"Sweet is revenge – especially to women." (Byron)

Karma was young, very young, and if they could have found him he would have been in deep trouble with the criminal law. But the name, address including the company he worked for had all been false.

She had been so young that when her menstrual period failed to happen she thought it was just an anomaly, it had happened once or twice before. By the time it was realised she was pregnant it was considered too late to abort the foetus and so she carried it to full term.

For some years she and her child continued to live with her parents until finally they said they were getting to old to have a child around the house. By then she was making a sort of living working for a florist so she moved out with her son, Dane, into a small unit.

The man she had known as John Amos had left a deep scar on her psyche; a bitterness that spilled out to embrace all males; a desire for revenge that that took in all the vile race of men.

Working in a florists she often had men come in to buy flowers for their wives or girl friends. She viewed this cynically as mere bribes to seduce their women as John Amos had seduced her.

One dilemma she had was the fact she had a son. He might have been a consolation for her, but such was her resentment that he too was seen as one of the enemy.

Had she received counselling or treatment she might have overcome her deep seated anger, but she so far covered it up that no one realised what was boiling inside her.

As far as Dane was concerned anyone looking from the outside in would have found no fault with her treatment of him. She worked, cooked, washed, cleaned and made sure he was always adequately clothed. What the outsider could not or did not see was the lack of affection, the love that one anticipates a mother giving to a child.

Karma found the way to wreak her revenge on men was by exploiting their weakness for attractive women. For this she was well equipped both facially and bodily. She lured on the unfortunate males who were drawn to her; lured them on to the point where at the very moment they thought they had reached the entrance to paradise, she drew back from them.

At some she laughed as they flushed with embarrassment and frustration; others she railed against as filthy swine, telling them that "I'm not that sort of girl." She seemed not to realise the danger she put herself in, but somehow she avoided being taken against her will.

She had built a dam wall that held back her emotions, leaving only the dry bed of a stream beyond the dam.

* * * * * * * *

It was when Dane entered those years of roaring hormones, puberty, that Karma saw him growing towards manhood and clearly identified him as one of her enemies. This was reinforced when she inadvertently walked in on him just as he stepped out of the shower. Relaxed from the shower he had an erection of considerable dimensions. For a few moments she stood watching him, and then slipped out unobserved by Dane.

There was further reinforcement when she noticed that he got erections in her presence.

Karma was well versed in the ways and desires of men, and she knew that sons often went through a stage when they sexually desired their mother.

Given the lack of affection he received from her it may seem strange that Dane should have been drawn to her sexually. But it may have been this very lack of warmth and the hunger for the love we all need in our lives that exacerbated his sexual desire for his mother.

To what extent Karma consciously exploited Dane's feelings is hard to determine, but conscious or not she started the same tantalising and tormenting she engaged in with other males.

Living together in the same house made this tormenting more exquisitely agonising for Dane than anything the other men had born. Karma missed no chance to appear before him in a state of semi nudity, and seeing is manhood rise in response she rejoiced. She went even further and taunted him for his inability to control his urges.

As the years passed and Dane grew to full manhood her mocking became more pointed, revealing that she knew that she was the object of his sexual desire. She sneered at him saying, "I know what you want, but if ever I have a man again he'll be areal man, and not some half-baked boy."

How Dane bore her derision seems hard to understand, but it seems that he followed his mother in at least two aspects – the ability to dam up his emotions, and her vengeful nature.

If I might pursue the analogy of the dam, water builds up behind it and the dam is in danger of collapsing unless the pressure is relieved. With our emotions it is similar. They can build up to the point where they explode violently. Dane's emotions had reached explosion point and now being independent he had decided it was time to leave this insane environment.

He had announced his intention to Karma, who had made no comment, but inside she was angry at the thought of losing what she saw as her readily available victim. This led her to take one step too far.

* * * * * * * *

It was a Saturday morning, and just a week away from Dane's intended departure. As was her custom Karma came to the breakfast table clad only in the flimsiest of night dresses. This of course was part of her Dane mocking. She knew quite well that although Dane may have reached the point of hating her, he still desired her and she could arouse him with ease.

Sitting at the table, Dane opposite her, she leaned forward so that the loose top of her nightdress fell open and he could see his breasts.

"Yes, you'd like to touch them, wouldn't you, you want to suck my nipples, what a pity you can't, what a pity you've got to leave without every fucking me."

One step too far; something seemed to explode in Dane's head. The dam broke and he went berserk. Suddenly rising he swept the crockery from the table in a violent gesture, and then went round to Karma's side of the table. He seized hold of her, dragged her to her feet and then bent her face down on that table.

Karma had been taken completely by surprise; shocked, she at first made no resistance.

She knew Dane was strong, but he proved to be even stronger than she had realised. When she did start to resist it was too late. He had raised the hem of her nightdress to expose her buttocks and genitals. He was standing behind her and she felt the head of his penis probing for the entrance to her vagina.

She tried kicking back at him but failed to make contact, and as his penis penetrated her he said in a low menacing voice; "You've tortured me long enough and now you're going to get what you've been asking for."

"No...no...don't...she screamed, but he took no notice and thrust viciously into her.

She felt the tight fit of his penis and its pressure against the top of her vagina. She ceased her hopeless struggle and began to plead, "No...don't...don't come in me...please don't you'll make me pre...oh God...no...no..."

Again she was too late. She felt his sperm hammer into her, spurt after spurt, filling her with his seed. When he had emptied himself into her he did not immediately pull out of her. He was breathing heavily as she sobbed beneath him.

"Was that man enough for you?" He sneered.

The violence that had broken down his restraint had released something in her.

"How could you...how could you...your own mother...?"

"A mother who used me like an emotional punching bag," he replied coldly.

"You don't know what you've done; you might have made me pregnant."

"Perhaps that what I wanted to do, in fact I'll probably take you again to make sure."

She waited for him to start moving in her again, but he didn't. He withdrew from her and she stood upright and turning saw him putting his penis away in his jeans.

"Well, are you going to call the police and tell them I raped you?"

She did not reply. She went wearily to the bathroom and washed out his sperm in the vain hope that she might prevent pregnancy. From there she went to her bedroom and lay on the bed weeping.

She knew she had brought this situation on herself, that she had driven him too far. She also began to see the futility of all those years in which she had sought male victims – years she had wasted taking useless revenge on men whose crime had only been to desire her.

Well, her wish for revenge had come full circle, since revenge was what Dane had wreaked on her. She had sown dragon's teeth and reaped a whirlwind.

* * * * * * * *

She rose and dressed and went to the kitchen. Dane had gone and she stood for a while looking at the place where he had bent her face down on the table.

It occurred to her it could have been so different; it could have been different with so many men. Just supposing she had set aside revenge and let one of them, even Dane, have her body in an act of love?

She remembered how tightly Dane's penis had fitted into her vagina and how it had pressed against the top of her vagina. For all that she had protested and struggled and feared becoming pregnant, there had been an element of pleasure in what he was doing to her.

He had said he would do it to her again, that he wanted to make her pregnant. Would he try again, and if he did, would she resist him?

But where was he? Had he fled, fearing that she would call the police? If he had fled would she ever see him again? Had he left her as John Amos had deserted her?

She went to his bedroom and looking through his wardrobe she saw he had taken nothing. He would come back, and if he did, would he keep his promise to take her again, for now she had come to see it as a promise. She wanted him, but next time she wanted it to be an act of love, not bitterness.

He came back just after midday. He found her in the kitchen. She heard him enter and turned to face him. There was silence for a few moments and then she asked, "Did you really want to make me pregnant?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, but I just went mad."

She went to him and placing her hand on his cheek said, "We haven't had much of a life together, have we?"

"Oh, I knew about you and my father, grandma told me, and I tried to understand, but when you...when you kept...when you made me the target it all got too much."

"I don't want you to leave, Dane. I can't bring back all the years when I've been an evil bitch to you, but couldn't we make a better future."

"You want to after what I did to you?"

"Yes I do. I know now that every time I tormented you I was also tormenting myself. What you did to me was what I really wanted you to do, if not in the way I wanted. It could have been like this."

She stood close to him and kissed him softly on the lips letting her tongue flicker over them.

"That is how I would like it to be, darling."

"You mean, you've wanted me...really wanted me when you..."

"Yes. You said you'd do it to me again, are you going to keep your word?"

He looked at her for a few seconds and then pulling her close kissed her hotly, his mouth open, tongue probing.

"God, you'll never know how much I've wanted you," he said as he swept her up in his arms and carried her to her bedroom.

His hands shaking he fumbled to strip her and then strip himself. They fell together onto the bed and her hand grasped his penis and he kissed her wildly as with one hand he cupped her breast, and with the other explored her vulva.

He wanted to do everything to her at once. She was begging him to penetrate her, but instead he knelt between her legs, and putting is hands under her buttocks he raised them to expose her sex organ to him, and kissed her vulva and then started to lick her.

She tasted and smelt sweet and as he started to lick her clitoris she began to writhe and whimper, until with a sudden convulsive movement she screamed and clutched his head to her.

Her whole body was shaking as the jolts of her orgasm racked her. Before she had finished Dane knew he was close to coming. He came over her and penetrated, thrusting deep into her wringing more cries and sobs from her.

The first eruption of his seed into her dragged another scream from her and she was moving to his rhythm as he poured into her.

They descended from the heights together, the anger and bitterness of the past dissipated in this act of passionate love.

Despite the many times they came together after that, Karma thought that this first time they loved was the moment when he impregnated her. When some weeks later she told him she was pregnant he expressed his delight.

* * * * * * * *

Karma's life had never been happier. She was assured of Dane's love and of the life of love that was before them.

One afternoon she came home from work. Dane was usually home before her, but the house had a strangely empty feel about it. She called his name but got no answer. She decided that he had made a detour on the way home for some reason, and set about preparing the evening meal.

When nearly two hours later, and with the meal spoilt, he still had not arrived, she grew anxious. She thought of accidents and had visions of him in hospital, or even dead. She started to roam round the house as if she might find him in some corner.

It was when she entered what had been his bedroom that she stood still with shock. All the signs were that there had been some packing taking place. She looked into the wardrobe and his clothes had gone.

She stood still as if paralysed, unable to take in what she was seeing, and then staggered to the bedroom they had shared in recent weeks. On the bed there was an envelope, and with hands shaking so much she could scarcely open the flap and extract the note inside she somehow knew what it would say. She was right, but it was worse than even she had anticipated.

Dearest Mother,

And what a dear you have been for most of my life. You sought revenge and you got it so many times, much good it did you.

You are not the only one who could be hurt and bitter, and so on behalf of all the men you manipulated with your body, and also on my own behalf, I wreak vengeance on you.

You should be grateful to me because after all I've left you a little something to remember me by.

You will never see me again, and it's no use you searching for me.

"If you prick us, do we not bleed/if you tickle us, do we not laugh/if you poison us, do we not die/if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

Your onetime son and lover Dane.

* * * * * * * *

An angler reeling in his line thinking he had hooked a big one saw an arm rise out of the water. The police were called and the body of a woman was recovered. She was considerably decomposed but eventually dental records revealed her to be Karma May Riddell.

In search of relatives to inform they learned that both her parents were dead, and they failed to trace her son. Despite notices in the newspapers asking for anyone who was related to her to come forward, no one ever did.

* * * * * * * *

There is a young man huddled in the corner of his room in a mental hospital. He sits there rocking incessantly and moaning, "Mother...mother...mother..."

Where he comes from is unknown, as is his name.

When picked up by the police as he sat in a gutter weeping he was asked his name. He replied, "My name is Retribution." In the hospital he is known as Ret.

"Can a man carry fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned?" (Proverbs 6:27)

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