Valestock Ch. 05


Once she had finished slowly massaging Sam's cum into the tops of her half-exposed tits, watching the look in the four guys' faces as she did, Claire smiled and pushed herself up.

"Mmmm, that was yummy." She said as she licked her lips, still able to taste her brother's cum on them.

The guy's all laughed at that and Claire smiled as she ran her hands down over her tits and onto her tight ass that was shown off so well in those trousers.

"Well they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Tony joked and once again they all laughed.

"Shame we don't have time for seconds, but I've left some for later" She teased playfully and traced a finger down her impressive cleavage, which the guys followed eagerly and grinned as they realised what she meant. As she looked around and noticed the tent was empty now save for the five of them, though, she added, "I guess we'd better start packing this away before Mike gets suspicious."

The guys reluctantly agreed and soon the tent was packed away and being carried off towards the van by the four guys. Claire however stayed behind for a moment and looked around at the slowly emptying field where everyone was packing away, the festival now over.

A lot had changed for her over the last few days. She had come to the festival a faithful girlfriend who had just wanted to spend time with her boyfriend and enjoy the few days with the bands. Instead, she had ended up cheating on her boyfriend, fucking two of their friends, one a black guy, a couple of times in risky but hot circumstances. She had had sex with her boyfriend's brother and her own. She had already decided to seduce her dad, and had considered her boyfriend's dad too next time she spent the night at Michael's. She was looking forward to the planned fivesome mentioned earlier. She had swallowed, been covered in, and had pumped inside of her unprotected pussy, so much cum that she could not count, and what's more, she had enjoyed every minute of it.

And all of it had started here, and now it was over. At least, the beginning was. Claire knew that her life was now going to be very different, and very, very exciting. She knew that she still loved Michael with all of her heart, and that she wanted to be with him forever, but that didn't stop her from looking forward to being fucked by so many other guys behind his back and having them cum inside her. She never would have imagined that things would have turned out this way, but right then Claire felt perfectly happy with how things had turned out. In fact, she wouldn't change it if she could.

Smiling as she looked around at the festival grounds, Claire turned and made her way towards the parking lot, relishing the feel of her brother's cum still running between her luscious breasts. Smiling as she saw the van that had been involved in so much of her sex life yesterday, Claire's smile deepened as she saw Michael wave her on as he sat in the front passenger seat.

"Come on slow coach." Michael jibed as Claire came up to the van and climbed in the back with Sam, Zach and Tony.

Sliding the door shut behind her, Claire sat down, smiling with a twinkling in her eyes as she looked at them all.

"Matt, man, you could at least clean up after your conquests." Michael suddenly said and Claire turned to see that Michael was holding Claire's panties in his hands, the ones she hadn't been able to find after pulling them off in a hurry to have her brother's dick inside her yesterday, obviously he didn't recognise they belonged to his girlfriend.

"There'll be plenty more where they come from." Their black friend replied with an amused grin as he turned the key to start the van.

Michael grinned and shook his head as he threw Claire's panties on the floor. Claire smiled as she looked over the hot looking black man; there would be many more times he'd get his big dick inside her, he was right about that she thought.

As the van began to pull out from the parking lot, Claire smiled to herself as she watched the three guys in the back smile at her lustfully as the suspension caused her big tits to jiggle within her tight, black shirt, before she turned to look out the front window. Maybe before long a few more of those buttons would be undone...that thought made Claire smile naughtily to herself and sent a hot flutter through her cum-filled belly. She was a cheating, incestuous girlfriend now, and while the festival was over, and with it the few days fuckfests, the hot, illicit sex for Claire Nichols had only just begun, and she had so much more planned that she was looking forward to. Her life had changed forever, and she intended to make it as hot as she could.

- - - The End - - -

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