tagErotic CouplingsVegas Gambit Ch. 02

Vegas Gambit Ch. 02


We had finished with lunch and I put the tray outside the door to be picked up by the roving elves who did such things. I was thinking it was about time to get the new wardrobes fitted when there was a knock at the door. I wasn't really expecting anyone, but then thought of Jacob and the favor I had asked of him. I motioned the girls to get out of sight, and then went to answer. I opened the door a crack, and was relieved to see Jacob's smiling face waiting patiently outside. He asked to come in, commenting he did not see the bra on the knob so thought it OK to knock. I motioned him inside, and he entered carrying a small package. He set the package on the desk, telling me it was what I had asked him to get. The girls heard the conversation, and since it was friendly, felt they could come out of hiding. Jacob took a good look at them, particularly Jen who was still wearing my boxers and shirt, buttons undone. The front was closed more than it had been when we were talking earlier, but he got a good look at her large breasts each time she moved. I know it took a lot of concentration on his part to ignore each of them and to relay the info he had for me.

"You don't know where that package came from, I was never here." He started in his best conspiracy voice. "Seriously, be careful. This is not the place to go all cowboy. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble if you are not careful." I was reminded of Stacy again when I heard his cowboy reference. I wondered what she was wearing right about now, and then stopped my mind from wandering. I had more important things to consider, and besides, I had 2 hot women who each had expressed interest in taking things a little further than the blow jobs each had offered earlier today. Well, back to the present.

"In all seriousness, I passed your picture around to some of my contacts from this area. He is not one of the brainier, but he is part of a local gang that fancies itself as a successor to the old mob that ran Vegas 40 years ago. No connections to any of the New York or Chicago mob families, but they have high hopes. They run the corridor between LA and Vegas. They do some protection, some book making, loan sharking, rip off the odd truck carrying stereos and TV's, pretty much the usual criminal gang stuff. Don't be fooled, they are dangerous and have no qualms about taking care of anyone who might get in their way."

Jan and Jen each looked at each other, then at me. I wanted to reassure them, but the situation was a tough one. I wanted to get them out of the hotel and hopefully, figure out a way to let them go on with their lives and put this behind them.

I took the $100 bill I had taken from Jan this morning and giving it to Jacob, asked if he could have it looked at and verified.

"Is it funny money?" he asked.

"I think so, but haven't kept up with current deterrents in currency. Anyone you know might offer an opinion without calling in the cavalry?"

"You don't really expect much from me, do you?" he laughed.

"Yeah, I know, but right now these lovely ladies seem to be in the middle and my knight in shining armor persona has offered to help them out. You don't want me to have to admit I bit off more than I can chew do you?"

Jacob looked at Jan and Jen sitting there with worried looks on their faces, then back at me. "I guess not. Hope it is worth it to you, though." Smiling with the last comment.

"Just give me a call about the bill. I appreciate everything you have done. I might have to tell my employer they need to buy a few more of your products if this keeps up."

Jacob laughed, and taking one more look at Jens tits, left and closed the door behind him.

Once gone, they looked at each other, but I reassured them that we would find a resolution to the problem. Right now, they were safe here and I didn't think that anyone could track them to this room. Getting out probably would not be much of a problem either, considering the ease with which Jan and I had been able to go out then come back this morning. I left Jacob's package on the desk unopened, knowing it would only add to their worries.

After a few minutes of small talk, Jen noticed the packages Jan had brought in, and asked what we had found for her. She could not wait for an answer, and started going through the bags on her own, pulling clothes from each to see if she would like our choices. Jan told her she had picked something she thought Jen would like and that she had found something similar so each could get out of the clothes they had been wearing for the past 2 days. Jen took the blouse and skirt Jan had picked for her and set them aside. She stripped off my shirt and boxers right in front of Jan and me, no concern I could see her naked. I did notice that she was not a natural blonde, but that did not bother me as I was more interested in what her naked body looked like. She was giving me a show and I was going to take advantage. Jan looked startled as her sister stripped naked, but not to be outdone, she pulled off her top and skirt as Jen was strutting her stuff for me, then after a second of hesitation, pulled down the thong she had been wearing to join her sister in total nudity.

I took the opportunity to compare each sister's breasts, both large with dark red nipples and areola. I couldn't tell from just looking which set was larger but did not want to chance a fight by saying anything or trying to judge by feel. Still, I had to look from one to the other as each sister was showing off for me and trying to out do the other. Their faces were different and each had a different personality, but below the neck, I think I would have a hard time telling them apart.

I expected that each would put on the clothes she had selected, but once both were naked each decided to try to outwait the other before putting away her 'charms'. I didn't want to intrude on their game, and while I continued to watch, my little friend decided to become my bigger friend. The growth of my cock was uncomfortable for me and apparent to each of the sisters. Jan started first, Guess I really can get you up pretty quick, can't I?"

Jen jumped in, I was the one who got him up, and I am the one who knows what to do with it once I get it up."

"Is that right. Well, I bet Brian has other ideas. Maybe we should let him decide which of us can do a better job of getting him up." Jan said, winking at me, obviously a subtle hint to remind me of her morning BJ.

"I'm sure he won't have any trouble deciding which of us he prefers." Jen said with certainty.

At this point, I wasn't sure where this was going. I knew that if I said anything, somehow the truth would come out and each would find out about the other's actions. This was probably something that I would end up regretting if it happened. I had to try something, but wasn't sure just where to start. "Ladies, can't we just get dressed. You each have some new clothes to try on."

Jan responded, staring down her sister. "Not until you decide which of us you like better." She had taken her hands off her hips and started rubbing her breasts seductively.

Jen saw what her sister was doing and moved her own hands to her breasts. She pulled her nipples until they stiffened before she started massaging her own breasts for me.

Raising the ante, Jan moved over and forced my face into the cleft between her large breasts before I had a chance to protest. I was having a bit of trouble breathing, but I could have died a happy man at that point. I was enjoying the feel of those large tits smashed around my face when I felt another set of hands pulling my zipper down and pulling my hard cock out into the air. This was getting serious. I didn't want the attention to stop, particularly since they were both intent on bribing me but I did not want to be between them if things got ugly either. I wasn't sure of my next step, but sitting here with a face full of bare tit, another pair of hands working on my stiff cock, I decided not to do anything and just let things go where they would.

Jan pulled away long enough for me to take a breath, then placed one of her breasts up to my mouth, indicating she wanted me to suck on it. Instinctively, my mouth opened and pulled her very hard nipple into it, grasping the firm tip with my teeth. Jan moaned with the touch, and like her sister this morning, pulled her breast away as I held the nipple in place. She pulled hard enough I had to hold on firmly lest the nipple slip from my grasp and she moaned in pain and pleasure as her tit was stretched. She used her hands to move my mouth to the other side, and then repeated the process. I would hold onto her hard nipple as she pulled back, turning her round breast into a cone with the nipple at the apex. Her nipples were becoming even redder than their natural state, and she was openly moaning with pleasure and whimpering with the pain. I pulled her closer to me as she continued to feed me her tits, and then ran my hand up the inside of her leg to the juncture of her thighs. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as I played with the lips, fingering them as I moved my hand all around the area between her trembling legs. Her pussy started humping my hand, attempting to find a position where my roaming fingers could enter. I continued to tease, not wanting her to get too comfortable just yet.

While I had been feeding on Jan's tits, Jen had taken my cock from the confines of my pants and was now giving it a tongue bath. I had last been inside her sister's mouth, but right now, I couldn't tell by feel which of the 2 was working my rod. Jen had been very proficient first thing this morning, but Jan had not been any less capable. However, at this moment, I really did not care which of them was working my shaft, the feeling of pleasure I was getting from this mouth action was overwhelming my sense of reality.

My fingers had found their way into Jan's pussy which was getting wetter by the second. I would push in then remove my index and middle finger as her vaginal muscles would try to clamp down on them and prevent me from pulling them out. I was enjoying the play, and I could feel her trembling beside me as I continued pulling on her nipples at the same time. I had not been doing this long when Jan exclaimed "I need your cock in me now. Fuck me!"

Jen took her mouth off my cock long enough to respond "that will be pretty tough, especially with his cock in my mouth."

"You little bitch..."

I don't know how I found the coherent thought and speech at that moment, but I broke in with "Ladies! Can't we stop this bickering and just learn to share?" As soon as I had said the words, I wondered just what I was getting myself into. I guess I would soon find out.

The sisters heeded my words and Jan stopped her actions long enough to remove my shirt. Jen followed her lead and soon I was among the ranks of the naked.

Jan stated to her sister in a no nonsense voice "I have him first, I found him! You can have him when I am done... if there is anything left of him."

Jen's face fell, but acquiesced to her older sister's pronouncement. Jan pulled me to the bed by my cock, and then she fell down onto the mattress and rolled over to face me, her legs spread and her knees in the air. "Put it in, I am ready now. Show me you know how to use that thing!"

She wasn't having any preliminaries and the sucking Jen had done to my cock just a minute ago had prepared me for what I was expected to do. I climbed up onto the bed and between her spread legs, marveling at the wonder of her naked body beneath me. I would have liked to start more slowly, but right now she wanted and needed it hard and fast. I lined up my cock with her entrance, and the wetness dripping from those puffy lips served as a target for my heat seeking missile. I shoved in as hard and fast as I could, Jan whimpering and moaning as my cock bottomed out against the back of her vagina. I pulled out slowly, then reinserted just as quickly as I had the first time. I found a rhythm of pulling out slowly and then back in fast and hard. Jan was moaning and grunting with each stroke, her face contorted in pleasure.

Jen was not sitting idly by during our action, she had moved behind me and had gripped my hips and was pushing me into her sister, then pulling back as I slid my cock out. She was cheering me on, saying "Fuck her hard! She likes it rough. Give her that stiff cock. She had taken hold of my balls as they were swinging back and forth with each stroke, massaging them gently.

Once I had established a good rhythm with Jan, Jen came up behind me and laid across my back as I was stroking into her sister. Her crotch was against my ass, her tits pressed hard into my back with her arms holding her body to me as we moved in unison against her sister. She was talking to me with each joined stroke "Give it to her. I can feel your heart beat. I know you want to come, get that cock as deep into Jan's pussy as you can. You know you have wanted this all day."

I was busy with my fucking, but I took a second of thought to consider what was happening. This was the first time I had been with 2 women at the same time, and the experience was intense. I also had never been the 'meat' in a naked women sandwich, and I found I liked it. Jen was tweaking my nipples as she held her arms around my chest, keeping us moving together over her sister. Jan opened her eyes and looked up at Jen's face peeking over my shoulder as we were moving back and forth, my hard cock pounding into her wet and willing pussy.

"Hey baby sister, are you having a good time?" Jan asked.

"Not as good as I will be once I get that cock into my pussy, but right now I am doing just fine."

Jan lifted her head and her lips found my own. She put her arms around my neck and sucked my tongue into her mouth, probing my own mouth with her tongue. We stayed like that for several minutes, not breaking our hip action as we kissed passionately. Once Jan broke the kiss, she said she wanted to be part of the train and told me to pull out for a few seconds. I moved back, Jen staying locked to my back. Jan turned over and got onto her hands and knees, I did not need any instruction on what to do here. Jen reached around my waist and taking my slippery cock, helped to guide it into her sister as I grabbed Jan's hips and shoved in hard. Jen was probing my ear with her tongue and whispered "I like it best from behind too."

I had been pumping Jan's pussy for about 20 minutes now, and I was ready to come myself. I knew that the two blow jobs I had received earlier today had enabled me to last far longer than I would have normally, but I felt the time was coming. Jan had been moaning as we fucked, her pussy gripping my cock as my shaft moved in and out, feeling each inch of that hot, tight pussy. I picked up the pace and both sisters felt the increase in tempo. Jan was pushing back each time I stroked in and Jen was adding to my weight, making my strokes both hard and deep. Jan was moaning more and her grunts were louder as our bodies slapped together, her pussy dripping juices out from around my cock and making the sheets wet with our arousal. I could feel the beginnings of my own climax starting up my rod, and each girl knew what would happen next. I grunted that I was almost there and Jen urged me on. "Come on, Brian, she is about to come. Give it to her, let her feel that hot meat deep inside her pussy."

Jan looked at us both and then told Jen "Make him give it to me harder. I want to feel it all the way down to my toes. I want to come so bad and so hard I won't know what day it is. Come on Jen, do it for me!"

Jen started pushing off with her toes and our combined thrusts were driving Jen up toward the head of the bed. She was trying to push back, but we were moving her with each hard thrust. I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping my cock harder and I knew she was almost there. "Come on Jan, come for me. Come with my cock deep inside your pussy, I want to fill you up." I was saying into her ear. She pulled her head back and bucked up off the bed, almost throwing the two of us off as well. Her head came back and she screamed in pleasure, her pussy clenching my cock so hard I could not pull out if I tried. My own climax was only seconds behind, and I felt the surging of my own semen filling her wet and sloppy pussy, now sore with our joining. Jan fell onto the bed, I was on top of her and Jen was atop me. Each of us was tired and winded, even Jen had worked hard to bring her sister to orgasm. We all lay there like that for several minutes before any of us had the energy to move apart. My cock stayed inside Jan's pussy, feeling the twinges and surges of each little shudder she felt as her orgasm slowly ebbed away.

As we regained our breath, we slipped apart and rolled away from each other, Jen announcing "My turn!"

I didn't want to disappoint her, but I thought back to her sister's statement that she could have me second if there was anything left to have. Right now, I was thinking Jan had been right with that statement.

Jan was lying on her stomach, not moving a bit from where she had finished up her climax. She did, however, have a peaceful, contented look on her face. I was lying between Jan and Jen, catching my breath and wondering at the ability of my rod to go that long without coming. I had enjoyed every minute, but now doubted my ability to get it up again today. Jen was lying next to me, stroking my chest with her fingers, occasionally moving down to play with my now soft cock. I could see that she wanted her turn and I knew I owed her something for this morning, but wasn't sure I would be able to perform. Still, I had to try.

I pulled her close to me and started kissing her, slowly at first, but Jen soon had her tongue deep down my throat and was looking for more as she started sliding her body against mine. Jan watched us with a slight smile on her face, maybe secretly glad she had drained me before her sister could have a turn. I tried to will my rod to rise, but it was having none of it. Jen tried playing with it, but the last hour's effort had taken a toll.

I knew Jen was just as horny as her sister and then I had an idea. I pulled away from the kiss long enough to whisper in her ear. "There is more than one way to take care of a pussy. Come up here and sit on my face. I am sure my tongue will make an acceptable substitute until my cock is ready for another round." I saw the smile on her face and I was totally surprised by the speed at which I found a wet, dripping pussy only inches above my mouth. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, I pulled her to me with my hands around her ass cheeks. She drove her hungry pussy into my mouth as I started probing with my tongue. I worked the lips which were parted and ready to wrap themselves around a cock, something I expected to happen later. Her hair was neatly trimmed and did not get in my way, and soon I was moving further into her opening, Jen pulling the lips apart to allow me better access. I gave her lips a good going over, but really wanted to devote most of my time and attention to her clit, which I could see was hard and standing ready for action. I moved my face into position to suck the hard nub into my mouth then ran my tongue over it and gently gripped it with my teeth, preventing it from moving away from the sucking and licking action I was providing. Jen was moaning loudly enough I assume she might alert others on the floor what we were doing, but at this point I really did not care. She was moving her pussy around trying to get the same action to the rest of that pussy, but right now I was locked onto her clit and her moans told me I had found the magic spot. I released her ass cheeks I had been squeezing and moved my hands to her tits that were swaying as she moved herself against my relentless tongue fucking. I gripped the massive breasts and squeezed hard, taking a few seconds to pinch the nipples between thumb and forefinger. Jen jumped at the feel, but only moaned her pleasure louder and more forcefully. She had placed her own hands on top of mine and was urging me to be rougher with my hands as I squeezed and pulled at the nipples.

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