tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVengeance Is Best Served Cold Ch. 2

Vengeance Is Best Served Cold Ch. 2


Kevin sat there his humiliation complete, nothing it seemed could bring him lower or bring about any more degradation to himself or his wife, he was wrong.

The Masked Man wiping the tears of laughter from his face called Sheila back to his side and they both went to the couch The Masked Man sat down but Sheila knelt between his legs rubbing and kissing his thighs, knees, stroking his now soft cock as the Masked Man started again asking questions. "So tell me Kevy my man, was it worth all this, fucking my wife I mean, was it really worth the few hours of pleasure you had?" Kevin just stared at him for a second he wanted to scream "Fuck NO! what the hell do you think!"

But instead he just answered simply, "No Master." Shaking his head in mock sympathy The Masked Man asked another question. " I mean wouldn't you want revenge Kevy boy if you were in my shoes, or should I say want revenge even now, even after you know why I am doing this?"

Kevin answered immediately, "Yes that is true Master, very true." Laughing The Masked Man said, Careful now don't get disrespectful on me, I might have to discipline Barbie Fuck Slut here you don't want that do you?"

"No Master I don't" taking a breath Kevin added, " But you did ask Master, and stated I had to be truthful." T he Masked Man thought for a moment. " Yes I did, didn't I? And I must say you have done an outstanding job." Looking down between his legs at Sheila who once again had started sucking his cock loud and ravenously, Master patted her head. Looking back up at Kevin The Master said, "Well Kevin I am really glad that you were honest and truthful about the fact you would want revenge really I am, my heart goes out to you." Kevin's heart started to pound, there was a quality in The Master's voice that wasn't there before and Kevin knew it wasn't good, "what now" he thought "what more could he do to us?"

"Would you agree Kevin damn near any man would feel that way, I mean want revenge on the man that screwed his wife?" The Master's voice fluctuated here and there as he spoke cause Sheila was really giving his cock a work over, Kevin kept his eyes on The Master. "Yes, Master I would agree with that." Kevin said flatly. "Well Kevin I am glad you understand that cause you see, well, remember when we first started chatting you said there were at least 50 women in the past 8 years? and I must say, I am impressed, and I told you I knew of only four and one was my wife? Do you remember that Kevy boy?" Kevin's stomach started to turn in upon it's self and knot up, the feeling of dread was creeping up on him like a cold morning mist. "Y-yyes Master I remember." The Master's eyes became even colder if that was possible and he raised his hands and clapped them three times very loud.

Though Kevin couldn't see he heard the Master bedroom door open and the sound of several feet approaching. "No,no,no,no,no,no, this isn't happening, this isn't real." went screaming through is brain. Then one by one they entered, he knew them all. Though he didn't know them by name he knew each of them for who they were, three totally nude husbands and just by their appearances he knew which wife he had fucked belonged to whom.

The tall one with the long blonde hair and beach boy look and a huge 11" cock was Julie's husband, he had met her by accident one night when he had gone out for drinks with a few friends who left early but he stayed to finish his drink She came in on the verge of tears and ordered a screwdriver and sat right beside Kevin. Julie just 22, and like is own wife was the perfect California girl deep tan tits that made your mouth water and an ass to kill for.

When the drink came Kevin hurriedly paid for it before she could protest. They started talking and seems she had had a fight with her new husband over whether or not she could get a tattoo. "Who the hell does he think he is telling me what I can and cannot do?' Julie huffed. " I may be his wife goddammit but I am not his slave I can do what I want with MY GOD DAM BODY!" Kevin seeing his opening pounced like a rapid dog, he ordered more drinks and said, " You know I totally agree with you this is the 20th century after all not the middle ages." He played every card he could think of filled her with drinks and in the end convinced her if her old man wouldn't allow her to get a tattoo she should just show him and do something wickedly evil instead, smiling evilly she asked "And what would that be?"

Kevin returned the smile and said, "If you old man won't allow you to get a tattoo, you should let me tattoo you with something more organic." With a few more drinks she readily agreed. The fat, balding one there who's stomach had such a hang over it all but hid his child size penis, that was Magi's husband, he was very wealthy and could give a girl anything she wanted except a satisfying sex life that was where Kevin come in. And the last guy that looked like a bar bouncer and who by just standing there looked like he wanted to chew your head off? Could only be Titi's husband she was his last secretary his wife already knew about that affair which had happend just over a year ago.

"Pleeease Master, no, please don't do this please!" begged Kevin. The Master just sat there looking at him, no pity in his eyes no remorse that could be seen. "You know Kevy boy those were almost my exact thoughts as I watched you feed your cock to my wife from the closet, and like then, those words wont help at all now." Through all this Sheila fiercely sucked The Masked Man's cock never slowing appearing not to be hearing or caring what was going on around her just servicing a cock that was before her was her only care. Kevin watched silently as the three men moved the coffee table, left the room and returned with the mattress from his and Sheila's bed. Kevin just sat there broken and defeated, trying to drown out the sound of his wife lip servicing The Master, trying to will himself to go blind so he wouldn't be forced to watch this, neither worked.

The Master cried out gripping Sheila's hair and making sure she got every drop of his cum and cock deep in her throat as he shot his load. The three man stood waiting and you could see that each was in a different stage of excitement. Waiting like a pack of wild dogs for the sacrificial lamb to be offered. Sheila kept working her mouth till she was positive she had totally milked The Master Dry, then she removed her mouth and stayed between his legs just waiting. Looking at Sheila something was trying to come through to Kevin's conscious mind what, he wasn't sure but something about Sheila, her composure, her bodily reactions to all that had been occurring. Gawd he didn't know, he didn't know anything anymore. The Master started talking to Kevin again, but deep inside he didn't want to hear or understand a damn thing just find a hole somewhere in his mind and hide in it. But that wasn't to be, Kevin gave him his full attention. "So by the look on your face I see you know these fine gentlemen is that true?" Kevin almost just nodded but remembered the consequences to that act, so he searched and found his voice. "Yes Master I know of them."

Each man smiled as Kevin looked from on to the other knowing each would know his wife in more detail than he had ever even dreamed of knowing theirs. "Good, good than we can dispense with the pleasantries then, and get right to the action. Now Kevin as you have sat there and watched me use your gorgeous wife have you noticed anything odd?" Kevin knew what he meant immediately but hadn't realized it till now. "Yes Master you have used all of Sheila except her pussy." The Master Smiled and nodded, "Still have all you facilities available uh Kevy boy?

But yes you are correct cause see the tall good looking stud there with almost more manhood than you and I combined? I had to promise him your little Barbie Dolls cunt here, see no one but him before you came along had ever touched his wife and he felt since your wife was the same he deserved to have the same thing you enjoyed." The Masters voice had venom dripping with each word now uttered. " Not to mention in a way she is still a virgin for him, that monster he calls a cock there will go deep, where you nor I have ever gone before, in this small tight body of hers."

His evil smile beamed through the mask but Kevin no longer felt hatred for this man, or the others that stood there like eager teens waiting to ride the ultimate roller coaster. What he felt now was shame, shame of how he had treated Sheila through the years, shame that he had used another mans treasure as trash, yes he deserved this, but Sheila didn't, she hadn't deserved any of it. "OK Sheila, go take a shower and I want you to get dressed in the sexiest outfit you have do you understand my pretty little Barbie Fuck Slut?"

Beaming with enthusiasm Sheila replied, "Oh , yes Master your little slut will look her best." Sheila jumped up and then seemed for the first time to notice all three men she looked to each in turn as the excitement seemed to pulse from her and it didn't diminish even when she looked at the fat little man and his child like dick. She walk through the midst of them like she was here alone with Kevin but there was a certain wiggle in her walk a pep in her step Kevin didn't recognized.

The three men took seats around the room, no one spoke but all four just stared at Kevin the whole time with a mixture of hate disgust and amusement, a combination few ever see on the faces of men at the same time and was very disconcerting. It seemed hours before she returned, and when she did, my gawd she looked the perfect dream date, sexy but not slutty, innocent yet a woman as well, She wore a short black skirt with nude pantyhose, heels and a white fuzzy pull over sweater that sculpted her breasts nicely, her perfume though it could be smelled was not over powering, yet it commanded attention just as she wearer did. She walked into the middle of the room and looked around and could see everyone appraising her, a light flush came to her face and immediately Kevin could see her nipples grow hard through the fabric of her sweater.

The Master got up went to the stereo and put on some music. looking to Sheila he said, " Dance for us slut, dance and show us just how slutty you can be. Kevin watched his wife slowly grind to the music looking each man in the eye except him, feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples through the fabric, teasingly lifting her skirt, her sweater, watching as her firm breasts bounced lightly as she moved and swayed then she turned and bent way over it was then Kevin could see she was wearing crotch less pantyhose her sexy ass wiggled slightly and she was back up swaying to the music a huge smile on her face, again looking all four in the eye one by one as if she were dancing for each man personally she then slowly lifted the sweater over her head and her wild mane of blonde hair beautifully cascade around her angel face.

"My Gawd." Kevin thought, " How could I have ever forgotten how beautiful she was? How dark her nipples were and how like over sized erasers they appeared when hard, and for her age and after 2 children how firm her breasts really were. Kevin could hear the men hoot and holler, their vulgar statements of lust and what they we going to do to that angel mouth, tight little ass and so on, Kevin did his best to drowned it out but how could he. Slowly she reached behind her and unzipped her skirt and it fall in a crumpled pile around her ankles stepping out and slowly bending over giving the four men a helluva view she picked it up and tossed it at the fat little man, Kevin couldn't believe it the man actually blushed.

Sheila again turned her back to the men and slowly bent over but this time she spread her legs wider and reached behind and spread her sexy ass cheeks far apart to give the men a good view of her puckered pink asshole, then she brought her right hand around and reaching up slowly between her legs Sheila lightly fingered her pussy and worked her clit Kevin could see a slight shiver run through her body and goose flesh spring up on her beautifully tanned body. She then shoved two fingers deep into her pussy, a sharp intake of breath was all they heard as she started masturbating right there for them with her ass in the air. Her breathing became sharp, little whines and moans would escape her lips as she worked that pretty blonde pussy harder and faster.

Except for Master the men were all on their feet now massaging their cocks, the smell of lust hung like cigarette smoke in the cheapest strip joint one could imagine. Sheila was still bent over pleasuring her self, when the one with the monster cock came forward and positioned himself in front of Sheila. Her hands stopped what they were doing and she slowly looked up. Kevin couldn't imagine what the view was like from her position but from here it looked like a small baseball bat hanging between his legs. Sheila slowly went to her knees looking into the eyes of this man then to his cock, uncertainty washed over her face, but also a certain resolve.

Sheila started stoking his cock with both her hands which looked child sized wrap around that huge cock, massaging his cock, balls and with her left hand slowly reaching back with her middle finger massaged his asshole at the same time. Little dick and the other guy argued over whether Sheila would be able to deep throat that snake, a wager of 5 cents was made between them. Kevin could barely stand how they were talking about his wife. But how had he treated theirs? He may not have said everything he had heard so far, but he had thought them. Kevin could see Sheila opening that small pretty mouth of hers, "How in hell was she going to be able to take that monster in her mouth?". Kevin thought.

Sheila's eyes never closed but looked into the eyes of the monster cock's owner, slowly sucking first just the head, then an inch or two, slowly sucking adjusting her mouth, tongue, and trying to force more in, gagging then recovering, the sucking sounds were exquisite, Sheila had half of it now in her mouth then she would back off and take it again just a little deeper and this went on for what seemed an eternity. Little dick and the other guy were on each side watching Sheila work that huge cock into her mouth and forcing more and more of it down her gullet.

Finely she had done it that huge monster of a cock was totally disappearing into her mouth, Kevin was amazed, "how?", was all he could wonder. Sheila now had mastered this snake and she was conquering it, working her head faster and shoving it deep in her throat then back out all the way to the head then shoving it back in deep, she was working so hard perspiration was building all over her forehead and you could hear her labored breathing through her nose, the sucking sounds and swishing sounds of her saliva mixed undoubtedly with pre cum was hypnotizing Kevin.

Then the beach boy's body stiffened Kevin could tell he was about to cum as did Sheila, for just at that moment she pushed her middle finger into his asshole and backed off his cock just a little and Kevin watched as he grabbed Sheila's hair and shot his load down her throat, Kevin could see Sheila working to swallow, doing everything she could to take it all and not gag or throw it back up, sweat dripped from her upper lip, a low moan could be heard deep in her throat as Sheila slowly milked him dry.

Little dick and the other guy applauded, laughing uproariously and little dick smiled when the other guy feigned reaching into an invisible pocket and pulling out the invisible 5 cent piece. A moan escaped the beach boy's throat as Sheila slowly extricated his monster cock from her throat with a loud sucking sound. Sheila just sat there looking up at him glowing from her exertion and sexual excitement. Kevin was surprised to see the beach boy's cock was still hard and standing straight up above his wife's pretty face. The beach boy just pointed to the mattress, Sheila understood and went to the mattress and laid back spreading her legs wide and bending them at her knees, showing all present her pretty blonde pussy which was swollen with excitement and dripping in a manner Kevin had never seen before. The beach boy walked towards the mattress his baseball bat of a cock swinging with his gait and a look of awe, fear and excitement passed over Sheila's face and maybe it was a trick of the light but Kevin could have sworn Sheila's pussy was literally gushing.

Looking down on Sheila the beach boy shook his head and said, "On all fours slut." Just for a second Sheila hesitated, her face showing fear and apprehension. The Master cleared his throat in a manner that was understood by all especially Sheila and she hurriedly got to all fours. The beach boy positioned himself behind her, spreading her legs further apart. Though Kevin couldn't see anything but his wife's face and her gorgeous tits hanging down from her chest but he could imagine what the beach boy was doing. Sliding his cock between her succulent pussy lips getting the head of his cock all wet with her juices. He could see his wife's face changing expressions, from exhilaration to apprehension as she awaited for that tree trunk of a cock to be shoved in to her awaiting tight cunt.

The beach boy positioned his cock, grabbed his wife's hips and pushed in maybe half of his thick monster, " OH MY GAWD, FUUUUCK YESSSSSSSS!" Sheila screamed and hissed through clenched teeth, her eyes rolled up into her head her mouth a grimace of both pain and pleasure. Then he shoved the rest of that monster deep into Sheila's womb and the sounds that came from his wife could not be describe, except as pure animal, guttural pleasure. He wasted no time at all and started shoving his meat in harder, faster, deeper, and grinding into her with each down stroke when he couldn't get in any further. Sheila was a mad woman her head shaking back and forth her hair a blur of motion, her breasts battling each other her hands clawing at the mattress as she was pummeled from behind. Little dick and the other guy moved to Sheila's face and were beating their cocks faster watching as his wife was given the fuck of her life.

Sensing they were there Sheila looked up at them her eyes glazed over with lust Kevin doubted she could even see them but she knew what was expected, with what must have taken super human resolve she kept her face upturned towards their cocks, then she screamed as an orgasm that seemed to emanate from her very soul erupted insdie her, and at that moment both little dick and the other guy released their loads all over Sheila's face, she did her best to catch as much as she could in her mouth, she looked like a thirsty animal trying to catch each drop of moisture.

With that the beach boy delivered his own heavy load with a long grunt of his own shooting his cum over and over deep in Sheila's womb. The beach boy pulled his cock from her cunt and stood up Kevin could see it glistening with their combined juices and he went to her face the other 2 moved out of the way, "Clean it up, like the good little slut you are." he demanded.

Sheila went right to work sucking him deep into her mouth sucking his cock clean, then going to his balls and licking his sack and under it when she was through there was no doubt not a drop of either of their juices was left. The beach boy then placed a few light slaps with his cock on her pretty face and said, "very good slut I want to remember you just like this." With that said he walked towards the Master bedroom. Little dick and the other guy wasted no time, they told Sheila to stay on all fours but to move to the middle of the mattress. Sheila did as instructed, little dick sat before her with his legs spread and the other guy took position behind her.

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