tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 04: The Punishment 2

Vanessa and I - Ch 04: The Punishment 2



Ages and names:

DW: 26 Vanessa

DH: 26 Dax

F1: 22 Chloe

M1: 26 Luke

M2: 28 Clay

Hi, I'm Dax, and my wife is Vanessa. I would like to tell you a story. First, here's some background so you can understand out situation a little better.

We are both 26 years young, and have been married five years. We have four young children together, and gratefully, Vanessa's mother watches them on the weekends. V and I have always been... willing to experiment. I guess she introduced me to it - she was more experienced than I when we hooked up. She actually introduced me to the wonder that is the threesome.

We've had a number of partners, but have settled on three

We have a few rules that we follow.

##The Rules

Rule #1. I can not cum in another woman's pussy. Another man can not cum inside Vanessa's pussy. Anywhere else is fair game - in the ass, mouth, on the body. There's something...very intimate about cumming inside a woman's pussy. We don't want any extramarital feelings to develop.

Rule #2. No cheating. Threesomes are ok - affairs are not.

Rule #3. If I want to invite another woman into our bed, I must allow Vanessa to invite another man.

###Vanessa (My wife)

Vanessa is tiny - she is just 4'8" tall and weighs 95 lbs - she is ultra skinny. She has short brown hair, big brown eyes, and small breasts with tiny little nipples. Oh, and a surprisingly plump little ass. She is super toned and muscular - like me, she's always at the gym. No flab, even after 4 children. She had all her hair lasered off her entire body - except her head.

She measures 30B-21-33 - there's that plump ass I told you about. She has very large pussy lips that hang low, surrounding her rather large hole. She's not at all tight after four natural childbirths. Very experienced.

###Dax (Me)

Im a big guy - 6'3" and 215 lbs. I have a shaved head and brown eyes. I'm very muscular, with a six pack and pretty impressive biceps. Like Vanessa, I'm always in the gym. People say I can be intimidating.

My cock measures 4.5 inches long, and is about average thickness. It looks even smaller on my large frame. Vanessa, thankfully, thinks it's cute.


I'll let you ready about Chloe below.

Chloe stands tall at 5'11", and weighs 140 lbs. she measures a perfect 36C-24-38. That's a 38 - her ass is big, round, and perfectly firm.

She has long straight blond hair and crystal clear blue eyes. 36C, big firm ass. All hair has been lasered off, and she has the tightest pussy in the world. It's like a fucking vice. A magical little vice. Sometimes I feel like there are jealousy issues with Vanessa.

### Luke

Luke stands 5'6" tall and might weight 140 lbs with shoes on. I tower over him, and could crush him easily.

He has short blond hair, and brown eyes. The reason my wife picked him is, simply, his cock. Luke has a massive cock - a full 9 inches long and extremely thick. I am sad to say that I have very real jealousy issues with Luke, which is why we only get together with him 2-3 times a year. It's the price for having Chloe.

### Clay

Clay is 6' tall and about 180 lbs. he has short brown hair and brown eyes. His cock measures 5" long, and it's about average thickness. I don't really have any jealousy issues with Luke - he's only slightly bigger than me. We get together with Luke about 2-3 times a month.


By now you have read chapters one through three, and you have a good idea of where V and I are at in our relationship. We have long enjoyed threesomes, both with her friend / angel Chloe, and my friend Clay, and also her ex-boyfriend Luke. Our last experience together was my punishment for cumming inside Chloe's magical pussy. Or, I thought it was my punishment. It was only the first part.

I get home from work, and V is out in the back yard, tanning by the pool. She is wearing perhaps her sexiest bikini. It's tiny, white, unlined. Her nipples are faintly visible through the tiny triangle tops. Her pussy lips are slightly visible as well, and the tiny bottom barely keeps them contained. Though I can't see it, I know the back is a g-string. She looks amazing, her skin dark from a long summer in the sun, beads of sweat dripping off her.

Before I can say hi, she tells me to change, and that we have a visitor coming over. Hoping beyond hope that it was Chloe, I bounded off to change, putting on my red speedo-style suit and returning outside. When I arrive, my heart skips a beat, because Luke is in my backyard, talking to V, who is taking a dip in the water.

Before I can do much more than mumble hi, V climbs out, her impossibly-thin bikini soaked, sticking to her body, and completely sheer. Her stunning nakedness is no longer hidden, and both Luke and i take a sharp breath in admiration.

"Help me out of this Dax" she says, obviously not wanting to waste time.

I quickly walk over, and untie her strings, peeling the sheer garment from her perfect body. As I peel the bottoms from her, her labia hang down, glistening in the sun.

"Both of you, lose your clothes." she commands.

No one is about to argue with the bronze angel. Luke and I strip immediately, both of us at full attention, though his cock was gigantic at an extremely thick 9 inches, and mine, lets say, modest, at a thinner 4.5 inches.

V turns to me "Baby come here, I need you to get me ready for him."
A pang of jealousy stabs me, but I start to climb on top of her any way.

"No, eat me."

She doesn't even want my cock tonight. I get in position, and begin to devour her bare, glistening pussy. I lick her soft pink insides, I nipple on her deliciously large labia, flick at her clit. After a few minutes I press three fingers against her sopping wet hole, and they slip in easily... soon I add a fourth, finger-fucking her in the sun while I devour her delectable cunt.

I look up, and somehow she has a full third of Luke's impossibly huge cock between her lips, and she is stroking the rest of him. She takes it out long enough to say "Baby get up, I need this cock in me"

I rise, and V follows me, leading Luke onto the chair. As he lay down, she climbs on top of him, facing away from him. She grasps his massive cock, and it looks even more massive in her tiny hands. She points it up, toward her dripping pussy, and her massive lips. She lowers herself, and Luke's cock spreads her apart, disappearing inch by inch. V moans, far too loud for backyard sex, as she lowers herself fully onto his massive cock.

I am mesmerized at this bronze angel, this tiny woman, as she slowly begins to rise and fall. Luke's cock is enourmous, yet my wife's cunt swallows it with ease.

My trance is broken by V's first orgasm, and she does not hold back, telling the whole neighborhood "Luke, your cock is huge" and "Baby I love it" "More" "Deeper" and the one that really hurt "Fuck, I love you".

Luke managed to send my wife over the edge three times before she demanded my tongue. I started at her mouth, kissing her deeply, before she pressed me south. I teased her glorious, tiny tits, yet she pressed south. I kissed her naval, her pubic area, and finally, I found myself at her, very busy, cunt. Luke had his hands tight on her waist, and was pistoning in and out of her. She pressed down on my head, and I began to gingerly lick her clit, which was an impossible task. Luke's cock was too big, taking up too much space, and the whole area was sopping wet.

V moaned out again as my tongue flicked her clit, and Luke followed, emptying those massive balls deep into my wife's most sacred place, even though it was against her very own rule.

Collapsing on top of Luke, V managed to get out "Go. I need to make love to my husband now" She found the strength to climb off and onto the next chair.

As Luke dressed and quickly left, sensing some tension, I climbed on top of my angel-wife and slipped my rock-hard cock into her cum-filled pussy. She let me fuck her until Luke was gone, before announcing, "Baby I can't feel you after that. Why don't you eat me first to make me cum again"

I couldn't feel much either, If i'm being honest. Her pussy was stretched wide, gaping open, and full of Luke's cum.

Taking a deep breath, I climbed off, and got between my wife's legs. I inspected her - it was as I thought. Her huge lips gaped wide open, revealing a wide bright pink hole. Cum was everywhere, deep inside, dripping out, all over her lips.

I took another deep breath, ignoring the cum, and began to lick my wife's ruined pussy. She moaned, pressing my head in to her. I tasted a mix of her juices and Luke's. There was cum everywhere, but I had to give her an orgasm. 5 minutes pass, 10, 15. Finally V tenses up and her entire body shakes, her moans loud enough to wake the neighbors.

"Fuck me"

I climb on top again and enter her, and start thrusting.'

"Stop teasing my baby, get inside me."

"I am inside you V"

"Oh it feels so good" she lies.

I keep it up for a few minutes, but begin to lose my erection - there's no friction at all. I slow down, and V murmurs, half asleep:

"Baby you can jerk off if you can't cum inside me"

I start to stroke my cock.. it doesn't take long at all, and I keep it pointed at V's gaping hole as I finally reach my own orgasm. I flood her delicious pussy with my own seed, and look at her perfect face. That's when I notice her breathing has slowed, and her eyes are closed.

Needing to carry her in, but not wanting to make a mess, I gently begin to lap at her pussy, cleaning out the cum I just deposited there. It was hardly a big deal after what I endured earlier.

Satisifed that she wouldn't leak everywhere, I gently pick up my wife, and she wraps her arms around me as she sleeps. I carry her into our home, and up the stairs to bed. I place her in bed, and she murmers, "I love you baby"

I love you too, V. I really do.

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