tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 04: The Punishment

Vanessa and I - Ch 04: The Punishment



Ages and names:

DW: 26 Vanessa

DH: 26 Dax

F1: 22 Chloe

M1: 26 Luke

M2: 28 Clay

Hi, I'm Dax, and my wife is Vanessa. I would like to tell you a story. First, here's some background so you can understand out situation a little better.

We are both 26 years young, and have been married five years. We have four young children together, and gratefully, Vanessa's mother watches them on the weekends. V and I have always been... willing to experiment. I guess she introduced me to it - she was more experienced than I when we hooked up. She actually introduced me to the wonder that is the threesome.

We've had a number of partners, but have settled on three

We have a few rules that we follow.

##The Rules

Rule #1. I can not cum in another woman's pussy. Another man can not cum inside Vanessa's pussy. Anywhere else is fair game - in the ass, mouth, on the body. There's something...very intimate about cumming inside a woman's pussy. We don't want any extramarital feelings to develop.

Rule #2. No cheating. Threesomes are ok - affairs are not.

Rule #3. If I want to invite another woman into our bed, I must allow Vanessa to invite another man.

###Vanessa (My wife)

Vanessa is tiny - she is just 4'8" tall and weighs 95 lbs - she is ultra skinny. She has short brown hair, big brown eyes, and small breasts with tiny little nipples. Oh, and a surprisingly plump little ass. She is super toned and muscular - like me, she's always at the gym. No flab, even after 4 children. She had all her hair lasered off her entire body - except her head.

She measures 30B-21-33 - there's that plump ass I told you about. She has very large pussy lips that hang low, surrounding her rather large hole. She's not at all tight after four natural childbirths. Very experienced.

###Dax (Me)

Im a big guy - 6'3" and 215 lbs. I have a shaved head and brown eyes. I'm very muscular, with a six pack and pretty impressive biceps. Like Vanessa, I'm always in the gym. People say I can be intimidating.

My cock measures 4.5 inches long, and is about average thickness. It looks even smaller on my large frame. Vanessa, thankfully, thinks it's cute.


I'll let you ready about Chloe below.

Chloe stands tall at 5'11", and weighs 140 lbs. she measures a perfect 36C-24-38. That's a 38 - her ass is big, round, and perfectly firm.

She has long straight blond hair and crystal clear blue eyes. 36C, big firm ass. All hair has been lasered off, and she has the tightest pussy in the world. It's like a fucking vice. A magical little vice. Sometimes I feel like there are jealousy issues with Vanessa.

### Luke

Luke stands 5'6" tall and might weight 140 lbs with shoes on. I tower over him, and could crush him easily.

He has short blond hair, and brown eyes. The reason my wife picked him is, simply, his cock. Luke has a massive cock - a full 9 inches long and extremely thick. I am sad to say that I have very real jealousy issues with Luke, which is why we only get together with him 2-3 times a year. It's the price for having Chloe.

### Clay

Clay is 6' tall and about 180 lbs. he has short brown hair and brown eyes. His cock measures 5" long, and it's about average thickness. I don't really have any jealousy issues with Luke - he's only slightly bigger than me. We get together with Luke about 2-3 times a month.


Ok, now that you're caught up on chapters 1-3, let's get on with it. While we've had a number of partners on and off over the years, three have stuck. Chloe, Luke, and Clay.

In Ch 1, I broke Rule #1 by accidentally letting loose inside of Chloe's pussy. I didn't mean to, but she's really tight, and V was sucking my balls. I just couldn't hold back. V promised that there would be punishment.

It was late on a Saturday night, the kids were away at V's mom's house, and Clay was with us. MMF threesomes are part of our lives now, but I still have trouble navigating sometimes. When we're with Chloe, everyone can touch & please everyone. When we're with another man, everything has to go through V. It's still amazing, but it's very different.

We didn't waste any time getting started, and before long, Clay was laying back on the bed, his legs hanging over the edge. V was riding him reverse cowgirl, her legs spread wide, giving him a perfect view of her amazing ass, and me a perfect view of her pussy. I'm just watching as she rises and falls, enjoying the view. (Once I learned, during threesomes, to view my wife as a porn star, it became much easier to swallow. I love watching porn stars fuck and suck dick. Why not love my super hot wife/porn star?)

V beckoned me over to her, and she reached out to stroke my rock-hard cock as I pressed my lips against hers. She thrust her tongue inside my mouth as she stroked me, and my hands found her perky, silky smooth breasts. She pulled me ever closer, yanking on my cock. I was standing directly in front of her, so close to the action.

Without saying a word, V grasps the base of my cock firmly and points it toward her pussy. She rubs the head against her clit, moaning. She stops moving on top of Clay, and points my cock lower, toward her already-occupied hole. I look at her, alarmed, but she smiles and presses a finger to my lips.

She presses my cock down against the entrance to her pussy, and I feel Clay's cock at the same time. I'd never touched another man's cock before, and I'm not sure if this counts. V pulls on my cock, and it forces Clay's down, and slips inside. I begin to push inside, V's pussy stretching to accommodate a second penis.

Soon I was fully inside her, and I was struck by two things. 1. It's VERY weird to feel my cock rubbing against another man's cock. 2. My wife's pussy felt TIGHT. Tighter than before we had kids. Tighter than the day I met her. I began to thrust slowly, blocking out the weirdness and savoring the amazing tightness. It didn't hurt that V was moaning nonstop.

I didn't make it very long before I neared the point of no return. I pulled out and V sighed as the pressure on her pussy was relieved. "Eat me" she mouthed to me.

I look at her like she has two heads. She's busy fucking.

V pushes gently on my shoulders, trying to drive home the hint. I stop at her neck, then her breasts, teasing her hard nipples. She pushes again, and I trail down her stomach. I make it to the area just about her clit, and stop to look at the *very* close action below. I've never been that close to the action, and it was fascinating. V pushes on my head, not so gently this time, and my tongue gingerly found its way to her clit. I was very conscious, and concerned, of the dick just millimeters from my tongue.

I was also very conscious of my wife's moaning - within minutes, she had come three times. All the moaning made me bolder, and I let loose, licking her like I meant it. I'm ashamed to say that I missed a couple times, and accidentally licked Clay's shaft as it slid in and out of my wife's pussy.

V pushed my head down further, like she wanted me to lick her hole directly. You know, the one with a dick in it. Her moans finally convinced me to do it, and I licked around her hole as best I could, licking Clay's cock nearly as often, with V moaning ever louder, coming twice more.

V pushes my head down even further. There's no longer any question what she means to do. This is my punishment. She wants to emasculate me for breaking her most important rule. I want to stop, call it off, but I know if I do, she may leave me. I take a deep breath and allow her to guide me. She guides me below her hole, and I take a breath, then begin deliberately licking Clay's cock as it pistons in and out of my wife. There was no longer an delusion - I was licking another man's cock to please my wife. She continued moaning like a wild woman, so I continued licking.

"V I'm going to cum" Clay said, alarmed. V kept her hand on my head, so I kept licking. She kept riding him, and, sickened, I heard his groans. Clay came inside my wife, emptying his balls into her pussy for the first time. No other man had cum insider my wife's pussy since we started dating so many years ago. V was breaking her own rule to punish me.

Satisfied that Clay had emptied his balls, V releases my head, and I lean back on my knees, stunned. V struggles to her feet and, before I can react, straddles my face.

"Eat me." It is a command, not a request. A further punishment.

As she hovers over me, I can see Clay's cum leaking out of her tarnished hole. I'm horrified. But I know that I cannot say no. I have to get through this.

I press my mouth against her leaky pussy and begin to eat her. I taste her juices, and I taste something else.. clearly semen. It's warm, salty, and very thick. It leaks into my mouth, globs of it, seemingly endless as I devour her pussy. V cums once more before she, legs shaking, climbs off me and collapses on to the bed.

My body was shaking at what just took place. My cock was also raging, needing release. I climb up onto V and enter her, instantly feeling her pussy more stretched-out than usual. I pound it over and over, like a machine, but I cannot find my release. Finally I pull out and begin to stroke myself. Soon I felt my orgasm nearing, and pressed the tip of my cock between her thick, meaty pussy lips, and sprayed her insides with my own cum before collapsing on top of her tiny frame.

After I catch my breath, I begin to shake again. I turn to Clay, who's laying beside us. "I... that... we didn't... that didn't happen."

Sounding partly worried and partly relieved, Clay replies "Ok. I really didn't mean to cum. I know your guys rules."

It's like he's worried about the wrong thing. "No it's ok. I mean, just don't do it again. And you know I'm not, you know. I'm not gay."

"Oh that? No I mean, that was an accident. Never happened."

"Cool man." I feel somewhat relieved, but can't stop shaking.

After another awkward silence, Clay left, and V stirred. "Eat me" she whispered. And here I thought she had already had enough. I had only come once, so I was ready. I knew she was full of cum again... but hell it's mine. I've done worse.

I go down and begin to eat her passionately, ignoring the salty cum as I did. She moaned non stop, nearing the edge. "Baby get my dildo." I stop my meal and go to V's toy box, and return with one of her dildos. I press it into her sopping pussy, and she moans softly "No baby, I don't want the small one. Give me the big one."

I feel a pang as I pull out the average thickness, 7" long pink dildo, noting that it is giant compared to my own raging erection. No matter, I place it on the nightstand and reach into the toybox, sifting through all of our toys, until I find the one I know she's looking for. I return with a rubber cock that makes even V's other lover, Luke, look average. I press the head of the dark black, veiny dildo against my wife's glistening, sopping wet, gaping hole. I press the fat head against her, and it slips easily inside, stretching her pussy wide. I begin to work the giant cock into my wife, and within a few minutes, I had its entire 10 inch length buried in my wife's pussy. Her lips were stretched wide around it's thickness - it measured nearly 8 inches around at the widest part.

It's just amazing how much cock my tiny wife can handle.

She's moaning loudly as I bury this giant cock inside her, and she motions for me to eat her again. She is insatiable tonight. I begin to lick her as I piston the giant cock in and out of her. Soon she is coming yet again, and again, before she begs me to stop.

I do, slowing removing the giant cock from her pussy, and it exits with a "pop", leaving a gaping hole in its wake. I waste no time and mount her, pressing my cock into the gaping hole between her legs. There is no friction at all, but I pound her anyway. She's no longer moaning - she can't feel me either.

Coming down from her orgasm, V looks me in the eye and asks "How did you like part one of your punishment?"

"Part one?" I choke.

"You broke my most important rule. You didn't think you'd get off this easy, did you? You have no idea what you've done."

Before I could answer, she continued. "You aren't going to cum like this, and I can't feel anything. You should just jerk off."

Another sharp pang. Part 1? She can't feel me? Fuck. But I needed to cum, and she's right, I was never going to cum this way - she was too loose.

I pull out of V's sloppy pussy, and begin to stroke my cock. I bring myself almost to my release, and I press my head between my wife's thick, meaty pussy lips and into her gaping hole, and continue to stroke the base as I finally find my release, spraying her stretched-out hole.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

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