groan as her fingers brushed over the silk. She was already soaking through the woefully thin fabric, arousal past containing. The faintest touch of her fingertips was enough to set her panting, gasping as if she had not been touched for months. Which was absurd, since she had Aadra most nights that the tiredness of the working world didn't overcome them. The corgi rolled her head from side to side, letting her fingers work within her panties, silk slick with her own juices. She tried not to bite her lip - that was too cliché - releasing a low, desperate moan. In her mind, it was Aadra pushing two digits into her, lips laying soft kisses up her neck, a paw squeezing her rump before thrusting in...

Frustrated, the corgi shot upright and yanked away her paw, barely stifling a gasp. Fingers dripping, she blushed scarlet and lapped them clean, swirling her tongue around each one in turn. Again, in her mind's eye, she imagined it was Aadra, wanting more than her own taste on her lips. She needed him.

Well, there was only one thing for it really.

Grinning deviously, the corgi leapt out of bed, flinging the duvet to the floor. Hesitating for only half a second to drag off her t-shirt and pants, she kicked them aside and half-trotted half-tumbled down the stairs. Her nose twitched madly. Aadra's scent was all through the house, doing nothing to help quell her desire. Like a feral dog, raw, unbridled heat flared within her, making everything seem more sensitive, more dynamic. Except, in her case, it was that delectable combination of love and lust that drove her on. She paused in the doorway, panting hotly as she watched her partner, oblivious to her intent. Of course he would be oblivious. Exactly as she wanted him. His brow furrowed as he navigated a particularly tricky quest and she fought between natural instinct and shyness to pounce him right then and there.

"Hey..." Hams leaned against the doorframe, posing herself just so, curves beautifully displayed: subtlety was not her strong point when it came to the art of seduction. "You want to join me upstairs, sweetie?"

"Hm?" Aadra's ear twitched, otherwise giving no indication that he had heard her.

"Come on," Hams stepped into the room, paw on her hip as she stood in just her panties. "I can make you feel good, baby, better than ever before."

It didn't matter that the line was cheesy as it got her point across, yet she could not drag Aadra's attention away from the game. It had been that way every time she had tried to capture his attention when he was playing, regardless of what game it was. Surely one could make an exception from time to time? Playing with the edge of her panties, Hams' eyes narrowed speculatively.

"Aadra?" Hams murmured, squashing nerves beneath her most seductive, throaty tone. "I have something for you."

No response. For the first time, irritation flickered, sparked by the need charging through her veins. She had to have him and he was busy with a game? Hams tucked her muzzle in, peered up through her short fringe and smirked. Oh, she would fix that.

With a flirtatious sway of her hips, the corgi sashayed across the dimly lit living room and ducked beneath Aadra's desk with girlish giggle. Thinking that Hams was looking for something she had misplaced - and being too deep into his game to notice her lack of clothing as anything other than her getting ready for bed - Aadra shifted his legs to the side, kindly allowing her room to move. In the darkness beneath the desk, Hams grinned, stubby tail wagging furiously, and tugged her boyfriend's loose house pants down to his knees.

"What are you doing?" Aadra yelped, legs suddenly stiffening: Hams giggled.

"You can't be too busy for me now, can you?" Hams cooed, running a paw up the inside of his thigh, stroking the patch where dark grey fur merged into pure white.

"I'm in the middle of a dungeon!"

"That's no excuse."

Hams would not hear any of it. Pushing against her boyfriend hard enough so that his desk chair (luckily on wheels) scooted back a couple of inches, permitting her more space to enjoy. The corgi shuffled on to her knees, gave Aadra's knee a playful nip and nuzzled over the soft bulge in his boxer shorts. The navy fabric grew wet beneath fervent laps of her tongue and, above her head, Aadra groaned deep in his throat, hind paws shifting restlessly. Hams shivered with wicked glee: she was getting to him.

Yet he still tapped and clicked away on that keyboard like a dog possessed. What would it take for him to sate the heat between her thighs? Hams curled her paws around his calves and tugged his boxers down with her teeth, tugging fur in her haste. Though he growled at the slight discomfort, Aadra made no move to stop her and, so emboldened, Hams let the waistband rest beneath his balls, weighing them in her paw as his canine member rose in response to her teasing. She traced the black shaft with the tip of her tongue, lapping from the base to the head in lustful strokes.

Aadra moaned.

"Hams..." Aadra panted, toes curling. "What are you doing?"

She didn't deign that with an answer. There was no innocence in her blue eyes, only intent on the devilish. The canine's body responded so eagerly to her ministrations that it was almost as if he had been waiting for it. A drop of pre cum beaded at the tip and Hams suckled it off like a fine treat, curling her flexible tongue around the length over and over until her partner was a quivering, distracted mess, key taps coming much more slowly and with far more muttered curse words than normal. Yet he did not ask her to stop. Hams chuckled silently to herself, taking a long, slow suck of the very tip of Aadra's cock. She was too good to be stopped.

"Damn it, Hams..." Aadra growled, though the tone contained a greater proportion of lust than annoyance. "I'm in the middle of something here."

"Then you're at my mercy then, aren't you, love?" Hams chirped, eyes bright.

He did not have the chance to reply before her muzzle engulfed his cock, sinking right down to the barely swollen knot. Hams shuddered at the memory of that knot sinking into her pussy, locking Aadra and her together until his seed was spent, arms around one another and tongues passionately entwined. Aadra hissed, clenching teeth in line with every muscle in his body tightening as he struggled to concentrate. Sucking hard enough that her cheeks hollowed with the effort, Hams fought her gag reflex, Aadra's dick nudging the back of her throat. The canine groaned loudly, no doubt giving the neighbours cause for concern through the thin walls, and half-bucked his hips, will to concentrate diminishing.

But Hams was not going to let him have what he wanted that easily. Hams bobbed her muzzle along his length, pressing her tongue to the underside to claim a moan. Her motions were too slow, however, to push her partner closer to the edge, increasing his need without any promise of relief. Ham nuzzled lower, lapping lightly over his balls as her paw pumped his length, listening with a warm murr to his whimpers. Just because one was on their knees, didn't mean they lost all control, after all. She rolled his balls one after the other between her thumb and fingers, the canine unable to keep himself still despite his best efforts. Ham's lips parted in a smile as she returned to pleasuring his shaft with soft laps over the head. Hey, she could tease too. And even the best of canines had an ulterior motive.

"Don't stop," he whined. "You can't tease like this, finish what you started."

"You have your game, I have mine, darling."

Aadra groaned as her lips pressed to his cock, sealing around the length in a tight 'O', the corgi sucking as if desperate to taste his seed, yet never going hard or swiftly enough for him to reach climax. Lust growing with every taste, Hams pushed her muzzle down as far as she could, body juddering as his cock pushed into her throat. But she was in control of the depth and soon withdrew, bobbing her muzzle languidly, driving her partner into a whimpering frenzy. She would have him exactly as she wanted.

Suddenly, Aadra thrust the chair back and wrenched his legs from Ham's grip. Grabbing her arms he gently but insistently tugged her out from under the desk, pulling her up by the elbows so that she stood so close that each could feel the other's hot breath on their muzzle.

"Tired of your game, sweetie?"

Hams blinked her blue eyes innocently. Her panties were soaked through and the heady aroma of arousal hung heavy in the air like the most potent of aphrodisiacs. She moved to stroke the length of Aadra's cock but was caught midway by a paw around her wrist. Aadra leaned in close, nipping and kissing the corgi's neck, feverish need dictating his actions. She was sure he was leaving marks with how rough he was, yet her arms encircled his neck, stroking his brown hair and asking for more.

"There's only one game now, Hams," he said when pausing for breath, lips colliding an instant later in a kiss.

Hard on trapped between their bodies, Aadra backed the corgi up against the desk. It was just high enough that it bumped her lower back, but he kept pushing until she bent back over it, legs coming up to wrap around his waist. The desktop computer whirred, screen flashing.

"Don't you want to finish?" Hams panted, dropping back to her elbows and lapping a drop of salty pre cum from the side of her muzzle, a reminder of her teasing.

Aadra's green eyes were intense.

"Not the game." He licked his lips. "I have something else to...finish."

Supporting himself with one paw over Hams, the canine kissed her deeply, tongues playing between their muzzles. His cock ground over her underwear, pushing hard as if trying to gain entry through the thin fabric. Hams arched her back up off the desk, moaning as she wrapped fingers around the back of her lover's neck, holding his muzzle to hers as their need grew.

"Please," she panted when their lips finally parted. "I need you."

Needing no more encouragement, Aadra tugged the corgi's underwear to the side, rubbing the tapered head of his member over her silken folds. She groaned and dug her heels into his backside, pulling his hips closer and cock deep inside, her warm passage welcoming him in as she had done many, many times before. They moaned in unison at that first penetration, Aadra's paw groping and gently squeezing one breast, teasing the sensitive nipple with the pads of his fingers. Hams crossed her ankles behind Aadra's back and tightened her legs around him, feeling muscles flex even as Aadra wormed a paw between their bodies, fingers grinding over Hams clit in a way that made her cry out, eyes closed and hips thrust high.

She dug her nails into Aadra's back as he pounded into her, feeling the knot grow at the base of his member, the canine as virile as ever, eager to spill his seed. Not yet, he would not tie with her yet, no matter his need. Aadra growled passionately into the kiss, paw rubbing the corgi's clit as his hips moved harder, thrusts shortened by his desire to not tie until he had brought Hams to an explosive orgasm. Their skin flushed with warmth that was partly due to lust and otherwise the energy of their movement, fur matting lightly with sweat as they ground together. Aadra dropped to one elbow on the desk, spreading his hind paws apart to thrust harder, pinning Ham's hips to the surface. In his paws, Hams trembled and kissed him wantonly, the sloppy, needy kiss punctuated with moans that could not be suppressed under such heated pleasure.

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