tagFetishValerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 05

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 05


Tasha avoided Tony's eyes and shuffled her bare feet awkwardly on the cold tiles of the foyer. Tony cleared his throat and tried to catch her eye with a smile. She returned it, absentmindedly brushing at a lock of black hair that wasn't there. All her hair was still swept back in a white crested wave thanks to the cum-bath she'd taken on the way there and the subsequent windswept ride through the chilly December night.

"Seriously though, what happened to your hair?" Tony asked, suppressing a laugh. He leaned in to get a closer look at her hairdo. "Is that..."

Tasha tensed, waiting for the inevitable, disgusted realization.

"...Hair gel?" he asked.

Tasha tried not to let her sigh of relief be too obvious.

"Uh... yes!" she answered, brightening up.

A white drop splattered onto the tiles. The frozen jizz was beginning to thaw in the warm air of the foyer. Her hairdo started to droop.

"There was an... accident... with some hair gel on the way here. Val and I both got coated!" Tasha invented quickly, flashing Tony her most innocent grin.

"I can see that." Tony smiled. He cleared his throat as another rope of jizz splattered onto the tiles from her rapidly sagging hair. "You're, ah, welcome to use the shower upstairs if you need to clean up."

Tasha reached back to feel her hair. Her hand came away completely coated in the ropy glop.

"Maybe that would be a good idea, heh..." she gave a nervous laugh.

He led her past the living room where Tasha's friends —Chubsy, Milbert and Phoebe— were all engaged in a spirited game of Kinect-Bowling. Milbert scored a strike and launched into a happy dance that quickly devolved into a wheezing fit and he had to fish his inhaler out of his fanny pack to clear his lungs.

"I can't believe you have an X-Box," said Tasha. "I never figured you for a gamer."

"I'm not really. That's my sister, Allie's," Tony explained as he mounted the steps. "Though I do have a Sega in my room."

"You have Sega!?" Tasha exclaimed, following him up. "No way! We have to play it! What games do you have?"

"Uhh... not a lot," said Tony, trying to remember. "I think just Levelmaster and Swordman. And Sonic, of course."

"I'll kick your butt in Levelmaster," Tasha taunted.

Tony smirked over his shoulder. "I'd love to see you try."

Tasha blushed and climbed the rest of the flight in silence.

Tony's upstairs hall bathroom was huge. Seriously! It was bigger than Tasha's room at home. It was one of those fancy bathrooms with a glass cubicle for the shower stall and a separate, sunken jacuzzi tub big enough for two. The toilet had shag carpet on the lid and there was a warming lamp installed in the ceiling. Very very posh indeed.

"There's towels in the linen closet," said Tony from outside the door.

The linen closet was inside the bathroom! How fancy is that?

"Thanks!" answered Tasha. She took a few moments to admire the fixtures. There was a pair of marble sinks so that Tony and Allie could brush their teeth at the same time without having to share. It was obvious which sink belonged to whom by the assorted toiletries collected around them. Allie's sink was on the right, a metropolis of conditioner bottles, lotions, perfumes, skin care products and makeup. Hairbrushes of several different configurations were strewn across the counter, along with a dozen or so elastic hairbands. Tony's side of the counter was relatively sparse, with only a comb, toothbrush and toothpaste to mark his territory. Tasha examined her reflection in the mirror and grimaced at her spunk-soaked hair. She looked like a Troll-doll that had been caught in a mayonnaise explosion.

Of course I'd show up here looking like a total spaz. Tasha thought despondently. I bet he's just being nice out of pity.

She sighed and began stripping off her one-piece bathing suit. Her nipples had begun to soften in the warm air, but they were still gigantic. They stuck out from her modest chest like a pair of twin volcanoes. She hated how disproportionately huge they were.

Of course, "disproportionately huge" seemed to be the theme with her body, she reflected as she watched her mammoth dong unfurl in the mirror. The massive, floppy fuckstick had been somewhat shrunk by the chilly car ride, but all that had done was reduce a sixteen-inch behemoth to a twelve-inch one. Even completely soft and suffering from shrinkage, her fat cock was still thicker around than a soda can. Her gigantic balls swung free behind her dangling log; a pair of hefty, orange sized orbs that hung midway between her thighs.

"Christ, my dick looks like an elephant wearing an afro," Tasha muttered to herself as she fluffed her unkempt bush. Her knee-length member was uncircumcised, with several inches of extra foreskin that hung nearly to the tops of her calves, so the elephant-trunk comparison was pretty apt. "I really need to start cockscaping." She sighed and finished stepping out of her swimsuit, the top of her knee bumped up against the dangling length of her member, sending it swinging.

The shower took a little experimentation to figure out. The glass cubicle was impressively huge, practically a small room all by itself. It was one of those really nice shower stalls with multiple showerheads so you got clean from every angle. They were each independently temperature controlled so it took a little time to figure out which knob did what. Finally she felt like she got it working and stepped back to let it warm up.

She reached out to rest her hand on a mesh laundry-basket and was surprised to feel something soft there.

A pair of... boxer-briefs!? Tasha realized with a shock as she lifted them up. She dropped the underwear in a hurry, but not before noticing the name "Tony" written on the inside of the waistband.

The shower had finally gotten warm. The room was starting to get steamy. She reached down and picked up the briefs from the floor. They were moist. Probably with his sweat, she thought.

Down south, her cock gave a twitch. She was handling Tony's underpants!

Part of her was disgusted with herself, but another part of her, a disproportionately large part, wanted to drink in every detail. The shorts were black and gray. Fruit of the loom. The crotch was... well broken in; the pouch in the front sagged loosely from the rest of the material.

Tony must be packing an impressive package. Tasha thought. She glanced down at her own, stiffening member, the tip bobbing over a foot and a half from the base. By normal standards, anyway. She amended.

She lifted the briefs to her face and gave them a hearty sniff, sighing with delight at his musky, teenage scent.

She felt a sudden wave of self-revulsion sweep over her.

"What am I doing?" she said aloud, whipping Tony's briefs off her face and holding them at arm's length. "Tell me I'm not some bathroom pervert who huffs boys' underwear!"

Tasha's lengthening cock begged to differ, and suggested that was exactly what she was. Her gurgling, grapefruit-sized balls agreed. They were already swelling rapidly with excitement. And Sperm. Mostly sperm.

Outvoted, Tasha pressed the briefs to her nose once more and inhaled deeply. "Ohohohohhhh yeah!" A glob of precum drooled from the anteater-like snout of her dangling foreskin and fell onto the bathroom tile with a wet splat!

"Aw shit," Tasha hissed, taking a quick step back from the puddle of milky goo. She grabbed a washcloth from the towel rack and knelt down to wipe up the gooey mess. Her cock impacted with the ground, jostling loose another pint of fragrant precum. Blorp!

Tasha cursed again and turned to wipe up the new mess. The washcloth was already so slimy with the juice of the first puddle that all she could do was smear the viscous mess around. Another glob of precum splattered out from the puckered opening of her foreskin and Tasha turned to wipe it up as well. Her balls squeaked on the tile as she dragged them behind her. Her fat sack was still swelling, each testicle now bloated to the size of a football. She could feel liters of hot sperm churning around inside them. The stimulation of the ground against her glans was making her cock grow stiffer with each passing moment, the fleshy member rapidly lengthening and thickening before her eyes.

She chased the trail of translucent goop leaking out of her cock for a full rotation before realizing how stupid she was being.

"Ughhh!" she groaned in frustration and stood, up, looking around for a more permanent solution to her problem. Her cock was dipping continually, now, swinging between her calves like a floppy summer sausage and coating her ankles in glistening precum.

This is all your fault! Tasha scowled at Tony's discarded underpants. Then she had an idea. She reached down and brought her cock up to her face. She pried her foreskin apart with her fingertips and peeled it back to expose the softball-sized tip of her glans. The gaping mouth of her cumslit was over two inches long and several centimeters wide, a constant stream of thick precum flowed from the opening, running over her hands and making her fingers slick. Holding her foreskin back with one hand, she began to stuff Tony's briefs down the gaping hole.

"Urghhhh..." Tasha moaned. It was almost painful at first, but there was pleasure behind the pain. The opening seemed to widen to accommodate the intrusion. She pushed the underwear in with one finger, then two, feeling the throat of her cock bulge from the wad of fabric growing inside. The flow of precum slowed, then stopped altogether.

Tasha's sigh of relief was cut short, transformed into a grunt of discomfort by a sudden, sharp ache in her balls. She looked down and saw them bulge visibly. Behind the wad of underwear in her cock, the pressure was beginning to build, and she could see her shaft thicken visibly from the buildup of precum. She felt something move, and saw a tiny bulge of gray underwear fabric inching its way out of her distended cumslit.

"Oh no you don't!"

She forcibly stuffed the underwear back down her pee hole, ignoring the sharp pain in her urethra and the protesting pressure in her balls. She rolled her foreskin back up to over her glans. She really did have a lot of it. With it just hanging loose, an average-sized cock could have docked with her and still not been long enough to touch the tip of her cockhead. She twisted it around until the opening was sealed tight, then looked around for something to hold it in place., Her eyes fell on Allie's collection of discarded hairbands. She took a couple and snapped them over her foreskin, sealing the opening.

Satisfied there would be no further leaks, Tasha released her cock and let it dangle between her legs once more. She threw a large towel down over the puddle of precum she'd made and stepped into the steaming shower to clean the goop out of her hair.

On contact with the hot water, the cum in Tasha's hair immediately congealed into stiff beads that clung to her hair with frustrating tenacity. It took several treatments of shampoo, rinse and repeat before she was satisfied that the last of the gummy granules had been washed clear. It wasn't until she was squishing the last of the viscous residue into the shower drain with her toes that she looked down noticed what looked like a pink basketball bobbing on the end of her cock!

'What the..." Tasha backed up and was startled by a loud squeegee sound from behind her, accompanied by a sudden cold sensation against the skin of her nutsack. She'd been so distracted by the effort of scrubbing her hair clean, the increasing weight in her nether regions had gone completely unnoticed! Her balls were now each the size of beachballs and it was becoming difficult to move without squishing them up against one of the glass walls of the shower cubicle. Every motion and tremor sent them sloshing and gurgling, and she was once more aware of the ache of pressure building inside.

She lifted her cock up to her face to examine the bloated growth at the tip. The bulbous, pink globe sloshed and squished as she prodded it. Her excess foreskin had become a water balloon full of precum! Tony's underwear must have popped free and was now swimming around inside her foreskin along with an increasingly large amount of lubricating juice. Even as she watched, the pink balloon inflated slowly, straining against the double-twisted hairbands sealing the opening.

"Ughhh! I hate you!" she growled at her cock, shaking it roughly as if trying to choke the life out of a particularly pernicious python. The bulbous cum-balloon at the end flopped back and forth in mockery of her frustrations. She rolled her eyes and pulled off the hairbands, allowing a gallon or so of slimy precum to splatter heavily onto the floor of the shower, along with a thoroughly soaked pair of briefs. The sense of relief was immediate. Tasha felt a shudder through her whole body and her cock jumped up, smacking the wall of the shower and prompting another tremor of pleasure.

The milky liquid was warm against her toes, even compared to the hot water coursing down her legs. The shower drain protested, gurgling loudly as it tried to drink down the thick liquid. A steady patter of precum continued to leak from Tasha's distended foreskin, the tip of which now dangled a mere foot from the surface of the mingled water and girlcock-juice. The scent of musk was almost suffocating in the cramped, steamy enclosure.Somewhere behind her increasingly-heavy balls, she felt her pussy lips swell tremendously, heat rising from her loins and into her chest.

"Uhnnnn..." Tasha groaned, running her hands down the length of her meaty shaft. She could feel the flesh swelling, becoming turgid. Blue veins leapt into sharp relief on the surface, throbbing in time with the beat of her heart.

I can't cum now; I just cleaned up! Tasha protested against her insistent, growing erection. Tucked behind her, her balls pressed against the wall of the shower, still expanding in spite of the recent relief in pressure.

There's no way this tiny drain is gonna handle my load... Tasha thought. I'm going to have to try the tub...

She pulled the door handle to let herself out of the cubicle.

"Thump!" Went the door.

"Uh oh..." said Tasha. Between her outsized cock and her beachball-sized balls, there was no room to open the door!

"Shit, dammit! Who's the friggin' genius who decided the shower door should open inwards!?" she growled, tugging fruitlessly at the handle several more times. Thump! Thump! Thump!

She was trapped. Her cock, now thicker than both her thighs put together and long enough to lift her a foot and a half off the ground, was hopelessly wedged in the corner at just the perfect angle to keep the door from opening more than a few inches, the melon-sized head in particular forming a perfect doorstop and pushing her back into the opposite corner. Her titanic testicles were approaching the size of yoga balls and still inflating. They stuck out on either side of her legs, pressing into the other two corners of the shower, effectively locking her in place.

The shower cubicle was almost completely enclosed, only a narrow gap between the top of the door and the ceiling allowed the passage of air into the stall. The rest of it appeared watertight.

Shit. She thought. I'm gonna die in here, crushed by my own stupid, giant cock and balls.

Water was beginning to pool in the folds of her scrotum and in the areas where her nutsack pressed against the bare skin of her waist like a fleshy, pink life preserver. She was struck with a sudden idea.

Maybe if I can turn on the cold water, it would kill my erection and shrink my cock down so that I can escape!

She reached down behind the fleshy bulge of her right nut and felt around for the shower controls. She knew they were around there somewhere, she could feel them pressing into the skin of her sack.


Her fingertip brushed the top of one of the knobs. Just a bit further...

Finally she got hold of a lever that she thought matched her vague memories of the temperature control. She gave it a twist.


Wrong lever! She'd just activated the showerheads' massage function. She was suddenly assaulted from all angles by tiny bullets of water, pulsed to provide a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. The hail of tiny impacts reverberated through her balls and they echoed with a deep groan like a whale waking up with morning wood.

Uh oh! she thought.

The barrage of stimulating water-pulses excited her balls and reinvigorated their expansion. Before she could reach the lever to turn it off, her testicles surged with sudden, explosive growth, crushing her hand immobile against the shower tiles and blocking any further hope of reaching the controls.

"Aargh!" Tasha yelped, yanking her hand out from behind her rapidly-rising ballflesh. Things had gone from bad to worse!

She opened her mouth to yell for help, but the cry died on her lips. Did she really want someone to hear her? The only person in the house who knew her secret was Valerie, and she was probably balls-deep in one of her classmates by now. All the coolest seniors in school were at this party! If anyone else saw her... if Tony saw her...

The pressure on her waist increased and the pink ring of ballooning flesh climbed further up her sides. She felt an ache of pain as her ginormous goo generators expanded to fill every inch of space available to them. She decided to risk it.

"H-help!" She called. The sound barely carried in the racket of the shower stall. "HELP!" she yelled louder.

A few steps down the hall, Tony stared off into space and bobbed his head in time with the beat as he listened to AC/DC blasting through his full-size Beats By Dre noise-cancelling headphones. Tasha's muffled cries for help were completely tuned out by the roaring of guitars and drums.

Back in the bathroom, Tasha had started yelling continuously. Her cries echoed briefly in the steamy air before dying amidst the cacophony of water slapping against flesh. Nobody came, and her balls were tighter than ever!

She had to relieve the pressure. Maybe if she held herself back and came slowly enough, the shower drain might be able to handle her load long enough for her to wriggle free...

It was a desperate plan, but it was the best she could come up with in the rapidly-shrinking shower stall. By now, Tasha's balls were practically overflowing with gallons and gallons of hot, thick baby batter that had nowhere to go. She could feel the heat of the churning seed against her buttocks, thighs, calves and even (gulp!) the tops of her ankles. Her treacherous testicles ignorantly pumped out jizz at an increasingly furious pace as they rushed to expand their production capacity.

Tasha visualized Tony naked and began to rub the top of her shaft, massaging it sensually, pretending it was not her hands, but Tony's that caressed her colossal cock.

Excited, the shaft began to harden further, and Tasha experienced a brief moment of panic as she felt herself slide up the wall of the shower, lifted by the increasing length of her mammoth member. The shaft was thicker than her waist now, the central vein that ran across the top bulged fatter than her thumb, pulsing with life and excitement.

She surrendered to the sensations of growth and pleasure welling up inside her. Keeping one hand on her cock, she reached the other back behind her taut buttcheeks to finger her drooling, puffy snatch. Thick honey coated her fingers as she explored her eager opening.

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