Vampires on a Train


Watching Sarah suck his cock, knowing the two of them were sharing human sexual pleasures no longer available to her made Marissa wild with jealous lust, and her hand went to the bodice of her cat suit where her breasts bulged behind the cleverly designed leather cups, cups that attached with silver snaps so that with a brief tug she was able to pull one free and expose her perfect breast. She dropped the useless piece of leather and pressed her ruby-red nipple to his lips.

"Show me, Todor!" she commanded. "Show me how you hate me. Bite it off if it pleases you!"

Todor moaned. Without conscious thought, he opened his mouth and sucked her nipple inside. It was warm and soft, but hardened rapidly in his mouth till it was as firm and turgid as any woman's. He could hear her heart, feel her heart beat in his lips—the vampire's heart. He knew she was a monster, but his body knew otherwise, and without thinking he bit down softly on it and Marissa hissed with pleasure.

"This our curse, did you know that? We vampires can't feel. We don't know pain, and so we can't feel pleasure. We don't feel fear, and so we don't know passion. No. We can't feel unless we're in danger, and that's why I sought you out, Todor, because you can make me afraid. You with your stakes and your silver and your silly crucifixes. Do you understand?"

She looked into his eyes, but all she saw there was the raw pleasure Sarah's sucking mouth was causing him. Again, jealousy and envy raged in her breast

"Enough!" she cried, and she lifted her foot, placed the spike-heeled boot against the kneeling girl's shoulder and pushed her away, knocking her on her rump. Sarah looked around in hazy confusion, her lips wet with saliva. For a moment her eyes flared with frustrated rage, but she quickly regained her composure.

"Little cunt!" Marissa spat. "That's enough! Get his pants off. If you knew anything, you'd know how good you had it now, being able to do this whenever you want. But you don't. You don't know anything. Get his pants and his jacket off him and get over in the corner and play with yourself like the whore you are. Bring me your fingers when they're full of your come, meanwhile, leave him to me."

Sarah crawled back to the seat and pulled his shoes and socks off, then tugged his pants and shorts down his legs as Todor sat there passively, sucking hungrily on Marissa's exposed breast, lost in some erotic spell he could no longer overcome. His cock was enormous, so hard it bent back on itself in a straining curve and pulsed with each beat of his heart.

He should escape now, while Sarah was pulling at his clothes. He should make his move, but he had no desire to get away. He was on fire with lust and sexual need.

Sarah pulled his jacket off, stripping it down his arms like he was a helpless child. She removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, but then Marissa gestured her away. The blonde got up on her knees next to him, reached between her thighs and unsnapped the black leather crotch piece, revealing the flushed pink lips of her sex beneath a cloud of golden-yellow pubic curls. She grabbed Todor's hand and pushed it up between her legs.

"They say vampires are cold, don't they, Todor? Tell me, what do you think?"

Her flesh was fiery hot and wet, very wet, slick with her arousal. Her labia were a deep, livid pink, the portals to another world, and he couldn't tear his eyes from her, from the lewd contrast between her pink sex and her alabaster skin, the shiny black of the tight leather corset. She threw her leg over him as if she were getting into a saddle, straddled him so that her sex was just above his straining cock. She leaned forward and licked his face like a dog.

"Put your fingers inside me, Todor," she said. She spread her knees and pressed his hand to her burning sex. "Touch me like you touch a real girl, one of the living."

Her hand went to the other cup of her suit and pulled it off so that both her breasts were exposed, as white and perfect as polished marble. The train sounded its whistle as they roared through yet another town, the car lights flickering as they clattered over a bank of switches. Marissa was poised above him, her hands on his shoulders, her pussy inches above the head of his cock, moisture dripping from her matted pubic hair as if she were salivating.

She leaned her forehead against his, her eyes staring into his. "I want you to fuck me now. I want you to put your cock into the grave, into the undead. Can you do it, Todor? Will you do it??"

He licked his dry lips. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Sarah sitting with her knees up, both hands between her legs, watching them with predatory interest.

"Yes," he said.

"Then listen to me," She put her hands on the sides of his head and held him steady so she could look into his eyes, and spoke very low, so that Sarah wouldn't hear.

"I'm a virgin, Todor, a virgin. I was taken before I ever knew a man, and that hasn't changed. I have never forced myself upon my victims. I couldn't. How could I? A virgin? So I'm a virgin still. Do you understand?"

He looked at her and saw the hurt in her eyes, the vulnerability. It touched him. "Yes. I understand."

"I'm dying, Todor. I'm killing myself. I know what happens to us as we age, as we lose feeling and emotion and become nothing but feeding machines, sick, repulsive things, like leeches, like locusts, those things you kill in their coffins. I won't have that happen to me. I won't. I'll starve myself and die before that ever happens to me. But I have to know before I die. I have to know what it's like, what it's like to have a man inside me. Do you see? Do you understand?"

"Yes. What must I do?"

Marissa dropped her head, unable to look at him. She struggled to go on. "It can only be done by a mortal man, and he must want to do it. A mortal man, unchanged, and one whose blood I have never tasted, nor he mine. He must know me for what I am, and yet he must want me anyway."

She raised her head and looked at him, her eyes suddenly full of fear and uncertainty and very unlike a vampire's. "You have to want me, Todor," she whispered. "As a man wants a woman. You must know what I am and want me despite that, without hope of reward or fear of death. Can you do that, Todor? Do you understand?"

"Yes," he said.

She pulled her face back and looked at him. Her eyes were soft now, glowing with tears. "I can't thank you Todor. That would be a reward and that would ruin it. Do you understand that as well?"


She relaxed her grip on his head, and looked away, unwilling to meet his eyes. As she relaxed, the soft lips of her sex touched the head of his straining cock and she gasped in surprise.

"It will hurt," she whispered. "It's like a stake in the heart, so I've heard. It will hurt even more if I orgasm. It's like the rays of the sun on your insides, they say, but I want it. I want it all, Todor. Don't hate me if I scream?"


"Good. Now—"

Once again the lips of her heat touched the soft, oily head of his hungry cock, and though she was trying to go slow, her touch set him off and he punched up into her in a savage paroxysm, ripping into her as he felt her tear, impaling her on the hard rod of his meat just as the whistle shrieked again and the last house shot past and vanished into the roaring darkness. On the floor, Sarah whimpered, not understanding what was happening but wincing in sympathetic pain.

"Ahh! It hurts! It hurts!" Marissa gasped, arching her back as she felt his cock sink into the darkness of her belly. "Thank you, Todor! Thank you!"

His eyes were wide as he watched her blood seep around the base of his member. He saw her stomach tremble with repressed pain as she instinctively bore down on his invading cock, some vampiric reflex trying to eject his living flesh from her body, but to no avail. He could tell from the wild twitching that he was hurting her, but her face was a mask of stubborn, rapturous pleasure and triumph, almost more than he could bear to look at. Beneath that pain there was a terrible incandescent pleasure, and Marissa was determined to have it

He tore his eyes away and over to the corner where Sarah sat on the floor, her knees up and her gown pulled high, her big tits crowded together as she shoved both hands down into her crotch, two fingers into her pussy and the other pressed and revolving against her clit. Her eyes were locked with lust and naked envy on the sight of Todor's big log disappearing into Marissa's tight ring of muscle, and he realized that Marissa was right: Sarah was nothing but a little fool, willing to throw away the terrible joy of human sex. There was nothing like this feeling.

Marissa was fighting for control but it was a losing battle, and she couldn't hide the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling. She was too weak to hold him now, and all she could do was rest her forearms on his broad shoulders and tremble. The tight leather of her suit creaked as he began to fuck up into her, bringing the muscles of his thighs and belly into play, jarring her up off the seat as her breath hissed raggedly through her teeth.

Just as Marissa's strength seemed to fade, Todor's returned. His head cleared and the languid heaviness that had crippled his arms and legs began to disappear. He felt himself swell with strength: the power of raw lust and sexual conquest. He looked into her face and saw her eyes, no longer commanding but beseeching him, begging him for something that went beyond mere blood or the curse of eternal life.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Do it to me, Todor! Take me!"

That was all he needed. He grabbed hold of her ass, and with a burst of male strength he picked her up, lifting them both off the seat, holding her up with his hands on her bottom and his big cock stuffed inside, and Marissa clung to him, almost weightless in his hands, a soft and clinging thing within her leather armor. He turned them around and put her lengthwise on the seat, never losing contact with her, and plunged back into her, deep into the yielding softness of her body.

"Fuck her!" Sarah snarled from the corner. "Fuck her hard!"

Marissa groaned—with pain or pleasure, he couldn't tell. He could feel the vampire fighting with the woman within, her dark instinct to fight him off battling with her urge to succumb to this sexual pleasure, a pleasure she'd never known. She reached for him as if to claw his face, but he grabbed her wrists and pushed them down, claiming her and taking control. Her passion made her weak. The touch of a human had made her weak, and he held her wrists easily. He lifted himself up from her, arching his back to thrust himself deeper into the hot clutch of her cunt.

He looked in her eyes, and Marissa looked back, and he saw it: the woman trapped in the vampire's body, trying to free herself, trying to reach him, pleading with him, like the eyes of a person underwater, trapped and drowning, clawing for the surface .

"Don't stop," she begged. "Don't stop."

"I'm hurting you."

"No, no!" she cried. "I want it, Todor!. You're going to make me come. I want it!"

"God, I don't know if I can!""

Marissa turned her face to Sarah. "Get up, slut," she barked. "Get the stake. The silver one. Give it to me. Hurry!"

Sarah scrambled over to the other seat and to do her mistress's bidding. Todor held himself rigid above Marissa's trembling body as Sarah handed her the silver stake. Marissa took it in a gloved hand, turned it around, and pressed the point right under her left breast, over her heart. In the red light, he could see the point denting her soft, pale skin. She grabbed his hand and put it on the end of the metal rod and covered it with her own.

"Now do it," she hissed at Todor. "Fuck me and make me come, and when I do, [I]do it![I]"


"The Magdeberg tunnel is just ahead. I can smell it. It will give me strength. Do it then, Todor! Make me come!"

"I can't," he said. "I can't."

She was gripping him inside, pulling on him, drawing on him like no living woman ever had, as if she needed him to live. He was close to losing it. Already he could feel the spasms in the big muscles of his legs and ass, his body getting ready to explode. Flames licked at him. Life insisted. Marissa reached around him, grabbed his ass in her gloved hand and pulled him into her, raising her knees, the heels of her boots digging into his flanks like a rider's spurs.

"Oh fuck!" he cried.

The train roared into the blackness of the tunnel, whistle shrieking. The exit signs went out, flickered and went out, leaving nothing but a thundering darkness and furious cacophony of noise. He could see nothing and no eyes to see it with anyhow as he felt her grip him inside with greedy insistence, deep spasms in her pussy trying to milk the come from his stubborn cock. He felt her scream of orgasmic release—felt it rather than heard it—felt it on his face as all sound was drowned by the howling whistle and roaring of the iron wheels one the iron track. He felt her lithe body jerk up towards him as his own orgasm began—deep, strong jets of living seed blasted into the darkness of her body as Marissa howled and clung to him. Her hand left his and he dropped the stake, overwhelmed by his own gushing release.

"Don't look at me! Don't look at me!" she screamed, but he couldn't help it, and in the flashes of light from the sparking wheels he saw he in all her vampiric glory, her teeth extended into fangs, her eyes on fire, helpless and lost in her blazing orgasm

He reached beneath her and grabbed her and crushed her against him, holding her with all his strength as he continued to shoot his seed into her, more than he ever imagined he possessed. He shot it into her, into the fantastic creature, this dying vampire, and looked and saw her impaled on his spurting cock, her body arched in a rictus of paralyzing pleasure, her mouth open, teeth extended into the fangs of her kind.

"No!" she cried, "Don't, Todor!"

But he didn't listen. With a strangled cry he grabbed her hair and turned his head to the side, then brought his exposed throat down on the twin spikes of her teeth He heard her sob and felt the hot gush of his blood spurt into her famished mouth, almost choking her in its bounty. She enclosed him fiercely in her arms and legs and began instinctively to drink, sobbing as his blood poured into her mouth, and Todor felt a pleasure like he'd never known: dark, black, and deeply orgasmic. And then the darkness enveloped him.

~ ~ ~

He awoke as dawn was just streaking the sky. The ground racing past the window was covered in white sand and lonely grasses—they were near the sea. He was asleep between clean sheets in the pull-down bed in his coach, Sarah asleep next to him, looking very young and pink and innocent. Marissa, fully dressed and wearing her wool cape, stood looking down at him. She looked well and strong and terribly beautiful, glowing with a kind of inner light she'd never had before. She held her finger to her lips to signal silence.

"Where are we?" he asked. "How did I get in bed."

"Coming in to Sur-le-Mar," she said. "I put you into bed. You were very tired. Exhausted."

He sat up on one elbow and looked about. His neck was very sore and he felt rather weak. Marissa's strength was obviously back. More than that, she was smiling, a dark, secret smile that made her look even more beautiful.

He glanced over at Sarah. "What shall I do with her."

"Send her back to her parents," Marissa said. "She's only a silly child. I never touched her."

"And you? Will I see you again?"

She sat down on the bed and ran her hand over his chest..

"Yes, Todor. Not now. Not in the daytime, not yet. But yes. I left you my address. Come see me tonight?"

"Yes," he said. "Yes."

He opened his mouth to say more but she put her fingers over his lips.

"You saved me, Todor. In more ways than you know. I'm alive again."

She stood up and opened the window and the compartment was filled with rushing air and the smell of cold sand and the sea, fresh and clean.

"And now, farewell. Tonight then."

She grabbed the sill and before he could speak she launched herself out the window and into the rushing dawn. Todor scrambled from the bed and stuck his head out, looking for her. He saw a winged shape, dark and formless like a piece of cloth in the wind, black against the gray of the sand. It kept close to the earth as the train rushed away, and then he lost sight of it altogether.

He stood at the window a long time, his heart filled with a strange longing, until the train began to slow and the outskirts of town showed bright in the rising sun.

The scene was beautiful, but the light hurt his eyes. He found Marissa's blue glasses on the sill where she'd left them, and he put them on.

That was better.

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