tagMatureVengeance Ch. 08

Vengeance Ch. 08


***Chapter 8 and subsequent chapters actually happen *before* the end of Chapter 7.***

The call came from the near sideline. "Down with the sickness, down with the sickness!"

Cameron steeled himself for the upcoming play while trying to remain motionless. This play had been designed especially for him. It was run from a line-out with a pass to the weak wing, which would then cut between the pack and the flanker. The call for the play came from one of Disturbed's three albums, who Cameron was a huge fan of. The song 'Down With the Sickness' came off their farthest back album, which meant the throw was going to the flanker and the pass would be coming from Cameron's right.

The 8-man made the toss and Cameron broke out into a dead sprint. He saw the ball fly over the line and the flanker move to the inside of the field, creating the gap Cameron would soon blast through. The flanker made a sub-par catch but still managed to pass the ball out. As it happened, he could have neither aimed nor timed the pass any better, as Cameron was able to scoop it up a yard behind the pack if that. The opposing wing was no match for him, evidenced by Cameron dropping his shoulder and trucking through him. The rest of the backs were on the other side of the field; the only man with a chance to catch him was the fullback.

While the fullback was able to catch Cameron, tackling him proved to be an exercise in futility as he was dispatched with a brutal stiff arm. Cameron sprinted the rest of the length of the pitch and touched the ball down in the end zone smack in front of the support for the goalposts. His teammates mobbed him in congratulations, and he heard a "Hey-ey, Zulu war-rior!" rising up from them as well as the guys on the sidelines. Fuck me running, he thought. He had just scored his first try with his new rugby club, and apparently running a lap around the pitch naked after the game when scoring one's first try was not a tradition limited to his old squad. And not only that, but his girlfriend was going to witness the whole charade.

Giovanna came up to him with a bottle of Gatorade. "Honey, what are they all chanting about?"

He took a swig from the bottle, spit it out and then took a long drink. "You'll see," he said grimly. He sent her off the pitch with a kiss on the cheek and a swat on the ass before taking his place for the ensuing kickoff. The rest of the match could only be called domination, as Cameron's squad completely dismantled the visitors to the tune of 67-15. They would have at least broken 20 had Cameron not made an earth-shaking, bone-jarring tackle right outside the try line, the second of his three highlight-worthy plays of the match. The carrier did not just drop the ball when Cameron floored him with a spinebuster slam; subconsciously or not, he chucked it into the middle of the field. A forward picked it up with an open field in front of him, but opted to pitch it to Cameron who was more than happy to scamper to pay dirt yet again. The third was running down a punt that had more than likely been aimed at the sideline but missed its mark horrendously and returning it for his third score of the match.

Eventually the slaughter ended, and Cameron was hurrying to get his gear together when he heard the 'Zulu Warrior' chant go up again. "Ah, shit," he huffed. Considering it was early February and cold as hell, a naked lap was not an appealing prospect.

"What's the matter, baby?" Vonni asked him.

"Just... take my stuff to the car; you don't want to see this." She began to walk towards the parking lot when one of his teammates ran her down. "Ohhh no, you gotta stay and watch this." She began to protest, but he physically ushered her back to the bleachers, where Cameron and a couple other Zulus were stripping down to their cleats and nothing else. Giovanna was in shock at seeing her boyfriend naked and running ahead of a couple other naked players, who were doing their best to keep up with him. Somehow he managed to have enough left in him to circle the pitch at a full jog, but no sooner was he back at the bleachers and getting dressed next to Giovanna than the team president walked up to them. "So Cam, you gonna introduce your friend or what?"

"Oh, sure. Giovanna, this is Rob, our team president. Rob, this is my girlfriend Giovanna."

"Nice to meet you, Giovanna. You know something, I was thinking..."

"I already don't like the sound of this," Cam came back.

"I was thinking that three tries in your first game is a pretty special accomplishment."

"Well... thank you, can't say I disagree."

"And a special accomplishment..." Rob reached out and grabbed Cameron's shirt just before he could get hold of it. "Should be celebrated in a special way, don't you think? Giovanna, I'm sure you don't mind us sending him out for two more laps, do you?"

Giovanna shrugged her shoulders. "I guess not."

"All right; hit it, Cam." Cameron began to take off, but Manny the head coach called him back. "You gotta do it naked, son."


"Yeah, you're still on your Zulu run. Three scores, three laps, now get to it."

Cameron returned to the benches and removed the rest of his clothes, muttering obscenities the whole time and not stopping until he finished his two laps. The teams finally dispersed (the opposition had also stayed to watch the spectacle) briefly leaving Cameron alone with Giovanna, who was making pained attempts not to laugh. "It's not funny," he growled, but she could tell he was trying his best not to laugh himself.

"OK," she said, keeping her mouth open for as brief a time as possible.

He looked up at her with a cryptic smile on his face. "You're laughing."

"No I'm not." She took a deep breath this time, still trying to stifle her laughter.

"Uh huh... anyway, let me see some of the pictures you got." She handed him her digital camera and he looked through the shots she had taken. She had gotten some good ones, especially of him in the open field, but when he came to the ones of him running around the pitch naked, she simply could not help herself any longer and burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, you just looked so funny out there! Running around, flopping every which way..."

"And probably made the whole crowd jealous in the process."

"I don't know about that," she said, her eyes quickly darting around the place before deftly undoing her jeans, "but it made me horny!" In a flash her pants were hanging off one ankle and Cameron was on top of her, pulling his shorts down as far as he needed to in order to get his dick loose. He banged away at her for a few moments before filling her with his seed, which would pacify her until they left the post-match party and made it home. As they drove to the restaurant where the festivities were being held, he warned her that rugby players for the most part were a bunch of lewd, loud-mouthed, alcohol-fueled, vulgar louts. "So why do you hang out with them?" she asked.

"Because they're a bunch of lewd, loud-mouthed, alcohol-fueled, vulgar louts."

"Oh... okay." They arrived at their destination and walked in just as the first trays of food were being brought out. The respective coaches from each team handed out their post-match awards, and it came as no surprise to anyone that Cameron was named 'Man of the Match.' The party contained much drinking, eating, and showing off more female flesh than could be seen at a local strip club. Eventually Cam and Vonni left and drove home, and no sooner was the door locked behind them that Giovanna was molesting Cameron once again. This time he had to stop her; he was sweaty, nasty, and not feeling sexy in any way, shape, or form. "Vonni, let me go, please; I would like to take a shower."

"I can't help it you're so goddamn sexy! Just being close to you makes me so fucking horny," she hissed. "It's like you have this aura coming off you. I don't know how any woman can walk within five feet of you without ripping your fucking clothes off!"

Despite his protests, she would not listen. That was one of the things he had come to love about her: when she wanted something badly enough, she stopped just short of criminal activity to get it. Here and now, however, he simply had to deny her. He forced her hands out from down the front of his shorts, which was no small feat. She put every ounce of her strength into fighting him, and while normally he would have easily overpowered her (not because she was weak; she wasn't, but he was just leagues stronger than her), due to him being worn out from the game she actually stood a fleeting chance.

The two were now tussling on the living room carpet, Giovanna struggling to get his clothes off while Cameron vied to keep them on. She knew damn well what she was doing; he was tired, and if she hung with him long enough, eventually he would give in, leaving himself to be ravished by her animalistic lust. Cam realized this as well, so with what strength he still possessed he lifted Vonni up on one shoulder and began carrying her upstairs. Vonni then gave up struggling, convinced he was taking her upstairs to thrash her pussy out of place like she had been needing him to all day. Things became even more intense when he slammed her pronouncedly onto their king-size bed. She began kissing and clawing furiously at any bare skin she could find, or was she simply trying to open up more? Either way, she was caught totally unawares when with one hand he held both her wrists to the headboard and tied them in place with the other. "Oooh, you wanna tie me up?" she purred with a lustful gleam in her eye; any minute now, clothes were going to start flying and bodies were going to start banging. "Want to, no; need to, yes. Now stay *HERE!*" he barked as he stood up and left the room, leaving Vonni tied to the headboard and swearing at the top of her lungs!

Cameron stripped and finally began the cleaning process he had been craving for hours. There was no mistake about it; he loved Vonni, and he loved fucking her when, where, and how she wanted it, but sometimes he just had to tell her 'not no, but not now.' As much as he would have loved to sit in the tub and soak for a good while to get his energy back, he only took a long enough shower to get thoroughly clean. Vonni's curses had fallen silent, which meant she was up to something. Sure enough, no sooner had he turned the water off and stepped out of the shower than Vonni's gloriously naked (and remarkably unrestrained) form burst into the bathroom. She grabbed him by his dick and dragged him back to the bedroom, where a clean yet rumpled sheet lay on the otherwise beautifully made bed. "Did you really think that bitch-ass knot was gonna hold me?" she hissed as she now slammed *him* to the bed, an undertaking which she had to put quite a bit of effort into, but was hell-bent on accomplishing. "Let me show you how you tie somebody up, motherfucker." She grabbed the sheet and tied Cameron's hands securely above his head, then stood at full height over him. She appeared almost angry at having to wait so long (all of ten minutes) for something that belonged to her.

"Let me explain something to you, mister," she barked, placing a foot in his crotch. "This belongs to me. When I want it, I get it." She then lowered her pussy down near his face, getting close enough that he could smell her heavy arousal but staying far away enough that he could do no more. "Just like when you want this, you get it, don't you?"

"Pretty much." She wanted to play power games now, which was cool with him. His nonchalant reply was explained by the fact that on a level playing field, if he had his full strength and all four of his appendages available to him, the power to take and do what one wanted belonged to him.

"Then what the fuck is with this 'no' bullshit?"

"I don't know, I thought you might like your dick dirt-, sweat-, and grime-free...?"

She knelt between his legs. "Do you think I give a fuck? I told you, when I want it, I am going to take it!" With that she devoured him, and he heard a moan of contentment rise from her throat. She was making progress in the amount of dick she could suck comfortably; she had started out with just six inches, but through practice and relentless determination she could now take nine. Her ass could take him all, but the pussy was lagging behind in the progress department, deepening only one inch, which meant her mouth had caught up to her twat. Cameron had been soft when Vonni first took him into her mouth, so the extra three inches forced her to back off. Cameron was simply amazed at the skill and intensity she brought to her head game, and both had grown significantly since they first met.

In the mirror on the wall to his left, Cam watched as Vonni played with her pussy while she sucked his dick. The way she touched herself, moving her fingers in slow, discriminate patterns was more for his viewing pleasure then her own climactic cravings. She slurped, licked, suckled, nibbled, and otherwise orally assaulted that wondrous piece of flesh until it exploded in her mouth. Her entire body shuddered as the feeling of his appreciation hitting the back of her throat put the last piece of the orgasmic puzzle into place. She didn't want to waste such a quality climax however, so she hovered over Cameron's face as she continued to finger herself.

Vonni held her lips open as the thick, opaque nectar he loved so much began to flow from its sacred spring, and Cameron drank her initial offering before attempting to coax more out with his own tongue. She dropped all her weight south and supported herself by holding onto the headboard while his mouth reacquainted itself with her sex. Her moans echoed off the walls and through the halls as Cameron savored her flavor and aroma to the tune of another fluid-letting orgasm. When she had had her fill of his oral fixation, she moved from his face back down to his waist, but instead of mounting herself on his newly-hard staff as he expected, she simply left the room. She had gotten the meal of cum she had wanted all afternoon while snacking on chicken wings and pizza, and was now happy. But happy was one thing, and satisfaction was another. Satisfaction would come from the consequences of her actions, and she knew full well what those would be.

She went downstairs, turned out all the lights, and opened the living room shades and windows. She noted the position of the glass coffee table in front of the couch, and moved it across the room before sitting on the couch, turning on the TV as if she hadn't a care in the world. But she knew better. She was certain that at that very moment Cameron was working on liberating himself from his bindings. She had tied the knot tightly, but near enough that his hands could reach it to free himself at anytime. Her intent was for him to do it while she was mounted on top of him, but for some reason he chose not to.

Not that it mattered, of course; when Cameron *did* get free, Vonni was ready, able, and more than willing to pay the consequences for what she had just done. A wicked smile crept across her lips at the heavy price that he would most certainly demand, and wanted the entire block to bear witness to it.

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