tagErotic HorrorVamps Ch. 02

Vamps Ch. 02


This will be clearer to the reader who's read 'Vamps', posted this time last year...

Her mouth opened wide and her tongue snaked out as she descended on his swollen cock, the head sliding along the pillow of her tongue. Her mouth closed as his eyes widened, his forehead wrinkling in terror as her teeth sunk into his engorged penis...


Caroline Parks snapped out of her trance and spun around to face the voice calling her name.

"What? Sorry, I... I was just..."

"Taking a nap or a little preoccupied day dreaming?" Max Ryan asked, sitting on the edge of her desk.

"I'm trying to make sense out of some things with this one case I've got and I keep running into a road block," she said.

"Maybe I can help," he said. "Come with me to the morgue. I've got a stiff I need you to look at. I'm told he's similar to the one you're working."

Caroline was out of her chair quickly, grabbing a notepad and following Ryan to the elevator.

"You sure you were stewing about a case and not a new boyfriend?" he asked as the door closed behind them.

"Positive," she replied. "Why?"

"No reason in particular," he said, looking down at her chest and smiling.

Caroline folded her arms across her chest and felt her nipples protruding through her shirt, raking into her forearms. Her motion had the unintended consequence of pushing her breasts up, enhancing her cleavage.

"I was just asking," he said.

"Bite me," Caroline said through narrowed teeth.

"Name a time and a place." Ryan's words died off as the elevator door opened.

"So what are you taking me to see?" she asked, ignoring his proposition.

"Remember that dead guy you got assigned? The one that had the life sucked out of him?"

"I still think there's more to it than that," she said, "but, yes, I remember. That's the case I was thinking about when you came to get me."

They pushed through the double doors and walked into the autopsy room. Preston, the M.E., stood off to the side making notes on a digital clipboard.

"He's the latest victim of what I can only call scary," Preston said without looking up. "From a man's perspective anyway."

Caroline walked up to the table and looked down at the corpse.

"Doug Marshall, male, barely," Ryan said, "twenty-nine years of age. COD still to be determined."

"I'm willing to go on record that the same thing that killed your vic killed this one, too," Preston said, looking across the corpse at Caroline. "I just don't know how to close it out beyond saying he had the life sucked right out of him. Literally."

Like the first victim, his genitals were shriveled. This time, however, more than one set of puncture marks were evident on what was left of his penis.

"The blow-job from hell," Ryan said.

"I thought that was every man's fantasy," Caroline said. "Having a beautiful woman naked, on her knees in front of you, worshipping your cock, sucking on you until you lose your mind."

She made the comment looking at Ryan, and when he didn't respond, she looked over at Preston. He stood there, mouth open, speechless.

"Sorry," she said. "We were kind of discussing this whole deal on the way down here."

"Not a problem," said Preston as he blinked and turned away from the table.

"As much as I would love to have a beautiful woman suck me off until my toes curl," Ryan said, "this is not what I have in mind. Did you get that report back, Doc?"

"Yeah," Preston said, handing him a clipboard. "The mineral deficiencies are the same as for Gary Rogers."

"So this is serial," Ryan said.

"I think that's a little premature," Caroline said. "First we need to establish a connection between the two guys, if there is one."

"Already working on that," Ryan said.

"Revolving door?" Caroline raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah, you know, like they have in some office buildings? People can be leaving as others are coming in?" The man looked from Ryan to Caroline and back again.

"I know what a revolving door is," she said. "So this guy was popular with the ladies, huh?"

The man looked away, measuring his response.

"I don't know that I'd say he was popular with the ladies; I can't recall seeing the same woman twice," he said. "Usually a good bit of noise, too. Sometimes you could understand what was being said, other times not so much. But either he was good at what he was doing or they were women inclined to really enjoy themselves."

"Thanks, we'll make a note of that," Ryan said.

The man closed his door as Caroline and Ryan turned away from him.

"He's the second person to make a comment like that about the endless line of women," Ryan said.

"I have three people that knew the first guy who said the same thing about him," Caroline said.

"You're thinking a group of pissed of ex-one-night-flings teamed up and took matters into their own hands," Ryan said, leaning against the door.

"I'm not leaning toward anything, at the moment," she said, "but that's as good a theory as anybody else has at the moment."

The man came around the corner, walking as though he belonged there, yet stopping in the path of the two detectives. His eyes were warm and deep, strong, penetrating; they locked with Caroline as they nearly bumped into each other.

"Hello," he said.

"Uh, hello," she said, stopping short.

"Hi," Ryan said, looking back and forth between Caroline and the stranger. "Do you two know each other?"

"N-no." Her response was quick, unnerved.

"We do," the man said, smiling. "We met a long time ago."

His eyes darted beyond Ryan; Ryan turned to follow the stranger's gaze.

"We've never met," Caroline said.

"I'm gonna go talk to her," Ryan said. His gaze had fallen on a beautiful brunette several feet away. "I'll see if she knows anything."

Caroline was torn between focusing on the stranger in front of her and watching her partner abandon her.

"You don't remember me," the man said.

Caroline looked back at him.

"No," she said, "I'm sorry, but I don't."

"That's alright," he said. "You'll remember. You're a detective."

"Yes, I am," she said. Caroline could feel her face flushing.

"And you're looking for a killer," he said.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I can't discuss any ongoing investigations." She smiled; for her own satisfaction; she was retaking control of the situation.

"There is no need," he said. "I know."

Caroline shifted her feet nervously. She felt tingly. She felt naked; like she knew this man and wanted him to take her. She felt herself becoming aroused.

"I know you will find the killer you're looking for," he said. "Just be careful; it will be dangerous."

He moved past her as Ryan walked away from the brunette.

Caroline leaned against the wall, breathing deep and looking after the stranger as he walked away.

"She didn't know anything," Ryan said. "Says she never even saw the guy. Hey, are you alright? You look a little..."

"I'm fine," Caroline said. "I'm fine."

She exhaled hard, taking one last glance at the stranger before taking a deep breath and looking back at her colleague.

"Let's go," she said.

Ryan followed her out the front door of the apartment building.

The stranger shadowed them to the door. Neither of them noticed.

Caroline turned off the water, watching the stream trickle to a mere drop hanging from the faucet. Her finger rimmed the orifice, pulling the drop away. Some might call it obsessive-compulsive; she called it annoying. One drop of water refusing to conform. She forced it to comply.

She stood up next to her tub and pulled the pins from her hair. Her honey blonde hair, just a light tinge of strawberry, fell to her shoulders as she reached down and took hold of her shirt. Arms crossed over her body, she lifted up, peeling the cloth from her chest, feeling a small, sudden burst of air dance across her skin. She smiled as she tossed the shirt at the hamper. Hot bath. Cool breeze coming in from the window. The front door locked. Only the window in her bedroom was unsecure. But no one could come in through the window; she lived on the seventh floor. It had been a long day, and now she was going to unwind.

She listened to the soft popping sound of her bath bubbles as she unzipped her jeans and pushed them down from her hips. Her panties clung to her, but only barely, as the denim grabbed at them, exposing one of her hips and part of her pubic hair. The jeans joined the shirt in the hamper, followed quickly by her panties. Finally, she unhooked her bra, letting the straps fall from her shoulders. The cups clung to her tits for a moment before falling away. She left her bra where it landed.

With one foot almost in the tub, Caroline remembered her drink was sitting in the kitchen. She walked out of the bathroom, through the dark, shadowed living room to the kitchen, taking delight in being naked. She enjoyed being nude, her breasts swaying as she walked. If Mark were still here, he would have jumped off the couch to follow her, ready to take her and make love to her wherever he could catch her. She sipped her wine, the fingers of her other hand dallying between her legs, awakening the familiar tingle that she enjoyed. Her skin pimpled up with goose bumps and her nipples hardened as she touched herself. Yes, she would. Tonight, she'd enjoy herself.

One foot in the tub, then the other, and she allowed herself to sink slowly into the water. She spread her legs, feeling the water's heat surge against her skin as she dropped her hands into the water. Caroline lay her head back against the edge of the tub as her fingers came to rest on her belly.

What was it about the man at the apartment building earlier? It was like he could see right through her. She'd actually become aroused at the mere sound of his voice; her face had flushed, her nipples had gotten hard, and she'd even gotten wet. She'd been uncomfortable for an hour before she and Ryan got back to the station and she could get to the locker room to change. Her panties had been soaked.

Now, none of that mattered.

And yet, as she lay there soaking, Caroline found herself thinking about him, found the fingers of one hand massaging a breast, brushing a nipple; fingers from the other hand meandered between her thighs, her lips swelling as she became arounsed.

He knew her, she was convinced of it. Or was it that she knew him? She didn't remember him, but there was something about him. Something about him made her want him.

This was crazy.

Caroline stood up out of the tub, reaching for her towel. She dried off in the bathroom and hung up the towel as she turned off the light.

She walked through her living room, still naked; one last pass to make sure everything was secure, all the lights were off. The curtains in the living room were drawn. No need to flash the couple next door, though they'd put on their own show a time or two. She paused in front of the curtains. They were attractive, weren't they? Chris and Karen had both smiled at her; knowing she could see them as he fucked her from behind, her breasts pressing against their window.

Caroline pulled the curtain back wide. They couldn't see in; her apartment was dark. But the thought of it, being seen, made her tingle.

Back in her bedroom, she turned off the light. Dimmer switches were great, and the last bit of artificial light vanished.

A three quarter moon poured in through the window, light bathing part of her bedroom. Any body watching her now was a long way off and using a telescope, and if they were putting that much effort into seeing her, so be it.

She stopped at her dresser and opened her special drawer. She reached in and pulled her glass dildo from where she had it tucked away. Never in a million years would she have bought this; it had been a gift. As she climbed in bed and kicked the sheets back, she committed herself to buying another one if this one ever broke.

It was perfect; no man to leer at her and make empty promises; no disappointment when she caught him cheating on her. Almost perfect; there was no substitute for hands, not hers, caressing her body; no substitute for lips, sucking her tits; no substitute for a live penis, throbbing inside her, filling her with hot, sticky cum.

Caroline pulled on her nipple as she ran the dildo between her swollen pussy lips.

"Ahhh..." Her sigh was as heartfelt as anything had been all day. Pleasure was upon her and would not be denied.

His face was the one she saw. He knew her; he wanted her.

She didn't know him; but she did.

She penetrated herself with the glass phallus and tugged on her other nipple.

Ryan, think of Ryan, she thought. He'll get my mind off of...

No! Don't think of Ryan. He could easily be here inside you, but you chose a glass rod instead!

She closed her eyes again. His face. Those eyes. They knew her. They knew her body.

The phallus stroked in and out of her pussy.

Caroline gave herself to the fantasy.

She stood in front of him. Naked. Not just her, though it felt like she was so exposed. And then she was beyond that. He knew her and she wanted him. And he wanted her. His cock stood out from his body, erect. She turned and walked away from him. To the bed. Not her bed. It was a canopy bed, shadows all around, thin wispy veils blowing in the breeze. But there was no breeze... was there? She looked over her shoulder at him as she put a knee on the bed. He smiled as he gazed upon her. The graceful curves of her legs, the shapely, seductive swell of her ass, the soft, yet strong lines of her back. She crawled onto the bed, exposing her sex to him, and then, she rolled over onto her back, lying against the pillows piled at the head of the bead. He smiled again as he started walking toward her, his cock was a cobra poised to strike. She pushed her breasts together, fingers tugging on her nipples, pulling them from her body, gasping at the pleasure. He was upon the bed, beginning to lean over her. He wanted her, and she wanted him. She opened her legs, baring herself to him. He moved forward, centering himself between her spread thighs as she reached for him.

The orgasm captured her, breaking the spell.

Caroline gasped, her chest heaving with each breath.

"Dammit," she said, one hand grabbing a handful of the bed sheets as she pulled the glass rod from her pussy.

She lay there for several minutes, finally getting up, washing the glass rod, leaving it beside the bathroom sink.

She walked to her kitchen to get a drink of water. As she walked back to her bedroom, she looked out the living room window.

Her neighbors sat on their couch, apparently just getting started. Karen was topless, holding Chris' head to her breast as he suckled her swollen nipple. She threw her head back, laughing as he raised his head from her chest. They both stood up. His cock swayed, erect and free, as he pulled his pants off. She unzipped her shorts, dropping them and then skimming off her panties. Caroline felt her nipples hardening again as she watched Karen kneel between her husband's thighs, stroking his cock and then beginning to suck on it.

"Good for you, sister," she said, tossing back the water. "I'm glad one of us is getting it tonight."

She was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. She never saw the shadow lurking in the room. But the vision never left her mind; she went to sleep thinking about him.

He waited until he heard her breathing change and stabilize. Sleep was upon her.

"She must be infused."

Slowly, he padded across the floor, his footfalls silent to the night. His cock swayed in front of him, a cobra poised to strike. He waved his hand above her, as though caressing her softly. Caroline smiled as her deep breathing continued. Reaching down, he pulled the sheet back from her body, exposing her naked form to the night air. Her nipples hardened again as he blew softly on them. Still asleep, she spread her legs. He extended a hand toward her sex, and her breathing intensified for a moment, a near gasp passing her lips. Her lips parted as he knelt on the bed beside her. He took hold of his cock, aiming it down at her. Still asleep, Caroline's hand rose and took hold of his cock. She stroked him, her hand swirling over the head of his pulsing erection. When he was ready to climax, he put his hand at the back of her head and pulled her to him. Still asleep, she swallowed him, his semen pulsing in between her lips. Satisfied, he let go of her head, and she fell back to the bed. He pulled the sheet back up, covering her body. As quickly as he had appeared, he was gone.

Caroline awoke the next morning, sheet down around her waist, breasts bathed in a swath of early morning sunlight. Almost immediately, she knew something was amiss; her mouth had an unfamiliar morning taste in it. She got up and walked to the bathroom.

"What the...?!"

Thirty minutes later, she was on her way out the front door of her apartment.

"Did you see anyone hanging around my door last night?" she asked.

Karen stopped and turned to her, shaking her head.

"I didn't see anyone," she said. "Chris and I were... busy last night."

Caroline smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, anyway," she said. "Have a good day."

Karen blushed a little and told Caroline to have a nice day as well.

Later in the afternoon, Caroline was still trying to make sense of it.

"What are trying to tell me?" Debbie asked.

"You know, how, you're giving a guy a blowjob," Caroline said, "and he pulls his cock out when he cums and you get it all over you, and..."

"You had sex last night and you don't know who with," Debbie said.

"No, that's just it," Caroline said. "I was alone last night. Completely, terribly alone in every sense of the word. Every lock was locked. Only the window in my bedroom was open and I live on the seventh floor. But I woke up this morning and I swear there was dried semen crusted on my cheek."

"Maybe you had a donut before you went to bed and you don't remember."

"I don't eat donuts," she said, "and I had a nasty taste in my mouth this morning, too."

"Forget to brush your teeth last night?" Ryan asked as he pulled up a chair.

"Bite me," Caroline said.

"My offer still stands," Ryan said. "'Time and a place.'"

"Look at this," Caroline said, ignoring him. "Did your guy have anything linking him to this place?"

She showed Ryan a matchbook from the club. Night Fire.

"I'd have to go look at his credit card record," she said, "but I'm pretty sure it showed Rogers to be a regular there."

"It would appear we have a link, finally," Ryan said. "Marshall has a transaction history, there, too. Want me to drive?"

"Did you say, 'serial slut fucker?'" Ryan asked the bartender.

"No offense," the bartender said. He looked straight at Caroline.

"None taken. Do I look like one of the sluts this guy fucked?" she asked.

"No, ma'am," he replied. "Just some ladies get offended at the term."

"Some men do, too," Ryan said.

"I'm offended by it." The blonde threw herself down on the stool, grabbed up the pictures the detectives had laid on the bar. "I slept with him." Rogers. "But not him."

"I rest my case," the bartender said.

"Fuck you," the blonde said. "You're just pissed 'cause I won't suck your dick."

The detectives shifted their attention to the blonde.

"So you've seen both of them in here before," Caroline said.

"Not for a couple of weeks," she said. "Prior to that, though, every Friday and Saturday without fail. They always went home with a girl, and never the same one twice.

"This one," she said, pointing to Marshall, "had a little bit of conscience. But it was usually gone by midnight."

"What about him?" Ryan held up Rogers photograph.

"He was a real ass," she said. "One night, he fucked one girl off in the corner where it was dark and took another one home."

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