tagLoving WivesValerie the Magnificent Ch. 09

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 09

byval wrangler©

Val got home from work that night and looked completely done in. I found out her fatigue had a far deeper cause than that.

"Well, I had a feeling it would happen," she said as she flopped down next to me on the sofa, putting her feet up on the coffee table after kicking off her shoes.

My brain was someplace else. "What?"

"Claire and Dave have split up. She came into the store just before we closed to tell me."

"That's too bad."

My wife just shook her head. "The idiot didn't realize what he had. He just wants someone he can ride roughshod over." Val sighed heavily. "She thought she could change him."

"So what caused it?"

"He started messing around with the waitress down at the bar he and "his boys" frequent. Poor Claire only found out when one of the "boys" came on to her, figuring that Davey's attention was elsewhere."

"What's Claire going to do now?"

Val looked over at me with an expression that made me know I wasn't going to like what was coming next. "I suggested that she could stay here until she finds her own place. We have two spare bedrooms now that the kids are gone." She looked at me again. "Is that all right with you?"

I wasn't sure. Things between Val and me were still a little strange. It had been over five months since Claire and I had caught our spouses doing the nasty behind our backs. To get their attention, we'd "punished" them thoroughly. It was childish in many ways perhaps, but it helped Claire and me get over the hurt and seemingly got us all back to square one.

Val being Val, had felt her punishment hadn't been severe enough and continued to insist she keep wearing the chastity belt I'd fitted her with. No matter how much I insisted we didn't need to continue with this, Val, with an expression that told me not to argue, would, if it was off at the time, simply slip it back on and snick the lock shut.

Once a month, when she was mid-cycle and at her horniest, she'd ask me to remove off, and then she'd just go ape on me for a whole night, until I sometimes felt she might actually fuck me to death. When I couldn't keep up, out would come her dildos and she'd fuck herself silly with those, or we'd go downstairs and she'd make me lock her onto our Sybian machine, turn off the light and go upstairs. One time she rode it for over an hour before calling for me to turn it off.

In between, Valerie made sure I didn't suffer, giving me increasingly mind-blowing oral whenever I asked -- often when I didn't.

All of this wasn't normal, though, and we both knew it. Valerie couldn't go on punishing herself like this. Those monthly fuckathons were frightening too. It was as if her libido pushed her and pushed her until she just exploded into a sexual frenzy. I often wondered what would happen if I weren't around to service her when the moment arrived.

This was all troubling, but what had me apprehensive now would be having Claire, Val's foxy, redheaded friend around. Now SHE was a handful. More than once she'd pranced naked around our house after swimming and she knew the effect it had on me. The worst part was, Val felt I was still owed a romp with someone (meaning Claire, I guess) because she'd cheated with Davey twice. I just wanted to put the whole thing behind us.

"How long does she expect to be here?" I asked.

Val shrugged. "A few days. Even though she's not surprised by this turn of events, Claire's still pretty broken up about it. What she needs right now are good friends to be around."

I already knew that Claire's family was across the country and that she wouldn't want to turn to them even if they were next door, so it did seem the most sensible solution to invite her to stay with us.

I looked at Val. "Are you okay with this?"

She shrugged again. "I know where Claire is coming from. Our friendship is stronger than ever, even after what happened. So is it okay with you?"

I nodded. "Sure."

Val whipped her cell phone out of her purse, punched a few buttons and said, "C'mon in!"

"You had her out in the driveway all this time?"

"We didn't want to just dump this on your lap and make it impossible for you to say no if you didn't want her here. She insisted."

Claire had her small car stuffed with all manner of things, not wanting to leave anything of value with her husband.

"The way he went on, you'd think I'd done something wrong!" Tears started coursing down her face. "He said some really, really nasty things to me."

Val and I both wound up hugging the distressed girl and told her that everything Dave had said could not possibly be true, the usual sort of thing you'd say in hopes that it will do some good.

The next day was Saturday and Val was opening the store, so she was out of bed without even waking me up. About 10:00, I could smell coffee, so I threw on a robe and headed for the kitchen.

Claire, dressed in an ankle-length flannel nightgown was sitting, feet up on the chair, hugging her knees and looking very much like a forlorn little girl -- which I suppose she was.

I got some coffee and sat down opposite. "How do you feel?"

"Like someone just kicked me in the stomach."

"Is this completely the end, or do you think something like counselling might help?

She sighed heavily and shook her head. "It's beyond redemption I think. After what he said last night, I don't think Davey has any feelings for me whatsoever. He can have Miss Bimbo from the Bar and bang her every which way from Sunday for all I care." She looked up with moist eyes. "You know what he actually said to me? He said I wasn't woman enough to take all of his cock and SHE was!"

"And do you believe that?"

"Of course I don't, but it still hurt like hell! Cock and cunt size has nothing to do with anything but fit. There was a time when Davey couldn't get enough of me. I think what started him down the road to where we are now was watching you and me get it on, to see how much I enjoyed it and how you could do things to me that he couldn't. He thinks everything starts and finishes with the size of his pecker! Damn fool never did learn how to eat a pussy properly."

Despite my best intentions, I felt my own pecker stiffening under my robe.

Claire was a very beautiful young woman with her shock of copper hair and those green eyes and that lithe, little body so different from Val's more stately curves and size. I'd have to watch myself very carefully around her.

I made myself scarce the rest of that day in order to not tempt fate. Claire, on the rebound, might try something we'd both regret. When I got home from my errands, I found Val and Claire sitting in the living room with a pretty well empty bottle of white wine on the table. Claire looked better and was laughing at something. Of course, Claire looking better was not necessarily a good thing for me. Tight jeans and a cropped tee-shirt with no bra holding her little boobs is pretty attention-getting. Then she caught me looking pretty early on. A quick little lift of her eyebrow was her only response, but it said a lot.

That night in bed, Val gave me one of her best blowjobs yet, but she wouldn't let me take off that damned chastity belt. For the first time, I felt like overpowering her, removing it and then stepping on it until it was unrepairable. Actually, I'd threatened that once before and she'd just shrugged and told me she'd order another.

"Val, this just isn't normal! Can't you see that?"

"I'm well aware of that!" she snapped. "But it's become like a security blanket. I know that if I'm wearing it, I won't get out of control."

"You've said that plenty of times, but what does it mean: out of control?"

Valerie was silent for several minutes. I'd given up on getting an answer when she began to speak. "Both times I was with Davey and you weren't there -- also the time with Robby for that matter -- I got to a point where I would have done anything."

"What do you mean 'anything'?"

"All I wanted to do was fuck. I wanted cock, big cock and I wanted lots of it. The first time Davey and I did it three times before he pooped out and all it did was leave me frustrated. I came home and masturbated with my big dildo to three MORE orgasms! I'd call that out of control, wouldn't you?"

"Why haven't you told me before?"

"Believe me, I've been wrestling with it." She turned away from me. "The hardest thing for me that day in the basement was the look in your eyes. I saw it too the first time I screwed Davey in our living room. Yes, you were excited and all, but your eyes gave you away. Part of you was enjoying what was happening but part of you certainly wasn't."

"I was cool with it. I've told you that many times. True, I wasn't cool with you and Davey sneaking around, but that first time I was fine. Honestly."

Valerie shook her head. "Look deep inside yourself, Michael, and you'll find you weren't. I'd stake my life on it. It was there in your eyes."

I didn't get much sleep that night as I tossed over Val's words. About 3:00 a.m., I had to admit that she was right. I could give her everything she'd ever want, everything except a really large cock. Normally, Val would be satisfied with that, but there were times when her "urge" came over her and I knew she needed something else. Dildoes only went part way.

So were we supposed to end up our lives with her wearing a metal cage in case her "urge" overcame her? It was nuts, but I knew the iron will of the woman I married. She thought this was the answer. Something would have to change her mind.

On Monday, I had to go out of town for two days on business. The first night, I got a call from Claire at my hotel. "Got a minute, Mike?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"It's about Val."

I must admit that my heart did a flip flop. This was almost the exact same beginning to another conversation Claire and I had when she told me she suspected my wife was stepping out on me with her husband.

Claire read my silence perfectly. "Relax. It's not anything like that. I just thought you should know that I caught Val doing the laundry this morning."

I was completely lost. "What's so special about that?"

Claire giggled. "It was the way she was doing laundry, actually, not to make too fine a point of it, she was using it to masturbate. The racket woke me up. She thought I'd gone off to work. She never let me know she was still wearing that chastity belt."

"Wait a minute. I feel as if I'm getting this story in disjointed parts. Could you start at the beginning?"

"Sure. I woke up hearing this thud, thud coming from the basement. I went downstairs and could see Val in the laundry with her legs pressed up against the washer while it was on the spin cycle. You could hear how uneven the clothes inside were and the whole machine was shaking. She had one of the front corners pressed against her crotch and she was holding on for dear life.

"It was really weird. Val was completely zoned out and she had like three huge orgasms before the machine stopped spinning. She stood there breathing hard and pulling on her nipples for a couple of minutes, humping the machine as she calmed down, so I made a quick exit. It wasn't hard to tell that she wouldn't want to be caught doing this."

I did a quick mental calculation. Val was about in the middle of her cycle, her horniest time of the month -- and I wasn't there to service her.

"So how come Val's still wearing the chastity belt?" Claire asked.

"That's her decision and you'll have to ask her why. I just can't reason with her about this."


"Look, Claire, I need you to do something for me."

"What? Name it!"

"In the back of the middle drawer of my desk is a leather covered box. One of the things inside is a small key. That unlocks the chastity belt. I want you to give it to Val and tell her I said to take care of herself. Whether she wants to tell you what all this means or not is up to her."

"Let me get this straight: she WANTS to wear the chastity belt?"

"Something like that. Will you do that for me?"

I could hear Claire's shrug in her answer, "Sure."

"One other thing, if she wants to use the Sybian or the Rider, here's where the keys are for those..."


The phone woke me out of a deep sleep at 7:30 the next morning.

"Michael?" Claire said. "Sorry to wake you up. I wanted to speak to you before you headed off this morning."

I saw no reason to beat around the bush. "How did everything go?"

Claire giggled. "Your wife is still in bed, sleeping the sleep of the well-satisfied."

"Thanks for helping out," I said rather lamely.

"Oh, believe me, it was MY pleasure!"

The way Claire said it, I knew she wanted to tell me more, so I pulled myself up to a sitting posture and shifted a couple of pillows behind me. "I'm all ears."

"Maybe I shouldn't tell you this now," she giggled again. "I wouldn't want to get you all horny and everything with no one there to ease your distress."

"Don't play around. Just tell me what happened!"

"Well, Val once showed me all the restraints you guys have, and you know what a little domme I can be, so I'm afraid I jumped her as she was coming out of the shower after work last night. I had those cuffs on her before she knew what was happening. I think it freaked her out a little. She kept saying, 'What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?'

"Anyway, she knew the jig was up when I told her what I'd seen that morning and how incredibly naughty she'd been. It really embarrassed her because she began to whimper and stutter until I told her she was going to have to be punished.

"By that time, I had her out in your bedroom with some more restraints already attached to the bed. It didn't take me long to push her down and fasten her up, and when I got done, she could barely wiggle a toe."

"Was she turned on?"

"You bet! Her whole upper body was flushed, her aureoles puffy and distended and her nips could have cut glass. She just lay there panting and looking up at me with big eyes. I had the chastity belt off and her positioned with her legs pulled back and open and you could see all the way to China. Then I pulled out my little toys."

"What were those?"

"I have a clit pump."

"A what?"

"A clit pump. You use it to make your clit swollen and more sensitive. It's like those cock pumps, but small for a clit. Don't worry, Val didn't know what it was, either. She does now, though!

"So I lubed up her bud -- which was already quite swollen by itself -- slipped the tube over it and pumped her up. You should have seen the expression on her face!

"She looked down between her legs to watch her clit start to stretch out. After about 15 minutes, I swear it was 2 inches long and filled the width of the tube. Val was going nuts, but that was nothing compared to her response when I removed the pump's hose and started flicking the tube with my fingers.

"I told her she didn't deserve to have an orgasm because she'd been so naughty. I'm afraid I was really quite cruel and kept her on the edge for a good hour. Then I removed the tube to let her rest.

"While that was going on, I got her dildoes out of the closet and you should have seen the juice! Man, she was READY; she was BEGGING for it, but I had other plans. I pumped her clit and got it nice a big again, then I rammed Val's biggest dildo home. She took it all like a trooper. I thought her pussy was gonna suck it right out of my hand!"

I was lying on that hotel room bed with the biggest, stiffest hard-on of my life. The way Claire was describing it, I could see everything. I could almost smell my wife's arousal.

"Mike? You still with me?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm still here."

"Am I giving you a stiffy?"

"Um, yeah."

"A very good one?"

"You could say that."

Claire's voice got very soft. "That's what I was hoping. Do you want me to continue, or do you want to make yourself cum?"

She had me completely under her power, but I had enough sense to ask, "Are you naked, too?"

"You bet I am! And I'm working over my pussy big time. Do you want to cum with me?"

"No. I'd rather wait a bit."

"Well, I can't, so you'll have to excuse me for a few moments."

Claire put the phone down, but it must have been between her open legs because squishing sounds were loud and clear, leaving no doubt what she was doing. Then in the back ground I heard her grunting and gasping as her orgasm swept over her. When she picked up the phone again, she was breathing hard.

"Mmmm. That was VERY nice!"

My cock was deep red and throbbing with my heartbeat. Claire was doing a very thorough job on my head.

"Now where was I?"

"You had Valerie pumped up again with a dildo inside her."

"Right. She was going nuts, Mike. As I started fucking her with the dildo, nice looong strokes, I began pulling on the tube, flicking it and bringing her right to the edge. Then I'd stop."

"That isn't very nice," I said sort of playfully, but I also meant it.

"Who said I'm nice? I'm a very bad girl. Like now. I bet your cock is really, really hard. You want to cum, don't you, Mike? But you also want to wait until the end of the story. Am I right? I know I'm right."

I didn't need to respond.

"I brought poor Val close for about the sixth time and I really had her begging for me to put her out of her misery when I got a very naughty idea."

I swallowed, my hand reaching for my cock. "And what was that?"

"I used the quick release on the clit tube, scooped up a bit of Val's lubrication and proceeded to jerk her off!"


"Well, her clit reminded me so much of a little cock that I thought it might be fun to jerk her off. It was quite a rush sliding my index finger and thumb up and down, watching what it did to her. Man, between that and the dildo in her pussy, she just about pulled the bed apart when she came! She screamed and started shaking all over and her eyes even rolled up into her head." Claire giggled once again. "For a moment I thought I'd gone too far."

"Is she all right?"

"More than all right, I'd say. Val said it was her biggest orgasm ever. She came for about two minutes until she begged me to stop. I think she would have gone right on cumming for an hour if I'd been at my cruelest. You do know she squirts?"

I anwered dryly, "I was aware of it."

"Not like this you aren't. She sprayed all over the place! I was soaked, the bed, everything! It was a mess. I felt sorry for her, so I undid the restraints and she just lay there trembling. I had to help her into the bathroom. She could hardly walk, her legs were so wobbily. After that, she crawled off to your son's old room and I found her in there later, fast asleep on top of the covers, a big smile on her face. I'd say I was successful, wouldn't you?" Claire was silent for a moment. "You came too, didn't you?"

"You already know the answer to that."

"Well, chalk another one up for the good guys! See you later, Michael. Hope you don't have too HARD a day."

And with that, the little minx hung up, leaving me lying there with a rapidly shrinking dick and more cum than I'd produced in years all over me.

What had I unleashed?


Instead of waiting around for a Wednesday morning flight, I managed to grab the last plane out, but that meant I got to our airport well after midnight. Val was there waiting, looking like a million bucks in tight jeans, boots and with her long coat open, revealing a very tight sweater. I noticed with satisfaction how many guys were turning for second and even third looks.

When she saw me, Valerie raced into my arms and gave me a take-no-prisoners kiss that left me with a rapidly expanding cock. This public a display was very much out of character for her.

She giggled as I put her down, knowing what she'd caused. "That's a small payback for what you put me through last night." When I tried to feign ignorance, she grabbed my chin forcing me to look at her. "That just won't do, sir! Claire confessed everything this morning."

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