tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 08: Friends

Vanessa and I - Ch 08: Friends


V has been working on her tan all summer, spending slightly more time in the sun each day. Now she can tan for hours at a time without burning. On cloudy days, she even goes to the tanning salon to get her fix. Her skin is a beautiful deep bronze nearly from head to toe - only the tiny bit of skin under her G-string bottoms remains pale white. The contrast is incredible.

This year she has committed to tanning topless - her perfect little breasts are the same golden bronze color as the rest of her amazing body.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and V and I had invited our next door neighbors over - a very nice couple that was new to the neighborhood. We invited them over for a swim and some drinks.

One PM rolled around and we hear the doorbell. I answer, and it's Seth and Diana. I greet them warmly - Seth with a firm handshake, and Diana with a warm hug. V gives hugs all around. Seth is 37, while Diana is 39, so V tells me.

We talk for a bit, and soon we're all ready to head out back. I excuse myself to go change in our bedroom. I slip off my clothes and pull on my tiny bikini-style bottoms. I stuff my manhood inside, adjust, and look into the mirror. Everything is safely inside my bright red suit, but just barely. The skintight fabric leaves nothing to the imagination. I have to smile - I look good. My daily workouts pay off.

When I return to the living room, Seth half-chokes, while Diana's eyes double in size.

"And I was worried that my bikini would be too revealing." She managed to get out.

V smiled as I blushed slightly. "My Dax works out a lot, and he likes to show off. I don't think he has anything to hide."

Diana's eyes hadn't left me. "I should say not." She said, before snapping out of her spell. "I mean, um, I mean."

We all laugh as she turns the color of my suit.

Seth goes and changes into his board shorts, emerging with a slight beer belly. He isn't a regular at the gym.

Then Diana heads in, and a few minutes later she emerges in a floral print full-coverage bikini. The top covers her healthy-sized breasts, showing just a bit of cleavage. The bottoms were boyshort style - they showed off plenty of her nice thick legs, but her plump rear was fully covered. Her swimsuit showed that she does visit the gym, though not nearly as much as V. She's reasonably fit, but not tight and firm all over. Her belly had a slight, soft curve to it. She's about 5'8" or so, so she can hide a few extra pounds.

"You guys head out - I'm going to change and bring out some drinks." V says. The three of us look at each other, shrug, and head out back. I trail Seth and Diana, enjoying her from behind.

I jump in the pool while the couple gets comfortable in a pair of lounge chaises. They are laid back and enjoying the sun when I hear the back door open. I glance up, and nearly choke as I see V walking out in her bikini.

Wait. Does it still count as a bikini when she's only wearing the bottom half. Monokini? My wife's perfectly bronzed tits are proudly on display, and her bottom was covered by her favorite black micro G-string. It dips so low in the front that it barely contains her womanhood. Her massive labia form a sexy little mound, barely covered by the thin, skin-tight cloth.

In her hand in a cooler, which she sets down next to Seth. She leans forward, opens it up, and pulls out a beer. "Corona?" She asks.

Seth's eyes open and triple in size as they immediately take in my nearly nude wife. "Uh ummm uhh" he stammers. All the commotion makes Diana open her eyes, and she nearly chokes as she sees my wife leaning down toward her husband, beer in hand, tits on display.

Gaining her composure faster than I expected, Di manages to get out a few words. "Vanessa... I um... Think you may have forgotten your bikini top."

V stands up straight and laughs. "I just hate tan lines, and Dax hates them on me too. I hope it doesn't offend you?"

Seth was quick to say "No not at all" a little too eagerly for his wife.

"I mean, it's your house... You know they have tan through suits right?" Diana suggests helpfully.

V slips her hand under the thin strip of material connecting the tiny front of her suit to the obscene back, and slides it down a few inches.

"This suit is supposed to be tan through - see?"

The bright white line that is normally covered by her suit contrasts starkly with the deep bronze of the rest of her body.

"Oh" is all Diana can manage after that. Seth's eyes don't leave my wife as she places the string carefully back in place.

"How about that beer?" Our neighbors both happily accept, and we all begin drinking, downing several rounds quickly.

After a while of swimming, drinking, and goofing around, V was ready to clean up.

"I'm going to go rinse the chlorine off." With that, V rises from the water, and all eyes are on her as she saunters over to our recently installed outdoor shower. Somehow, this tiny woman is the least drunk of all of us.

Attached to the back of our house is a small new wooden structure. The bottom is open, with posts mounted in the concrete to keep it steady. The doors and walls start about two feet up, and stop at right about four and a half feet.

I custom made the stalls just for V and I - they're just tall enough to cover her. There are two stalls side by side, with a wall between the two. The twin shower heads are mounted to the back of the house. On the left side of the showers is a towel rack full of fresh towels.

V swings open the door on the left (there's a "ladies" sign on it) and enters the small shower, closing it behind her. She yelps as she turns on the water - it is icy cold at first. Soon, I notice V's tiny thong bikini appear on edge of the wall of the shower.

"I'm going to rinse off too." A somewhat more drunk Seth announces loudly, as he exits the pool and clambers over. He opens the door on the right (marked gentlemen) and enters, swinging it closed behind him.

I don't bother watching to see if he's peeking over the wall at V. I am busy splashing and playing with Drunk Diana.

Seth must have finished his shower before V - not having long hair sure helps. "V, could you please pass a towel?" Seth asks. I glance up and notice his board shorts are on the wall of the shower, too.

V reaches up, and hands our nude neighbor a towel, and soon finishes herself. They both exit wrapped in towels - Seth's at his waist, V's wrapped around her body. Odd choice, considering her bikini for the day. The two of them enter the house to change.

"Your turn." I say to my playmate, splashing her gently. Diana nods, and I appreciatively watch her climb out of the pool, my eyes enjoying her round ass, even covered in the full-coverage boyshort bikini bottoms.

She walks shakily to the stall on the left, no doubt feeling the effects of way, way too much beer. She enters and turns on the water. I wait a few minutes for her to work up the nerve to strip off her bikini. Finally I see first the top, and then the bottom appear on the edge of the wall.

I head over and enter the right stall, careful to keep my eyes forward. I peel off my suit, and let the warm water wash over me. Still, I keep my eyes ahead. What I didn't mention earlier is the center wall, between the two stalls, is a good foot lower than the outer walls. After all, I made it for V and I - there's no real need to cover ourselves.

"I hope we didn't make too much noise when we put these in." I say to our new neighbor.

"Oh not at all - and they're really nice! If I ever talk Seth into getting a pool, maybe you can put in some showers for us."

"Sure. Until they you can use ours whenever you like. The gate is always unlocked - feel free to come over whenever.

"You two are too nice!" Di gushes. "Just being neighborly, ma'am." I say, in my best fake southern drawl. She shoots me a look, half grinning. I smile back, careful not to look down at her large, round, pale breasts as the water cascades over them.

I finish my shower and shut off the water. "Mind handing me a towel?" I ask my showermate. She looks around for a moment. "On the left, reach over the wall.

She turns and reaches over the wall. I finally let my eyes wander, and they find her big, round, smooth ass immediately. I can't linger long, as she begins to turn around. My eyes close so I don't get caught.

I'm leaning against the far wall of my stall, enjoying a sliver of sun rays, eyes closed and relaxing. I hear Di's sharp intake of breath, and I feel her eyes on me.

"You really aren't shy at all, are you?" She says, her voice obviously appreciative.

I smile as I open my eyes. "No, I am not. But then again, neither are you. I am unable to keep my eyes from finding her supple round breasts, not hidden at all by the low center wall. Her large, dark pink nipples were standing at attention.

Drunk Diana takes a moment to register what I'm saying. She looks down and suddenly realizes that I can see her nakedness, she clumsily reaches up to grab her fantastic breasts as she turns crimson.

I calmly step forward to grab my towel, and accidentally look down to get a glimpse of the rest of her body. Realizing her sex is uncovered, Drunk Di reaches down to cover it, exposing one of her breasts. She shuffles her hands around to cover as best she can. "Dax, I'm married!" She whispers.

"Just enjoying the scenery, ma'am." I bring out my fake drawl again, and Di giggles. I turn my eyes forward once more and begin to towel off, and Di shuts off her water and does the same.

Wrapped in our towels, we leave the shower stalls. When Di closes her door, V's tiny thong bikini bottoms fall onto the floor. Di reaches down to get them, and momentarily holds them up toward me. "They're so tiny. Could you imagine me wearing these?"

Deciding to be honest, I reply "I am imagining it right now."

She playfully slaps me.

"But then, I've seen you in less" I say with a smile.

She turns red again, and places the thong back on the shower, as we head inside.

I can't get her naked form out of my mind. I hope I get to see her again soon.

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