tagNonHumanVengeance Demons are Hell Ch. 01

Vengeance Demons are Hell Ch. 01


"Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear," I intoned the saying as if I was speaking a sacred incantation.

I spoke the words into the cool darkness of the small room. The candles stationed strategically throughout the space flickered as hot energy crackled through the air. A nervous grin slipped across my lips as a figure began to materialize in the center of my pentagram.

I watched in fear-tinged excitement as my Visitor seemed to take a moment to collect himself. My grandmother's Book of Shadows said that he was called Mitrik. He was a vengeance demon of sorts. He granted women the power to gain revenge over their enemies, big and small. He fed off the blood sacrifice each of his "clients" offered. I fidgeted, trying to ignore the doubt and fear niggling at me.

I stood at the edge of the pentagram etched into the wooden floorboards. My breath leaked out as Mitrik looked up, and I found myself drowning in his icy blue gaze. His eyes bore into me relentlessly. I felt myself weaken as the force behind his gaze brought me to my knees. Our positions reversed, I found myself looking up at his lithe, tall form, my heart thumping painfully. His hair was so blond it was nearly white. That, along with his sharp blue eyes, had me categorizing him as Nordic. His face was all sharp angles. His shoulders were wide and his waist slim. He wore tight dark jeans and a black t-shirt. I couldn't help but appreciate how attractive he was.

"You rang," his voice sliced through the silence. A sardonic smile touched his lips. His voice was full of dark promise. I blushed inexplicably as a trembling began deep inside of me.

"Yea-," I began but my voice cracked and faltered. I cleared my throat and tried to speak again. "Yes... yes, I summoned you," I kicked myself mentally as my voice squeaked a bit. I was summoning demons but I sounded like Mickey Mouse.

"So, enlighten me," he continued, as he stretched within the confines of my circle, "what would an innocent, little girl like you want with a big Bad Meanie like me?" He was mocking me. He poked his foot along the boundary of my power. I smiled confidently, knowing he couldn't get out until I was ready for him.

"It's simple," I responded, trying to sound bold but nonchalant. "It's the quest for power that led me to summon you, Mitrik," I spoke his name like a holy utterance, and he looked at me sharply as the word left my lips. He masked the strange look that had crossed his features, and reclaimed the smirk that had painted his lips moments earlier.

"Power?" He chuckled darkly. "The little lamb wants a taste of that sweet, seductive stuff we call power. She wants to be a lion, does she?" his shoe scraped across the edge of the circle and the magick I had stored in my pentagram flared within me. Startled, I went to refortify the boundaries I had created. Mitrik exhaled sharply as the magick I was releasing went straight into his core. I had played right into his hands. He opened his eyes and smiled darkly at me.

Shit, my mind supplied helpfully as he crossed the line that was supposed to be my protection. I scrambled backwards, falling flat on my butt. He was on me in seconds, his hands wrapping in my dark locks. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my neck back at a sharp angle. Fear leapt in my chest as I met his hungry gaze. Liquid heat pulled in my center as he slowly perused my body. His eyes swept from my face to my feet and back up again. He lingered on the pale cleavage that peaked out from the low cut t-shirt I was wearing.

"And just how do you presume to gain this dark power you seek, little one? Vengeance is...costly," he drawled, as he fingered the pale skin that spilled over the stretchy blue fabric. I shivered, wanting desperately to ignore the stirrings of arousal spindling within me.

"Fluid exchange," I gasped, straining against his firm ministrations. "The books said we exchange blood... we exchange the life-giving fluid and then..." I trailed off as icy fingers danced across my spine. Mitrik had a self-satisfied smirk painted across his lips. It was evident that I had miscalculated. His glee was palpable.

"Tut, tut. You should have done better research, love." His fingers traced my jawbone as his other hand stayed firmly in my hair. "If you want power...real power... The power to control armies and crush your enemies...the power to achieve vengeance...let me tell you, little one, a little blood sacrifice won't get you that. There's only one way a woman gets that kind of power from a man," he cupped my cheek lovingly, his words sinking in.

I renewed my struggles with ferocity as I realized his intentions.

"It said the exchange of life-giving fluids," my voice sounded small and I resented the stark fear that curled around it. Mitrik's grasp was sure, and my struggling only seemed to amuse him further.

"Blood's not the only life-giving fluid love," he responded mockingly. I opened my mouth to spew a retort when he closed the distance between us. His lips latched onto mine in a bruising kiss. My lips parted in shock, and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He firmly and thoroughly explored my mouth. His hand gripped my hair, and I yielded under his expert touch. When was the last time you were kissed like this? My wicked mind asked in betrayal.

"It's really been too long since I had a woman." Mitrik broke the kiss. He rose effortlessly and, stunned, I remained kneeling at his feet. "And a witch. A witch powerful in her own right. Drunk on the dark lusts of power. Bold and reckless. I will feast on your budding darkness, and I will ring out every ounce of pleasure your sweet body has to offer."

I was in some sort of stunned state of inapprehension. The spell was broken as Mitrik snapped his fingers and a cool air swept through the room. I gasped in astonishment as I realized my clothes had vanished. My pink nipples stood at attention on my chest as the cool air tickled them. My creamy white breasts sat heavily on my chest. My skin began to turn pink as embarrassment, fear, and excitement swirled in my belly.

"Mitrik, I command you—Aghh!" the incantation was cut off as the demon cuffed me sharply across the cheek. He was on me in seconds. I fought like a wild cat as he mounted me. He sat heavily on my back as I wiggled around on my stomach. I let off a string of invective as he secured my head between his hands and forced my lips apart. I was agog as I realized he was fitting me with a ball gag. My resistance was laughable as the device snapped into place, preventing me from closing my lips as well as uttering a single word. I couldn't banish him now; I was screwed.

"Ahh, that's better," he said as he released my head. Mitrik gathered both of my arms and pulled them back painfully. He wrapped rope around my wrists and then my elbows, securing my arms behind my back. I whimpered behind the ball gag as he rendered me helpless. He got off of me and rolled me onto my back. He brushed my hair out of my eyes and stared at me with intent desire.

"It's been quite awhile since I had a young beauty. Love, your pain, your submission, your degradation, will be my pleasure."

Mitrik ducked his blond head, and began to kiss my chest. His lips were warm and soft, and they danced across my hot flesh. He kissed my right nipple and then began to suck insistently on it. He flicked his tongue over the pink bud. My body arched involuntarily as he continued to suck and tease my breast. His left hand came up to tug and pinch the other nipple. He squeezed my titties firmly, biting each nipple in turn. The bites got progressively harder, and I mewled helplessly and he tortured my sensitive bits.

"How about a little bit of pain," His voice rang out above my whimpering. He produced two silver clamps from nothingness. My eyes grew wide; I shook my head and tried to get away. He only laughed as he clamped each of my nipples with the sturdy attachments. My pussy flooded with my juices as sharp, hot pain flared across my breasts. I gurgled behind my gag.

"Yes, that's about right," Mitrik intoned as he licked the skin on my neck. He kissed me firmly on the neck, his fingers flicking the clamps. My pussy twitched in tandem with his sadistic ministrations. He trailed kisses down my torso. He kissed the smooth skin of my shaven mound. I shivered hard as his fingers parted my pussy lips and he kissed my sopping wet sex. His hands pushed my thighs apart, and he began to lick my clit in tentative, tight circles. My body responded immediately; I parted my legs as my eyes rolled back in my head. His tongue felt so incredibly good.

Mitrik pressed one long finger into me. I wiggled as molten arousal spilled through me. His tongue continued to stroke my swollen lips and my engorged clit. He added a second, then a third, stretching me as he angled his fingers expertly to stroke my g spot. All three of his slender fingers pumped in and out of my vagina. He pumped hard and fast, burying the digits in my sopping pussy. My body shook hard as an orgasm stole over me. He pressed his tongue into my wet hole and seemed to lap up all of the fluid my body released. His tongue pressed into me. Pleasure rocked me as he leisurely fucked me with a tongue that seemed to elongate on his command. I came again as the abnormally long muscle caressed the walls of my vagina.

Mitrik used my hair as a handle, roughly pulling me up onto my knees. His clothes were suddenly gone as well. He pressed his naked chest into mine. He kissed my forehead sweetly before giving me a wicked smile.

"Now, my whore, I am going to put you on your knees, and I am going to fuck you and fill you with my seed. And you can have all the power you want. But not until I fill every sluttly orifice you have to offer. "

Tears pooled in my eyes as I realized that summoning Mitrik, the vengeance demon, had definitely been a tactical error.

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