tagMatureVengeance Ch. 04

Vengeance Ch. 04


Giovanna showed Cameron to a guest room that they would be sharing during their stay. The bed wasn't exactly a king size, but they could sleep together comfortably albeit right on top of each other. At least it had an adjacent bathroom, which would limit the hall-wandering Cameron would have to do in this truly massive house.

Everybody said their good-nights and Giovanna and Cameron retired to their quarters. Cameron wore a pair of loose basketball shorts, and Giovanna had an oversize t-shirt on. He took the side closest to the wall (it was a comfort issue from being locked up, he explained) leaving her the outer portion. She curled up with her back to him, but kept a decent space between them. Before long he was asleep, breathing hard and heavy. His breath fell on her neck, which at first was a welcome sensation until she began to get really, *really* hot. Thinking it was the effects of the heater, the blanket and her t-shirt, she removed the latter. She felt better until she started to feel his breath on her neck again. She then realized it wasn't the temperature that was making her hot; it was him!

He wasn't snoring, but just breathing so damn hard that she could still feel it from so far away. She tried her best to keep still, but couldn't keep from squirming. Her pussy was working itself into a frenzy, and she could tell the panties she had on were soaked from her wetness. Suddenly she wanted nothing more than to have a body-shaking orgasm, but she didn't want to for fear of waking Cameron up. She clenched her thighs together and allowed the air on her spine to continue driving her wild, to the point where she was about to scream. She bit into a pillow to muffle the noise, and she finally let herself climax. It was a good one too; so good that she lost control of her body for a moment. Unfortunately the crucial body part she let go of was her right leg, which reared up and nearly horse-kicked Cameron, waking him from his deep sleep. He looked around with a start before gaining his bearings, apparently having been locked in a deep dream. The pain from the kick took a moment to register, but it was gone just as quickly. "Vonni?" he whispered.


"You OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"OK... you just kicked the crap out of me though."

"I'm so sorry, are you all right?" She turned over and reached out for him, not realizing in the shuffling of bedding that he was removing his shorts. Her hand fell on the end of his dick, and she retracted it just as quickly as if a snake had bitten her. "I'll be fine... good night," was all he replied as he curled up and went back to sleep. Giovanna tried to, but could not for the life of her. Her orgasm from before, as intense as it was, had only left her wanting more. She wanted some good old-fashioned body-rocking sex, but the other part of that equation (a man) was missing. Cameron was out of the question, she declared; he was still too much of an emotional wreck and might mistake her desires for more than what they were (or so she assumed, playing the clairvoyant). Out of viable options, she settled for stroking her own kitty for what ended up being three and a half hours before finally falling asleep.

Morning came too soon for Giovanni's liking. She didn't know exactly how much sleep she had gotten, but it didn't feel like enough. She reached for Cameron, but he was gone. She strained for a moment and heard water running, which meant he must have been in the bathroom. She tried to cover her head with a pillow, but the entire house was already rocking with excitement and festivity. Cameron eventually came out and saw Giovanni bundled up under the covers like a turtle. "Wake up, woman," he said with a mouth full of his toothbrush. He gauged where her ass would be and gave it a light swat. On any other day, she might have taken his gesture in jest, but being at a lack for sleep her fuse was a lot shorter than it might normally be. She whipped around and prepared to lay into him, but was immediately struck speechless. He was standing in front of her, completely naked. Never mind the fact that he looked like he had been hand-carved from the side of a mountain; right now his most distinguishing feature was dangling deliciously low between his muscular thighs. "Everybody else is apparently already up," he said snapping her from her trance. "Let's get downstairs before everybody thinks we really are screwing."

If only, she thought as pangs of longing resonated throughout her once again. "What time is it?" she asked.

"About 9:30."

"They should be getting ready for church, then." The church the Lawson family attended held a three-hour Thanksgiving Day service at noon, but the event could easily turn into an all day affair. "Maybe with the house empty, I'll be able to get some sleep."

"Long night?"

"You have no idea."

"Everything OK?"

"As OK as it's going to get anytime soon."

"OK... I have exactly no clue what that means, but OK." He put on some decent clothes and greeted the relatives downstairs. Around 10:00 they left for church, with Cameron excusing Giovanna to them due to her not feeling well, and him because he was not comfortable in a religious atmosphere. He waited until they were good and gone, and slipped back up to his and Giovanna's room. He found her lying facing the wall, and she looked and sounded asleep. He quietly removed his clothes and slipped under the covers behind her. The rustle of fabric against her skin brought her back from her shallow rest, and she turned over right into Cameron's outstretched arms. He brought her in close to him, holding her tight against his body.

Without a word they kissed, him being the aggressor but her being more than willing to reciprocate. Their hands roamed whatever landscape they could find, with Giovanna being the first to find the treasure she so desperately craved. She rolled him to his back and held herself up in the air as she pushed his swollen head past her lips. She winced slightly as he entered her; she had always had a tight pussy when she was having sex regularly, and three months of disuse had caused her to almost close up entirely. But on this day she would not be denied and she gradually lowered herself to the bed, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as his sheer girth penetrated her waiting sex. She had underestimated how large he truly was, and had to settle for leaving a few inches uncovered. For his part, Cameron had absolutely no complaints about his first taste of a woman in seven months.

Giovanna lay flat against Cameron's chest, and he rubbed his hands up and down her back. She lay completely still, as his touch was all the added stimulus she needed to finally generate the quality of climax she had been craving. When her own thirst had been sated (he counted four major, body-shaking orgasms), she lifted away from him. His black staff was painted white with her thick, aromatic nectar, and she took great care not to rub any of it off while she jacked him off.

"Where do you want me to put it?" she asked seductively.

"Honestly, I don't care where you put it, but you'd better make up your mind soon," he responded as he felt his whole body begin to tingle. She first licked him clean like she would an ice cream cone, savoring the taste of her first real climax in months, before laying his cock between her tits. She challenged her 38DDs to wrap around his entire thickness, but they were comfortably up to the task. She stroked him with a seemingly perfect balance of speed and pressure, keeping him aimed safely under her chin at all times. Eventually his entire body stiffened up, and he let seven months worth of sexual frustration flow all at once. She kept her composure, taking his searing blasts on the chin and neck, letting it run down her chest. She finished him off with a few more strokes between her now cum-splattered bosoms and went to clean herself up. Cameron did the same in turn, going downstairs to watch television, leaving Giovanna to drift of blissfully into some much-needed sleep.

Giovanna was still asleep when Cameron heard vehicles pulling into the driveway, so he hurried upstairs to wake her up. "What time is it?" she asked as she stirred.

"Quarter till 5."

"Damn... I've been asleep a while, then... what have you been doing all this time?"

"Making sure you were still asleep."

"Is that so... well, I'm gonna take a shower and make myself presentable."

"Do you want me to wait for you here, or meet you downstairs?"

"Would you mind terribly waiting here?"

"Not at all." She hopped in the shower and let her mind drift back to the events of that morning. Her legs parted slightly and a pair of fingers drifted between them. They found her clit and squeezed around it, sending tremors throughout her entire body. The waves of pleasure were intensified when her actions coupled with the thought of Cameron's massive tool invading her. She leaned forward underneath the shower, letting the warm water wash over her as she masturbated with a deliberate, firm touch.

Between the sounds and sensations of the water and her sex, Giovanna was in her own little world. She didn't hear herself calling Cameron's name or him calling back, or see him getting undressed, or hear the curtains parting, but she certainly felt the head of his dick brush up against her ass. Instinctively she clutched it and lined it up using two fingers on her masturbating hand, parted her lips with the other three, and backed straight up into him. She hit an invisible wall when he hit her bottom, and try as she might she was unable to push past it. Cameron made an attempt to push through that wall, but she put her hand in his chest to stop him. "I need some time to get used to all of this," she moaned.

Giovanna backed Cameron up against the shower wall and propped a leg up on the tub. From this angle she could still take him nice and deep but still control the action. He forcefully cupped her breasts and pulled her back against his chest, his aggressiveness instantly sending her fifth orgasm of the day rippling through her. This one took her by surprise, and she filled her mouth quickly with his to cover up her sudden shrieks.

As they continued sexing, Cameron took Giovanna's hand away from between her legs and replaced it with his own, placing hers on her free breast. They squeezed, pinched and tweaked them together, somehow in complete sync. His fingers found her clit and he began replicating her efforts from before, using his palm to add direct pressure to her most delicate spot. This was all too much for her; nobody had ever given her a whole body sex-up like this in the past. Her entire body tensed up as the most intense climax she had ever experienced wracked her body, leaving her overwhelmed as she slid to the floor. Her mind was a complete blur, but was brought back to reality by a series of thick splats on her back. Even in the hot shower, Cameron's sperm brought a heat all its own, exciting and angering her at the same time. "You could at least warn me next time," she sneered with a playful slap.

"Consider that payback for leaving me like that. Again." To that Giovanna said nothing; she merely chuckled as she exited the shower, dried off and got dressed. Cameron did the same in short order and they went downstairs to join the rest of the family for the holiday feast.

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