Varying Extremes Ch. 01


"Who the fuck are you to be lookin' through people's windows?" I countered, directing some of my very present anger at Jason towards this stranger.

"I can do whatever I feel is necessary to maintain order and procedure around here. I'm an assistant RA! And I see you're now admitting to seducing my boyfriend!" That's why the name was familiar. Blessed (or cursed!) with a very keen, somewhat photographic memory, I clearly remembered reading "Tina Murray" in the student handbook under class officers. Not only was she an assistant RA, this Sophomore freak was also assistant class advisor, president of something called the "Neigh-Sayers's Club" and a member of the International Honor Society, as I recalled. There was still something in her previous statement that confused me.

"Jason doesn't have a girlfriend, are you fucking psychotic?!" I remembered enough from last night to know that he had made it clear that he was single. This chick was obviously lacking in the area of sanity. And me seduce him?! She must be really fucked in the head.

"Psychotic?! think I'm crazy? You'll see just how 'psychotic' things can get around here if you wanna can of worms with me" She made sure to emphasize the word "psychotic" by using air quotes. Who in this day and age used the phrase "can of worms"? Her antics were oddly increasing my spirits. I chuckled under my breath, there was something clinically wrong with this bitch if she was serious. She continued, "I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand by and let someone come between ...." she paused as if thinking of what to say then went on "...between me and Jason, especially some uppity little faggot!"

Mocking her, I said, "Well crazy lady, your 'boyfriend' was the one who was sucking my cock, so I think that makes him the fag doesn't it!" Her mouth dropped betraying her amazement at my comment, then she smacked me hard in the face.

"You'll be very sorry you ever stepped foot in that apartment when I'm done with you! I'm not a person to mess with Mr. Reily?!" She snorted as she looked down at her clipboard to retrieve my last name. "Stay away from Jason, I don't want you to have anything to do with him...and believe me he doesn't want anything to do with you anyway!"

The way she said that last part made me very annoyed. Jason obviously wanted me, it was the other way around in that department. Her continued attack on my ego was making me want to have sex with Jason, just to spite her! I wouldn't allow her to belittle me.

"Oh....well my damp asshole is telling me otherwise! Can you jus' get the fuck outta my face, deranged woman!...I'm a little tired and really pissed and I honestly don't wanna have to hit a girl!" Once again, she gasped at my statement and started to speak, "You're so will be!" She had a ghoulish look in her eyes and scheming grimace to her face. I was no longer interested in hearing what this unbalanced, asylum escapee had to say. I half-pushed her out of my path as she began to back up and started toward my room. When I was a significant distant from her, I heard her yell to me "You'll be sorry!"

I began to walk faster to my room. When I arrived there I made sure to double luck my doors. I had never been happy to be anyplace in my entire life. I figured I'd make a pressing suggestion to the head RAs to remove Tina from her duty....due the unfortunate fact that she's unhinged, unstable, neurotic, or just plain loony! Aside from the fact that she is absolutely abusing her powers. As I laid down in my own bed for the first time, I was content in knowing that everything would be better when I woke up. I guess I could forgive Jason, maybe he was sincerely sorry, or maybe he was drunk. Everything was going to be fine. I drifted back off to sleep trying to convince myself that things would start looking up as more people arrived. I fell asleep as quickly as I had hoped, attempting to get away from today's most recent events.


I was awakened roughly five and a half hours later. My clock blinked "10:53". There was a loud, obnoxious knocking at my front door. Who the fuck was it!? I sauntered out of bed, less alert than I figured I should be and peeked through my peep hole. There was an extremely large guy, dressed in jeans and a sweat shirt towering over my doorway. The shirt had letters on it in a weird font that read "NSC" and he had on a blue beanie hat with the letter 'K' on it. He was built sort of like Jason...except a little bit bigger. He had that "club bouncer" kind of look to his body. I was somewhat apprehensive about opening the door. But figured maybe it was my roommate, maybe he didn't have his key. I open the door slowly and say "Hey."

Before I had a chance to say anything else, the guy had forced his way into the room, grabbed me and firmly but not roughly, was moving me towards the couch. He sat me down. I was speechless, I was scared, I was surprised-- for the third time in the last twelve head was spinning, I felt so stupid and so helpless. I was getting dizzy just being angry at myself for getting into these situations.

"We need to talk..." Was all I remember the intruder saying before I fainted.


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