tagIllustratedVal's Very Daring Halter Dress

Val's Very Daring Halter Dress


As I have mentioned in previous stories, Valerie made some of her own clothes when I met her. A lot of it was out of necessity since both her parents were partially disabled and couldn't work. She made her own wedding dress and it was beautiful. She had made a few simple dresses and skirts, but none of them were what I would call sexy. That changed after we got married.

She made little halter-tops, very short skirts and dresses, even a side baring dark blue crushed velvet cocktail dress she made for a New Years Eve party. There was a four-inch gap in that crushed velvet from arm to ankle held together on each side by only a half dozen golden chains. She definitely had the sexist dress on at that party. All the men loved it.

But this story is about a very daring halter dress she made, it was purple in color and the front plunged to below the belly button and was totally backless to below the waistline.

As you can see in the pictures, she looked pretty darn good in it. These pictures were taken on Daytona Beach late one Saturday afternoon.

Our son was about a year old at this time and my mother suggested that Val and I go away for the weekend and she would happily watch her only grandson. My boss agreed to let me go home at lunch that Friday so I made reservations for Friday and Saturday nights on Daytona Beach.

Valerie had a bikini top on under a thin white cut off t-shirt and a pair of jean short-shorts as we dropped of our son at my mothers'. As we pulled out of her driveway, Val removed her bikini top and I had a feeling that this was going to be a fun weekend. That shirt just coved the bottom of her breast. She had shown it to me a couple nights before and when she had raised her arms up, it had lifted to just above her nipples.

When we got to the hotel we found our room wasn't ready yet, so we decide to drive down on the beach. Val said she felt like going for a swim so I found a place to park on the beach and grabbed an old pair of cut-offs I had on the back seat and quickly stripped naked beside the car and pulled on the old cut-offs. Val in the meantime just removed her shorts and was standing there in her little top and string bikini bottom watching me change.

She took my hand and led me into the surf. Her little white top became transparent as soon as it got wet and her nipples were as stiff as could be. It had been a while since she has had the chance to show-off and it was plain to see that she was wasting no time. We played in the surf about half-an-hour before we got out and headed to the car. Val made the suggestion that we walk the beach a bit until we dried off. I knew she just wanted to show her tits off in that wet shirt, but I didn't complain because it made her horny when she shown off and I'm the one that benefits from her hornyness. We got back to the car and we both removed our wet bottoms and put on dry shorts not bothering with underwear. We got into our room and had sex before we showered the ocean off our bodies.

We remained naked until about six and got dressed to go eat. Val slipped on a very short floral halter dress only. I asked if she was going to wear panties with that short dress and she said she couldn't because she purposely didn't pack any. She said that she wanted to be braless and pantyless all weekend. I had a big smile on my face when she said that because I knew she was going to get horny a lot that weekend and I was going to get a lot of pussy before it was done.

After a good dinner we found a nice bar with a dance floor and did a little dancing. Val was showing her ass almost every time we danced. And being the helpful husband I am, I did lift the back of her dress a few times to help. She would just squeeze me a little harder when I reached up under the hem of the dress and put my hands on her bare ass. She told me once how much she missed being felt up like that in public. She said it still got her pussy wet, and when she told me that, I took one hand off her ass and brought it around between up and slid a finger in her slit. She was right.

I put my finger to my mouth and sucked it clean. She looked at me with glassy eyes and told me she needed to be fucked. She didn't have to tell me twice, I took her hand and led her out of there. Luckily our car was near the edge of the parking lot. I just bent her over the hood of the car and gave her what she wanted.

It was about 1am when we got back to the hotel and Val removed her dress while we were still in the elevator and gave it to me to carry. I gave her the key to the room and followed her swaying naked ass down the hall to the room. She walked across the room to the windows and looked down to the pool and said she felt like a swim but didn't want to put a suit on. I suggested she wear one of my white undershirts instead. The shirt was loose on her, the armhole was almost to her waist, and the bottom of the shirt was down to mid thigh. That shirt was longer than most of her dresses.

She said she had a surprise for me and pulled a yellow men's Speedo bikini from her suitcase. She wanted me to wear it to the pool and as I put it on I noticed the lining had been removed. There was no one around the pool this time of night and we ended up nude in the pool before long and of course we ended have sex in the pool too. Who Wouldn't?

We went back to the room wearing nothing but our towels but Val couldn't or wouldn't keep hers on so ended up carrying it for her once we got in the elevator. Once back in the room I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I was awakened in the morning by a wet, warm feeling around my cock. This has to be the best way in the world to be awakened. As soon as she noticed I was full awake she straddled me and sank my 8 inches all the way into her sopping wet pussy in one move. I remember her exhaling and saying how much she loved a hard cock the first thing in the morning. After we both came, she collapsed on top of me letting me go soft inside her. I told her I had to get up to pee and she told me to go ahead she needed to rinse out anyway. I told her I would love to, but the bed would get wet and I didn't think the hotel would appreciate it. I told her I would remember her kinky remark and would do it one day when we wouldn't make such a mess. She let me up saying she would hold me to that promise.

After showering we got dressed for breakfast. Val put on just a short jean skirt and a white halter-top. We went downstairs and ate. It was about 10am when we finished, so we decided to go lay on the beach a couple hours. Val asked me to wear my yellow bikini again as she pulled out a very small bikini she had made. She told me she had made it out of just one of my red bandanas. As you can see in the picture, it was quite small. The top triangles were only about 3 inches wide. The bottom rode very low. She had shaved her pussy completely bare a couple days earlier, I never asked why she did, I just enjoyed that smooth pussy, but now I know why. I didn't get a picture of the back but about 2 inches of crack was showing above that 6 inch wide back piece. She made it so she could slide the top and bottom triangles to different widths if she wanted. While we were on the beach she let me untie the top and slide the bottoms to only about an inch wide, just covering the crack itself, as I put lotion on her back. When she rolled on her back she put lotion on the entire breast but slid the cloth to just cover her areolas. In other words she was practically naked on Daytona Beach in broad daylight. And SHE LOVED IT!

We went back to the room and had sex on the balcony before we showered the beach and suntan lotion off and got dressed to go to the boardwalk. Val then pulled out that daring little homemade purple halter dress. This thing had to be the most daring thing she had ever planned to wear outside in the daylight. [See pictures above] The top was gapped wide to below her belly button and the back was totally bare and came down to the top of her ass crack. The hem of the dress covered her crotch by only about 3 inches. Val told me she threw it together one day while I was at work and this was the first time she even tried it on and didn't know if it was going to be safe to wear but that she wanted to try and wear it anyway. I told her that maybe she should try to wear so panties with it first, but she said, "No! I don't want to wear any underwear this weekend, even with this little thing. If my tits come out or my ass shows, let it happen. I really don't care. I don't know anybody around here and I want to have fun. And if somebody gets to get a good look at my tits, ass, or pussy, good for them, I hope they like what they see." I walked over and gave here a big hug and kiss and told her I loved her.

We walked to the boardwalk and everybody, and I means everybody, looked at my wife, many doing double takes. Val wanted to play some of the games there. Here favorite was one you rolled balls up a ramp and they landed in many circles with the smallest and highest points the center circle. She was very careful how she bent to toss and pickup the balls; at least to begin with but within 15 to 20 minutes she acted like she didn't care anymore. But I knew better, she was getting quite turned on. When she bent over, I and anyone else nearby could she her hard nipples at the end of those tits. The top fell away for her as she bent to pick up a ball or toss it. Also a couple inches of her lower ass cheeks showed when she bent. I wanted to check and see if her pussy was getting, I had a feeling it probably was.

My big surprise was when she wanted to ride the go-carts. When she sat in the car, I saw the attendant look down at her crotch. I rose up in my seat to see if I could see what he was seeing, and there was Val's dress up to her crotch and her bald pussy in plain view. Val saw where he was looking but did nothing to try and cover up; she looked at me and gave me a big smile and a wink. I checked Val out a couple times during the race and one of her tits was out, she did nothing to put it back in during the race. When the race ended, three guys went to help Val out of the car. She sat there with her pussy and tit showing until I got there and took her hand to help her out. She was trembling. I asked if she was all right and she smiled and said she was fine. But that she had just had an orgasm as the three guys got to the car and looked at her pussy. That's why she sat in the car a few seconds longer. I seen a little cubbyhole near the end of the snack bar and stood Val in it as I ordered some couple fries and cokes. I had her face me with her back to the crowd of people walking by and while I reached under the edge of her dress and fingered her pussy until she came. She told me I was a naughty boy for doing that but she loved it.

We then walked up stairs to play some putt-putt golf. She didn't even look behind her as she climbed the stairs but I did and about 30 guys stopped at the bottom of the steps and looked up her dress as we reached the top. I told her this and she just smiled and said she hoped they would still be there when we returned to go down those stairs. They would probably like the view up the front also.

Just as we finished our golf game, which I lost, she cheated! She kept bending over farther than she need to as she made her shots or to get her ball. I couldn't keep my mind on the game; I was always watching her or the people around us watching her. We heard music below, a live band started to play. Val shouted to me, "Let's dance." Val dragged me threw the crowd towards the music. Val apparently had completely forgotten about her state of dress because she had one breast completely out as she pulled me towards the music. As we stopped and started to dance, I asked her if she was enjoying her new dress. She looked me in the eyes and said she loved it and was going to wear it the rest of the day. She then said that she might even make a couple more, one red just like this one and another white with straps about half the size of the one she now wore and with a flare skirt to show her bottom even more when she spun as she danced.

After a few dances I told her I needed to sit I was getting tired. She balked and said she was having fun and didn't want to sit down. Some guy that looked like a well-built marine was standing near us said her would dance with her; I said it was fine with me if it was all right with her. She shook her head and I stepped back as the guy stepped in. I was amazed how sexy my wife looked with her dress swishing back and forth showing a little ass now and then and her tits almost coming into view each time she swung her upper body around. She definitely oozed sex and I was ready to take her right on that dance floor if we could get away with it. I looked back again and Val had her back to the guy and had her ass against his crotch and was grinding against him. I know he had to have a boner because I have had one most of the afternoon. When the song ended I returned to Val and told her right in front of the guy that I had to take her home that she needed a good fucking. Val looked at me and then at the guy's budge in his shorts and said, 'It's a shame I can't take you both home." It sounded like a good idea to me, so I looked at the guy and asked if he was busy this afternoon. He asked if I was sure. I looked at Val and asked if this was what she wanted. She smiled at me and said, "Oh yes honey, I'm so fucking horny right now, I could fuck a dozen guys if I was that kind of girl." I looked at the guy and told him to come with us.

Valerie kept rubbing our crotches and we kept grabbing her tits under the straps and playing with her pussy as we walked to the hotel. She removed her dress again in the elevator and a young couple was standing there when the doors opened. Val was kissing me as her friend was feeling her up when it opened. Val just smiled and said hello as we walked pasted the shocked couple. We fucked her everyway we could the next four hours. The guy was a marine on leave, after he left, we cleaned up to go out for dinner. True to her word, Val put the daring purple dress back on. We were tired and just went to 'Burger King'.

The sun was setting as we returned to the hotel, so we headed to the beach and sat in the sand as we watched the full moon rise over the ocean. I asked Valerie if she was going to make a habit of picking up strangers and fucking them. She said she was sorry, but that having two men at once had been one of her fantasies for years and that the guy was looked good and she was so extremely horny she knew this was the time to give it a try. I asked her if she had fantasies of a gangbang. She said she had never had before, but since I mentioned it, two men were twice as fun as one; and now that she thought about it, she wondered how much fun four or five guy at once would be. I must have had a look of surprise on my face because she started to laugh and told me not to worry because of her upbringing, she could never be that much of a slut.

"Well, dear" I said, "I must be a bad influence on you because I seem to remember you telling one time that you could never wear anything without underwear and just look at you now dear. You have turn into such a little exhibitionist slut and I love you even more now than ever before." I lean to her and kissed her as my hand found its way to her tit. I pushed her onto her back and continued to kiss her as I massaged her tit. She then pushed me onto my back and got on top of me. Grinding her cunt onto my surprisingly hardening dick. She looked around the darkening beach and unzipped my fly and began to suck me on that public beach. Once hard she slid up slipped me inside her then she told me to, "Fuck your horny little slut." I did and she just sat there when we were done and then I surprised her. I did what she wanted me to do earlier. I pissed inside her. She was surprised and I was too as she came again. I had a big wet spot in front of my shorts when we returned to the hotel, but I made it to the room without being seen. Valerie laughed and giggled all the way back teasing me about it. We cleaned up and when to bed early, we hard on long enjoyable day and were exhausted.

For the ride home, Val wore her jean skirt and a tube top, which she had pulled down to her waist for the ride home.

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