tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 05: Punish Her

Vanessa and I - Ch 05: Punish Her



Ages and names:

DW: 26 Vanessa

DH: 26 Dax

F1: 22 Chloe

M1: 26 Luke

M2: 28 Clay

Hi, I'm Dax, and my wife is Vanessa. I would like to tell you a story. First, here's some background so you can understand out situation a little better.

We are both 26 years young, and have been married five years. We have four young children together, and gratefully, Vanessa's mother watches them on the weekends. V and I have always been... willing to experiment. I guess she introduced me to it - she was more experienced than I when we hooked up. She actually introduced me to the wonder that is the threesome.

We've had a number of partners, but have settled on three

We have a few rules that we follow.

##The Rules

Rule #1. I can not cum in another woman's pussy. Another man can not cum inside Vanessa's pussy. Anywhere else is fair game - in the ass, mouth, on the body. There's something...very intimate about cumming inside a woman's pussy. We don't want any extramarital feelings to develop.

Rule #2. No cheating. Threesomes are ok - affairs are not.

Rule #3. If I want to invite another woman into our bed, I must allow Vanessa to invite another man.

###Vanessa (My wife)

Vanessa is tiny - she is just 4'8" tall and weighs 95 lbs - she is ultra skinny. She has short brown hair, big brown eyes, and small breasts with tiny little nipples. Oh, and a surprisingly plump little ass. She is super toned and muscular - like me, she's always at the gym. No flab, even after 4 children. She had all her hair lasered off her entire body - except her head.

She measures 30B-21-33 - there's that plump ass I told you about. She has very large pussy lips that hang low, surrounding her rather large hole. She's not at all tight after four natural childbirths. Very experienced.

###Dax (Me)

Im a big guy - 6'3" and 215 lbs. I have a shaved head and brown eyes. I'm very muscular, with a six pack and pretty impressive biceps. Like Vanessa, I'm always in the gym. People say I can be intimidating.

My cock measures 4.5 inches long, and is about average thickness. It looks even smaller on my large frame. Vanessa, thankfully, thinks it's cute.


I'll let you ready about Chloe below.

Chloe stands tall at 5'11", and weighs 140 lbs. she measures a perfect 36C-24-38. That's a 38 - her ass is big, round, and perfectly firm.

She has long straight blond hair and crystal clear blue eyes. 36C, big firm ass. All hair has been lasered off, and she has the tightest pussy in the world. It's like a fucking vice. A magical little vice. Sometimes I feel like there are jealousy issues with Vanessa.

### Luke

Luke stands 5'6" tall and might weight 140 lbs with shoes on. I tower over him, and could crush him easily.

He has short blond hair, and brown eyes. The reason my wife picked him is, simply, his cock. Luke has a massive cock - a full 9 inches long and extremely thick. I am sad to say that I have very real jealousy issues with Luke, which is why we only get together with him 2-3 times a year. It's the price for having Chloe.

### Clay

Clay is 6' tall and about 180 lbs. he has short brown hair and brown eyes. His cock measures 5" long, and it's about average thickness. I don't really have any jealousy issues with Luke - he's only slightly bigger than me. We get together with Luke about 2-3 times a month.

It seems like forever ago, but I accidently broke my wife's biggest rule - I came inside another woman's pussy - the lovely Chloe. Since then, I've been punished over and over again. First she let another man come inside her. That was fair, even though it broke our rule. But then she took it further, and further, demeaning me. I'm not OK with that after all, so I planned some revenge.

V & I were enjoying some time in the backyard, soaking up the sun. I wore my normal swimsuit, and she wore her favorite, sluttiest little white G string bikini. I made sure to oil her up very well - her bronze asscheeks shimmered in the sun.

I made sure she was drinking enough fluids - beer counts as a fluid, right? Soon, V untied her top and removed it. After the third beer, I had no trouble convincing her to remove her bottoms, too. A couple more beers, and we were fooling around. She was drunk and saying yes to everything - all according to my plan. She didn't even resist when I flipped her back onto her stomach, or when I tied her hands and legs to the lounge chair with silk scarves, her legs stuck spread wide open.

She moaned a little when i started to spank her gently, one cheek, and then the next. I started to spank her harder, telling her how bad she was. Her moans mixed with yelps, and then more yelps, as I cranked it up.

Not wanting her to ask me to stop, I pause my spanking, and slip my hand to her pussy, slick and gaping wide open. I slide four fingers inside easily, and begin to four-finger fuck her, much to her enjoyment. She begins to moan again, and again, so I begin to sharply spank her with my other hand. Her moans quicken, and I smack her more sharply, barely holding back.

Looking up, I see my guest has arrived.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" I ask my drunk, tied up, horny-as-hell wife.

"Dax fuck me, I need to get fucked right now."

"You need to get fucked in your tight little ass right now." As I said those words, I slipped a ball gag in her mouth to cut off her protest. I clench the fingers in her pussy at the same time, and get her to moan again.

Slowly I climb off my wife, removing my fingers from her sopping pussy. I motion our guest over. He strips while walking, and arrives behind my wife naked, his massive, impossibly thick, 9" cock at full attention. I motion to the lube I had strategically placed under the chair, and he coats his tool liberally, and then puts some at her tight rosebud.

He looks at me for permission one last time. I nod, and he climbs on top of V, and places the massive head of his cock at her most special of places. She's never had a big cock in her ass, but that was about to change. Luke grasps hold of my wife's tiny waist, and begins to push his cock against her rosebud. Her moans change to mild alarm, and she senses something isn't as it seems. Luke presses harder, and her tight ass finally opens, allowing the first few inches of that giant tool to enter. V is fully alarmed now, clearly in some discomfort, but her concerns are muffled by the gag.

Luke pulls out a bit, applies some more lube, and begins to push once more, slowly but firmly, and within a few minutes, he has a full six inches of fat cock buried in V's tiny asshole.

Between the joy of finally getting some form of revenge, and the raw slutiness of watching my tiny wife take a massive cock in her ass, I had a raging erection in my suit.

Sadly, Luke wasn't able to handle the tightness for too long, as his body began to quake, and I knew he was emptying his balls into my wife's colon. After what seemed like forever, he pulls out, and a flood of cum follows, leaking out of V's ass, and down to her pussy. Slowly, staring at my stunning wife, Luke manages to dress and be on his way. As soon as he leaves, I drop my suit, climb onto my wife, and press my cock into her gaping, slippery pussy. Thankfully, she moans as I enter her. I'm so horny that I don't have trouble cumming today, as I flood her pussy in less than a minute. As I'm pulling my now soft cock out of her, I give her one last, hard slap on the right ass cheek. Her yelp through the gag is like music to my ears.

I let her lay for a few minutes, and finally I remove her gag and untie her. She's shaking as she rubs her sore ass, and turns over. Her cunt is a sloppy, beautiful mess. Her lips hung wide open, and there was cum leaking everywhere. The look on her face was confused. She didn't understand, but she was also aroused. And she was clearly very drunk.

Seeing her like that just drove me wild.. and my cock stood at attention once more. I climbed on top, despite her modest protests, and stuffed my cock into her gash again. It was warm and soft, gooey. It was like sticking my cock into a warm jar of mayonnaise. It was wonderful.

I fucked her, savagely, not holding back. I gave her all my aggression, and was rewarded by her moans. Soon I was unloading inside her once more, before she could find her release.

With that, i got up, and walked inside, leaving my wife confused, sore, full of cum, and unsatisfied. Revenge complete.

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